~ July 3rd 2009 ~

It had been a year since the dragon attack. Henry was long recovered both emotionally and physically. It still wasn't clear what the effect of the brain damage would be. So far he showed no cognitive symptoms and was in the normal range for a child who was just turning five years old.

Summer arrived and, with it, the time of the annual family birthday party. Floo calls were made. Letters were sent back and forth. In the end, it was decided that there were too many good memories, beautiful memories, for them to abandon their special, private cliff. But changes would be made.

Bill, Severus, Draco, Remus, Neville, and Samantha Fenwick – all talented with wards – worked every weekend for two months to layer protections around the cliff and surrounding field. On the day of the party, family arrived to see a shimmer in the sky. It made it seem like they were inside an almost invisible, iridescent bubble. The aura of magic was peaceful and quiet but powerful. Even Katie and George, with Henry held between them, were able to relax and smile.

Several announcements were made at that year's gathering regarding the children:

Marissa would be starting her seventh and last year at Hogwarts in fall. Due to her high marks and upstanding character, she had been awarded the high honor of Head Girl.

Teddy was starting his second year in Hufflepuff, and he informed the family that he was trying out for Quidditch. This took many of them by surprise because he wasn't usually a very competitive kid.

Victorie would be starting her first year. Several bets were being made about which House she'd get into. Ravenclaw was slightly ahead with the adults and, by only two votes, Gryffindor was in the lead with the kids.

Finally, Scorpius would be enrolled in a special Muggle academy for gifted youth, while after much debate, threats, and begging, Hermione had gotten Ginny to agree to enroll the twins, Hugo and Rose, at a local Muggle primary.

The sun had set. Kids were falling asleep. Things were packed and cleared as everyone prepared to go home. Scorpius slipped through the thinning crowd and stepped up to Aunt Katie's side. He tugged on her sleeve and she looked down with a smile.

"Hello, Scor. Come to say goodbye?" she asked, reaching out and running her hand over the rebellious wave in his otherwise straight black hair.

It was a gesture Scorpius had grown accustomed to. Most adults couldn't help themselves, even knowing nothing would make his hair perfectly smooth. No spell or hair product had worked so far. Papa told him it was the Potter blood in him. But he wasn't supposed to tell people about that.

Henry became more alert and sat up in his mother's arms. Over the last year, Scorpius had visited at least once a month. They had grown close. So Henry had been surprised when there hadn't been a gift from Scorpius in his pile.

Grey eyes peered up at Katie solemnly. "I wanted to give Henry his gift. But it's kinda secret."

Katie's smile faded into a look of consideration. Her eyes darted over Scorpius's head to see Draco standing close by. He gave her a smile and a reassuring nod. Katie bit her lip to keep from giggling. Whatever Scorpius's gift was, it wasn't secret from his parents, and that meant Katie would learn about it soon enough. "Sure thing, sweetie. Don't take too long, though. It's getting late."

She set Henry on his feet and laughed quietly as the two boys instantly clasped hands and ran off to a shadowed corner of the pavilion. She noticed that Shadow was following them into their private nook and shook her head at their little boy secretiveness.

Scorpius turned to face Henry as soon as he was certain they were relatively out of sight. "I want to show you something."

Henry smiled sweetly, his arms wrapped comfortably around Beth, the doll he'd received last year. He looked up as Shadow stepped into their space and knelt down. Henry's eyes widened as he saw the dark-haired, blue-eyed, porcelain boy-doll Shadow held in his hands.

Henry's Beth was very similar to this new boy doll. Like him, she had dark hair but whereas his was cut short with longish bangs that were swept to one side, Beth's hair fell down her back and around her shoulders in ringlets. They both had big blue eyes with extremely long lashes, pale skin, and small cupid-bow lips colored pink.

Standing at the same sixteen inches high, they had slender, delicate builds. The new doll wore a Victorian-styled black frock coat with a dark purple vest over a white dress shirt with lacy cuffs. He also had black calf-length trousers with white leggings and square-healed shiny buckle shoes. Beth wore the same style: a Victorian lavender silk gown with black lace accents.

"He's so cute!" Henry exclaimed, hugging Beth tighter in his excitement.

Scorpius smiled and took the doll into his arms. "His name is Skye. He's mine."

Henry's smile grew even wider. "Really? I love him!"

"You can hold him," Scorpius offered and held the doll out for his cousin to take.

Henry did so gently and with great care, Beth held securely in the crook of his elbow. He ran his fingertips over the little clothes, smiling at the different textures and admiring the little details.

"I want to make them family," Scorpius suddenly spoke up and gestured at Beth. "Because they'd be connected, we could send messages through them and other stuff."

"Yeah!" Wide eyed with excitement, Henry nodded and offered Beth. "We're family, so they are, too!"

Scorpius felt himself blush. He understood the gesture for what it was: absolute trust. Henry wouldn't hand Beth to just anyone, not even if they were family, and Scorpius took the responsibly seriously.

He carefully sat the dolls on the floor facing each other. He even positioned their arms so it looked like they were kind of holding hands. It wasn't necessary of course. As long as they were near each other and his Papa could run his wand over them while incanting the spells, it would work. But the look of delight on Henry's face made it worthwhile.

Of course Beth already had some magic on her. Uncle George and Aunt Katie had spelled the doll impervious to physical damage and dirt so she couldn't be broken easily and was always-clean. They had also put a tracking charm on her just in case she were ever dropped. Henry would be devastated if he lost her.

But Scorpius thought the doll could be so much more. The fact that Henry carried her everywhere was a perfect opportunity to give his cousin extra protection. With this goal in mind, for the past year, Scorpius had focused mostly on this very project. He'd worked with his Granda, Dad, and Papa for a whole year, marrying and combining a variety of animation charms, protection wards, and transportation charms to get the effect he wanted.

Shadow spun his wand around the dolls, a long string of practiced latin rolling off his tongue. Magic thickened in the air, making it feel heavy. The dolls seemed to float slightly, their soft hair waving gently as if they were underwater. Their outline seemed to glow gold.

Henry's hand sneaked out to grab Scorpius's.

Scorpius looked over at his cousin and smiled in reassurance.

Once the spells were cast, Scorpius would be able to know if Henry were in trouble. Beth would act as an antenna sensitive to both blood and mood. For example, if Henry's blood was ever spilt near Beth, Skye would send off an alarm. Also, holding Skye and focusing on Henry, Scorpius would actually be able to sense Henry's feelings. Much like an empath like his Papa could.

They would also be able to record messages by whispering in the doll's ear. It would then be sent to the other doll and stored until Henry or Scorpius played it back. And last but not least, Beth and Skye would now be portkeys locked on each other. Through Beth, Henry could teleport to Scorpius's side, and vice versa of course. Scorpius could use his doll to portkey to Henry's side. The dolls would now act much like the ring his Papa wore that would transport him to a matching ring that was framed on his parent's bedroom wall.

After nearly fifteen minutes of continuous casting, Shadow settled back on his heels. He was pale and clammy, clearly exhausted. Henry immediately scooped up Beth. A little slower, Scorpius bent and picked up Skye.

Henry's large brown eyes filled with tears. He looked awed, like he couldn't believe what was happening. "I'm not the only one now."

Scorpius pulled Henry into a hug, hating that Henry was teased about his doll. "Nope. Now I'm awesome, too."

"Thank you for my present," Henry whispered, hugging him back and tucking his head into the crook of Scorpius's neck and shoulder.

Again Scorpius felt the urge to protect the gentle soul in his arms no matter the cost. "You're welcome, cousin."

Shadow cleared his throat, getting the two boys' attention. "I'm going to need a little blood, okay? To make them family. Then I'll be all done."

Henry held out his hand and Scorpius did the same. A simple spell later, and the blood was magically absorbed into their dolls. The warding, binding, and protection charms were now perfectly blended and complete.

"Wow. She feels warmer," Henry noticed. He held her by her shoulders and was turning her this way and that as he looked her over.

"It's nice," Scorpius agreed. He lifted Skye to his mouth and whispered in his ear. The communication spell was activated by his breath and magic, and Scorpius grinned as he watched Beth's normally matte lips shine suddenly with gloss. It looked completely normal and not magical, so it would most likely be overlooked by anyone else. Of course, Henry noticed right away.

"What's that?"

"I told Skye a message for you. That's what happens so you know she has something to tell you from me," Scorpius explained.

Henry looked absolutely delighted. "How do I hear it?"

Scorpius demonstrated on Skye. "To give a message just whisper softly in her ear like I just did to Skye. Then to hear the message, tap her mouth twice and put her mouth to your ear."

Henry did as he was instructed. Happy birthday, Henry. We'll be friends forever, he heard Scorpius whisper.

Henry laughed and flung his arms around Scorpius.

"Come on, boys. Time to go home," Katie called, coming up to them. She noticed Scorpius holding a doll and lifted an eyebrow curiously.

Scorpius blushed, but he held the doll protectively to his chest. He could feel Henry's absolute joy and excitement flow into him through Skye's small body. He smiled softly, pleased Henry would now be safe and wouldn't be lonely again. Plus if anyone thought they could tease Henry for carrying around a doll, they'd have to tease Scorpius, too. And unlike Henry, he wasn't against getting revenge.

Dad stepped up and helped Papa get to his feet and took Scorpius by the hand. "Bye, Katie, George. I'll floo with a good time to get together."

Fred – for that was who was owning the body that day – held a soundly sleeping Roxi to his shoulder and smiled. "I was thinking of taking Henry to the zoo the next time he comes to visit. Scorpius is welcome to join us."

"That sounds fun, you guys," Katie enthused as she hefted Henry onto her hip.

"Let me know the day," Draco agreed with a smile, and they went their separate ways.

x x x

~ September 1st, 2009 ~

Victorie road the boat across the Black Lake under a thousand stars. The night was cool and she could hardly think past the joyful pounding in her heart. The magical castle that she'd read about in the dozens of letters between her and Teddy finally rose before her.

The many windows shone with white and gold light, the turrets and towers stood tall with flags snapping in the breeze. There was this hum of magic singing in the air, and it seemed to tickle her from the inside. She stared and stared at everything she could see, just breathless with how beautiful it all was. Teddy's description hadn't done Hogwarts justice.

As if in a dream, she was led into the castle where she saw ancient moving portraits and ghosts. Then she was guided into the Great Hall where the ceiling disappeared and revealed the open star-speckled sky. Candles floated above long tables. Banners of bright colors ringed the room. Hundreds of kids sat together talking and laughing.

And she had thought the yearly family birthday party was crowded! This was ten times bigger! Growing up homeschooled at Shell Cottage with her little sister, baby brother, and her parents, she had rarely been in big crowds. So Hogwarts was definitely enormous and packed-full. It was terrifying and exciting all in one.

"Weasley, Victorie!" Deputy Headmaster Flitwick called.

She snapped her head around to see she was the last first year standing in the the aisle. At the Head Table, her Uncle Remus, Professor of History, gave her a kind smile as she hurried to his side and sat on the small stool.

"Weasley?" . . . "Think she's related to the War Heroes?" . . . "She's cute." . . . "Never seen a blonde Weasley before."

The murmur of the kids cut off as a worn, brown-leather hat was placed over her head. It fell down over her eyes to rest on the bridge of her nose.

Interesting. Very intelligent. Very loyal. Innocent, but so much fire! You are a fierce girl, Miss Weasley, an old voice whispered in her head. I know just the House for you. . . "Gryffindor!"

Victorie lifted the hat off and grinned up at her uncle. He winked an amber eye at her and she hurried off toward her new House table. They were clapping for her and welcomed her with warm smiles. Her eyes darted to the Hufflepuff table, across dozens of kids, to lock eyes with Teddy. He was clapping for her, too, and she ducked her head with a happy blush.

x x x

~ September 3rd, 2009 ~

Scorpius held tight to his Dad and Papa's hands as they Apparated to Buxlow Preparatory School. Excited and curious, Scorpius had gone over a map of Britain with Granda and found his new school. It was south/south-east of their house in Snape. (Well, technically it was a small castle.) If they traveled like a Muggle in a car, it would have been a three and a half hour drive, so it wasn't a large distance. Not for wizards.

They Apparated into the back courtyard in a shadowed nook of Wemberly Park United Reformed Church. It was almost 8:30 in the morning. Traffic was busy as they crossed the street, walking hand-in-hand. They walked west a few blocks to the school.

"Try to make some friends," Papa advised.

"Do your best. Don't hold back," was his Dad's input.

Scorpius nodded his head, hearing both of them. He had on his new uniform: black trousers, school shoes, white button up, black tie, and bright red blazer. His hair was washed and combed. He was excited, but he was also nervous, so his expression was closed-off and neutral.

His feet came to a stop as they reached the school building. Kids were being greeted at the front door. They were required to make eye-contact and shake hands with a staff member upon entering. Dad and Papa stopped with him and said nothing, letting him move at his own pace. Scorpius was glad of that, and he was comforted by the heavy weight of his backpack that was packed with new notebooks, writing utensils, folders to stay organized, and Skye.

His mind was whirling. Taking in everything. The kids: the way they shifted and changed and conformed upon reaching the entrance way. The staff members: they were smiling but also firm. His parents next to him: so familiar. The busy street.

He whirled and whirled in his mind. The world was so much more chaotic. Up until this point, Scorpius's life had consisted of his home, the homes of his family, one-on-one lessons, and scheduled meals and activities. His world had been so clean and precise, focused. This was a muddle. This was life.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," Scorpius said, staring at his new school. He was very aware that his world was changing right this very second. "And sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler."

Papa heard him first and knelt. Scorpius could see him from the corner of his eye, and he smiled a little bit. Papa loved poetry as much as Scorpius did. Dad's head tilted as he also listened.

"Long I stood and looked down one as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear. Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black."

Scorpius felt sad to leave behind his sheltered world, and his voice lowered and slowed. "Oh, I kept the first for another day. Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence." He held tighter to the warm, strong hands that held to his own. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Papa, still on his knees, turned toward him and wrapped him in a gentle hug. His curly hair tickled Scorpius's face. Scorpius pulled in all that made his Papa, pulled it in where it would live and be safe within him always. Then he turned to his Father.

His Dad did not kneel and hug him, but he held tight to Scorpius's hand and looked unblinking into his eyes. There was so much in that look. Too much to put in words. It was something that could only be felt. Scorpius pulled that deep inside, too. Where it would live right next to Papa's hug.

"There are clubs after school," he reminded them. "So I won't be dismissed until 4:45."

"Did you decide on which you wanted to join?" Dad asked calmly.

"I will start Latin," Scorpius answered. "It is better to learn languages early, and I can always play chess in my free time at home. I doubt I will find anyone better than Granda to teach me, anyway. And Papa can teach me hand-to-hand. He won't hold back like they will here."

Papa released him from the hug and stood. He fussed with Scorpius's blazer and reminded him, "You know how to contact us if you need us to come."

Scorpius nodded and released his parents' hands. "Bye. I love you," he said almost formally.

Papa smiled and Dad nodded his head regally. Scorpius turned easily and left them behind, climbing the steps to his first school. He knew his parents would stand there until he was out of sight, and that gave him the confidence he needed to take the path less traveled by.

x x x

"You sure this is a good idea?" Shadow asked. He stepped closer to his husband, filling the space Scorpius had taken up between them.

Draco continued to gaze at the old brick building, but he wrapped an arm around Shadow's shoulders. "I am."

He had already met the Headmaster of the school and ensured that Buxlow understood that Scorpius was a special student. They would let Scorpius work at his own pace, and if that meant finishing the curriculum early, then so be it. But Buxlow was also equally concerned about social development and emotional stability, which was why Draco had chosen this school.

Their motto was:

We are gentle, we don't hurt anyone.

We are kind and helpful, we don't hurt anyone's feelings.

We listen, we don't interrupt.

We are honest, we don't cover up the truth.

We work hard, we don't waste our own or others' time.

We look after property, we don't waste our own or others' time.

Draco was confident that Scorpius would thrive in an environment as gentle as Buxlow's. His son would not feel pressured here, or made into a science experiment, or ostracized for his differences. Scorpius would be the one in control. Of course, Shadow wasn't completely aware of his reasoning or that Severus had agreed with Draco's assessment. Shadow had been suspicious, however.

"And it isn't too . . . Hufflepuff for your son?" Shadow had asked when Draco had first presented this school to him.

Draco had just smiled. "Scorpius will learn all the Slytherin he needs from us."

Shadow had let it go, and Draco had been glad. Besides, it was also a good academic choice. Buxlow's curriculum was broad and balanced. They covered Mathematics, English, Science, History, French, Music, Art, Design and Technology, and ICT. And there were only one hundred students total, ranging from ages 3 to 11.

"Come on," Draco suddenly spoke up. They had been standing there for almost half an hour. "He'll be fine."

"I'm going to miss him," Shadow confessed.

Suddenly Draco's smile grew predatory and his eyes luminous. "I think I can find a way to take your mind off of things."

Shadow blushed red and quickened his pace, much to Draco's delight.

x x x

Draco had somehow convinced Shadow to let him pick Scorpius up from school alone. He had a meeting scheduled with the Headmaster to see how Scorpius handled his first day and to discuss possible academic plans based on Scorpius's performance. (It helped that Shadow was lethargic and physically sated; he wasn't eager to get out of bed just to attend a meeting that Draco would control and could recap for him later, anyway.) Thus Draco, with a swagger in his step, arrived alone at Buxlow at 4 o'clock.

"Mr. Snape," a plump, cheery blond greeted him at the admissions office. She had on a red dress with white polkadots and a huge smile. "Right on time. Headmaster Cook will see you now."

"Thank you," Draco offered a polite smile and followed her directions to the Headmaster's office.

It was a small room with wood furniture, books, a large window, and a massive desk. Mr. Cook stood and offered Draco his hand. Draco took it, never breaking eye contact, and settled comfortably in the seat across the desk.

"How was Scorpius's first day?" Draco inquired.

Cook's smile faded into a serious expression. "Scorpius is beyond a doubt extraordinarily gifted. He has an incredible vocabulary and can understand complex topics. The teachers were all impressed with his good manners and attentiveness. I feel comfortable that he could handle Year 4 classes even even though that will place him in a class with students three years older than him. In fact, it would not surprise me if Scorpius completed his primary education in four or five years and began his high school career before the age of 10."

"However?" Draco asked, hearing the hesitation in the Headmaster's voice.

"It was his first day. I don't want to classify him too early, but he did not adjust as well as we'd like to the social environment."

Draco took that in. "Can you be more specific?"

"He did well during morning class. We try to have our core, more intensive classes in the morning while the children are fresh. He excelled. Unfortunately, by lunch time, he had become withdrawn. He informed staff that he felt crowded in the cafeteria and ate by himself. In the afternoon classes, he began to show frustration with the pace of the other students. He even asked the teacher to dismiss him to the library during his music lesson. He spoke to other children, but never for very long and mostly to give corrections or assistance. Even with teachers he was standoffish. I peeked in on the Latin Club before your arrival and he was sitting by himself in the corner, reading a book about computers while taking notes from the teacher simultaneously."

"I see." Draco sighed tiredly, but it wasn't anything he hadn't expected to hear. "Scorpius is not a normal child. It is unrealistic to expect perfectly normal social behavior from him. However, it is important for his development and health that he be able to form relationships with others. That is why I want him in an environment that gives him many opportunities to do so."

Mr. Cook nodded at this, agreeing completely. "Putting him with the older students may help. He will be able to relate on a more intellectual level. Moving him up may see some improvement. Although, due to his age and his attachment to his doll, he may face some initial resistance. Especially from the boys. Of course, we will do our best to encourage understanding in the older students. It is also possible that his learning style is more kinetic. He may not excell in lecture-type classrooms."

"I appreciate everything you are doing for my son, Mr. Cook," Draco said with his most winning smile. "Thank you for being so flexible and understanding of Scorpius's needs." He stood and offered his hand once more. "If there is anyway we can support or assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us."

Cook smiled at the young father. "He is a delightful student, Mr. Snape. I'm certain he will be an influential person in the future, and I am grateful to have him at our school."

Draco nodded and let himself out.

As he waited patiently for the clubs to finish and for Scorpius to come out of the building, Draco thought over everything the Headmaster had said. Not ten minutes later, he spotted his son almost the instant he stepped out the doors. There was a small area of space around him as the other children gave him a little more room than they did each other.

Scorpius stared straight ahead, his expression calm, his steps slow and steady. However, Draco knew his son. He didn't like the glassy look in Scorpius's eyes or the way he had Skye out of his backpack and hugged tightly to his chest.

Draco offered his hand as Scorpius walked up to him. The little boy took it, but he still didn't speak or meet his eyes. He continued to look ahead, detached. Draco didn't force him to connect. He walked at his son's pace down to the church and the hidden nook where he Apparated them home.

Scorpius stood stoic as Severus and Shadow met them at the front door with questions from Severus and a hug from Shadow.

Draco offered them a smile when they shot him concerned glances. "He is a bit overwhelmed." Draco reached down and gave his son a gentle push toward the stairs. "Go upstairs and unpack. Please come down when you're ready to tell us about your first day."

Scorpius gave a brief nod and shuffled up the stairs.

Severus and Shadow looked upset, and Draco quickly move to catch Shadow's hand. "Let's go into the parlor," he said to them both. "I'll explain what the Headmaster had to say. We knew school would be a challenge for him socially. It isn't anything more than that. He just needs time to adjust."

x x x

How was your first day?

It was on everyone's mind. His Papa's, Dad's, Granda's. Heck, the next time he saw anyone in his extended family, they'd probably ask him the same.

How do you like school?

It was the question that waited on Skye's lips from Henry.

The thing was, Scorpius's didn't know how to answer it. "I liked it," sounded too vague. "It was easy and hard," was just confusing. But anything more concrete slipped through his mental fingers. It was like his brain was the crowded morning street. Like there was a traffic jam there. He had a sudden urge to make lists and graphs.

Scorpius stumbled into his room, dropped his backpack where he stood, set Skye on his bed, and snatched up a notebook and pen. Once he had both, he flopped onto the bed, belly-first, right next to his doll. He immediately began to write.


School building.

Positives: Big but manageable. Interesting posters. Clean. Creative art.

Neutral: Computers.

Negatives: Electricity. Public bathrooms.

School academics: Mostly interesting. Lots of things to learn. Generally well-informed teachers.

Big Negative: Multiple students per teacher. Different learning styles and multiple exposure to same topics. Wastes time.

School kids: . . . This was really where the problem was, wasn't it? Scorpius's had no way to explain his experience with the other students.

He stared at his lists and lines and neat classifications. He had expected kids like his cousins. Just more of them. And it wasn't the same. Not at all. They didn't know him. Weren't obligated to be interested in him or be considerate. They had no history with him.

At first, he'd smiled and treated them like he would Henry or Hugo or Teddy or Marissa. That had been okay. But then he'd say something they didn't understand or he'd ask them questions they had no way of answering. And they didn't try to understand. They just moved past his words in a flow that was subject to change only by emotion. They were happy to be at school. Happy to talk and do work. But they were just so . . . flowy.

Luna would understand. They bounced here and there. They did what they were told because they were told to. They didn't think, really. They were just . . . not like his cousins. Some of his cousins flowed around his ideas and words like that, but it seemed different. He understood their motivations better maybe. Maybe he'd learn the kids at school just as well and it wouldn't seem so . . . empty. Like he was in a portrait trying to talk to people who were stuck in a frame. A frame he could step out of and they could not.

Scorpius's slipped off his bed and went to his desk. He opened his poetry book and made note of that metaphor. It felt really nice. Felt true in the way only poetry could be. It was the best answer he had for that looming question. How was school?

Satisfied as he was likely to get, Scorpius's got up, changed out of his school clothes and put on house clothes and slippers. He returned to his bed for Skye and whispered in the doll's ear.

"Hi, Henry. Muggle school was an interesting experience. I just finished my notes on how I feel about it. Mostly it was positive. Having more than one student in a class will take some adjustment. The teachers have to divide their attention, and the pace is controlled by the learning of the group as a whole. As for the other kids. . ." Scorpius sighed, but he had his answer ready. "It's like they're in a portrait. I try talking to them, but they don't understand because they are stuck in the frame and I'm not. That's the closest I can come to describing it. I haven't made any new friends. It made me miss you and Hugo and Teddy and Marissa, though. You know you guys are my favorites. Anyway, I have to go talk to my parents. Bye."

Scorpius left Skye on the bed, grabbed his notebook with his notes about school and his book of poetry. He'd need both. Dad, Papa, and Granda would want a more thorough report than the one he'd given Henry. Taking a deep breath, he straightened his shoulders and made his way downstairs.

Chapter end.

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