Chapter Eleven:

Oh, You haven't seen anything yet

Tony was beginning to hate magic.

Sure, the technical terms and ideas behind what makes magic, well … magic, interested him greatly, but actually being on the receiving end of the stuff, wasn't all that great. In fact, he would say it was downright painful, literally.

"Don't you ever…run out of magic", he bit off as Enchantress held him up by his throat. He kicked out at her with his right leg, smacking across her face. She dropped him and he scrambled back as she wiped the small amount of blood he had spilled from her split lip.

"Foolish mortal", she chided, "you do not understand that it is I who has the power. Stop fighting me, for you only prolong the torment that I shall give you the more you defy me."

"Yeeeeaaahhhh….no," Tony drawled, "Don't think I will stop fighting you anytime soon, but you're more than welcome to day dream about it while I go find help."

Tony took off towards the door. He knew his friends would have received the code already and be on their way, but he sincerely hoped they made it on time before he became less than yesterday's scraps. He really didn't want his suit ruined. He had already lost the other one due to those stupid giant worms, but now even his backup was in danger of being wrecked. At least he would have no problems making excuses so that he can stay in the lab and work.

"Stop running Stark!" Enchantress screamed, "You will pay for what you did to Loki and you will pay for drawing my beloved Thor from me!"

"Take it up with Thor, not me!" he yelled back as he dodged another blow.

"You are the only one here Stark and if it hadn't been for you, my plan would have worked perfectly!"

"What plan?" he asked, hiding behind the counter as she stepped around.

"My plan for Thor and the rest of the Avengers of course", she replied as she readied another energy blast.

Tony dodged as she shot it, barely moving out of the way as he dove behind the couch.

"I think Thor and the others would have something to say about that", he commented again, but inside his suit, he was quickly trying to formulate a plan.

"Jarvis", he whispered, "is Dumm-E nearby?"

"Yes sir", his AI replied.

"Good, bring him to me and tell him to shoot his fire extinguisher at Enchantress as soon as I give the signal."

"It will be done sir", Jarvis replied.

Tony stood up, coming out from behind the couch as he stared the enchantress down who smiled with delight.

"Finally given up, Stark?" she asked.

"Not a chance", he replied, "but I wanted to warn you."

She paused her movement of gathering another blast of energy. "Warn me?"

"Right. You see, Thor may be from Asgard and oh yes, we can't forget Hulk who is basically other worldly, so I doubt they would understand the needs of the little people. You and I for example."

The enchantress frowned.

"What are you getting at human?"

"Just this. You and I are the middle men, right? Not all powerful, not the little guys. So basically…" he paused and noticed Dumm-E behind her. Smiling behind his helmet, he continued as he readied his glove, "Basically…this was just a rambling distraction."

Enchantress's angry look turned to fear as she turned around.

"Now Dumm-E!"
The small robot shot out the fire extinguisher, coating the magical woman with froth and foam as she sputtered and coughed, backing away. Tony rushed forward and pushed his glove against her.

"Jarvis, let it loose!"

"Yes Sir. Current of 3000 Volts", he replied as the glove sent a wave of electricity into the woman and her foam coated self. The soapy water bubbles of the foam caught the electric current and carried it through her as she shook, her eyes wide.

The glove eventually stopped and Tony smiled as the asgardian woman collapsed into his arms. He was just about to order Jarvis into calling shield when the door flew open and the other Avengers ran in.

"Tony!" they yelled.

Stark grinned as he looked at their shocked expressions, their eyes drawing to the unconscious form of the enchantress in his arms.

"Is that…" started Bruce.

"Yes it is" Tony replied with a nod.

"Did you…" Clint stuttered.

"Yes I did", Tony replied once again, laughing as his face plate fell away to reveal his amused smirk.

"You son of a gun", replied Steve shaking his head.

Thor stepped forward, staring at the woman with something between relief and concern.

"Is she…"

"No", Tony replied quickly, "No, she is alive. I just sent a wave of electricity through her. With her body chemistry though, it shouldn't last long. She should be waking in the next few minutes actually."

"Then we should waste no time", replied Thor as Natasha stepped forward and handed him a pair of shield handcuffs. Specially made handcuffs that neutralized magical abilities, curtesy of Stark Industries.

"I just called Shield, they are on their way", Nat replied stepping out of the back room, a phone in her hand.

"Thanks", Tony replied sighing, his adrenaline rush falling. He soon began to feel every movement he had made during that fight, his ankle protesting along with his ribs and other injuries.

"Pep", he whispered out, "I may need you."

Pepper didn't hesitate to step forward as Tony closed his eyes, nausea overwhelming his senses.

"Tony, you alright?" Steve called out.

"Tony?" Clint asked, the two of them stepping close to the genius billionaire with concern.

Anthony Stark looked at them for a moment as he breathed slowly through his mouth, calming his upset stomach. It just dawned on him how odd it was that these two of everyone seemed the most concerned about his wellbeing. He remembered not too long ago, the three of them biting each other's heads off, unable to even remain in the same house let alone the same room.

"What a laugh", he whispered as he began to sink to the ground.

Steve and Clint rushed forward, catching him, lowering him to the carpet. Clint grimaced when he drew his hand away, showing the red liquid now coloring it to the others in the room. Bruce pushed forward, shoving them aside as he rolled Tony over gently, trying to get to the wound.

"His side wound has opened again. Tony, I am going to need to stitch it back up. Can you make it downstairs? I don't know how much blood you have lost inside your suit. Tony? Tony can you hear me?!"

Tony heard the words, but couldn't respond as exhaustion swept in and claimed him, making everything around him seem fuzzy and oh so silent in the darkness that began to swarm his vision.

"Maybe I will rest…just for a few minutes before we go", he whispered out.

Bruce began arguing for him to stay awake, but Tony knew nothing of what was said or done around him as he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.


Steve watched from the doorway as Pepper tucked Tony into bed. Luckily the man hadn't been too badly injured in his scuffle with the enchantress, but he was definitely in need of what Bruce had called TLC, which Clint later explained meant Tender Loving Care.

"Sound asleep", whispered Pepper in amazement, "usually it takes forever to make him sleep. He must have been really tired."

Steve noticed the deep set concern in her eyes for Stark and he felt his heart soften even more for the man and his girlfriend. He couldn't imagine the two of them being separated from one another. Not like he and Peggy had been.


The very thought of her made his heart ache. Turning from the doorway, he started up the stairs to the roof. He needed some air.

Clint watched Steve go, a sympathetic feeling making its self known as he watched him. Natasha came up beside him, wrapping her arms around his waist. Before, neither one of them would have ever allowed such touch, but times had changed and now…now they couldn't imagine what it would be like without the other.

"Maybe you should go talk to him", she whispered.

"And what would I say Nat?" he asked disheartened, "Sorry you lost your entire life and are stuck here with us?"

Natasha glared at him, removing her arms as she walked away. Clint sighed in defeat as he started up the stairs after the Captain. Quietly cracking open the roof door, he stepped out, taking in the sight of Steve standing before the moon, his eyes closed as he just enjoyed the cool night air of New York City.

"Did you need something Clint?" Steve asked without opening his eyes.

"How did you know it was me?"

"Easy. I couldn't hear you, but I sensed you. Everyone else makes too much racket, aside from Natasha. I doubt she would come out here to talk to me though."

"I suppose that is the case", Clint agreed, standing a bit awkwardly behind the man.

"So I repeat myself. Was there something you needed?"

"Err…not really."

Steve was silent a moment.

"I see. Did I steal your rooftop spot?" he asked opening his eyes to look at the assassin.

"Of course not!" Clint snapped, "I just… Natasha was worried about you."

Steve smiled.

"Natasha was huh?" he asked.

Clint nodded before sighing. Scratching his head nervously, he stepped forward.

"I guess we all were actually. Are…are you okay?"

Steve was silent, thinking. Was he okay? Not really. He was sad. Lonely. Depressed. He was lots of things. Okay definitely wasn't one of them.

"Not really", he replied as he turned his eyes back to the city which shined below their tower in the darkness of the night.

Clint didn't know how to respond. He was just about to give up and go inside when he heard the door open again. He was expecting Bruce or maybe Natasha. He hadn't expected to see Tony.

"Weren't you asleep?" Clint asked.

Tony just smiled.

"Pepper is asleep, I was merely…err…acting."

"So you passed out and woke up, decided to wait until Ms. Potts fell asleep so you could escape to the roof with your two favorite people?" Steve asked from where he stood, an eyebrow raised inquisitively.

"When you put it like that, it does sound like I may have done it deliberately."

They stared at him. He stared back before finally looking away, clearing his throat.

"Yes, well…perhaps it may have been a little deliberate", he muttered.

The other two snickered at his "little deliberate" statement. He had fully intended to ditch the bed as soon as his number one babysitter had hit the sack for the night.

"Are you feeling okay?" Steve asked, concerned when he noticed the man swaying a bit.

"Yeah, just a little winded from coming up the stairs", he answered, "Ankle and ribs aren't exactly 100 percent yet."

"Right", Steve muttered as Tony stepped forward, closer to the Captain. Clint stood behind them, watching.

"I wanted to thank you guys", Tony stated as he peered down at the city streets, "For saving my life in the tunnels."

"You saved me too Tony", Clint said, stepping forward on the opposite side of Iron Man.

"You don't need to thank us Tony. I…I consider us even."

Tony stared at the man for a moment, his thoughts swirling before a light bulb went off in his brain. He frowned.

"You don't have to apologize about that Captain. I shouldn't have touched your shield without explaining myself."

"No Stark", Steve sighed, "You started to explain and I kept cutting you off. I remember it perfectly. I reacted in anger and… and let my emotions get the better of me. I am sorry."

Tony watched the other man, noting the sunken expression. Sighing, he stepped forward and did something Tony Stark never did. Ever.

He hugged the man.

He grabbed the Captain and pulled him into a manly hug. Clint behind them blinked with disbelief, but he couldn't help the small smile that stretched across his face when he noticed the wet droplets on Stark's shirt. Steve buried his face into the man's shoulder, leaning into the hug. For once he just allowed himself to weep, to mourn for the past…to mourn for Peggy.

Tony felt incredibly awkward, he wasn't going lie, but he knew Steve needed this. While he had Pepper and Clint had Natasha, Steve didn't have anyone who was willing to support him in his time of need. While Tony never in a million years would have considered himself being the one to do so, he found he didn't mind the contact near as much as he had been thinking he would.

"I am the last person to talk, but…it's okay to be sad, Steve. It's okay to just cry once in a while."

Steve sobbed a laugh into the black shirt, his face red and his eyes wet as he peered up from his hiding place and glimpsed Clint who was chuckling rather amusedly behind his hand.

"Definitely… definitely the last person who needs to talk about something like that", Steve choked out, still laughing and crying at the same time as he clutched Iron Man like a life saver.

Tony rolled his eyes, but smiled as he sighed.

"I know, I know Mr. Perfect, but not everyone can be as straight forth as you are about their feelings", he muttered, but he said it with amusement and no ill will.

Steve smiled as he finally stepped away, wiping his eyes. He looked at his two teammates. The two men who only two days ago he would have considered nothing but a nuisance had quickly become two of his strongest supporters and closest friends. Life sometimes was just unbelievable, even to someone as implausible as Captain America himself; a science experiment gone right.

"Boy the moon is lovely tonight", Tony stated trying to break the awkwardness after their manly hug.

"Sure is", agreed Clint as he leaned against the railing.

Steve smiled as he watched the two of them before he turned to look at the glowing circle in the sky.

"It really is a beautiful night, isn't it?" he stated more than asked.

The other two smiled, glancing at one another, proud that they had been able to cheer the somber Captain up. Maybe, just maybe…the three of them would do incredible things together and maybe they would do such things as teammates, as friends, and as Avengers.

"More impossible things have happened", Steve whispered as he smiled, glad for those he still had by his side and thankful for the time he had spent with those he no longer had in his life.

"Oh, Cap…" Tony chuckled, having heard Steve's comment, "You haven't seen anything yet."

Steve looked over at his teammate curiously, as Tony smirked, turning to look him in the eye.

"Impossible has only just begun."



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