Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own nor did I create any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates.

Spoiler Alert: Based off Season 5 Episode "Family Reunion" therefore major plot elements are revealed.

Author's Notes: I experimented with something a little unusual with this story. It's a collection of four stand alone short works that show 4 specific events in Face's life. They span the time from age 7 through 45. There is no Team action or adventure involved just four emotionally charged snapshots of Face's life.

Summary: An encounter in a cemetery.

Moments in Time: by LAGC

Age 45

Face slowly walked past the concrete markers. He was scanning the information on each one. He wasn't completely sure which was the one he needed. Finally he found it and read the information, "A. J. Bancroft - November 14, 1986 - May you find peace."

It was five years, nearly to the day, that Face had first stood next to this man's grave. At that time it was a secret grave. One that he and the Team had prepared for Bancroft. The man who was his father. When the danger and media frenzy had passed, Ellen - his sister- had arranged to have Bancroft permanently interned in this true cemetery.

It had been a mission from Stockwell that had put them together. Face had one deep conversation with Bancroft just before he died but Bancroft hadn't told Face that he was his father. No, Bancroft had let that burden fall on Murdock. Ellen was surprised when Face told her they were siblings. In the five years since, Ellen had resisted Face's attempts at a relationship. But, Stockwell had honored his promise to the team and arraigned for their pardons. The Team, free men now, had opened up a security company together. Heck who had better qualifications and skills for that sort of work than them?

Life was going well for Face. He finally saw a future for himself yet he'd been drawn back to Bancroft's grave. He needed to make some peace with a past he knew nothing about. As he stood there pondering why he really was there, Face noticed a lady approaching the line of graves. She appeared to be in her sixties although the cane she used and her limp made her appear older at first glance. She paused just before A.J.'s final resting spot. Both Face and the lady stood awkwardly and silently staring at the grave stone.

A sudden gust of wind tore the lady's floral scarf from her neck. She exclaimed, "Oh no." Face gave chase and quickly retrieved it. "Here you go, Ma'am." Face said as he handed it back to her, the print of it catching his eye.

"Thank you so much." She said accepting her scarf. "I don't think I've ever seen you here before." she added with a curious smile.

"That's because you haven't. This is my first visit. Its complicated." Face wasn't exactly sure why he was being so talkative.

"Oh I think most relationships in A.J.'s life were complicated." she replied cryptically. Face was startled and curious.

"Did you know him for a long time?" the lady pressed on.

Face shook his head wistfully, "Actually no. I knew him for less than twenty-four hours. You?"

"Me? I knew him better, a very long time ago. When we were young, impulsive, and foolish."

"Really?" replied Face.

The lady sat on a stone bench next to the grave. She looked up at Face. "We were college sweethearts. We let ourselves get caught up in the rosy rush of first love. Ended up married way too young and unprepared."

"Oh? How'd that end up?" Face continued the conversation

"Sadly, yes that's the best word, sadly. My family disowned me. His ignored us. He couldn't handle the responsibility. We parted ways. I couldn't understand why the fairy tales lied so I kept chasing illusions and whispered promises. One bad choice followed by the next until I had to sacrifice the one source of joy in my life so I could protect it. The hardest, maybe the worst day of my life but it's the one correct choice I made in those years."

A bird flew past them and perched on Bancroft's stone. Face and the lady watched him. "A Robin, a symbol of new beginnings." said the lady as she looked up at him with hope filled sky blue eyes.

"Hi Mom." said Face.