Author's Note: Another Laurel & Oliver fanatic like myself gave me this idea. It comes from the first season episode when Laurel mentioned a Halloween party she & Oliver went to and she wore a pair of fishnet hose to the party. I hope you enjoy this! Remember to R&R!


Slender fingers make sure not to tear the holes in the fishnet hose with her perfectly manicured nails – she'd gone earlier in the day with her sister Sara, the manicure itself a birthday gift from Sara – and finishes with one leg before doing the same to the other leg. Once both legs were finished, Laurel eases her feet down onto the floor by her dorm room bed. Laurel hoped that Oliver liked the entire costume because she'd worked hard to get every piece of it with her hard-earned allowance from her father Quentin. Moving over to stand by the mirror, Laurel turns this way and that; inspecting the final touches to her outfit then nods and goes to get her coat from the coat hook by the door.

It was light brown, a trench coat that belted at the waist, and she knew it drove Oliver wild whenever she wore it. Wrapping it around herself, Laurel uses her slender fingers to belt it in place; reaching out to open the door to her dorm room. Circling her fingers around it and twisting the knob, startled at who appeared before her when Laurel found her boyfriend on the other side. "Ollie, I thought you were already at the party," she says.

"I couldn't go there without you," he replies. His hands were stuffed deep into his jeans' denim pockets to keep himself from reaching out for her in that trench coat – one that drove him crazy with want. Wanting to pull her close and kiss her senseless, wanting to only stop when she was screaming his name as she ascended over the edge of desire.

"Oh. Well, I was just on my way to meet you there," Laurel says with a soft smile on her lips. "Unless…"

"Unless…what?" Oliver prods her to continue her thought, biting gently down on his bottom lip.

"Unless you wanted to stay in tonight," Laurel goes on to say.

"I can't think of anything better than that," Oliver said, finally pulling his hands out from his pockets and reaching out to yank her into his hard body.

Laurel lets out a soft gasp at feeling the entirety of his body pressed against her own and how hard he was against her thigh. Now she didn't need an excuse to wear the fishnet hose to the party. She could wear them for him here as they spent the night together. "Make love to me, Oliver Queen."

"It would be my pleasure, Laurel Lance," Oliver says, sweeping her into his arms and carrying her back in to the dorm room; using one foot to kick the door shut. Winding her own arms around his neck, Laurel held onto her boyfriend as he carries her over to the bed; placing her onto it.

Gentle hands reach up underneath her coat to her hipbones and carefully works down the fishnet hose which cover Laurel's lower body. "I love you," Laurel whispers to him, lifting her hips for him to remove the hose. Her eyelashes flutter, breath hitching, as his lips ghost along her flesh toward the spot Laurel wanted him to go.

"I love you so much, Laurel Lance," Oliver replies, parting her from her trench coat; eyes growing wide at the costume she wore. "Damn, Laurel."

"Like that, do you?" she asks with a smirk, guiding his hands to the hooks for the corset all down the front of it. A whisper-soft "hell yes" was the response Laurel gets as the hooks are unfastened in slow, steady movements. Laurel's flesh soon came into view and Oliver shoves aside the silky material to place gentle kisses along her bare flesh. Laurel, however, pulls him up to where she was on the bed and kisses him softly. "We can do foreplay later."

Oliver nods and strips himself of his clothes before grabbing for some protection to put on. Slipping it on over his throbbing erection before sliding his fingers into her aching nub to test her readiness. "Now?"

"Now," Laurel says in agreement; giving him a smile that he returns before guiding himself inside of her with the same slow, steady movements from before. Once he was buried deep enough inside of her, Oliver grazes their lips together in a soft manner. "Hi there, handsome."

"Hi, gorgeous," he says with another smile; beginning to move in and out of her with more slow, steady motions as he had earlier.