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Chapter Two - Awkward Encounters

Aiyanna POV

Keeping my eyes to the ground I quickly walked by Paul, not even glancing in his direction. I got to my car, opened the door, threw my bag into the passenger seat and was just about to sit into the car when he stopped me.

"Aiya?" He asked cautiously "Can we please talk?"

How dare he ask me to talk to him? After the way he's acted. Why can't he just leave me alone?

You don't want him to leave you alone

Oh shut up!

Great, now I could add talking to myself to my list of talents on my resume.

"About what Paul? We've nothing to talk about." I threw back at him as emotionlessly as I could, I couldn't even look at him, and every word we spoke to each other broke my heart more. I wanted to be with him.

"Aiy, you know we do. I miss you. And I know you miss me. We were good together. We were supposed to be forever Aiya. I just want you back!" He whimpered while standing closer so all that was between us was my car door.

Maybe he meant it, maybe he still cares. Cop on Aiyanna. Grow up and smell the roses. He doesn't care.

I shook my head and looked at him.

"We were good together Paul. Great together even. I thought you were the one that I was going to spend my life with. But look at us now, back in this situation again. We're going in circles Paul. And I'm not going back there again. We're done. You've proved you don't care, don't double back on yourself now." I all but shouted at him.

I hopped into the car without giving him a chance to say anything, slammed the door and got out of there straight away.

I took a deep breath and tried to push him to the back of my mind as I pulled into the grocery store, my mom had texted me a list of stuff she needed picking up on my way home, she also reminded me that I had to stop at the doctors for a prescription for the pill, my mom was one of those mothers who was almost to open with her thoughts. Apparently now that Paul and I have been apart for a while she thinks it's time I go back to taking precautions 'just in case'.

She was crazy, but she was my mom and I loved the way we genuinely got on, I know loads of my friends were jealous of how close I and she were. I guess I was just incredibly lucky. I took out the list on my phone and aimlessly shuffled around the store finding everything I needed quite quickly, paying and leaving the store in record time.

Call me weird but I loved going to the doctor, I always found it so calming and refreshing in the clinic. La Push was fairly small so it only took me a couple of seconds to arrive in the parking lot. I groaned getting out of my car realising there was a crowd in the waiting room already, walking in through the door the bell sounded that someone had arrived.

I made my way over to the receptionist, Leilah Call, she was a beautiful, friendly woman, one of my mom's best friends her son Embry was a year below me in school, and he was a cute kid, very polite.

"Aiyanna hunny, how are you dear?" She smiled as she seen me.

"Hey Leilah, I'm good how are you? Looks like I picked a great day to just drop by" I laughed while motioning to the crowd of people waiting to see the doctor.

"I'm great darling. Well your lucky you have a smart mother, cause she phoned in earlier and told me to expect you around now, so you only have to wait a couple of minutes until the patient in with the doctor comes out" she laughed teasingly.

I thanked her and went to stand near the wall, there were no free seats but I didn't mind. I was reading the posters on the wall when I was pulled from my thoughts with someone calling my name.

"Aiyanna Torek" I froze as I heard it being repeated. What day was today? Thursday. Of course! How was I so stupid? Paul's mom was the doctor working today.

I spun around and shot Leilah a smile, as I walked over to the door where Dr. Lahote had disappeared.

"Hi Dr. Lahote, how are you?" I asked shyly while sitting in the leather chair in front of her giant desk.

"Oh Aiya, just cause my Paul's an idiot and let you go doesn't mean we need to be on bad terms. Call me Sharon. Like you always have." She corrected me while leaning across to rub my shoulder.

God I missed her, she was always so nice and kind. Like my own mom, I could talk to her about anything.

"So hunny, what can I help you with today? Are you feeling under the weather?" She asked me, concern filling her eyes.

"No no Sharon it's nothing like that. Unless you count constant tiredness as under the weather" I laughed "I came today to get a prescription to go back on to the pill." I ended shyly; I didn't really want to be having this conversation with Paul's mother. I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"That's okay Aiya, I'm sure I can do that, just let me pull up your file so I can see what ones you were on before. Which doctor do you usually attend?" She smiled at me. There were 3 doctors in the clinic. Sharon was one of them.

"I usually go to Dr. Grace" I had actually never been to Sharon, somehow I always missed her. Of course now it would be different.

"Ah, got you" she laughed "Okay, so you were on Levora before. It says here you got your last prescription in late November, when did you stop taking them?"

"The end of December." She scribbled down my answer.

"I just have a few routine checks and questions for you, is that okay Aiyanna? Just to make sure you still need the same one." She asked absentmindedly while pulling out her stethoscope and other objects from a drawer.

"Yeah, of course go ahead" I smiled at her.

"Okay, when was the last time you had sexual intercourse or were sexually active?"

"Early January" I replied, I could feel the blush coming already. With your son! My head was screaming.

"Do you know an exact date?"

"The 4th of January." The night Paul got sick. I didn't see him for two weeks after that. He had 'mono'. I didn't believe it for a second.

"And by the information you've given am I correct to say that this was without contraception?"

"I had finished my pill the day before, but a condom was used." I think, I'm sure Paul put one on; he was fairly worked up about his dad that night.

"So there's no way you could be pregnant?" Sharon asked while staring at me.

I laughed out loud "No Sharon, I think I'd know by now, that was four months ago." She laughed along with me and continued on with some other questions.

"And finally Aiya, when was your last period?" She smiled at me

"3 days ago." I replied.

"Okay great!" She exclaimed as she threw down her pen. She handed me a cup. "Can you go into that toilet there and bring that back to me half way full please? Then when you come back I'll weigh you and check your blood pressure."

Grabbing the cup I threw a "no problem" over my shoulder and went about doing exactly what she asked.

I came out of the toilet and she took the cup placing it on a paper towel on her desk. "This is just to check for any infections like kidney infections or anything like that."

She held what looked to be a piece of shiny paper into the pee for a couple of seconds then pulled it out and placed it on the paper towel.

She took her stethoscope and put the cold metal on my chest and upper back.

Next she asked me to stand on a machine and stay still. The machine scanned me through and she wrote down all me details. I sat back down in the comfy chair while she filled in the details.

"I don't mean to offend you Aiya because you look great but you have gained between 10 and 11 pounds since you were here last. Now your blood pressure is fine. And by no means am I saying your overweight I just thought I would let you know." She said in a calm reassuring voice.

11 pounds? You fat bitch my head was screaming at me. I usually put on maybe 2 or 3 pounds over Christmas but I would have lost them by now. 11 pounds. I was shocked. What have I been eating?

"How have I gained so much?" I was so embarrassed. I could sense I was beetroot red. I explained to her about fluctuation. While she checked the urine test. Shock was evident on her face when she picked it up.

"Aiyanna. You're pregnant." She choked out.

I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. "Yeah yeah Sharon. You're so funny. I just had my period." She really was trying to be normal with me; I loved how we could still be close even though Paul and I have split up.

She plonked down into the chair beside me and picked up her stethoscope again, this time she placed the cold metal on my lower stomach. I laughed again, this was funny but she was going a bit far now, I didn't want to jinx myself.

"Please lie on the bed Aiya" she stated as she left the room emotionlessly, I stood and sat on the doctors bed, uncomfortable as it ever was. I looked around the room. She was joking wasn't she I thought to myself.

I lifted my top just a little. I had put on weight. But that's all it was. There was no baby in there. No way. I was careful. I had plans. This was not going to happen to me. I had made sure of it. I lay back and pulled back down my top as she re-entered the room.

She placed a paper sheet over the top of my trousers, and lifted my top. "This will feel cold at first, but you'll get used to it." She stated emotionlessly again, as she pushed some jelly like liquid out of a tube onto my belly.

She picked up a device that reminded me of a remote control and rubbed it along my belly, the machine buzzed as she pushed buttons and suddenly the monitor beside my head came to life. On the screen was what looked like the scan pictures my mom had gotten. God, I sound so stupid in my head; I know what an ultrasound is. This just looks like one. I repeated that to myself a couple of times and tried to relax.

"Congratulations Aiyanna. This is your baby." She said as she pointed at the screen, she was looking at me apprehensively. Obviously knowing I was about to respond she cut me off "and this is their heartbeat." She said as she flicked a switch.

Suddenly the room filled with a soft, faint, light thudding sound. I whipped my head to look at the monitor; the shape of a baby was there. What was happening? I felt tears slipping down my cheeks. I felt like screaming and shouting and refusing to believe this was happening. But another part of me was swelling with joy and so exciting to meet the little baby on the monitor.

I looked back at Sharon and noticed she wiped a tear away also.

"But Sharon, my period, why was I bleeding? Is something wrong?" I asked her while wiping my tears away as she wiped the jelly off my belly.

"Some women do have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Some even report intermittent bleeding that seems like a regular period to them. But vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not the same thing as menstruation. Was your bleeding light?" She asked going into doctor mode.

"Yeah it was, and it only lasted for 3 days." I muttered thinking back to the previous weekend.

"Okay well, Bleeding occurs during pregnancy for various reasons, some serious and some not. Some women have light bleeding or spotting very early in pregnancy, near the time their period is due, and they may mistake that for a period. No one knows what causes this. So that is what you have had. This is why you haven't known that you're pregnant. I'm going to prescribe you with some prenatal vitamins I expect you to take. Also I estimate that you are twenty weeks along in your pregnancy, which makes it half way through already. It is safe to say you conceived on the 4th of January as you told me earlier, this makes your due date the 27th of September. You have gained 10 or 11 pounds as I said before so you're right on track for 20 weeks."

She rattled all this off in between writing things down and printing off sheets from her computer. All I could manage to do was squeak out an "okay." And let her continue on.

"So from this week, or next week we should be able to determine the sex of your baby. Also from 18 weeks you may start to feel kicking, just so you expect that in the coming weeks also. Just some facts for you, I have it all printed off for you in a timeline but at the moment your baby can see light and can hear sounds and in the next 7 weeks they will be able to breathe. Pregnant women need more folic acid, iron and calcium than they did before so taking these prenatal vitamins will help with that."

"I already take folic acid." I whispered as she paused to check her computer.

"You do? Why?" She asked inquisitively.

"I heard it helps with keeping your hair thick and healthy." I muttered feeling stupid, and regretting bringing it up.

"I've heard that too." She smiled reassuringly obviously sensing my embarrassment. She handed me a folder full of sheets. "There's a lot of information there but I think you're going to need it. If you pregnancy books don't go buying them wasting money, just give me a text and I'll get them for you. Also if you need anything at all just call me, you have my cell number. I put in some copies of your scan too. You can hand them out to family members when the time is right." She smiled nervously.

"Thank you Sharon." Is all I could manage to say to her.

"I think you need to go home and have a long lie down and relax. Obviously this was some shocking news; you don't want to get too stressed. Come back to me at this time in 3 weeks and we'll do another scan maybe you could have somebody here with you. And don't worry; doctor patient confidentiality is important to me. I won't tell a soul."

I faintly smiled at how well she knew me. I got up grabbed my bag and thanked her again before getting up and walking out. I waved goodbye to Leilah.

I was walking out through the door when I bumped into someone. I was hugging my folder of information to my body. I looked up and of course who was it, Paul La-fucking-hote. I just looked at the ground and kept walking; he pulled my arm and spun me around.

"Aiyanna, are you okay?" He asked his voice full of concern.

I looked up into his eyes and somehow I knew everything would be okay. I smiled at him for the first time in a long time and said "yeah Paul. I'm fine."

With that, I turned on my heel got into my car and sped home. Entering the door of the jungle I call home I placed my keys in the bowl on the front table, I left the groceries on the kitchen and carried on to my bedroom thankfully unnoticed by my sisters who were watching TV in the living room.

Entering my room, I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bag and flopped on to the bed putting my folder beside me.

I grabbed my childhood teddy from his position on my pillow and hugged him to my chest. The tears came instantaneously. My life was crumbling apart and transforming into something else and I couldn't help it. I put one hand on my tummy, I didn't know if this baby was a blessing or a curse.

The tears continued as I thought about how different this situation would be if I was older and married. I hugged my teddy tighter and felt my eyes go heavy. The last thing I heard before drifting to sleep was a lone howl in the woods.

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