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Rose faded from the Doctors view. He looked down at the grating floor and sighed. He had said goodbye but once again he wasn't able to tell her those three simple words. He wiped the tears from his face as he looked up. "What?!" The Doctor shouted as he caught sight of the red head in the white dress standing in front of him. Oh it's a wedding dress the Doctor thought but how did she get into the Tardis. The bride turned around.

"Who are you?" The Bride snapped causing the Doctor to jump back out of his thoughts.

"What?!" The Doctor was confused really confused this shouldn't be happening. "But.." He trailed off still trying to understand what was happening.

"Where am I?" she demanded fiercely. The Doctor wouldn't admit it but she was scaring him just a little.

"But...What?!" he said again.

"What the hell is this place" She once again demanded she was getting rather annoyed at the man who still hadn't answered any of her questions.

"You can't...I was in flight! That's physically impossible. How did-" The Doctor sprinted around the console typing away at the monitor trying to figure out how she got inside.

"Tell me where I am. I demand you tell me right now, where am I?" the bride was shouting as the Doctor was running around.

"Inside the Tardis" He answered.

"The what?" She asked confused and annoyed.

"The Tardis"

"The what?" She asked tired of this man not answering her questions.

"The Tardis" He answered while staring at something at the screen.

"The what? She screeched.

"It's called the Tardis."

"That's not even a proper word!" The bride screeched really angry. "You're just saying things!"

"How did you get in here?" The Doctor demanded. He couldn't for the life of him figure out how she got in the Tardis.

"Well obviously you kidnapped me!" She yelled.

The Doctor just stared at her perplexed and trying to figure her out. She looked human enough but he knew that didn't mean anything.

"Who was it? Was it Nerys? Oh my god she is finally getting me back. This has got Nerys written all over it!"

"Who is Nerys?" He asked really confused as to why he would kidnap her. He needed to get to the bottom of this but he was grateful for the distraction at least he could go a few hours without focusing on Rose not being there.

"Your best friend" The bride snapped.

"Wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?"

"I'm going tenpin bowling! What do you think, Dumbo? I was halfway up the aisle!"

The Doctor backed away slowly. This women scared him and put him on edge not that he would ever admit it out loud.

"I've waited all my life for this," She continued "I was just seconds away, and then you- I dunno, drugged me or something!"

"I haven't done anything." The Doctor replied defensively. He had just said goodbye to the most important person in the universe, why would he kidnap a crazy red head!

"We will call the police on you, me and my husband as soon as we are married. We are gonna sue the bloody hell out of ya!" She yelled. She noticed the doors and before the Doctor could reply she was running towards them.

"No wait-" The Doctor yelled at the angry bride trying to get her to stop. He ran around the console to grab her, as she snatched the doors open and straight out into the supernova he just burned up.

"You're in space." He said calmly and walked to stand beside her. "This is my-"

"You are in the Tardis. She is a spaceship. Tardis stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space." A soft voice said from behind them. The Doctor spun around, not believing his ears. It couldn't be. It was impossible.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked at the same time as the bride asked "Who the hell are you? How many of us have you kidnapped?"

"It's me Doctor. I came back." Rose turned to the red head. "My name is Rose and I can assure you the Doctor didn't kidnap me, matter of fact as far as he knows it should be impossible for me to be here." Rose spoke calmly. She looked at the Doctor and bit back a laugh at the surprised and confused look on his face. His eyes shone with unshed tears and sparkled with happiness and loss.

"But... How... Impossible..." The Doctor said confused and trying to figure out how two people managed to get on the Tardis without him knowing and how the hell Rose came back when he JUST said goodbye to her.

"Doctor we will talk about it later yeah? We have a bride we have to get home before her wedding and I have a feeling you have already upset her enough. But quick question, how long since you said goodbye?" Rose said. The Bride looked very upset and Rose wasn't ready to answer his questions yet and she didn't want to talk about it anyways.

"I agree with blondie. Wish you had kidnapped her sooner, she is a lot nicer than you!"

"Right yeah. I just finished saying goodbye to you 10 minutes and 33 seconds ago. Time you faded away. She popped up in the Tardis. I haven't figured out why yet and before I could figure it out she opened the doors. Then you showed up. And I didn't kidnap her!" The Doctor said while staring at Rose. He was scared if he looked away or even blink that she would disappear. He still wasn't convinced that he wasn't dreaming. He turned to the red head, while still keeping an eye on Rose.

"How are we breathing? If we are in space we shouldn't be breathing with those doors open?" The bride asked sounding much calmer now that Rose was there.

"The Tardis is protecting us." Rose answered turning to pat the wall "I missed you to old girl" She whispered as the Tardis hummed happily. Rose ran to the console and snatched the monitor around and started scanning the Redhead and the surrounding area for alien tech. The Doctor shut the doors and ran up the ramp ready to start getting the Bride home once for all. He turned to Rose surprised that she was understanding what was on the monitor not that he didn't think she was smart but he hadn't showed her how to work the equipment on the Tardis. He started wondering just how long it had been for her. It was obviously longer than the 13 minutes it had been for him. He figured he would add it to the list of things to ask her later.

"Who are you people exactly?" The ginger woman asked still very confused.

"I told you I'm Rose or Bad Wolf if you want and that's the Doctor" Rose answered still working on the scans and ignoring the look she got from the Doctor. Trying to figure out the body scan readings. They were something different and wrong with them but the redhead was human as far as she could tell with scan.

"I'm Donna"

"Donna, human?" The Doctor asked tearing his eyes from Rose to look back at Donna studying her closely.

"Yes... is that optional?" Donna asked at the same time as Rose said "Yes she is as far as the scans can tell." The Doctor whipped his head around to stare at Rose again. Why didn't he think of running a scan and when the hell did Rose learn how to do them? The Doctor turned back to Donna. "It is for me" The Doctor responded to Donna.

"You both are aliens?" Donna asked looking back and forth between the two.

"Well I am but Rose over there is human." The Doctor said smiling. Rose didn't bother responding she was so not having that conversation right now. She looked away for the screen that she was burning a hole in from staring at it so hard and leaned against the console. She watched Donna as she took everything in.

"I don't understand it," The Doctor said after standing there silent for a little bit. "And I understand everything. This can't happen. There is no way that a human being could lock itself onto the Tardis and transport itself inside. Neither one of you should have been able to get in here while I am in flight." He looked between bewildered. Rose never liked the word impossible but this was something that should really be impossible. He caught sight of Rose as she rolled her eyes at him and pulled up the sleeve of her black leather jacket. It was the first time he really looked at her clothing. It was mostly black except for her shirt that was close to the Tardis blue. Her jeans were black and hugged her body closely, her shoes were black chucks and the jacket reminded him of his previous self. She wore a significant less amount of makeup than the last time he had seen her and her blonde hair was more natural looking and closer to a honey color than it had been and pulled back into a tight ponytail, and she was skinnier than before significantly skinnier. Everything about her reminded him of his ninth self and it was bothering him. What exactly happened during her time away from him? He was snapped from his thoughts when she spoke.

"I'm not stupid Doctor. I know what I was doing and knew you were orbiting that supernova. That alone gave me an opportunity. But I also had this." She finished pulling up her sleeve and showed him a device that looked like a vortex manipulator. "This is an advance version of a vortex manipulator. I built this myself, I ran all the test on it and everything. Not only did this bring me here but it also brought me across the void. No, I didn't crack either world both are stable and both are safe." She finished, looking at the Doctor after she finished speaking.

"But how" He ran back to the monitor and ran a scan checking and making sure. It took all of 10 seconds for the beep saying it was done. "Both universes are stable. There isn't even a crack. That's Amazing"

"I couldn't destroy Pete's universe without destroying my home universe unfortunately." She muttered under her breath.

The Doctor snatched his head to stare at her. He knew he wasn't supposed to have heard that but he just barely had. He heard the angry and pain in that statement. She sounded mad that she hadn't destroyed it. What the hell had exactly happened? His mind was swarming with questions and he opened his mouth to respond but seeing Rose's face and eyes he took a step back. The look on her face was worse than his oncoming storm look. That was a look that didn't belong on his Rose's face. Instead he turned towards Donna pulling out his sonic screwdriver and walking towards her and beginning to scan her

"There's some sort of subatomic connection, something in the temporal field. Maybe something pulling you into alignment with the chronon shell. Maybe it's something macro budding in your DNA with the interior matrix maybe a genetic-" Donna's hand smacked him across the face. Rose stepped forward and put herself between the two.

"Don't you ever hit him again." Rose growled. The Doctor grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him keeping her firmly beside him. He had never seen her so mad and it was scary.

"Get me to the church!" Donna shouted at them, not being bothered by Rose's threat. The Doctor stared at her for a second then looked at Rose who still was fuming.

"Right, fine. We don't want you here anyways. Where is this wedding at exactly?" The Doctor said releasing Rose with a look that said don't-kill-the-bride. Rose strolled up the console and started pressing the familiar buttons putting them into the Time vortex. It had been a long day for her and she did not like Donna blaming the Doctor for something he didn't have a hand in.

"St. Mary's Hayden Road, Chiswick, London, England, Earth, the Solar System." Donna snapped. Rose just rolled her eyes, there was lots of solar systems. The Doctor started to ask what year and day but Rose was already flying the Tardis there. He just stared at her trying to figure out how she knew what she was doing and how she knew when.

"I'll explain later" Rose said so low that he almost didn't hear her. She looked upset and tired, like she hadn't slept in days. She turned to Donna as the Tardis landed smoothly. "Here we are, out you go." Rose said louder. Truth was Rose almost didn't care what happened to her. All she wanted right that second was a bed and some pain killers. But she knew that they needed to figure what was wrong with her. Rose knew she was being harsh but after the hell she had been through she had hardened quite a lot. Donna turned toward the doors and stepped out with the Doctor and Rose right behind here, the Doctor grabbing his coat.

"I said St. Mary's. What sort of Martians are you? Where is this?"

But neither Rose nor the Doctor was listening they both were stroking the panels of the Tardis in concern. Rose was muttering something to the Tardis.

"Somethings wrong with her. It's like she is recalibrating." The Doctor said as he ran back inside to the console pushing Rose out the way. "Oi!" She yelled at him. "Sorry. She's digesting. What's wrong with you?" He asked the Tardis. "Doctor she will be fine but we have another problem right now." Rose answered pointing to Donna, who was walking around the Tardis befuddled and overwhelmed. Her eyes were wide and lite up like Christmas lights. But the Doctor just continued talking.

"Donna, you've really got to think. Is there anything that might have caused this? Anything you might've done? Any sort of alien contacts? I can't let you go wandering off in case you're dangerous. I mean, have you...have you seen lights in the sky? or...did you touch something? Something different? Something strange? Something made out of a sort of metal?" Rose just stared at him and rolled her eyes she forgot how completely blind he was. She walked toward Donna hoping to comfort her. All her anger forgotten toward the older woman who was obviously just scared and stressed. While the Doctor continued talking. "Who are you getting married to? Sure he is human? He isn't overweight with a zip around his forehead is he?" Rose just turned and stared at him. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Donna was staring at the box in shock and trying to wrap her head around it. Rose walked over to here to try to help her.

"I know it's weird but I swear she is just bigger on the inside. She is totally safe, well at least with me driving. But she is safe. I can explain the science to you if you want or well at least try to explain it." But before Rose could even finish Donna took off running. Rose took off after her while the Doctor was still blind to what was going on. "Doctor!" Rose screamed at him. She knew he could be blind but honestly. He turned around and saw Donna running off with Rose chasing her. He stared for a second then took off. "Donna!" He called after her.

"Donna, wait!" Rose said as she caught up with her. She grabbed the brides arm to stop her and turned her around. "We don't know what's wrong with you. You could be in danger please come back with us. We will get you to the church I promise."

"Get off of me you blonde Dumbo! I'm not going back to that box with you. It's too weird. I just want to get married." She told them. The Doctor stopped when he got to them.

"Donna please come back to the Tardis." He asked trying his hardest to be nice and intervene before Rose could hurt her for the Dumbo comment.

"No way that box is too weird."

Rose walked to the side of the building and leaned against it. The day's events had left her extremely tired. Not to mention it had been weeks without any proper sleep. She felt the Doctor staring at her but he needed to deal with Donna so she nodded her head in Donnas direction letting him know she was fine and to deal with Donna first.

"She is just bigger on the inside" The Doctor responded turning back towards Donna. Once the Doctor looked away Rose wiped her hand under her shirt and winced when she pulled back a bloody hand. She ripped open the bullet wound she had gotten during her escape from torchwood the day before. Despite the fast healing she had since looking in the Time vortex, this wound was slow healing because it had been pretty bad and she had already used a lot of energy healing her other wounds. She looked up and wiped her hands on her pants quickly before the Doctor could see. Praying to whatever god was listening that it would heal faster. She winced as she straighten up and walked back over to Donna and the Doctor.

Donna glanced down at her watch and ignored whatever the Doctor had said to her.

"Ten past three, I'm going to miss it."

"Can't you phone them? Tell them where you are" The Doctor suggested trying to help her.

"And how am I supposed to do that?"

"Don't you have a mobile?"

"I'm in my wedding dress. It doesn't have pockets. Who has pockets? Have you seen a bride with pockets? When I went to my fitting the one thing I forgot to say was 'give me pockets'!"

The Doctor looked down at the ground his hand rubbing the back of his neck. He forgot about the wedding dress. He had a feeling he was just pissing this lady off even more. Geesh she was more sensitive than normal humans.

"Here use mine. It's a little bit advance but it works the same." Rose said softly holding out her phone and placing a hand on the Doctors arm trying to give him some comfort. It had been a long day for both of them.

Donna just stared at the phone like it was diseased and turned away from it.

"This man you're marrying, what's his name?" The Doctor asked

"Lance" Donna replied with a dreamy look on her face. Rose tucked her phone back into her pocket trying not wince at the pain it caused.

"Good luck Lance" The Doctor muttered. Rose slapped his arm softly. "Rude" she muttered just enough for him to hear. He turned and just smiled at her before grabbing and holding her hand.

"Oi! No stupid Martians are going to stop me from getting married. To hell with you both!" Donna screamed at them before running again.

"Bloody hell she is trying to kill me" Rose muttered low enough the Doctor couldn't hear and took off running after her leaving behind a confused and ego wounded Doctor.

"I'm- I'm not...I'm not from mars!" He shouted after Donna before taking off running after Rose and Donna. Rose laughed when she heard the Doctor yell of all the things he could have said. It was the first time in a long time she had laughed and she was glad to be back with her Doctor and able to get back before he could suffer losing her, or at least for long.

"Taxi!" Donna was trying to hail a cab when Rose caught up to her with the Doctor close behind her. Rose tried to help her and started trying to wave one down as well but none were stopping.

"Do you always have this effect on people?" The Doctor asked while his eyes followed another taxing that refused to stop. Rose slapped him again harder this time. "Ow" he said turning and looking at her while he rubbed his arm. "Rude" Rose whispered.

"They think I'm in fancy dress."

"Get off the sauce, sweetie!" A passing Taxi driver yelled from his window as he drove by.

"They think I'm drunk!" Donna yelled

"You're not fooling anyone mate!" yelled a group of teens.

"They think I'm in drag!" Donna yelled bewildered

Rose and the Doctor looked and stared at each other wide eyed. "And I thought you were being stupid" Rose muttered. The Doctor turned and looked at Donna with a look of sympathy. Rose sighed and let out a loud whistle causing both Donna and the Doctor to cover their ears.

"Warning would be nice you know." The Doctor muttered. Donna ran straight to the cab and climbed in. "The appreciation I get around here is pretty much nonexistent." Rose said rolling her eyes and climbing in the cab. The Doctor followed closed behind her. Rose winced when she sat. The Doctor looked at her when he felt her wince with concern written all over his face but she just shook her head and turned back to Donna.

"Saint Mary's in Chiswick, Just off Hayden Road. I'm getting married. Hurry please!" Donna said in a panic.

"That will cost you sweetheart. Double rates today." The diver told her.

"Oh my god, have either one of you have any money?"

"Umm no...Rose?" The Doctor asked sheepishly.

"Seriously? I just spent all day running and fighting and just got back from a parallel world and you are asking me if I have any money? Seriously!" Rose practically yelled. She was exhausted and hurting. The Doctor turned at stared at her, his face showed concern and surprise from her outburst. The taxi driver slammed on brakes causing Donnas elbow to slam into Rose side and promptly kicked them out. Rose grabbed her side when they got out and stood there leaning down begging that her efforts of speeding up the healing worked. The Doctor place an arm around her shoulder and moved her back from the curb but Rose snatched away and straighten up and put her emotion free mask in place and sipped her jacket up trying to hide the blood stain on her shirt.

"And that goes double for your mother!" Donna yelled as the taxi drove away.

"I'll have him. I've got his number. Talk about Christmas Spirit!"

"Wow I'm glad I didn't upset her that much." The Doctor muttered before turning back to Rose. "Are you okay?" He asked her.

"Fine let's just get Donna to her wedding before she kills us. I can't believe its Christmas. Why does every Christmas turn into something like this?" Rose said as she walked away. She pulled her mobile back out and held it out for Donna. "Here call them and tell them you are on the way."

"Thanks" Donna said taking the phone and dialing someone.

"I'm going to go get some money." The Doctor said before walking toward the ATM.

"Wait why are you getting married on Christmas Eve?" He asked Donna

"I hate Christmas. I got a honeymoon in Morocco planned. Lots of sunshine." Donna said before turning back to the phone.

"Right...be back in a tick."

Rose watched as Donna kept redialing the same number impatiently. She rolled her eyes and looked back towards the Doctor and saying him impatiently waiting behind a guy. She laughed quietly and sighed, same old Doctor.

"Get off the bloody phone!" Donna screamed at the phone to whoever she was calling.

"Mum get off the phone and listen. I'm in...I'm not sure what this street is but there WH Smith but it's definitely Earth." She hung up and threw the phone at Rose, who barely caught it after being caught by surprise. Donna ran up to a woman walking by while Rose stumbled with the Phone.

"I'm begging you. I'm getting married today and don't have any money for a cab. I'm late and really need to get there as soon as I can. I just need a tenner and I'll pay you back. And it is Christmas."

"Donna!" Rose yelled. The woman pulled out a note and handed it to her. Rose started chasing after her as Donna climbed into a taxi. "Oh come on" Rose groaned as the Taxi drove by and she saw the masked Santa driving it.

"Thanks for nothing Spaceman" Donna yelled as she passed by.

Rose turned back to the Doctor and wanted to beat her head against the wall as she saw him staring at 3 other masked Santa's. "Just one Christmas! Just one!" She groaned. Rose took off running toward the Doctor. "Doctor!" Rose pulled out her sonic and quickly switched settings and pointed it at the ATM. Thanking the universe she hadn't lost it during her escape from Torchwood.

The Doctor turned and ran toward her.

"Where did you get that at? It looks better than mine! That's just not fair!" He complained. Rose just rolled her eyes.

"Not now. Donna jumped in a taxi with one of those bloody Santa's." They ran as fast as they could back to the Tardis. Rose sank into the jump seat once they got inside while the Doctor ran around the console flipping switches, pushing buttons and hitting the console with a mallet.

Rose stood up and snatched it from him and slipped it into her pocket. "You don't have to hit her. Do it again and I'll hit you with the mallet." She growled at him.

He looked up at her. "But she won't behave any other way Rooose." He whined.

"Move. Geesh you're useless. Go, open those doors and get Donna in here before those Santa's kill her." Rose said while pushing him toward the ramp. Rose flew the Tardis as steady as she could.

"Open the door Donna!" The Doctor yelled. Rose held them steady even while sparks flew from the console.

"It's okay old girl. It won't be for long I promise." Rose whispered as she turned back to the Doctor and Donna.

"Do what" Donna asked.

"Open the Door!"

"I can't its locked." She cried.

The Doctor pulled out his sonic and pointed it at the door. Donna pulled down the window.

"Santa's a Robot!" She screamed at him

"Yes, I know. Now Donna, Open the door!"

"What for?"

"You have to Jump Donna!

"I'm not jumping! I'm supposed to be getting married!"

The Robot sped up and got ahead of them

"Rose speed up! They are getting away!"

Rose pushed the lever forward crashing into the top of a car causing her to almost fall into the sparking console and the Doctor to almost be thrown out.

"Don't ever complain about my driving again. Blimey!" The Doctor yelled at her.

"Oi! Don't snap at me just get Donna!" Rose yelled back

They caught back up to the taxi. The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at the Santa and disabled it.

"Donna listen to me you have to jump!"

"I'm not jumping on a motorway!" Donna cried

"That thing needs you! And I can promise you whatever the reason is it's not good. Now, come on!"

"I'm in my wedding dress" She spoke as if that was reason enough not to jump.

"You look lovely now come on!"

"I can't do it" She said her voice coated with fear.

"Trust me" The Doctor said gently trying to calm her.

"Donna I spent over two years with him. We have been through a lot together and I trust him with my life. I spent years Donna, years trying to get back to him. He will catch you I promise." Rose yelled. Donna and the Doctor both looked her. The Doctor looked at her with wonder and love. He quickly turned his attention back to Donna. A moment later she jumped, screaming into the Doctors arms. He quickly got up and rushed over to where Rose was at.

"Years?" He asked before he looked down at where she was clutching the console with white knuckles "Are you okay?" He pried her hand off the railing and held her close to him.

"Fine just you drive okay?" Rose turned and walked to the jump seat. She sat in the chair and grabbed her side. She could hear the Tardis singing in her head and knew the she was trying to help with her healing. She let go of her side and looked down and saw it coated with blood. "Shit" She muttered.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked

"I'm fine, I'll be fine, just give me a second."

"You better be, because Rose Tyler I still have a sentence to finish." The Doctor smiled at her and laid a kiss on her forehead before rushing to the controls. "Donna just hold onto something. Oh and you might want to stay away from Rose, blood and a white dress don't mix." Rose chuckled lightly at the Doctor. It felt good to be home.

Donna looked at Rose in alarm. Questions written all over her face.

"Don't ask." Rose groaned. She slowly got to her feet and went to the console. She was already feeling a bit better and the bleeding had slowed again. She held onto the railing as the Doctor landed. The console continued sparking and flames erupted around it.

"Out out out everyone out." The Doctor yelled picking Rose up and rushing to the Door. He sat her down gently once they got outside and rushed back putting out the fire.

"Seriously I could have walked." Rose exclaimed rolling her eyes, she sat up and groaned. "Did we miss it?" She asked Donna

"Yeah" Donna whispered sadly looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry" Rose said. "At least there is still the honeymoon." The Doctor said as he came over and sat beside Rose.

"It's just a holiday now." Donna said softly.

"But what I don't get is why the Santa's want you Donna. I mean they are basic scavengers. We ran into, well I guess it would have been last Christmas for yall. But Donna isn't releasing any regeneration energy. Or any other energy. So what do they want with her?" Rose asked as she stood up and started to pace. Her wound had finally healed up thanks to the Tardis helping her.

"What happened last Christmas?"

The Doctor turn and looked at her confused while Rose stopped pacing and stared at her.

"Big spaceship over London?" The Doctor asked.

"Bit of a hangover."

The Doctor and Rose shared a look but she just shrugged and went back to pacing.

"We spent Christmas right over there last year. The Powell estate, with Rose's mum and her friend. They even got me to wear a paper crown." The Doctor said pointing to the estate. Rose turned and looked but with a small, sad smile she went back to pacing.

"It's gone now. They are all gone. Doesn't matter I guess." Rose muttered as she stared at the ground.

Donna looked at the young, wondering what she meant.

"What happened?"

The Doctor watched as Rose just continued to pace and stare at the ground. Whatever had happened in the parallel world? It was evident that she wasn't going to talk about it. He stood up and walked to her side grabbing her hand. He turned and looked at Donna before speaking studying her close.

"The thing is though what do they want with you. And how did you get into the Tardis-I don't know. What's your job?" The Doctor asked while pulling out his sonic and scanning her again. Donna eyed him closely while he waved the screwdriver in front of her face.

"I'm a secretary."

"I don't get it. You're nothing special, not powerful, not connected, not clever, not important-" Rose smacked the Doctor before he could continue. "Rude, you idiot" She muttered

"Rose tell me did your mum or friend ever just punch him in the face?" Donna asked her while she swatted away the Doctors hand from out of her face. "Stop bleeping me!"

The Doctor just stared at her while he tried to figure out what exactly he had done wrong. "Right, yeah."

"Is he always like this?"

"No, he is just confused and doesn't know what is going. Not only that I can bet he is trying to figure me out as well. He gets upset every time I prove him wrong when he says something is impossible. I hate that word impossible." Rose said with a disgusted look on her face.

"Anyway, where are you a secretary at?" The Doctor ask shooting Rose a huge grin. He loved when she proved him wrong, especially since this time it got her back to him.

"H.C. Clements. It's where I met Lance. He would bring me coffee every morning. It made me feel special you know? I mean no one ever brings the secretary anything. Especially not the head of h.r. department. He was nice and really funny. We hit it off and that was it. It all started with a cup of coffee."

"When was this?" Rose asked

"About 6 months ago"

"Bit quick to be getting married don't you think?" The Doctor asked tilting his head slightly.

"He just kept bugging me about it, kept asking and asking. I couldn't tell him no." Donna said shrugging.

"Right, what does H.C. Clements do?" Rose asked after exchanging an amused look with the Doctor.

"Keys, entry codes, security systems that type of thing." Donna answered.

"Keys..." The Doctor said. He kept muttering under his breath while he started pacing again. Rose just looked at him trying to figure out where he was going.

"Anyway let's go get you back to the church Donna." Rose said giving up on trying to figure out the Doctor's thoughts.

"Yeah, let's go face the consequences. Oh they are going to be so heartbroken. And you martin boy can explain all this." Donna said following Rose into the Tardis.

The Doctor and Rose stood in the back watching everyone dance. Donna had pulled out the fake tears when they got there and everyone stopped asking questions. They had given her a bio damper in the Tardis to hide her from the Santa's and stuck around for the celebration. They watched as Donna danced with Lance. She looked happy. The Doctor looked down at Rose with a smile, she looked like she was happy to be there but he wanted to know what happened to her and why wasn't she with her family.

"Rose, what happened? Why didn't you stay with Jackie and Pete?" The Doctor watched as Rose tensed up and her face became grim.

"They died. They are all dead Doctor. We will talk about it later though don't really want to talk about this at a wedding." Rose said looking up at him. She watched as the shock spread across his face and replaced the smile that had been there. It had been a while since they died and she had long since grieved but she still missed her mum at times.

"Rose I'm so sorry." He said pulling her into a tight hug. "And yes we will talk about it later. Can I borrow your phone real quick" Rose pulled her phone out and handed it to him. She wasn't sure what he wanted with it. Wasn't like there was anyone he could exactly call.

"It's a little bit advance for this time period sorry. Didn't think about it when I came back." Rose said apologetic. The Doctor looked up for a second at her then went back down to the phone. He handed it back to her after a second showing her the web page he had brought up.

"H.C. Clements funded mainly by Torchwood corp." The Doctor with a snarl. Rose raised an eyebrow at him and continued reading.

"I don't understand I thought Torchwood was destroyed in this universe? I eventually took down the one in the other universe as well but why is H.C still running? Torchwood was the sole provider." This time The Doctor was the one with the questioning eyebrow at her but she just shook her head and looked around. "Doctor look," She pointed to the cameraman in the corner. "Wonder if he got the ceremony on camera?"

"Rose you are brilliant." The Doctor said taking off over to the cameraman. Rose followed close behind still shaking her head. Somethings never change.

"Excuse me, did you happen to catch the bride disappearing?" The Doctor asked the man.

"Sure did. Lots of them told me to sell it. Gotta say that was quite a trick she did. I clapped." The cameraman said handing them his camera. Rose and The Doctor watched as Donna disappeared in a swirl of golden light. Rose eyes widened, she looked at the Doctor is shock and fear.

"But... nah... it can't be...play it again." The Doctor said his eyes just as wide as Rose's. He watched it again and Rose grabbed his arm and turned to face him.

"But Doctor that looked like...huon particles but it can't be. They shouldn't exist anymore. I don't understand." Rose said as she ran a hand threw her hair. The only two places she knew where huon particles exist was in her and the heart of the Tardis. They shouldn't have been in her but after looking in the heart of the Tardis they bound with her DNA. She ran test on herself when she first realized she wasn't aging and figured it all out.

"They are ancient. So ancient in fact..." The Doctor looked around for Donna while he was speaking he heard Rose gasped.

"So ancient they can't be hidden with a bio damper." Rose finished and took off towards Donna. "Donna, you're not safe. The particles inside you can't be hidden with ring. We need to get you out of here." Rose went to grab her hand and turned around.

"Too late for that Rose!" She heard the Doctor yell from in front of the windows. He turned and ran back over to her and Donna.

"I don't understand you said I would be safe. Doctor, my family." Donna said her voice laced with fear.

"We got to get out of here. Is there a backdoor?" The Doctor asked frantically searching.

"Yeah this way come on." They followed Donna to the door and opened it only to reveal a Santa standing there.

"Never mind." The Doctor said slamming the door shut. They ran back to the center of the room trying to figure out what to do.

"Doctor, the Christmas trees." Rose yelled pulling Donna behind her to keep her from the tree.

"What about Christmas trees?" Donna asked.

"They kill. Everyone move back from the Christmas trees please." The Doctor yelled pulling a child from directly in front of the tree and pushing people away from them. All of a sudden the bulbs started floating and spinning. Many people stared in awe at them. "Stay back." The Doctor continued yelling. The bulbs started exploding. The Doctor rushed to Rose grabbing her and Donna and pulling them down behind the sound system. He quickly stood up, pulling his sonic out and held it to the mic.

"Hey Santa's, little advice never let a guy with a sonic screwdriver near a sound system."

There was a loud pitch screeching sound causing Rose and Donna to grab their ears. The Doctor watched as the Santa's crumpled to the ground. He quickly ran to a fallen Santa pulling Rose with him.

"You know you complained earlier with me whistling but you seriously could've given me a warning." Rose said trying to get her ears to stop ringing. She watched as the Doctor ran his screwdriver over the Santa.

"Remote controller for the decorations but there is a second remote for the Robots. So who is controlling them?" He asked jumping up and looking around.

"Never mind that. People have been hurt you're a Doctor. Help them." Donna said as she helped people up. The Doctor rushed to the door and ran outside.

"He's not that kind of Doctor, Donna. Besides they weren't trying to kill you. These people have minor injuries they will be fine." Rose said as she chased after the Doctor.

"There's still a signal, I can just try to trace," He said while holding the robots head. "Oh it's something in the sky." He spun around and saw Rose standing behind him with Lance and Donna. "The signal is gone but Donna we need to get to your office, I think that's where we it all started at. Um Lance wasn't it? Can you give us a lift?" Lance looked even more confused than Donna and Donna looked like she was going to slap him again. Rose leaned over to Donna and whispered to her.

"I know it's difficult to keep up with him but I promise he is just trying to help." Seeing Donna relax with her words. She turned back to the Doctor as he followed Lance to his car. Rose and the Doctor climbed into the backseat. Rose took a hold of the Doctors hand. She dropped her mental barriers slightly and used the skin contact to send a telepathic message to the Doctor. Watch out for Lance, I have a bad feeling about him. She promptly put back up her shields but kept a hold of his hand, it gave her some comfort. The Doctor jerked around and stared at Rose like she shouldn't exist. His eyes wide and full of questions. Rose rolled her eyes. I will explain it all after we deal with Donna. I promise. The Doctor gave her hand a tight squeeze and nodded. Once there the Doctor explained about Torchwood. Donna asked about who they were and Rose explained Canary wharf.

"I was in Spain." Donna said.

"They had Cybermen in Spain." The Doctor explained.

"Scuba diving."

"The big picture Donna. You keep missing it. Torchwood was destroyed but someone must have took it over." Rose muttered looking back at the screen. She listened as the Doctor explained the huon particles to Donna and rolled her eyes at him when he told her she was pencil in a mug. Honestly the man was a genius but sometimes she wondered how he got away when talking to other people. "Doctor look at this." Rose said drawing him away from Donna's raised hand. The Doctor looked over the screen and turned back to Lance.

"Lance was H.C Clements working on anything special? Anything top secret? Anything with keep out signs?" He asked.

"I don't know I'm just in charge of personnel, not projects. Why am I explaining myself to you? What the hell are you even talking about?" Rose turned around and was watching him carefully. He was hesitant in answering the question and overly defensive. Her torchwood training kicked in. She stepped behind the desk and bent down. She pulled her gun from her ankle holster and quickly tucked it into her side in case she needed it and stood up. This guy was putting her on edge. She knew the Doctor would be upset with her for carrying it in the first place but he hadn't went through everything that she did, there was no way she wasn't going to carry a gun anymore. She walked back around to the Doctor while he finished talking.

"Doctor we are on the third floor and underneath the reception there is a basement right? How come on the lift there is a button marked lower basement?" Rose asked while walking over to the lift, she had memorized the floor plans quickly.

"Brilliant Rose and that is what we are going to find out." The Doctor said following her and calling up the lift. He grabbed her hand and turned to face Donna and Lance,

"Are you telling me there is a secret floor to this building?" Donna asked with a hint of excitement. Rose smiled at her, she would make a great companion.

"Nope" The Doctor said popping the 'p'. "I'm showing you there is a secret floor." He said as he walked into the lift. Donna quickly followed the couple. Lance hesitated outside the doors while the Doctor pointed out the button.

"You need a key." Donna said facing the Doctor.

"We are very good with keys." Rose said pulling out her sonic screwdriver. She looked at Donna. "You should stay here with Lance, we can take care of this. Thanks though."

"No way. This has something to do with me and I'm going with you two bleeding martins." The excitement now clearly written across her face. Rose smiled her tongue in teeth grin at her before glancing at the Doctor, he was looking at her with a huge grin on his face, happy to have her by his side again. "Going down."

"Lance?" Donna asked expectedly. Lance hesitated again. Rose really didn't trust this man. He was making her really uneasy.

"Maybe I should go to the police."

"Inside now." Donna ordered while pointing to the spot beside her.

"To honor and obey?" The Doctor muttered. Rose choked on a laugh and swatted his arm while she used her sonic on the controls.

"Tell me about mate." Lance muttered back.

"Oi!" Donna exclaimed.

Once the lift stopped and they stepped out. Rose glanced around the cold, musky tunnel. She heard Donna and The Doctor talking but she didn't pay them any attention. She watched Lance as he stood off to the side wearily. He looked like he was uncomfortable, as if he had something to hide. Rose was feeling the effects of her drained energy from healing herself but the adrenaline was helping her stay on her feet. She looked back at the Doctor after she spotted them transport.

"Look transport." Rose said turning and grinning madly at the Doctor as they climbed on one together while Lance and Donna got the other two. They rode down the tunnel and after a minute or two, Donna looked over at Rose and the Doctor and started laughing, Rose quickly followed suit as did the Doctor. Lance just stared at them like they were all mad. The Doctor stopped when a door caught his eye. The sign on it read 'Authorized personnel only' with a torchwood symbol underneath it. They scrambled off of the Segway's and walked over to the door. The Doctor opened the door and noticed an opening at the top with a ladder. He turned back to Rose and looked at her.

"Wait here, I need to get my bearings. I will be right back I promise. Don't go wandering off." He grabbed her hand and added in her mind Keep an eye on Lance. I don't trust him to be left alone. I will come back I promise. I still have a sentence to finish. Rose chuckled lowly and hugged him. "Be safe my Doctor." She whispered.

"You better come back." Donna said from behind them. Rose stepped back beside her, letting go of the Doctor.

"Trust me, you have the best insurance possible. Standing right beside you. I would never leave Rose behind, besides I couldn't get rid of you if I tried." He said climbing up the ladder. Rose watched Lance out the corner of her eye.

"Are you sure about this Donna? Have you really thought this through?" Lance said turning to face Donna.

"Oh I was thinking maybe July." Donna said smiling brightly at him causing Rose to bite back a laugh. She glanced up as she heard the Doctor start to climb back down. He stepped over and grabbed her hand, squeezing it giving her reassurance.

"Thames barrier right on top of us. Torchwood snuck in and built this place right under it. A secret base right underneath a landmark. Unheard of right?" He said sarcastically causing Rose to laugh. She raised an eyebrow at him questioning. "Oh yeah, kinda like the London eye?" She said. The Doctor laughed and pulled her along a corridor to a lab of sorts.

"Oh look at this!" The Doctor said letting go of Roses hand and running up to some of the equipment. "This is brilliant."

"What is all the stuff?" Donna asked as she watch him and Rose fiddle with the stuff.

"Someone has been making huon particles. Someone figured out how to make them after my people got rid of them. Oh this is brilliant..." The Doctor said excitedly holding one of the test tubes full of particles. Rose stood beside him staring at him as he grinned like a mad man.

"Your people? Who do you people work for?" Lance asked narrowing his eyes at them. Rose turned her head sharply moving her hand closer to her gun. He was definitely in on something and she was willing to bet he knew what was going down here. The Doctor looked up at Lance at answered him. "Oh we are just sorta of freelancers." He looked back down at the test tube in his hand but he watched Lance carefully out the corner of his eye.

"And that is what is inside of me?" Donna asked eying the test tube as she moved to stand in front of the Doctor. The Doctor turned a knob and twisted the test tube. The contents started to glow a golden color along with Donna. Rose groaned as she realized she was glowing as well. She was hoping to keep that bit from Lance.

"Oh my God." Donna screamed. She looked over at Rose. "Oh my God Rose! You're glowing to!" She turned back to the Doctor in horror. The Doctor turned around and looked at Rose. He had a feeling this was what she was talking about earlier. He turned back around and turned the knob back off. He watched as both the girls and the test tube stopped glowing, except for Roses eyes. He noticed as the light faded slower from her eyes that she had a few golden specks in them and wonder about Bad Wolf again. He glanced at Lance and saw he was staring at Rose with wide eyes. His suspicions about the man grew. Why wasn't he staring at Donna like that? Rose glanced at him and smiled reassuring to him.

"But Doctor am I safe? What about Rose?" Donna asked as she glanced between Rose and the Doctor.

"Oh yeah perfectly safe. Your fine, both of you are fine." The Doctor said as he quickly turned back around to study the equipment.

"But you said your people got rid of them. If they were safe, why did they get rid of them?" Donna asked not convinced.

"Because they are deadly. But I promise you, I am going to keep you safe Donna."

"Oh her life has long since be lost." A raspy voice said.

Rose jumped around snatching her gun out of her waist but still keeping it to her side to not alarm any of the people she was with. The Doctor spun around and caught sight of Roses gun and grabbed her wrist. Rose looked at him and he gave her a sharp look and shook his head slightly. Rose glared back at him but tucked her gun back into her waistband. The voice continued.

"I have waited so long, hibernating at the center of the Earth waiting for the heart to be found and awakened." Several Robot Santa's gathered and raised their guns at them. Rose reached back for her gun, calculating how fast she could take them down but the Doctor grabbed Rose's arm, he squeezed tightly before letting go and holding her hand. He gave her another glare which Rose returned twice as angry. This was twice that she had guns pointed at her today and the second time she couldn't protect herself or him. Rose caught sight of Lance sneaking out a side door. She spoke to the Doctor in his mind again. Lance is making an escape and I really hate not being able to protect you. I can take them all out Doctor. He glanced at her and for a moment she thought he wasn't going to reply. No Rose, that's not how we work remember? We have to give them a choice. I'm not even going to ask why you even have that. We will talk about this later. Rose glared at him then quickly replied You have no idea the hell I went through before getting back and I'm not saying it's your fault but don't be mad at me for defending myself. I always give people or aliens choices before I respond with my weapon Doctor. But sometimes there is no choice. Toward the end Rose was bitter as she fought the memories that threaten her. The Doctor didn't reply instead he walked closer to the hole in the center of the room examining it.

"Someone's been digging. Oh that's very Torchwood. Drilled by a laser and I bet it goes straight to the center of the Earth. But the question is what for?" The Doctor said.

"Dinosaurs?" Donna asked. Rose turned and stared at her.

"What?" Rose asked very confused and after a glance at the Doctor as he walked back toward her, she realized he was just as confused as her.

"You know like that film, Under the Earth." Donna said looking between the two. "I'm just trying to help." She muttered after a few seconds of blank stares.

"Not helping but it was a good thought." The Doctor said before turning back to the direction of the voice.

"Such an amusing group." The raspy voice said.

"Only a madman talks to thin air and you don't want to make me mad. Come on, come out of hiding." The Doctor shouted back. Rose muttered under her breath "But you are a madman with a blue box." The Doctor shot her a look while trying to suppress a smile.

"High in the sky. Floating on Christmas night." The voice chuckled.

"I didn't come all this way to talk to the sky!" The Doctor yelled causing Donna and Rose to jump from the sudden anger. Rose squeeze his hand tightly to comfort him. "Come on, show yourself!" He yelled using the same tone.

"Who are you with such command?" The voice asked

"I'm the Doctor"

"Prepare your best medicine Doctor-man for you will be sick at heart." The voice said.

Rose stepped closer to the Doctor and prepared herself to run. She looked over at Donna and saw her fear. Rose grabbed her hand and gave her a small smile. Suddenly there was a giant half humanoid/half spider creature. The creature hissed and bared her fangs. Rose looked at the Doctor and pulled Donna behind her. "What the hell is that?" Rose whispered to the Doctor.

"The Racnoss. But that's impossible." The Doctor spoke at the spider creature. Rose just glanced at him and rolled her eyes. He really liked that word impossible.

"I'm the Empress of the Racnoss." The creature hissed.

"If you are the Empress where are the rest of you? Or are you the only one." The Doctor said almost sounding excited.

"Such a sharp mind." The Empress hissed.

"So the last of your kind. See the Racnoss are from the dark times. Billions of years ago. They carnivores, omnivores, they devoured whole planets." The Doctor explained to Rose and Donna. Rose growled lowly, she did not like this. This was her planet and she be damned if she wasn't going to defend it.

"They...eat people?" Donna asked she sounded close to tears. Rose squeezed her hand before letting it go.

"Did Mr. Clements wear black and white shoes?" Rose asked.

"Yeah he did we use to pick on him about it." Rose nodded and pointed up to a web above them. The Doctor and Donna followed her gaze. The Doctor turned back to the Empress with a dark look in his eyes.

"Oh my god." Donna whispered.

"My Christmas dinner yummy." The Racnoss exclaimed sounding proud. Rose growled louder and snatched her hand from the Doctor and took a step forward. Donna winced and turned green. The Doctor gently wrapped his arm around Rose's waist and pulled her back keeping her close to him.

"You shouldn't exist. The fledgling Empire went to war against your kind. You were all wiped out." The Doctor shouted angrily.

"Except for me." The Racnoss chuckled. Rose saw Lance sneaking up beside the Racnoss with an axe. Rose hand a sinking feeling but she prayed she was wrong. Donna must have saw him to because she moved from behind Rose and stepped up to beside her Rose tried to push her back but Donna just slapped her arm down.

"But why the particles in me?" Donna said loudly trying to draw attention from Lance. "The huon particles. Oi! Look at me lady. Why did you dose me with the particles? Look at me!" Donna continued loudly while the Racnoss looked at her with interest.

"The bride is so feisty." The Racnoss hissed. Rose once again tried to pull Donna back behind her but Donna just kept pushing her away. Rose inwardly groaned and cut a look at the Doctor, he watching Lance closely with a sad and disappointed look. Great so they had both been right about him.

"Yes I am! I don't know what you are exactly but a spider is just a spider and an axe is an axe." She looked over at Lance with a proud and encouraging look. "Now do it!"

The Empress turned around and hissed at Lance as he raised the axe above his head but he froze before bringing it back down. He slowly brought his arms back down and dropped the axe. He looked over at Donna and started laughing. Rose snatched away from the Doctor and stepped over to Donna, who was very confused. Rose wrapped her arm around Donna and moved her other hand closer to her gun. The Doctor looked every bit of the oncoming storm while staring at Lance and the spider.

"That was good. Your face." Lance laughed out. The Racnoss started laughing as well." Lance is so funny." She rasped. Rose leaned her head down close to Donna's.

"I'm so sorry Donna." Rose whispered to the confused bride.

"What? What's going on? Lance don't be stupid."

The Doctor moved closer to the girls and looked at Donna, his face full of sympathy. Lance shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"God she is so thick. I had to put up with her for months. She can't even point of Germany on a map." Lance said mocking Donna. Donna frowned and furrowing her brow turned and looked back at Rose and the Doctor.

"I don't understand." Donna whispered.

"How did you meet him?" Rose asked quietly while rubbing the bride's arms in comfort.

"In the office." Donna answered staring at Rose.

"He made you coffee." The Doctor stated quietly.

"Every day I made you coffee." Lance said smugly.

"For six months. Every day he dosed you with huon particles, putting them in your coffee." The Doctor said turning back to Lance.

"He was...he was poisoning me?" Donna asked in shock.

"In was all in the job title." The Doctor sneered at Lance.

"And this time it was personal." Lance laughed.

Rose listened as Lance continued to insult Donna. She slowly stepped away from the bride and stepped forward. The Doctor glanced at Rose and took an involuntary step back from the look on her face. "You know what you need," Rose said lowly interrupting Lance's rant. "You need someone to teach you a lesson. Donna is an amazing women. What did the Empress offer you huh? To be her consort?" The Doctor grabbed a hold of Rose to stop her from getting closer to the hole.

"Careful Rose" The Doctor whispered. Rose stopped and clenched her fist. She was trying to gain control of her anger before she lost total control.

"The Empress gave me the chance to see it all. To see the size of the universe. What's the point of all this if the human race is nothing? You loved me, so it made it easy. The big picture Donna you keep missing it. But you understand don't you Doctor?" Lance said taunting them.

"Who is this medicine man and his blonde friend?" The Racnoss hissed.

"What she said" Lance pointed to Donna. "Martins she called them martins."

"Oh we are just sorta homeless." The Doctor said moving in front of Donna and Rose to get a look down in the hole. "But what is four thousand miles down in the center of the Earth that is going to help you? That's just the molten core right?" The Doctor asked.

Lance turned to the Empress before he spoke. "I think he wants us to talk."

"I think so too." The Empress agreed

"Tough all we need is Donna." Lance sneered. The Doctor pushed Rose behind him and held her there as he walked back from the hole pulling Donna with them.

"Kill the physician and friend." The Racnoss order the robots. Rose pulled her gun out and tried to shove the Doctor behind her but the Doctor held her tight and she couldn't get past.

"At arms." The empress ordered. The robots raised their guns.

The Doctor raised his hand in protest. "Ah now except..."

"Take aim." The Empress ordered interrupting the Doctors protest.

"Well I just want to point out the obvious-" The Doctor tried again.

"They won't hit the bride. They are very good shots." The Empress bragged.

"Well see. The thing is if you think about it..." The Doctor said while pulling out a test tube from his pocket. "The particles activated and pulled Donna into my space ship. So reverse it and the spaceship comes to her." The Doctor twisted the top of the test tube and activated the particles in the tube causing the tube, Rose and Donna to glow. Rose stopped from moving from behind the Doctor. She watched him closing, praying this would work.

"Fire" The empress yelled. But she was quickly drowned out by the wheezing of the Tardis as it appeared around them. Rose let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding and watched as the Doctor raced up to the console, flipping levers and pressing buttons. Donna sat in the jump seat and started crying, Rose slipped her gun back into her waistband and pulled Donna into a hug trying to soothe her. The Doctor looked over at them and for the first time stayed quiet.

"Would you like to see, the formation of Earth Donna?" He asked after they got to where they were going. Donna looked at him with confusion all over her face.

"The Tardis is a time machine." Rose said quietly walking over to the Doctor and taking his hand. She smiled at him and leaned her head on his shoulder. She was really tired it had been a long time since she slept.

"Come on. I believe Donna's way is better than the monitor." The Doctor said pulling Rose down the ramp and opening the doors. Donna followed behind them, watching the couple. "Donna, Rose welcome to the beginning of the Earth." Donna stood in the doorway and looked at the wonders unfolding in front of her.

"It's amazing. It really does put the wedding in perspective. Lance was right." Donna said sadly.

"But that's what your lot does. They make sense of the chaos, with weddings and holidays." Rose said barely loud enough to be heard. "Of course, they are the cause of chaos to." She added. She turned and buried her head into the Doctors chest. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back soothingly. Donna wondered what happened to her, but decided not to ask.

"The question is though what rock was the first?" The Doctor said. Rose kept her head buried in the Doctor's chest. She was just too tired of fighting the memories and of fighting in general.

"Look." Donna said pointing to a star shaped ship. Rose turned around and saw the ship emerge from the clouds.

"The Racnoss. They are hiding from the war but what are they doing?" The Doctor asked. The watched as the ship started drawing in the surrounding rocks.

"They didn't hide something at the center of the Earth Doctor. They became the center of the Earth." Rose said staring at the rocks as they formed the Earth. All of a sudden the Tardis jolted forward, causing it passengers to stumble.

"What's going on?" Donna asked.

"Trouble." The Doctor said. Rose shut the doors and took off after the Doctor up the ramp.

"The trick he did with particles pulling particles. Well they are reversing it." Rose said while rushing around the console.

"Can't you idiots stop it?" Donna yelled.

"Backseat driver." Rose muttered. "No we can't but...Doctor do you still have the extrapolator?" Rose asked eagerly. The Doctor looked over at her and gave her his biggest smile.

"Rose Tyler, you are Brilliant!" The Doctor said as he pulled out the extrapolator. "It won't stop them but it will give us a little bump." The Doctor explained, while he and Rose hooked it up. The Tardis jerked and came to a stop. The Doctor rushed out pulling Rose and Donna with him. They appeared in the same tunnel they were in before. "We are about 200 yards to the right." The Doctor said running down towards the door that lead to Thames flood barrier. Rose and Donna rushed after him and stopped just behind him while he pulled a stethoscope out of his pocket.

"But what are we going to do?" Donna asked trying to figure out what was going on.

"We just make it up as we go but don't worry we are fantastic at it." Rose said with her tongue in teeth grin. The Doctor smiled up at her before going back to study the door, moving the stethoscope around it.

"But I still don't understand, I'm full of particles but why?" Donna asked.

"There is a Racnoss web at the center of the Earth, but my people unraveled there power source, that's the huon particles so now they are just stuck." The Doctor explained. As Donna and Rose listened, someone came up behind both girls. Rose struggled, trying to reach her gun but she felt a prick in the back of neck and everything went black. The Doctor continued to explain and study the door not aware of his companions being dragged away. "They have been hibernating for billions of years. Frozen just waiting. So you are the new key, they need the particles in you to bring them back and you two have never been so quiet." The Doctor said turning around expecting to be greeted by both women only to find no one was there. The Doctors eyes turned dark and his face took on the oncoming storm, his fist clenched at his side. "Bad idea. You don't know who you are messing with." He growled at the empty space.

Rose slowly woke up on the cold ground, she slowly sat up with a groan and took in her surroundings. All of a sudden she heard Donna's voice from above her and she looked up only to see Donna strung up in a web with Lance. The Racnoss stood off to the side watching them.

"I hate you." Donna growled at Lance.

"Yeah I think we are past that sweetheart." Lance answered back. Rose glared at him wishing for anything she was closer to him. Rose felt for her gun but couldn't find it, she must have dropped it in her struggle with the robot Santa's. She slowly stood up brushing herself off and turned to the Racnoss.

"Oh look, the little cub is awake." The Empress hissed as she turned toward Lance and Donna. "And my golden couple are together at last. Tell me, do you wish to be released?" She hissed at the two strung up in the web.

"Yes" They both answered. Rose watched praying the Doctor was close. She didn't have her gun and was not sure how to get rid of the Racnoss. She glanced around but didn't see anything she could use as a weapon.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with." Rose growled.

"You are supposed to say I do." The Racnoss said, ignoring Rose. Donna rolled her eyes and looked at Rose with pleading eyes. Rose shrugged, she was still trying to formulate a plan but without some way to get Donna and Lance out without putting them in harm's way she was stuck.

Lance snorted. "No thanks."

"Say it." The Racnoss ordered. Rose stepped forward but before Rose could do anything Lance responded.

"I do." Lance said rolling his eyes.

"Fine, I do." Donna said with annoyance.

"Well I don't." The Racnoss sneered. "Activate the particles."

They all began to glow and Rose dropped to the ground. Rose felt heat spread down her body, the intensity of the heat grew. Rose clutched at her body before letting out an ear piercing scream. The heat and pain kept growing till it became too much for Rose and she passed out. The Doctor stood masked as a robot Santa as he watched as Rose screamed in pain. The particles had been removed from Donna and Lance easily but the Doctor never took his eyes off of Rose. He just got her back, he wasn't ready to lose her again. The Doctor watched as Rose body collapsed on the floor, lifeless. He heard Lance pleading for the Racnoss to use Donna first, the Doctor pried his eyes away from Rose's body, he couldn't help her until he got rid of the Racnoss first. He watched as Lance fell down the hole, he felt the guilt and anger rise up in him. He hoped for the Racnoss sake they took his offer if not they were going to suffer for what they did.

"My children are climbing toward me and nothing can stop them now. So you might as well unmasked medicine man." The Racnoss hissed. The Doctor schooled his features to not give anything away. And took off the mask, stepping forward. He tossed the disguise to the side.

"Ah well nice try." The Doctor said coating his voice in cheerfulness. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at Donna. "I got you Donna." He said undoing her restraints.

"I'm going to fall." She yelled at him.

"Nope you are going to swing." He said popping the 'p'. "I got you." He said as Donna held on tight and swung toward him. He winced when she swung below him and hit the wall.

"Thanks for nothing." Donna said flatly from the ground.

"Donna go check on Rose and move her back from the hole." He said before turning back to the Racnoss. "Empress of the Racnoss, I'm giving you a choice. I can take you and your children to a planet far away from this beautiful place where you can coexist with the inhabitants on that planet and we can end this now. Take this offer." The Doctor spoke low but every word was laced with anger. The Doctor glanced at Donna and Rose. He could just see the slow rise and fall of Rose's chest. He let out a breath of relief, she was alive at least. Donna moved Rose to lay in her lap. She felt for the young girls pulsed and found it but it was very weak. She didn't know what she could do until the Doctor finished so she just held her and ran her hands down her blonde hair whispering comforting words to her. Donna didn't know what exactly happened but she had never heard someone scream like that and she prayed she would never have to again.

"The Doctor man amuses me." The Racnoss hissed.

"What's you answer?" The Doctor asked. He had fully given over to his anger now. Rose was alive but it was evident that she was barely hanging on. The oncoming storm had arrived and he hoped the Racnoss wouldn't be stupid.

"Oh I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline." The Racnoss said smugly. The Doctor shook his head. Why must they all choose to die? The Doctor asked himself. He looked up at the Racnoss and glared.

"What happens next is of your own doing." He spoke with such calmness it was scary. Donna looked up from the blonde girl in her lap and watched the Doctor.

"We will see about that. At arms." The Racnoss ordered. Donna watched as the Santa robots brought up their guns, she looked back at the Doctor in fear and pulled Rose closer to her. "Take aim and-"

"Relax." The Doctor interrupted. Donna watched with wide eyes as all the Santa's crumpled to the ground. She glanced back up at the Doctor questionably

"What did you do?" She asked.

"Guess what I have Donna." The Doctor said cheerfully.

"What?" Donna asked hesitantly. The Doctor's sudden change in tone scared her.

"Pockets." The Doctor answered pulling out a remote of some sort.

"Robo-forms are not necessary. My children will feast upon Martian flesh." The Racnoss hissed at him. The Doctor turned to face her.

"Oh I'm not from mars." The Doctor said glaring at her. "My planet is long since lost but the name still lives on." The Doctor paused and watched the Racnoss shifted nervously. "Gallifrey." He watched the Racnoss recoil and hiss angrily at him

"They murdered the Racnoss." She hissed at him. The Doctor's eyes and voice were cold and empty as he spoke.

"I warned you. Gave you choice. You choose this." He pulled out a handful of the Christmas decorations. Donna watched as he threw them up in the air and directed them with the remote. The Racnoss turned to run and the balls exploded as the hit the wall causing the Thames barrier to break. Water started pouring in and another ball exploded causing an explosion by the Racnoss as she screamed for her children. Donna held Rose close as she watched the Doctor stand there watching the Racnoss drown. His face empty of everything but angry as the flames gave a red glow to his skin. Donna looked down as Rose stirred.

"Stop...him...please." Rose gasped out before she became still again. Donna felt her breathing and pulse slow down with each word. Donna looked back at the Doctor with her eyes full of fear.

"Doctor! You can stop now." Donna yelled at him but he didn't move. "Rose needs you Doctor!" Donna tried again. She watched as the Doctor turned and ran to them. He gently brushed Rose's wet hair from her face and picked her up. He smiled a small smile that didn't quite reach his eyes at Donna.

"Come on let's get out of here." He said before running to the door that led to above the Thames barrier. Once they were safe the Doctor checked Rose's pulse. It was weak but getting stronger and so was her breathing. He pulled her close burying his face into hair and closed his eyes. If it hadn't been for Donna, he wouldn't have stopped. He would've killed them both.

"Thank you Donna." The Doctor said without opening his eyes. Donna looked at him and gave him a tight small...

"Yeah but what about the Empress?" Donna asked

"She used up all her huon energy. She is defenseless." The Doctor said laying Rose back down into his lap but he kept his arms around her. He wasn't ready to let her go yet, he needed her to stop from giving in to his guilt and self-hatred. He looked up and watched as the Racnoss ship was shot down and destroyed. Donna looked at him and smiled. Then she glanced down at Rose and the smile faded.

"Is she going to be okay? She wasn't doing well before she spoke and her speaking to me seemed to take whatever strength she had." Donna asked sadly. She liked the young girl even if she was a bit harsher than the Doctor at times.

"She spoke to you?" The Doctor asked surprised he hadn't seen her move when she was with Donna.

"Yeah, she asked me to stop you. Practically begged." Donna said looking at him.

"Oh. That's my Rose." The Doctor said looking back down at Rose smiling. He placed a kiss on her forehead. "She should be fine. She is already doing better, her pulse and breathing is stronger. I think she is just exhausted." The Doctor said turning back to Donna.

"Well there's just one problem." Donna said smiling.

"Oh and what's that?" The Doctor asked his eyebrows raised questioning.

"We've drained the Thames." Donna said laughing.

"Here we are home sweet home." The Doctor said opening the doors and leading Donna outside. The Doctor had laid Rose down in the med bay once they got back on the Tardis and took Donna back home. They were standing outside Donna's house.

"Told you she would survive. She is a tough ship." The Doctor said patting the Tardis. He looked at Donna grinning like a mad man.

"Better than me." Donna said grimly. The Doctor pulled his sonic out and scanned her.

"Nope all the huon particles are gone. You are safe now." The Doctor said.

"What about Rose? I know you said she would be okay but does she still have those particles?" Donna asked.

"Rose...Rose is different. I won't know everything till I do some scans but she will be fine. She is an impossible thing." The Doctor said happily and in wonder. Donna smiled and shook her head, it was obvious that they were in love.

"Well better than me, I suppose. I missed my wedding, lost my job and became a widow, sorta all in one day." Donna's smile slipped away as she spoke and she stared at the ground.

"I'm sorry about Lance." The Doctor said quietly. "I couldn't save him."

"It's okay he deserved it." Donna said then shook her head. "No no he didn't. I better get inside. They will be worried" Donna said tilting her head toward the house.

"Best Christmas present they could ever have." The Doctor said smiling at her. "Oh but you hate Christmas. Even if it snows?" The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at the Tardis. All of a sudden there was a ball of light and a firework shot out of the top of the Tardis. Snow fell around them as Donna looked up in wonder. The Doctor laughed. "Basic atmospheric excitation. Rose is going to be upset she missed this."

Donna looked at him and laughed. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Donna. So what are you going to do now?" He asked. He was going to invite her along, she deserved the chance to see the universe after everything she did today.

Donna sighed. "Not getting married for starters, and I'm not going to be a temp anymore either. I dunno travel...see a bit of the Earth. Get out there and do something." Donna said looking up at the sky.

"Well you could...always come with us?" The Doctor said watching Donna's reaction.

"No." Donna said with a sad smile and shaking her head. The Doctors face fail and he looked at the ground. Of course she said no, after all he did endanger her life.

"Okay." He said sadly.

"I can't..." Donna said just as sad

"That's fine." The Doctor said adding false cheeriness to his voice.

"No but really...everything that we did today? Do the two of you always live your life that way?"

"Not always. Well I don't know what Rose did while she was trapped." The Doctor said.

"I think you do. And I couldn't."

"But you've seen it out there." The Doctor tried. "It's beautiful."

"And terrible." Donna said. "That place was burning and flooding and you stood there...like a stranger...and then you made it snow." She shook her head and let out a small chuckle. "I mean you scare me to death."

The Doctor looked back at the ground and put his hands in pockets. "Well then" He said after a bit and looked back at Donna. Donna smiled and tugged on his arm.

"Tell you what though you could stay for Christmas dinner. Both of you, that Rose of yours needs some food." Donna said letting go of his arm and tilting her head back toward the house.

"Nah, we don't do that sort of stuff anymore. Besides Rose is still in the med bay, need to figure out if she is okay or not." The Doctor said. He really didn't want to especially not of learning of about Rose's family. That was the only family he had in a long time and it hurt that they were gone and he really didn't think Rose would be up for it.

Donna just shook her head in agreement. She turned to head to the house and the Doctor went in the Tardis. Donna turned around after a second.

"Doctor!" She shouted. She watched as the Tardis fully materialized again and the Doctor stuck his head out.

"Blimey you can shout." He said.

"Will I ever see you again?" Donna asked. The Doctor paused for a second then smiled.

"If we are lucky."

"Just promise me one thing Doctor." Donna said. "Keep Rose close. You need her, you need someone to stop her and...I think she needs you to Doctor. Besides she spent years fighting her way back." Donna said smiling at him as she remembered the motorway.

"You know something. I think I will and thank you Donna." The Doctor said before heading back inside the Tardis. Donna watched as the Tardis disappeared, she stared at the sky for a minute then turned and went inside to celebrate Christmas with her family.