Title: On the Edge of Paradise
Author: Katie/TheIrishShipperholic
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story
Show/Movie/Book: Arrow
Couples/Category: Laurel/Oliver. Slightly alternate universe (AU)
Rating: M
Summary: AU. "In the end, there was something I wanted more: you." Otherwise known as Laurel & Oliver in their most passionate moments, an A to Z series of drabbles of passionate encounters between them.
Author's Note: I love this couple. I feel they haven't had enough screen time together and I wanted to explore the more passionate side of their relationship a bit.

He kisses with tenderness but Laurel can sense an ardor to it, and the way that he cradled the back of her head in an oh-so-gentle manner was a turn on for her. Oliver backed her against the desk in her new office, lowering her onto the slightly covered wooden surface.

The attorney reaches back with one arm to sweep off what was on her desk onto the floor before scooting back with the palms of her hands. Oliver let a grin crease his scruff-covered lips as he joined her, hovering while bringing his mouth to her neck. "Ollie…" she breathes out, pushing her lithe body up into his.

"Tell me what you want, Laurie," he said in a hoarse tone, dipping down further into her neck and using his teeth to nip and play at her skin until he could see a hickey forming.

"I think you know exactly what I want," she murmured back. Oliver grins once more before bringing his hands, which span her trim waistline, beneath the blouse that she wore and pushes them underneath the soft silk material.

Her chest brushes up against his with each breath she releases and each sound grows even louder than the last when he begins to caress the round globes of her breasts through the nylon material of her bra. "Where do you want me to touch you?"

Laurel directed his hands out from beneath the blouse, toward the buttons of said blouse and watches through hooded eyelashes as he used nimble fingers but kept his motions slow to torture her. Button after button was unfastened until he came to a stop at the waist of her pants, carefully pulling the blouse loose before sitting her up to remove it completely.

This left her nearly bare from the waist up, the cool air from the air-conditioning unit from above them tingling over her normally heated skin, creating goose bumps in its wake. Nothing could be better than feeling him inside of her, surrounding her with his heat, and she wanted that more than ever.

She brought her hands up to attack the buttons of his shirt with a fervor she didn't even realize ran through her veins until Laurel just finally ripped the shirt open, pushing it off his broad shoulders and onto the floor. "Someone is very, very eager," he ground out as he worked to get her pants off.

Laurel kicked those aside before returning the favor. This left them each in one item apiece that barely hid the arousal they had for each other. He brought his hands up the outside of her thighs, toward the waistband of her underwear, and peeled them slowly down her legs until they dangled on one foot.

Wrapping the tips of her fingers around the waistband of his boxers, Laurel eased them slowly down until his throbbing shaft came into view, springing to attention at her whisper-soft caresses.

Glistening white teeth were brought into view as he used the upper set to barely scrape across his bottom lip before letting them disappear back behind his lips. Her insides turn to complete and utter mush at just that brief gesture before she's lowering herself back down onto the cool wooden surface of her desk, her hips lifting up off the desk when she felt his fingers begin to just barely graze over her glistening wet heat. "Now…need you now…"

Oliver wrapped one masculine hand around her upper thigh toward the back and brought her closer until he could rub his throbbing shaft against her aching core. "Now do you need me, Laurel?"

"Yes, yes…please!" she practically shouted, wrapping her other thigh around his waist and letting out a cry filled with sweet, sweet pleasure as he finally thrust deep into her, burying himself to the hilt until neither of them knew where she began and he ended.

He didn't move for several moments, giving her time to back out of this sudden need to have him take her without holding back, since they were at her office this late at night and no one was here.

When she didn't make any sign of protest or resistance, Oliver withdrew then thrust back into her, harder than before. Laurel released a gasp as he hit at a certain spot inside of her, the sound eventually drifting into a moan as he established a rhythm. In then out, in then out he thrust and each one sent her tumbling further over the edge into the stars above.

Each demanding forceful and aggressive thrust he gave was returned with one filled with the same demanding, forceful and aggressive manner by Laurel as she soars higher into the heavens with him taking her there. She released one pleasure-filled sound after another as she slowly came down from her high, falling limply back against her desk, sated and spent.

He thrust a few more times before spilling his hot seed deep into her and then collapsed, also sated and spent, down against her, letting his head – ear down – rest on the skin of her collarbone, right above her heart.

Author's Note: Thus begins the A to Z drabble series. The next one will be up soon and there won't be any need for word selections as I already have them all picked out. *evil grin*