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Title: Game Of Magic

Summary: When Harry's younger brother became WBWL and he became a gamer, what magic's were unleashed? Older! WBWL! Gamer! .Dark . . SLASH/INCEST.

WARNINGS: Ratings may go up to M. Annoying but realistic Ron, Ginny, Molly and Percy Weasely. No William/Fleur or Remus/Tonks. NO GOD MODE! Everyone in the story has been given a major power boost! EVERYONE! No Retries! No Save! Death means DEATH! Like you won't be able to do it an hourly basis!

Confirmed Pairings:

Older! Harry Potter/ Younger Tonks! /Fleur Delcour/Daphne Greengrass


Charles Potter/ Dorea Potter

Arthur Weasely/ Molly Weasely

Pairings that will not show up:


Slash (Don't have anything against the gay people but not my cup of tea.)

FemSlash (To make it readable for the fairer sex.)

Incest – Not my thing.

Any side pairings may be introduced on request of readers through review or PM.

Disclaimer- Even thought the story gets as AU as they come, the elements of story have been adapted from J.K. Rowling's incredible Harry Potter Series. Further elements have been taken from the manga "The Gamer" by Sang-ah. They own the elements respectively.

Inspirations: Containing a list of stories that have inspired and given rise to this story.

#1 Kaleidoscope of Magic by Karldin- EPIC FIC! A must check out fic with incredible battle scenes and creativity. His portrayal of Dumbledore and the Potters is somewhat bashing but incredibly realistic.

#2 Harry Potter, Rise From Dust by Bluezz-17- The best Harry is not the BWL and his parents are alive. He is the reason why I like Daphne Greengrass. The only other Harry is not BWl which scores a 10/10 on my radar is Midnight Gold, The Rise Of The Forgotten Lord by InheritanceConfessor2011. Both are incredible read.

#3 The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited by michaelsuave- The best Gamer Harry fic I have read followed by Gamer Wizard by CasualGamer.

#4 The Black Heir by Firephoenix8- It is SLASH so I didn't read it but I got intrigued by the summary and hence there is a similarity in our summary styles. I primarily took the summary style from Second Chance at Life by Miranda Flairgold, however. The later isn't SLASH but it lost my interest after a couple of chapter. A great story for those who dig a rebellious Harry but not really my cup of tea.




Without Further Adieu, Enjoy.


Chapter #1Beginnings

November 21st 1984

A seven year old focused incredibly on the branch of tree he was holding. The branch was focused at an innocent leaf fluttering in the wind in front.

The boy gave the branch most ridiculous of swishes and combinations of pokes and points before roaring.


Indeed, nothing happened except for the frustrations of the boy increasing to unmatched levels.

He had done everything correct! He had wand! Wands just were pieces of pieces of wood! Right?! He had even made all the fancy movements just like his father and mother did. He was sure he even pronounced the spell right this time! Then where were the cool flames.

Sometimes he wished his parents would solve the dilemma of his. Although they were great parents since they gave him everything he could ask for, he wished they did pay him as much attention as they did to his 3 years younger brother Thomas Potter.

They all did pay as much attention to him before Thomas had started the accidental magic than day 3 years ago on the day the snake like man with the green light came.

He wished that he knew what had happened that day but the details were hazy. All he knew was that he had got a lightning shaped scar that refused to heal despite the disgusting healing potions his mother forced fed him. Hell after all the potions Thomas had to take; even his snake shaped scar on his right hand had started to fade but Harry's scar refused to heal even a millimeter or even lose a bit of its dark colour.

Harry wished he could heal his scar, he knew how worried the Professor Dumbles or something was when he looked at the scar. Indeed Dumbledore was worried, when Madam Pomfrey had announced that the scar was filled with dark magic of the dark lord then Dumbledore was not wrong to be worried.

Even worse any attempt to cast a diagnostic scar came either null or backfired horribly. On a side note, the scar seems to have a tendency to cause backfires especially on Dumbledore.

The days after the green light had been nice for Harry since it was decided by Dumbledore that since the scar seems to drain Harry's magic, to prevent Harry from going on to become a Squib, they had decided to release his magical bindings. The bindings placed by Madam Pomfrey when Harry was two year old since the amount of accidental magic Harry was portraying was becoming more and more as well as increasing in both power and lethality.

Another fact was that Harry had started showing talent of the arcane arts at an unnatural age of a mere 9 months. And it was far from weak in the first place.


Harry was confused and scared.

Where was dad, mom and uncle Padfoot?

Why was he in midst of a stag, a dog and a swan? Why was the weird wizard with white beard not stopping them? Or the weird witch with scent of cat? Or the short guy who looked half goblin?

When the big black dog started to move towards him, Harry's fear hit its pinnacle. Evolutionary fear triggered the flight or fight instinct that saved the humans from going extinct in the first place.

Harry screamed. Magic resonated in the room in quantities not negligible. But unlike the ordered and smoothened flow everyone was used to it was chaotic. Like the clashing of two waves. Each unwilling to waver and fall.

The chandelier of glass made by experts in Diagon Alley charmed to be unbreakable shattered like bottle of cheap vodka. Its glass which was once arranged in an order that was artistic fell everywhere but near the boy. As if afraid by the very notion of harming him. It was only due to Flitwick's training in dueling that allowed him to cast a solid shield over them. Mcgonall had vanished as much glass as she could while Dumbledore transfigured the rest of glass into water with a swish of the fifteen inches of the fabled deathstick.

Books that had been once arranged by their genre followed by their authors followed by their name by the hard work of the Potter elves fell to the floor followed by the bookshelves themselves.

The animals were forced by the leftover magic in air to become human beings once more.

Harry's sobbing were the only thing that prevented a stunned silence from manifesting into existence.

Flashback Ends

The events did not stop there. A mere day later Harry summoned Lily from all the way from kitchen. James being James couldn't help but throw a party. Not before throwing saying that Harry was stealing Lily from him however.

Lily sent a stinging hex at his crotch.

That certainly stopped him. Kind of hard to respond when you are busy cradling your genitals, you know.

In a magical society it was a great occasion among the older families when a child demonstrated an accidental magic. When Dumbledore confirmed that Harry's name had appeared on the roll call of Hogwarts, Lily nearly fainted. As an Unspeakable, she knew how rare it was a child so young to get admission in Hogwarts. Most magical got their name on the roll calls when they were at least four year old, by the way.

It was followed by the magical birthday.

A magical birthday is the celebrations on birthday of the child in the year he displays connections to the arcane. The importance of the event was further increased exponentially by the fact that Harry had been offered to be the next wielder of the Potter Family Magic by the current Lord of Potter, Charles Potter. Family Magic accepted him and hence making the not even a year old boy to be the heir of the immense Potter Fortune.

You could count the number of Family magic that existed around the world on both hands and still have fingers left. In the Wizarding world of Great Britain currently only the Potter Family Magic was actively used by Charles Potter anymore. The Black Family Magic was the last to be active and it had been in dormancy for over a century ago. The Slytherin Family Magic was said to be wielded by the Dark Lord but it hadn't been confirmed. All the other family magic of the Founders were said to have gone extinct. That was off course truth as far as history texts were concerned but the history texts are not always correct, were they?

The Family Magic was revered due to the immense power it granted its host. As an example, The Dark Lord who was barely a third of age of the Light Lord had went toe to toe with the strongest wizard of the Wizarding world and forced a draw. There was no one in Magical Britain who could defeat Charles Potter in one on one duel with exception of the two Magical giants mentioned before. And since Potter Family Magic was even more effective in a one on multiple battles, it was little surprise that Charles Potter had forced three quarters of Death Eaters to flee in the raid on DMLE that had been conducted during the first part of first war.

The Dark Lord had called temporary ceasefire to recoup his losses from that battle. Everyone knew the close to a decade peace that this action had caused was about to end. The war horns were about to blown once again. And the only rest there would be now would be one after the end of war.

The magical birthday of one Harry James Potter had been decided as the impromptu gathering point of the Order of Phoenix as well as the Light Side. Time to see who were with us and who were against us.

The party despite being in literally in midst of a war had an abundance of money to its name. There wasn't a dish in world that one couldn't order with the Literally Order Me Anything lists. Curtains of gold. Carpets of silk. Carvings of Marble. Fountains big enough to dwarf the relatively modest fountains of Ministry of Magic but with the most expensive of drinks instead of conjured water. Charles Potter was quite a loving grandfather for sure.

Everyone from Albus Dumbledore himself to Minister of Magic had attended. What nobody could have foreseen was the coming of the Immortal couple themselves, Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel! They looked as if they couldn't be a day over twenty-five.

It was seen as a great dishonor to fail to attend the meeting but despite it Sirius Black and Dorea Potter was missing in the first part of the glorious celebrations.

As important this occasion was where they were was even more important.

In a square table of the house of Black, Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Dorea Potter sat on the head seat with Andromeda Tonks on one side and Sirius Black on her other side.

On the other end sat the incredibly regal Narcissa Malfoy on opposite of Dorea with Bellatrix Lestrange next to Sirius Black and Regulas Black sitting next to Andromeda Tonks.

Dorea began, "I the Lady of the House of Potter and holder of the rings of Black hereby call the meeting to order."With that said the elderly but still beautiful women began the meeting.

Narcissa proceeded to give formal introductions but everyone in the room had wands in their hand. The amount of Dark magic in the room was enough to make the weaker man faint from the sheer malice of the souls of people in room. Despite being known as the strongest Dark witch of the century, Dorea Potter was the only one not releasing her magic but was still at ease with Dark Magic seeking to dominate her and reduce her to a slave.

It was far from foolish of her to be at ease with dark magic which was seeking to harm her in ways unimaginable. Why a sailor of the great oceans does have to fear of the swimming pools, such was situation to her mind.

Bellatrix started on how Andromeda was a blood traitor and Bellatrix wished to curse the blood of her daughter till it was pure again. Like how muggles boiled contaminated water to make it pure again. Ah the wonders of Dark Arts to create things like blood boilers.

Sirius snapped at Bellatrix with fact that Nymphadora had the metamorphmagus gift. Bellatrix turned the most fantastic shade of an apple painted violet.

Dorea watched with mild curiosity as the children of her distant cousins snapped at each other were going at each other throats like newborns instead of behaving of their age for once. A long while back the black family split into two halves. She, James and Harry were the last descendent of one of the lineage while the people in front of her were from the other end.

The mention of metamorphmagus however did draw her attention and she couldn't help but think of the fact that Dora was same age of Harry and how beneficial an ability like that would be to the Potter family and it just might trigger the Black Family Magic.

She had enough of the childish bickering. With the exception of Regulas who was looking on with tired resolve, everyone was giving meaningless threats with little to no power to back up. The weak change in the dark magic was getting on her nerves before she felt smoke rise from her pockets.

Her eyes widened and she reached for the box containing the Black heirship rings.

Sure enough, they were gone and name of her grandson was all that was left in its place. Everything had gone numb when her brain refused to respond, she refocused her mind on the scene before. Again with the exception of Regulas who was looking at the empty box in her hand with wide eyes making Dorea hide the name of her grandson, all the other were still going on their bickering.

Her last nerves finally eroded.

Dark Magic of the room suddenly increased by at least 100 times in response to her bloodlust. The magic tried to force everyone and everything in the room to bow before her.

The table gave out when the legs couldn't take weight of the table increasing to unfathomable levels. Bellatrix whispered avada but left the last past of the killing curse when Dorea was looked straight at her and dark magic in room spiked temporarily forcing everyone to kiss the ground with Dorea standing over them like some sort of avatar of death over them.

The magic instantly eased when all the magic rushed back in the body of the dark witch who apparated away uncaring of the fact that she had ripped through incredibly strong Anti-apparition ward with brute force.

When everyone got on her feet Bella was the first to speak.

"And I thought my Dark Arts were strong."

Everyone else couldn't help but nod, their rest of body too aching to respond in any more complex or complicated manner.

Three years later after the incidence

Godric Hollow

Dorea Potter apparated on one cold night outside the home where they had hidden both her grandsons in care of Sirius Black. It was only due to Sirius having the responsibility did she agree to the plan.

The wretched prophesy!

That thing had caused so many problems to her family. Now a fucking Dark Lord was after Harry's and Thomas' blood and all they could do was send them in hiding.

The moment she heard that her idiotic son had decided to switch Sirius with Pettigrew, she swore to curse them later for this stupid idea. She had grandchildren to check on. Both Dumbledore and Charles had decided to take on Dark Lord in one shot.

Pettigrew had claimed to see the Dark Lord going into hiding. All the DMLE led by Dumbledore and Charles were going to attack them.

When Severus Snape had come running telling that Peter had turned, nobody believed him. But when Patronus of Charles came telling that Voldemort wasn't there, alarm bells had started going in head of her head. Something was very wrong.

Knowing that none of them could take on the Dark Lord, she decided to stall Voldemort while the rest of them went and mobilised Aurors and get Dumbledore or Charles.

Seeing Godric Hollow destroyed sent her running.

A look at the robes of the Dark Lord and the scar of an unconscious Harry leaking of Killing curse was all it took for her to realize what happened. She knew who exactly the prophesized child was! There was nobody so the chances of the Dark Lord being dead were not very high.

But the information was too dangerous. She had to hide it. She needed time. Distraction. She needed a distraction.

She apparated in the building of Daily prophet and found a young journalist who seemed ideal. She was wearing the most hideous of green robes and had the name Rita Skeeter written on her back.

Dorea sneaked behind her and pointer her wand at Rita's head and whispered.


Skeeter stood no chance. Dorea gave her the orders knowing that truth could be brought out whenever she deemed it suitable. The action was followed by apparating back to Godric Hollow and making everything support the story that will come out tomorrow.

She just couldn't trust Dumbledore. The Black family had sided with Grindelward and her upbringing was littered with cursing Dumbledore to nine levels of hell.

The Daily Prophet

Thomas Potter

The Boy-Who-Lived!

Vanquisher of You-Know-Who!

By Rita Skeeter

Unmindful of the two rings of gold on his left hand that had plunged the world into chaos once they appeared on his finger, Harry pointed his palm at the branch and yelled Incenido.

Nothing happened once more.

Harry was getting more and more desperate. If he could access his magic and do some spells then perhaps his parents would pay more attention to him. The aftermath had been hard and the fame was something that had slowly wormed its way into head of James and Lily.

Harry had started spending more and more time with his grandparents who were delighted to see him. It was weird to especially James since Dorea had never been much fond of children and was always doting on Harry after fall of Voldemort.

Harry in a fit of rage pointed his palm at the branch and yelled.


The branch ignited. Before Harry could rejoice, a blue screen erupted before him.

Class Wizard has been permanently [Locked] due to unlocking of class Mage.

Class Mage has been [Unlocked] locking Class Wizard.

Class Sorcerer is currently [Locked]. Complete the Mission 'Rise of Sorcerer' to unlock this class.

Needless to say Harry was confused.



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