Summary: G. Callen is not the only one with a host of secrets. How will Nell react when she has to go undercover with Callen to bring down a particular sadistic ring of human traffickers? Will she be able to turn her mind off to accept the role she is expected to play? Or will the memories and shame be too great for her to ignore, and will she stay safe in Ops.

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Chapter 16

Monday Morning || OSP Mission Headquarters

When Hetty came in for work early Monday morning, she was surprised to see there were two after mission reports are already on her desk.


. . . . .

NCIS After Mission Report

Station/Group Name: OSP_

Case Number: 096213_

Date of Operation: 06/05/2015_

Place of Operation: Los Angeles _

Person Reporting: Nell Jones _

Position: Intelligence Analyst _

Primary Agent: _ Yes X_ No – If not, name of Primary Agent: G. Callen

Was mission accomplished X_ Yes _ No – If not, why and what changes should have been made:

I should not have allowed Henderson to escape after I put him under arrest.

Perhaps it could have been done sooner and maybe more girls could have been rescued.

Describe mission and your part in it:

The only reasons I could see for Operations Manager Henrietta Lange to choose me for this case was the fact that I look too young to be a federal agent, and that I needed some experience of going undercover, at least for a short time, in a role that was relatively safe for me.

The only other time I went undercover, I impersonated Hetty to draw out Mattias Draeger. That ended rather traumatically for me as I made my first NCIS kill. This assignment was to be longer, but in ways it would be more difficult.

I was to provide on-site backup to Agent G. Callen and be available if there were any electronic records that needed to be accessed or preserved as evidence. We were to take down a ring of human traffickers that was led by US Navy personnel. Even though I had grave misgivings about some of the aspects of the operation, Agent Callen talked me through my concerns and misgivings and showed me different strategies for working through the difficulties.

We spent most of the week getting comfortable with the roles we were to play, and Friday, 06/05/2015, the operation commenced.

We were driven to the designated meeting place by Agent Farraday. At 6:28 PM we were met by Henderson and taken to our destination. We were checked for weapons. Agent Callen showed his and thanks to the thinking of our Operations Manager, they never found mine hidden in my robe.

I saw that all the information was being stored on the one main computer they were using. Both Agent Callen and I picked out the girls we wanted to buy and I was to transfer the money to their account. I sent Eric Beale the code to delay the money transfer by ten minutes so we could still be there to protect the computer evidence when the arrests were made.

The team broke in. I had Henderson contained and Agent Callen went after Perry. In the excitement, I allowed Henderson to escape. The rest of the team captured him and the others, and all the girls were rescued.


. . . . .

NCIS After Mission Report

Station/Group Name: OSP_

Case Number: 096213_

Date of Operation: 06/05/2015_

Place of Operation: Los Angeles _

Person Reporting: G. Callen _

Position: Special Agent in Charge _

Primary Agent: X_ Yes _ No – If not, name of Primary Agent:

Was mission accomplished X_ Yes _ No – If not, why and what changes should have been made:

I should not have doubted Operations Manager Henrietta Lange teaming me up with Political Analyst Nell Jones.

Describe mission and your part in it:

When I first found out that Nell Jones and I were going undercover I didn't think much of it. She wants to become an agent and this would be a good experience for her.

We both grew in our undercover skills throughout the week by working through some issues that could have destroyed our credibility and marked us as law enforcement agents.

Most of our week was spent familiarizing ourselves with the operation. Nell had the most to learn because of her little fieldwork experience and even less time under cover.

At 6:03 PM on 06/05/2015, we were driven to an undisclosed location by Henderson, one of our suspects. Because of the GPS device sewn into Nell's cloak, our position was noted by the capture team.

Nell's presence helped to sell our story. Even though she did not say a word to the suspects, her manner and bearing spoke volumes. She was also the one who noticed that the evidence we needed was stored on the main computer. After she informed me we had to stay for the assault team, she got the message to Eric Beale that allowed us to stay. She was also the one who was able to explain the so-called problem to Perry, the leading suspect.

I left Nell in charge of Henderson and the main computer after the assault team entered the premises. Henderson tried to escape, but Nell must have realized that there was nowhere for him to go. She stayed with the computer to preserve the chain of evidence. She worries that she should have been able to do both, but she chose the more important thing, a quality necessary in any field agent.

All the girls were rescued, all the suspects were captured, and all the evidence was secured.

One final note: Nell Jones proved herself to be as resourceful and qualified in the field as she is behind a computer in Ops. I would not hesitate for her to go out into the field with me again, as part of the team or in an undercover operation. I completely trust her to have my back.

After reading them, the Operations Manager marked both of them approved.

Later that Morning || OSP Bull Pen

Three people were working on their after mission reports. Callen had finished his early and was just looking at images on his laptop. He was just waiting for the other team members to finish their reports, so he could sign off on them as the team leader.

Nell came walking through the bull pen from a trip to the burn room. She was humming a happy tune and had a huge smile on her face. "Good morning, Agents, and you too, Deeks." she said melodically.

Deeks looked at her and said, "Well, it looks like someone got a lot of rest and relaxation this weekend after Friday's mission."

Nell looked at him with a huge smile on her face, "Yup." she said. "Finished my report, and spent the rest of the weekend just recharging my batteries."

Callen flashed her a huge smile at her answer.

"So, how was it working with G as your partner?" Sam asked.

"Interesting," she answered. "He taught me a whole lot about working undercover."

"Any special tricks or secrets that we should know about?" Sam continued to probe, knowing that he would get no answers from G.

"Why. Sam, if I told you any of those secrets, they would no longer be secrets, would they?" the little pixie said with a giggle in her voice.

"Nell...lly," Deeks singsonged as he continued to interrogate her, "this super happy mood wouldn't have anything to do with those secrets, now would it?"

Kensi realized what he was asking, and smacked him extra hard in the shoulder. "Deeks! ewww. They were two professionals doing a job, for Pete's sake. Get you mind out of the gutter."

"Yeah, Deeks. Nell is a sweet girl. She would never do anything like that," Sam added.

"Besides, Marty," Nell said sweetly, "That's my secret." as she left the bullpen area to take the stairs up to Ops.

"That's the problem with a secret organization," Deeks complained, "too many secret people have too many secrets, and too many of us are left to guess what those secrets are."

They all went back to their reports. Callen was the only one who followed Nell with his eyes as she walked away. He was the only one to see her turn and look at him and shake her head. As he arched his eyebrow in question, she pointed toward her pubic area, and mouthed the word "thong", before she ran up the stairs.

Callen's brain went on overdrive, imagining the pixie dressed only in a thong, waiting for him on a bed. The image kept on changing as his mind saw her in thongs of different colors and in different positions, but always inviting him to join her.

He shook his head violently, trying to get those images out of his mind. "Damn cheeky bitch," he said aloud. Then he realized everyone had heard his rant and stopped to look at him. He tried to cover it up. He closed up his laptop, and said, "I'm going for coffee. Anyone else want some?"

"Before you go, G, You wanna explain that little outburst," Sam asked.

'Nope," Callen answered, a small smile on his face.

"It's his secret, Sam," Deeks chimed in. "His secrets, her secrets, Hetty's secrets, Granger's secrets. Everybody has secrets. The only one without any secrets here is me."

At those words, Kensi raised her head and gave Deeks a look that should have killed him on the spot. In a very slow, cold voice she said, "That... is... a... place... you... don't... want... to... go... Deeks."

Callen, knowing their secret, just left, the smile growing on his face as he walked off.


. . . . .

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