Imma back, everyone. With a new story! U would know the style I write if u guys read my previous story; Truth or Dare. Heh heh..heh heh! HEH HEH..MUA HA HA HA HA HA! Here goes, bleh bleh bleh...

It was a sunny and wonderful afternoon..

"Such a sunny and wonderful afternoon.." said Star before smirking and laughing madly.

"But not anymore! MUA HA HA HA HA!"

Star pulled out her wand and casted a spell that turned a pole into a big giant hand.

The hand flew to the Sun and grabbed it.

The hand squished the Sun and became the Sun.

After that, Star ate her wand.

Marco was making a bagel. A bagel containing ham, cheese, spinach, mustard, a shirt, Star's boots,several batteries alarm clock!

"I'll just put it in a fridge to store it until lunch." Marco said while stuffing it into a broken fridge.

Star skipped into the house but tripped because of a moon. Yup, they bought the moon.

"Marco, let's go play!" Marco smiled. "Sure, Star, and I have the perfect toy!" Star beamed. "Is it what I think it is? Is it.."


After playing with the unicorn poop, they decided to have lunch.

Star ate her wand charger as Marco reached for his bagel.

But the bagel was gone.

Chaos happened.

Because the bagel was gone, shirts have eyes and eyes have shirts!

Justin Bieber turned into a believing beaver believing in the beliefs of wood!

The fridge worked!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Marco. Star caught up with the situation and calmed Marco down as he cried pillow cases.

"Who could have took it, I wonder. I was outside all the time so it couldn't be me." Star said as she realized one of her boots is missing.

Marco jolted up. "Star, that's it! The only person who could have eaten the bagel!"

Star smiled. "Yeshhh! We solved the mystery of the missing bagel! Let's celebrate!"

Suddenly, Anna and Elsa dropped from the sky into their house. "Did we hear CELEBRATION?"

Marco asked them how they got here and they said they farted rainbows here with the help of Winnie the Poo. Yes, the poo.

Elsa was flirting with Marco and Star got jealous so she kissed Marco.

Marco kissed Star and proposed to her.

They got married at Jupiter.

Da End.