Summary: A Next Generation story that is a continuation of my BMFS series. Scorpius Snape – son of Draco and a man who used to be Harry Potter but now is Shadow Snape, Severus's adopted son. Scorpius is a child-genius and may be the only one who can unravel the coming Darkness before it is too late.

A/N: Some of you might find this chapter slow. A lot of information is just thrown at you and there's not a lot of action. I promise that the rest of the chapters will be more plot driven.

A/N2: For new readers: This story is a continuation of the Broken Mind Fractured Soul series. It comes after What The Future Holds and is 5th in the series. It is not necessary to read the stories before this one, but it might make things more understandable.

Bare facts you should know:

Harry Potter was blood adopted by Severus Snape. He is now Shadow Snape. The blood adoption combined Severus's DNA with that of Harry's, so his appearance changed.

Harry suffered severe abuse at the Dursley's and in the Wizarding World. He had a mental condition known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Through a lot of therapy, he has recovered from his mental condition, but he still has a lot of issues that he lives with.

Harry/Shadow married Draco, who is now Draco Snape.

Draco was infected with vampirism during the final battle, but through potions and eventually Shadow healing him, he was able to keep his humanity. He has some enhanced attributes, but he is mostly human.

Through a new potion, Draco was able to turn his sperm into an egg and have Shadow fertilize it. They asked Luna to be the surrogate mother. A second spell ensured the placenta would be attached to Draco, so Draco suffered the nutritional and hormonal effects of the pregnancy, while Luna simply carried the baby. This was how Scorpius Draconis Snape was born.

. . .

The Road Not Taken

Chapter One:


~ July 2007 ~

Hogwarts had let out for the year a few weeks ago, and Marissa was back at home with her father, Remus, Tonks, and Teddy. Summer was in full swing, and the sun beat hotly down. Kids were running around, playing games and screaming happily. It was a party, after all. It was the annual family birthday gathering. This was literally the only time the whole family got together. Not even on Christmas did they do this.

The place was beautiful. The grass was a vibrant green, short and thick, and it made a soft carpet for them to play on. The sound of the ocean filled the air with a rumbling purr as the crystal blue water crashed rhythmically against the cliff edge – warded, of course, so none of the kids could accidentally go over the edge. Salt lay heavy on Marissa's tongue and skin. There was a cool breeze, and the sky held only a few white fluffy clouds. It was like walking inside a perfect painting of summer.

It was Neville who had made Uncle George and Shadow aware of this place, and Shadow and Draco had used it for their wedding. Marissa wanted to use it for her own wedding one day. Not only because of how beautiful it was here, but also because it was a place of many happy memories. After Shadow and Draco had reused the field for their second year anniversary, it had evolved into a yearly party where the whole family got together.

After the birth of Scorpius, the yearly party had turned into a type of group birthday where they celebrated all the kids' birthdays. Marissa knew they did this because Shadow still didn't like big crowds, so limiting the number of parties he attended a year reduced the stress put on him. Scorpius's birthday – July 3rd – was the perfect time for everyone to gather; it was after Hogwarts had closed, but early enough in the summer that it didn't interfere with summer trips or vacations.

Most of the adults stood under the shade of the large pavilion out of the sun. Large buffet tables were scattered strategically around the area. Each was covered in a pristine white tablecloth and offered only the best food. Streamers of vibrant blue, amethyst purple, and forest green hung in the air and were draped across the tented ceiling. A small dance floor was left clear in the center. It wasn't in use right now, but as the sun set and air cooled, Marissa knew it would be crowded with her crazy family. Another table was set just outside of the pavilion and it was piled high with presents of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The sunlight made several of them sparkle and shine.

Marissa sighed. She usually mingled with the adults or played with the kids. Even though she was the oldest – she had turned fifteen in February – she loved the kids, and she loved having a family. Teddy was her little brother in all but name. He had turned eleven on April 18th. This September, he would start his first year at Hogwarts. Marissa was excited to have him there. As Teddy got older, it had gotten harder to leave him behind.

Then there was Victorie and Dominique, Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur's oldest daughters. Vicky had just turned nine and Dom would be six years old next month. Nolan Zabini was only a few months younger than Dom, while Shana Fenwick - daughter of Corey and Samantha Fenwick – was nearly two years younger; she had turned four years old last week. Finally, the last of the older group was Delilah Zabini; she wouldn't turn four until next month.

The rest of the kids – all seven of them – were because of the Potion Craze, as Marissa and Teddy called it. They were all born during the same year, and all of them had turned or were turning three. The terrible two's were finally over. And it had all started when Uncle George got Aunt Katie and Aunt Angel pregnant.

Because of that, it made Draco want a baby, which in turn made Shadow decide to try the new Baby Potion with Luna as the surrogate mother. Once they heard the good news, Aunt Gin and Aunt Mione had wanted to try it as well. Then, to make matters worse, Uncle Bill and the Harpers had been so happy about Luna's pregnancy, they had accidentally got their wives pregnant, too. Thus the Potion Craze and the seven babies that resulted.

Henry – named for Harry Potter – was Uncle George and Aunt Katie's. He was born on January 2nd. Then came Roxanne – Uncle George and Aunt Angel's – who was born exactly two weeks after Henry. Roxi was named for Uncle Ron who died saving Aunt Mione during the war. Three months after that, Uncle Bill's son, Charlie, was born. He had been early due to some complications and was named after another Weasley brother who had died in the war. Then there was Scorpius who was born today, July 3rd. And in one month, on August 4th, Aunt Mione and Aunt Ginny's twins, Rose and Hugo – also named in honor of Uncle Ron and Harry Potter – would turn three years old as well. And finally, last but not least, the youngest them all was Oliver Harper. He would turn three on the last day of the year, December 31st.

Overall, their little family consisted of twenty-four adults – the parents, plus Severus, Neville, Luna, Grandma Molly, and Grandpa Arthur - and the fourteen kids. And every single one of them was here today. Usually one or two would miss the family birthday party – due to emergencies, illness, child birth, work – but this year no one was pregnant and there had been no emergencies, so every one was here.

Marissa should have been happy. She should have been running around like the other kids. As the oldest, it was kind of her job to make sure the younger ones didn't get hurt in the excitement. Teddy and Vicky usually helped, too, but right now they thought she was mad at them. When they'd tried to find out what was wrong with her, she had called them stupid, and said they were annoying babies, and couldn't they see she was busy? She felt really bad about that. It was like she didn't have control over what she did and said. She was just so mad for no real reason.

The weather was perfect, so it wasn't that. It was like something was trying to push out of her skin. She was restless and couldn't sit still. Sweaty, anxious, and just generally in a bad mood, Marissa pushed up from her spot hidden between one buffet table and another and made her way toward the small grove of oak trees. She wanted to get away from all the chatter of the adults and the loud laughter of the kids.

No one came after her, and she wasn't surprised. She'd been in a bad mood all week. Father, Remus, Tonks, and Teddy had begun to avoid her because of her sharp tongue. As she stepped under the canopy of tress, she sighed in pleasure. Maybe it really was the heat?


She turned and saw that someone had followed her after all. Shadow stepped into the shade, coming to a stop when he was next to her. She didn't speak or move as he reached out and brushed a copper curl away from her face. It had fallen from her ponytail.

"I can feel you," he said softly.

Marissa looked away, crossing her arms defensively. She didn't need him to make her feel bad that her feelings were effecting him. It wasn't like she could help it! "I thought you put your empathy shields up when you're around so many people."

"I do." Shadow touched her shoulder. She looked over to see that he was staring at her. His two-colored eyes were eerie in the dim light. "I feel you through this." His fingers brushed the wing tattoo on her collar bone. He had placed it there when he'd rescued her all those years ago.

Her anxiety spiked and she balled her fists. Suddenly she knew what she needed. "I want to know about that night. The full truth. Nothing softened or left out." She shifted away from him, needing distance, and lifted her chin defiantly. "What happened the night you found me?"

Shadow lowered his gaze, his arms coming to wrap around his torso. He nodded. "Okay. It's complicated, but I'll do my best to explain everything."

Marissa lost all sense of time. It was like she was dreaming. She needed to know what really happened, but at the same time she already knew what happened. But she had pushed it so far down that she couldn't really remember. She knew it was something so horrible and heartbreaking that she hadn't wanted to know, but now she need to. These conflicting feelings were tearing her apart and made her angry all the time.

This was her family, but in some sense it also wasn't. Father, Teddy, Remus, Tonks, and everyone else, they were a gift. A gift she only received by chance. Her luck could have gone another way completely, and she would never have known these people or become involved in their lives. That made them better and more than family, but it also made them less in a some intangible way she couldn't explain.

As Shadow spoke of that long ago, dark time, Marissa allowed herself to remember. Remember when she wasn't herself. Back then, she had been small in body and spirit; all the time scared, all the time in pain. She remembered the people she had belonged to, who had owned her so completely. And she remembered being saved by a monster. She remembered the blood as their bodies came apart. The feel of it on her skin. The taste. She had turned that monster into an angel to save her mind. She had been so young. Probably only a little older than Scorpius was now.

She fell to her knees, sobbing.

Shadow transformed. Maybe because he knew it would make her feel better, maybe because the story and her emotions were too much for him. Seraphim – the name given to this form – looked mostly like a person, but he was not human at all. It was only in this form that Shadow could access the powerful White healing magics and Black destructive magics that no human wizard could ever manipulate safely. And it was this Black magic in the form of long, shadow hair that moved like something alive that had created the tattoo on her chest.

She could feel the mark warm her skin as he wrapped his white wings around her, and Marissa let them comfort her, just as she had done all those years ago. She knew now that Seraphim had brutally killed her parents. She didn't know why that hurt her. They had abused her terribly. If Seraphim hadn't come for her, she'd likely be dead by now, and that wasn't an exaggeration. So she had no idea why it was so upsetting, but it was.

"I'm sorry," she whispered into Seraphim's lean chest. Sorry she had these feelings; sorry she couldn't just forget it and be grateful for the family she had now.

Seraphim cooed like a dove and rocked her as if she were a child much younger than fifteen.

Marissa had no idea how long they stayed like that. Eventually, she did stop crying. She felt empty, raw. She didn't think she'd ever feel better again. But then she heard a voice call her name.

"Marissa! Shadow! Where are you?"

Marissa smiled, a wave of fondness filling up the empty spaces in her heart. It was her father.

"It's time for presents! What are you guys doing in here? Hello?"

The warm wings lifted, letting in light, life, and the faint sounds of the party. Marissa wiped at her face with her shirt. "I'm here!" she called, and the sound of her father's heavy steps grew closer.

Hair wind tousled with a few hints of grey, blue eyes bright and merry, Sirius put his hands on his hips and cocked his head. "Shadow okay?"

Marissa nodded, hoping she was telling the truth. "He was showing me something."

She looked at Seraphim expectantly. If he didn't turn back, she'd have to fess up and get Draco. She mentally winced. Draco was very overprotective. He'd be pissed if he found out she had triggered Shadow with her questions. Draco loved her dearly, but no one and nothing came before Shadow. When she had been little, that had really made her mad, but now she realized that was exactly how it should be. She wanted a partner who would feel that way, too. Her face went red as she thought of a particular Gryffindor one year ahead of her.

Fortunately for her, Seraphim chose that moment to melt back into Shadow and Sirius didn't notice her blush. He'd tease her mercilessly if he found out she had a crush.

"You okay?" Sirius asked the other wizard as he put an arm around her shoulders.

"I'm fine." Shadow gave him a smile that looked genuine. "Just hanging out with Marissa a bit. She needed a break from all the kids."

Sirius laughed, squeezing Marissa's shoulders in a hug. "She's great with them. I bet we'll have a ton of little Black's running around in a few years."

Marissa shook her head with a smile and allowed herself to be guided back toward the pavilion. "More than a few years, I hope. Twenty years maybe."

"But you're not denying it," Sirius pointed out, triumphant.

Shadow laughed as Marissa blushed and shoved her father away. They broke through the trees and into the field. Unsurprisingly, Draco was standing only a few feet away. He immediately pulled Shadow into the safety of his arms, planting a kiss on top of Shadow's messy curls.

Back at the pavilion, all the kids were sitting in a big circle. Behind each kid sat an adult – either on the grass or in a chair – ready to record what each child received and from whom. And they were all waiting for her. She really loved these people.

"Mari!" Teddy called, waving his arms dramatically.

"Rissa! Sit here!" Vicky echoed, pointing to the empty spot between her and Teddy.

Marissa felt tears sting her eyes. She had been a bitch to them. She really didn't deserve their forgiveness, but she knew she had it anyway. "Sorry! Lost track of time," she called as she ran. She plopped down between them and pulled them into her sides in a brief hug of apology. "We can start now."

. . .

Teddy shared a secret smile with Vicky as Marissa tore into her presents with a laugh. The smell of distress and aggression had faded from around his sister. Vicky grinned back, glad their older playmate was better. Teddy still didn't know what had been bothering Mari. She had been unusually secretive about the source of her dark mood, but it didn't matter as long as it was gone now.

"Thank you, Uncle Rem!" Dom cried out joyfully. Teddy had to duck as Vicky's younger sister threw herself at his dad, who happened to be sitting behind him. Dad caught the little girl with a laugh.

Dom wasn't much like Vicky. She and little Charlie took more after their mother. Both of them had Aunt Fleur's white-gold hair, which Dom usually wore in thick, twin braids that fell over her shoulders and down her chest. Their large eyes were the same deep blue, like the summer sky, and their skin was very pale.

Vicky was special. Her hair was more golden than white. And she couldn't stand tying it up, so Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur usually kept her hair cut short. Her skin was not exactly tan, but it wasn't lily white like her mother and siblings, either. It was a warm peach. But what really stood out to Teddy was the fact that she could sense the things he could. Mom told him it was because he and Vicky had a little wolf in them, like their dads.

Teddy loved playing with Vicky. She understood the way he thought. She laughed at the same things and was bored by the same things. She was his best friend. Whenever they played together, Teddy couldn't help matching her coloring, making his hair and skin only a shade or two darker than hers. But his eyes he made match hers exactly: he made it the same shade of pale, wolf blue.

His attention was caught on the two little boys across from him in the circle. It was Hugo and Henry. He laughed as he watched the two cousins happily trade presents. It was funny because Henry was practically the twin of Roxi and Hugo was the twin of Rose, but you wouldn't know it. You'd think it was Hugo and Henry who were the twins. They both had pale, strawberry blonde hair – Hugo's was frizzy, while Henry's was straight – the same light brown eyes, and the same sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of their nose and the tops of their cheeks.

Roxi, Henry's sister, looked nothing like her brother. She had dark caramel skin only a few shades lighter than her mother's, curly dark auburn hair, and blue-green eyes. Rose had Weasley red hair, but it was curly and frizzy like Aunt Mione (It was the one thing she had in common with Hugo even if it was a different color.) and dark brown eyes with freckle-free, rosy skin.

Teddy had heard Uncle George joke with Aunt Mione once that they should trade kids. Aunt Mione said only if she could keep the boys. Roxi could be a handful, always playing tricks. They didn't, of course. Trade kids. Aunt Angel wouldn't have let them, anyway. Roxi was definitely a Mama's girl.

Looking around the circle, Teddy realized their group was pretty evenly distributed. Four redheads: Marissa, Henry, Hugo, and Rose. Five blondes: Vicky, Dom, Charlie, Shana, and Teddy at the moment. And five brunettes: Nolan, Delilah, Scorpius, Oliver, and Roxi with her dark auburn curls. It was like they were a perfect family.

Teddy smiled, enjoying that thought.

"What are you grinning about?" Mari asked, tossing an arm across his shoulders.

"Everyone's here this year," Teddy answered, smiling up at her.

"Yeah." Her eyes traveled around the circle like Teddy's had done. "I noticed that."

"They're getting so big." Teddy gestured with his chin at the toddlers who were so busy playing with their new things, they hadn't realized there were still presents unopened. "We should get a picture."

Marissa's eyes lit up. "You're a genius!" She squeezed him in a hug before jumping to her feet. Clapping her hands, she called for Omi. He appeared with a crack, and she whispered in the little elf's ear.

"What are you up to, my little princess?" Sirius asked, grinning.

Marissa winked at him. "Come on everyone! Picture time! Everyone get together. Kids up front!" she yelled, gesturing for everyone to get into position. "We're all here this year. Family photo time! Come on. Hurry up. Sun's going to set soon!"

It took longer than you'd think. Teddy and Vicky giggled as presents were taken from toddlers and put aside with promises and reassurances. Parents fussed over their kid's clothes, casting spells to neaten and clean. Marissa tried to guide the chaos, but it was like herding cats. Finally, they were all bunched in a group and facing Omi who had fetched the camera. Teddy ended up between Vicky and Marissa. Vicky was holding her little brother Charlie, Marissa somehow ended up with Henry, while Teddy had Roxi.

A quick look back showed him that Neville, Luna, Uncle George, Aunt Angel and Katie, Sirius, his dad and his mom were grouped around behind him. Next to them also standing in a cluster stood Uncle Bill, Aunt Fleur, Grandma Molly, Grandpa Arthur, Shadow, Draco, and Severus. Then came the Zabinies, the Harpers, and Fenwicks – the kids all arranged before them.

Teddy noticed that his mom's hair was her favorite shade of pink and her eyes were a happy blue. Teddy's hair flushed pink to match. Switching from blonde to pink made the blondes and redheads of the kids even, and it meant his mother wouldn't be alone. He kept his eyes wolf blue, though.

Omi called for them to smile pretty and the flash went off a couple times in the hopes that at least one would have all the kids looking toward the camera.

"Silly picture now!" Sirius called out.

Everyone laughed.

Teddy glanced at Vicky, his hair shifting back to a dark gold. They both ginned and tipped their heads back, howling like wolves.

x X x

A/N: The main focus of this story will be set during Scorpius's Hogwarts years. However, I will do a few chapters during his childhood years to give background, introduce the main next generation characters, and set the scene so to speak.

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