Okay, it's been a while. I decided to write this for fun, and as a nod to MMBN. I did change a couple things, so be a little lax on criticism. Also, Ch. 2 should be up soon. As a final few notes, my old story, (Or rather OUR, my friends and I.) From Earth to Remnant, has been edited and switched to another account. I was under the impression I would write outlines, then they would add detail. Which is why a lot of details were rushed and screwed up. I will re-continue Sekirei: Hidden Feathers soon, now that I learned to detail things better. Enjoy my new project! Also, check out Change Of Pace on FictionPress!

Megaman was finally there. He and his NetOperator, Lan Hikari, had struggled long and hard to finally make it to the fabled Cybeasts, which the infamous Dr. Wily had set loose. Megaman and Lan had learned to harness the power of the two Cybeasts along his journey. This fierce power was a great asset to him, along with the SoulCross power he gained from bonds with his friends. But now, it was time to end it. Megaman faced the two beasts in front of him. To the left, Cybeast Gregar. The powerful, fear-striking lion beast. His claws could rip through anything in his path. To the right, the majestic falcon cybeast, Falzar. His wing beat would cause tornados in its wake. Its talons could make Gregar's destructive claw strength any day.

Megaman summoned his cyber sword without hesitation and charged forward at Gregar. The mighty lion let loose a roar, and clawed at Megaman. The navi dodged to the side, and somersaulted with his sword straight at Gregar's forehead.

"Megaman, watch for Falzar!" Lan warned through the PET window. A PET was what Navi lived in, and how NetOps helped their navi.

"Roger, Lan!" Megaman responded, striking Gregar with his prior somersault, and flipping back. Gregar was thrown off balance, and fell.

Falzar dove at him with a spiral, throwing Megaman to the wind. Falzar's primary battlefield. Megaman knew this battle was going to head downhill fast. Lan, synched with his Navi, knew it as well. It was time for his secret weapon. The program advance. Lan slid in three consecutive battle chips into his PET. Sword, Widesword, and Longsword. Megaman's sword shined green, and an aura was flowing off of it. The LifeSword. Megaman struck hard downward. Gregar recovered, and leaped upward toward Falzar to aid the fellow cybeast. The two cybeasts combined strength was devastating. Megaman and Lan felt the power entrusted to them by their friends, and channeled it into the blade. The two powers were matched. In that moment, Lan and Megaman were fused in consciousness, and in body. Lan's body erupted with a powerful aura which cracked the ground below him. The onlooking Dr. Wily had his eyes opened wide.

"Impossible!" He cried, astonished. "That power…! It can't possibly be achieved by mere human and navi!"

The cybeasts and the Netop/Navi's imminent power clash literally shook the ground hard. The two forces finally struck at each other, causing a massive quake. The impact was fierce. Megaman and Lan pushed hard against the opposing power. The cybeasts pushed back with all their might. In the end, with a mighty yell, Megaman and his NetOp won out, throwing the two cybeasts downward yet again, slamming them into the ground. The tag team on Lan and Megaman brought down a mighty slash with the enhanced LifeSword, crushing the two cybeasts...when the smoke cleared, they were no more. In reality, Lan calmed, the aura leaving. Dr. Wily dropped to his knees.

"No...NO! Not again!" He almost sobbed, defeated.

"It's over, Wily." Lan spoke calmly to him. The horrible threat had passed.

A few days later, the crisis was finally dealt with in full. Wily was arrested for good, the internet was repaired, and the two heroes were hailed with praise. While Lan was basking in his glory, Megaman scolded him.

"Lan, you need to be more humble!" He yelled over the roar of the party at their house through Lan's PET. Navi could talk to their respective NetOps through a PET whenever they felt the need to do so.

"Oh, come on, Megaman! Have fun for once!" He laughed, drinking soda with his lifelong friends, Yai, Maylu, Dex, and a team of friends he worked with on defeating the criminal organization known as Nebula.

Megaman himself was enjoying time with each friend's respective Navi. Especially Maylu's Navi, Roll. Maylu and Lan were obviously becoming more than just friends. Same would go for the Navis.

Maylu was talking to Lan, while Dex and yai were arguing...again.

"Lan, thanks for coming home safely…" She said, blushing.

"Eh, it was no problem for a team like Megaman and I!" He responded, cocky as usual.

Maylu snickered. She knew Lan and Megaman struggled hard. It wasn't near as easy as Lan made it sound. Megaman wasn't listening at the moment.

Roll held his arm, concerned. "Mega, what's the matter? You won!"

Megaman looked at Roll. "I can't help but feel that something is wrong...like something wasn't finished…"

Roll paused to think. "Now that you mention it, that quake seemed far too powerful to not have caused more damage…"

"Exactly my point, Roll... " Megaman replied, stuck in thought. As he was, Lan received a phone call.

"Lan, it's Chaud!" Megaman alerted his partner. Chaud Blaze was a friend of Lan's, as well as the NetOp of the Netnavi, Protoman. He was also a Net official.

Lan answered the call. "Hey, Chaud. What's up?"

"Lan, we have a problem." Chaud answered, however, he didn't sound alarmed.

Lan stood up straight. "Why? Is Wily out again?"

"No, nothing like that. However, it is related to the clash with the cybeasts." Chaud replied, sitting in a chair on his end.

"Then what is it?" Lan asked, worried.

"Go ahead and let your friends hear this." Chaud told him.

Lan put the phone on speaker. "Hey, guys, listen up."

Chaud cleared his throat. "Hello, all. It appears that Lan's clash with the Cybeasts was quite groundshaking. However, though congratulations are in order, there appears to be quite an impact on the cyber world."

Dex, who was a very beefy kid, responded squarely. "We obviously knew that!"

"That's not what I mean, Dex. Take a look." Chaud informed them, as he sent a picture to Lan. It depicted what looked like a tear in the floor of the cyber world.

Yai, a rich young girl, went wide eyed. "That's a dimensional tear!"

Chaud, on his end, nodded. "precisely. However, this is one from the incident with the cybeast release. THIS is the one created from Megaman and Lan's clash with the cybeasts."

Chaud sent another picture. This time, it was in the laboratory that the Cybeasts were in during the final clash.

"For you others, dimensional tears are very unstable. They have points in time where they drag in any matter around them, and throw them into other worlds. This one is nearing that point. We have protective measures, but we are unable to get close to investigate without equipment."

"So what do you need from us?" Maylu questioned.

"Maylu, Lan and I can cross fuse. Therefore, we are the safest to investigate. Yai, I need you and your navi, Glyde to help us analytical purposes. Dex, we need Gutsman. So we'll need you to begin cross fusion training."

Lan nodded. "We'll be there as quickly as we can!"

Time passed after the party. Lan's father, Dr. Hikari, was now fully aware of the situation, and would meet Dex at Scilab to begin Cross fusion training. Lan, Maylu, and Chaud were now at the entrance to the lab where the great Cybeast clash had taken place. Lan took a breath, and pulled out his PET, just as the others did. They slid synchro chips into their PET's, and their Navi's armor molded and formed onto their bodies. Lan, Maylu and Chaud now looked like Megaman, Roll, and Protoman. The three friends were of course, nervous, but the anomaly had to be investigated. The three rushed into the building, while Yai was with a group of officials, providing recon information.

"Can you hear me, guys?" Yai spoke through a microphone.

Maylu heard Yai through the speaker in her recon device. "We hear you loud and clear, Yai. Where to next?"

"You're almost to the dimensional tear. Be very careful." Yai replied.

"Understood." Spoke Lan.

"Be on your toes, everyone." Chaud warned.

The group arrived at the tear shortly after. It was massive. Energy could be seen coming off of it. When one looked down into it, there was no visible end to the fall downward.

"Yai, are you and the recon team getting this?" Chaud asked, keeping his distance from the pitfall.

"The team is assessing the energy now." she spoke.

Maylu stared into the void in front of her. "what kind of world do you think is beyond the tear?"

Chaud shook his head. "I have no clue. But I assume it's very different than here. Maybe even a world where netnavis don't exist."

Lan nodded. "It's cool thinking about that stuff, but we can't let this thing stick around…"

Chaud looked at Lan again. "I agree. Once Yai and the team have the right information-"

Chaud was interrupted by Yai. "Guys, move! The energy just spiked! It's going to begin sucking in matter!"

Chaud snapped back to reality. As the others followed suit, the tear ripped more, and rubble from the lab began to be pulled violently into the large pit of energy.

"Grab onto something!" Chaud yelled, attempting to run. But the force was too great. He was pulled back off of his feet, and toppled back towards the tear. He caught himself on a piece of concrete sticking out from the floor.

Lan jumped upward, grabbing a pipe that was sticking out of the ceiling. He watched Chaud, and went wide eyed.

"Chaud!" He yelled, frantically thinking how to save his friends.

Maylu was screaming of fright. She was barely holding onto a door frame, being the quickest to an exit. She kept trying to pull herself up past it, and then...she slipped. She tumbled backward like Chaud. But she didn't have anything to grab. On her way past, she hit Chaud, throwing him loose. Lan watched in horror, as the two fell back...and into the dimensional tear. With the cross fusion energy it swallowed, the tear hit another energy bump. It pulled more in, pulling one of Lan's hands free. He struggled hard to stay on the pipe. Then he saw it start to bend. He pulled hard to get himself up, to find anything at all to grab, or save himself. The pipe finally creaked, and snapped, Lan quickly being pulled downward again, and into the tear. Then, the tear shrank, so barely an orange could fit. All was quiet.