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Lan woke to more than he bargained for. As he very slowly opened his eyes, two girls were standing over him. One had blue hair with a teal streak. She also had very defining light yellow eyes. The other girl was one with less noticeable features. She had long yellow hair, with green eyes. She looked very innocent.

"Where did he come from?" The yellow haired girl asked the other girl.

"I haven't the slightest idea...the real question is; Is he a devil, fallen angel, or angel?" She responded.

"He's waking up!" the second girl exclaimed. She rushed to help him. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Asia, give him some space. He looks pretty winded." The first girl told her.

The second girl, apparently named Asia, backed off. "But...Xenovia…"

Xenovia looked worried, yet stern. "Rias said she would be here soon to investigate. We need to keep him safe until then."

Lan slowly lifted his arm, and looked at it. He seemed to have been knocked out of cross fusion. A noise came from Lan's pocket. It was the sound of the PET turning on. Thank god Lan remembered to put a case on his PET. The PET started up, and almost immediately, Megaman was calling for Lan.

"Lan! Lan, get up!" Megaman yelled, alarming the two girls.

Lan gently sat up, though the girls tried to get him not to. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out his PET. The case was cracked quite a bit. However, the actual device was fine.

"I...I'm alright, Megaman…" Lan assured him. Lan slowly stood, staggering a little. Xenovia steadied him.

Megaman nonchalantly scolded him. "16 is not a good age to die."

Lan cringed. "Not now, Megaman…"

"Sorry, force of habit…" Megaman apologized.

The two girls were puzzled and shocked by the conversation. Lan looked up, and felt immediately embarrassed.

"S-sorry. My name is Lan Hikari. And this is my NetNavi, Megaman." He introduced himself.

Megaman smiled, and used the PET's hologram function to show up in front of them. "It's a pleasure."

Asia smiled in return. "My name is Asia Argento. It's good you two are safe, Megaman, Lan."

Xenovia folded her arms. "I am Xenovia Quarta."

Lan nodded at the two. "Xenovia and Asia. Got it."

Behind them, a red light shined brightly, followed by an odd pattern. Several girls, a young male, and two others ran out from the light. Who should the others be? Chaud and Maylu. Most of the group stopping in front of the three people and holographic Netnavi, Maylu ran full into Lan's arms, sobbing.

"Thank the lord, you're alright!" She yelled.

Lan noticed something odd. Both Maylu and Chaud's bodies looked much more matured. Maylu's...features, looked much better, and bigger. Her hair was a little longer, and her face prettier. Chaud's shoulders were much more broad, and he was quite a bit taller. Lan looked at himself for a second. He himself was taller, and his clothes a little looser. His eyes defined him more.

Maylu let go of Lan, looking at him. "Have you met these two already…?"

Megaman answered. "Yes, we have. How did you meet them so quickly, though?"

Chaud responded. "We've been here for a couple days now. Judging the time lapse, and how damaged you are, I assume there is a significant time difference from our world to theirs."

Roll and Protoman became holograms beside their netops. Protoman spoke. "which means, a day here is about 30 seconds in Electopia."

A girl with beautiful red hair came forward. "So you're the friend these two spoke of. Lan and Megaman, correct?"

Lan blushed at her, and nodded. "Yes. And you are…?"

The girl smiled. "My name is Rias Gremory. Heiress to the house of Gremory."

Megaman smiled at her. "A pleasure, Miss Gremory."

Rias addressed Megaman. "Please, just Rias."

Lan nodded. "Understood, Rias."

Chaud stepped forward. "We've already filled them in on our situation. We explained what PET's and netnavis are, but not cross fusion."

A black haired girl with a ponytail stepped beside Rias. "My name is Akeno Himejima. We already know about this dimensional tear. Unfortunately, we can't say much for how we can get you back…"

Chaud responded. "That's fine for now. We may as well investigate."

"Things just keep getting weirder around here…" A boy with brown hair stated.

Akeno smiled. "That's Issei Hyoudou. He's a bit of a perv."

Lan questioned that, but shrugged it off.

Rias gestured to the red portal. "Come with us. We have much to discuss."

Roll smiled at her as she materialized from Maylu's PET. "Can Akeno use her magic to give us that tea again!?"

Akeno laughed. "Of course, Roll!"

The group seemed friendly enough. Lan smiled and walked with them. It appeared this was a much different realm than Electopia. Both he and Megaman had their doubts, but the new group seemed to be caring for the three "Aliens" of a sort. The group walked into the portal. In a red flash of light, they were suddenly in a very modest family room in what looked like a school building.

Rias outstretched her arms, gesturing to the entire room. "Welcome to the Occult Research Club."

Everyone took spots around the room, Chaud sitting next to Akeno on a couch, Maylu standing with Lan against the far wall, and Rias and Issei sitting on the opposite couch. Xenovia and Asia stood in different places around the room.

Rias spoke again when everyone was settled. "Though we don't have all of our members here, I think you should explain to us what this 'Cross Fusion' is."

Lan Became excited, and stepped forward. "Well, it's basically where humans gain the weapons and abilities of their NetNavis."

"Would you be so kind as to provide us with an example?" Rias asked, a little interested now.

Chaud smiled at Lan, who in turn grinned.

"With pleasure!" Lan exclaimed. "Synchro chip, in!"

With those words, Lan slid in an interesting looking battle chip into his PET. Within moments, his Navi's armor molded to his body, and formed. He might as well have been a carbon copy of Megaman with a few armor and detail additions. Akeno sat up, but wasn't thrown off balance. Rias, on the other hand, was astounded.

"So this is what Chaud was talking about. A living weapon…" She said quietly.

Issei's jaw practically hit the floor. "Insane! Why can't I do that!?" he exclaimed.

Lan looked very proud. He showed off his armor a little bit.

Rias laughed a little. "Impressive, Lan."

Chaud intervened. "Lan and Megaman can also copy the abilities of some enemies. He can even copy Protoman's abilities. "

Lan nodded at him. "Double Soul, Proto Soul!' He exclaimed.

In yet another flash of light, Lan was donning Protoman's armor, as well as some personal edits.

Rias nodded, intrigued. "That could be very useful."

Lan stopped for a second. "So...I can tell you guys aren't exactly normal, either."

Akeno spoke up. "Well, you're right. We're actually a family of devils."

Lan stumbled. "What, seriously!?"

Akeno stood up from the couch, and spread her wings for him to see. They were jet black bat wings, but a little more majestic. Lan stood wide eyed, completely taken by surprise.

Rias explained how they were in the midst of a war between Angels, Fallen Angels, and demons. Also, those in the Gremory house were turned into devils to assist Rias against the threat. Chaud was very interested.

"Fascinating...So you operate using these chess peices to correspond with your troops…you're king, Akeno is queen, Xenovia is a knight, Asia is a bishop…" He walked himself through it.

Lan chimed in. "Issei takes all the pawns…"

Maylu summed it up. "And the others we don't know yet are taking the other slots…"

Rias nodded at them. "We also have Kiba as a knight, Koneko as a rook, and Gasper, our second bishop. Oh, and we have Rossweisse. She's our other rook."

"It looks like you have a full roster as of now." Chaud summed up.

"Correct. And I couldn't be happier." Rias said to him, smiling.

"The question now, is how can we help? We will obviously be stuck here for a long time." Chaud replied.

Akeno turned to him. "Your support against our enemies would be much appreciated. The fighting takes place usually once a week."

Lan was confused. "Wait, if you have a full roster, how can we help you in fights?"

Xenovia chimed in. "Well, to put it simply, you aren't from here. Your powers do not have to abide by the laws of ours. You can jump in at anytime, and still be within the rules."

Maylu nodded at her. "Ah, I understand."

Rias smiled. "then it's settled. We have three new members!"

The group cheered. Akeno decided to take Maylu, Chaud, Asia and Xenovia shopping for a cake to celebrate. As the four left, and aura of awkwardness came over Lan.

RIas turned to him. "So, Lan, Chaud said you and Megaman defeated the legendary Cybeasts?"

Lan snapped back to reality. "I...yes. technically, not even a few days ago."

Issei looked at the two. "Those things could rip the net in two, right?"

Lan looked grim. "With the flex of a claw."

Issei looked worried. "And Megaman harnessed the power of both of them?"

"By accident. It became pretty easy to control, but it can still be a burden…" Lan looked away, still grim.

Rias looked at Issei, motioning for him to drop the subject. She had a look in her eyes that felt bad for Lan and the others. It had to be hard to be ripped from your own world, then tossed into another without warning. Issei saw her, and shut his mouth, sharing in her feelings.

Rias finally spoke. "Lan...I apologize. This can't be enjoyable for you…"

Issei gave his usual overconfident grin. "Let's go outside and spar, man! I wanna see cross fusion in action!"

Rias snapped at Issei. "Issei-! Not now…!"

Lan perked up. "Aw, heck yes! Let's go!"

Rias nearly fell to the floor, surprised. Afterward, the three made their way into an open field by the school. Rias opened a portal, and transported the three to a destructible version of the school. Issei summoned his sacred gear.

"Let's see it, Lan!" He exclaimed.

Megaman spoke to Issei. "You know we will!"

Lan once more cross fused, donning his navi's armor. Rias let them space themselves, and stepped back.

"First to be unable to act is the loser! Ready? Go!" She exclaimed, smiling.

Issei dashed at Lan, smirking the entire way. Lan waited patiently until the brown-haired boy was nearly upon him. When Issei threw a hard punch, Lan vanished, reappearing behind Issei, and summoning his cyber sword. He struck at Issei's back, throwing the boy forward. Lan's opponent caught himself as he flipped, using his armored arm to grip the ground, and come back down to earth. Lan followed his movements well, nearly landing another strike. Issei swung around him as he slashed, decking Lan hard in the back, sending him upward. Issei jumped up, hoping to smash the boy hard into the ground. Lan flipped backward to avoid the strike, kicking Issei in the jaw. Rias winced. Lan, using his advantage, used a drill arm battle chip. His arm formed into a heavy drill, and he struck down on Issei. It hit multiple times, throwing him downward after. Issei landed hard, Lan landing on his feet. Issei got up, but not without struggle. Lan showed signs of fatigue, but from something else…

"That...all you got…!?" Issei exclaimed, still smirking.

Lan was having issues. The cybeast power was harming him. He looked at his hands. The were being corrupted by static. Images of the cybeast claws blurred. Lan clenched his fists, the static flying from him. With a mighty yell, his form began to change. Claws grew on his hands, and armor grew as well. His eyes turned red. He resembled the very thing that he killed...Cybeast Gregar. Rias' eyes widened at him. The powerful aura that streamed off of Lan was almost...scary. Before Issei could react, Lan rocketed at him, slamming him in the stomach. With just enough force, he stayed in the air, winded. Lan roared, and he clawed at Issei over and over, ending with a MegaCannon battle chip to end it. Issei flew back to where Rias was, and lay down, breathing hard, in a decent amount of pain. Although the realm they were in was protecting them from as much real harm as possible, this was unusual. Rias got to her knees, looking at Issei.

He was bleeding at the side. He was obviously going to be fine, but it had to have taken some serious power to make someone bleed in the protected realm. Rias hastily looked to find Lan, but he was nowhere to be seen. At realization, she looked behind her. Standing there, crackling with power, was Lan...no...Cybeast Gregar. This wasn't Lan anymore. Rias braced herself for a mighty strike...However, it never came. Lan reverted to normal, nearly passing out.

"S-See…? A...burden…" Lan stammered, falling over, exiting cross fusion.

His PET flew into Rias' hands, Megaman panicking. "Lan! LAN! Rias, is he alright!?"

Rias leaned down, holding the PET. She examined the two boys. They would be fine. Lan was simply exhausted.

Rias smiled in relief. "Megaman, these two will be fine."

Megaman sighed. "That's never happened...he can usually control it…"

Rias looked at the PET screen, and at Megaman. "Let's sit and talk while they rest. We both have some explaining to do."

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