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Summary: There's danger in the north. Giants hunt for Narnia's Kings and General. Who will survive when hope is eclipsed?

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Epilogue: To He Who Waits . . .

24 Yule 1013

Edmund stood a little behind Peter, trying not to make eye contact with Oreius. Remus had taken his task of delivering a message with far too much enthusiasm and bounced on the bed, which scared the Leopard cubs who had taken to keeping Oreius company (Kat had something to do with it) into climbing over the Centaur. Suffice it to say, Oreius' injuries were no longer as far along in the mending process as they had been and Remus had been banned from acting as Edmund's messenger . . . again.

Peter, of course, acted as if this hadn't happened only a sennight ago. Instead, his brother remained focused on his list. "I think we should call a war council, General. However, there are some details I feel are already settled due to Prince Rabadash's presence in Cair Paravel. Edmund and the girls will be remaining in Narnia. I don't want a repeat of what happened. We should also leave part of the army behind."

"We will need two-thirds of the army if we are to truly put an end to the Northern Giants' mischief, My King."

"Agreed. You'll decide which of the officers go north. Although, I suppose it's safe to say that Kat will also come along."

The Centaur arched an eyebrow then gave a curt nod. "Unless something changes." His gaze fastened on Edmund just then and he added, "The Greybacks' presence in the war council would be unwise, Your Majesty."

"I agree." Edmund cleared his throat. "How is your shoulder?"

"Mending. Slowly." Oreius returned his attention to Peter. "However, I shall be ready to participate in the war council before long. Perhaps another fortnight or so."

That was not what Kat had told them when Peter mentioned the war council earlier. Edmund cleared his throat. "Where is Kat? Peter only received permission to visit because he told her this was about holiday greetings."

His brother looked at him then quickly turned to Oreius with a grin. "Yes, we're also here to wish you a merry Christmas, General."


Alambiel leaned her forearms on the railing and clasped her hands together as she watched the proud Calormene prince stand beside Susan as she greeted the Archenlandish envoy. Every move the Rabid Radish made was poised, calm, and collected and it rubbed her the wrong way. She didn't like him. He ignored her as much as he thought he could get away with but though he never spoke an impolite word to her (which was different from previous encounters with Calormene ambassadors and princes), there was still something that rang false about him. He was too perfect.

He was going to cause trouble. She was certain of it. She just wasn't sure about how much trouble he was going to cause.


"Lucy." She smiled as she accepted the younger queen's hug. "News?"

Lucy grinned widely, dimples appearing as she did so. "Oh yes! Dear King Lune accepted Peter's suggestion that Corin study diplomacy under Edmund's tutelage for the next Narnian year. Corin is to arrive in a fortnight. Isn't that wonderful?"

Alambiel snickered, already imagining the look on Oreius' face when he found out Corin was going to be in Cair Paravel for a year and a half. "Absolutely delightful. Oreius is going to be thanking Aslan that he only has one Corin to deal with."

"And Peridan's twins."

"Oh yes, we can't forget them." Oreius was going to have a fit. "This next year is going to be very interesting, I think."


The throne room of Harfang was lit with torches and the huge fireplace burned bright. All this light to drive away the ghosts and warm the body yet it did nothing to melt the ice coating the three corpses that had been laid out before the thrones. Morrigan stared down at the bodies of three of her children. Yet she did not mourn. She only cursed the Narnians who had destroyed the one who would have been queen after her. She had had two more daughters and one son with Borak but they were young. Too young for her to begin grooming the smartest of them to take the throne and to teach the daughters how to choose men easily manipulated to their will. Fea had been the brightest of her children, brighter even than Morfran. Now both were dead.

Morrigan rose from her throne and the chains and bones she'd embroidered across her gown rattled with every step she took. She paced around the bodies of her fallen children. Then she took up the war spear and held it out to Borak. "Avenge them."

He looked from her to the dead ones. "How?"

"By raising your army. By conquering Narnia. Take up the war spear and summon your kin."

"It is winter."

"Summon your kin to the warmth of Harfang. Make them grateful that you have cared for them in the winter. Fill their ears with the tales of Narnia's riches. And then in the spring they will be eager to go into battle."

Finally her son's small eyes lit with understanding and he nodded as he took the war spear from her hand. "I will." He raised the spear over his head and shouted, "We will not rest until Narnia is ours!"


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