Naruto: Curse of the Ryugan V2

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Just a personal note. I have been extremely ill with liver problems and complications caused by them. This all started with Covid and went downhill from there. For those of you who have read my profile and have been concerned thank you for your support. For the morons who have simply been accusatory because I have not been updating please take a jump off a high cliff and do the world a favor.

Curse of the Ryugan is probably my favorite Narutoverse story I've written. This is Version 2 (V2) which fixes the punctuation, grammar and stuff. It also ups the ages of the characters a bit and reconciles the timeline a bit. It does not change the plot though so if you've read the story previously then the changes will be unnoticeable for the most part. The original Author's notes are the same though they are superfluous now. Starting with Chapter 53 the chapters will be all new.


I wanted to try this idea out to see how it goes over. I haven't seen that many Naruto/Tenjho Tenge crossovers (there are only 9 on FF and Tenjho Tenge is underrepresented anyway) so I thought I'd give it a shot. If it turns out there is no interest I'll just delete it and move on. This is a semi AU of sorts based in the Naruto universe and features some of the characters from Tenjho Tenge (mainly the Natsume clan). Natsume Maya is part of Naruto's graduating class (age sixteen) and her younger sister Aya is fourteen years old at the beginning. Maya and Hinata (if you hate Hinata read no further) will be Naruto's primary romantic interests. Even though they are polar opposites they are also friends. This will eventually be a harem story (god help me) but no one is set in stone except those two.

One last thing that is radically changed from Naruto canon is THERE IS NO AKATSUKI. The Akatsuki characters will exist as individual S-Class criminals here and there but they won't be part of an organization hunting tailed beasts. There will be explanations for all of this later but that much is set in stone. The only other thing of note is I may skip Wave Country (not sure but it's been written many thousands of times) and the Chunin Exams may not follow canon exactly. Expect a smarter, more competent Naruto due to Maya's encouragement even though he's still dead last in written tests.

The primary sources for this are Narutopedia and the Tenjho Tenge Wiki. I'll be using elements from both the anime and the manga from both series so if there is a question check there. Also, the Tenjho Tenge characters will be using chakra instead of ki in this story.

Without further ado, here we go:

Chapter 1

The Village of Konoha, Ninja Academy

Uzumaki Naruto was sitting in class listening to Iruka-sensei drone on about Konoha's history or some other such nonsense. Naruto was actively fighting to stay conscious. It was a losing battle. Just about the time he was starting to droop over and fall asleep he felt a sharp prick in the back of his neck from directly behind him. "YEOUCH!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. "I'm awake! I'm awake! I was just resting my eyes…"

Behind him Natsume Maya was stifling a giggle and covering her surprise as she put away her automatic pencil. The rest of the class exploded into laughter at Naruto's expense and Iruka sweat dropped. "I'm so glad you're awake Naruto. Can you tell me what we were discussing?"

"We were discussing your 'put the entire class asleep with your boring lectures no jutsu' Iruka sensei. I think it's S-rank. It works better than sleeping gas." said the prankster just as a piece of chalk hit him square in the forehead.

"Moron! This is for your education!" yelled Iruka. "Pay attention!"

Soon the lunch bell rang and Iruka dismissed them to eat. Naruto saw a chuckling Maya come over to Naruto. "Come of Naruto-kun. You can have lunch with Hinata-chan and I."

"Why did you stab me in the neck Maya-chan?" pouted Naruto.

"I just poked you with my automatic pencil to wake you up." said Maya. "I didn't think you'd yell like that. I'm sort of sorry."

"Sort of sorry?" deadpanned Naruto.

"Well, it was funny the way you reacted." said Maya with a smile. The two bickered/chatted till they made it over to the tree they usually sat under to eat with Hinata.

Hinata slowly came over to join them and sat down. It still made her nervous talking to Naruto-kun but at least she didn't faint and stutter as much anymore. "Hi Maya-chan; hello Naruto-kun." she said as she slowly sat down.

Naruto said, "Are you okay Hinata-chan? You look like you're really hurting today."

Hinata nodded. "I just overdid it with my juken training last night. It's nothing to worry about. I already put some healing cream on it."

Maya frowned. "You need to stop that and let your body heal Hinata-chan. You've been pushing yourself way too hard."

"I-I'll try." said Hinata sadly.

Soon the three of them were discussing the day and Naruto's scream that would wake the dead which even Hinata giggled at.

Across the playground Uchiha Sasuke was watching Natsume Maya. He was currently surrounded by fan girls vying for his attention and was ignoring them as usual. He'd carefully studied Maya as the years went by and he found that she was both a prodigy and a very serious kunoichi. She was skilled with swords and owned an incredibly powerful nodachi called the Reiki that was exquisite. On top of that she was beautiful with her long silver hair and already well developed body that all the other girls were envious of. He wondered why Maya always sat with the shy Hyūga and the class clown Naruto. In Sasuke's eyes she was ideal material to help him revive his clan. She was from a nearly extinct clan like he was (though she still had a little sister) and would need a strong alpha male to continue her line as well. It made no sense to the Uchiha why she would associate with a clanless orphan like Naruto….

Sasuke had attempted to talk to her on occasions but he was at a bit of a loss. Maya totally ignored him. There was once he got in her face but the look of anger in her blue eyes told him a fight would result if he didn't back off. Now Sasuke knew he could take her in a fight (she was a girl after all) but that would be counterproductive if he eventually wanted her to be the new matriarch of the Uchiha Clan. Besides, for her to stand up to him and look him in the eye took guts and he liked that. There was also the dead last Naruto. Every time Sasuke tried to get Maya alone for some quality discussion the orange wearing clown would show up and irritate Sasuke until he would leave. Maya seemed to enjoy Naruto's company but Sasuke for the life of him couldn't figure out why a kunoichi of her talent and caliber would even tolerate Naruto for a second.

Sasuke promised himself that day he would ask Maya out to lunch and treat her to a date before they graduated the Academy. He had plenty of money and there wasn't a restaurant in town that wouldn't open their doors and roll out the red carpet for Uchiha-sama. He just had to figure out how to court her properly. She wouldn't be easy to catch but the best things in life never are…

Later after class let out for the day, Naruto, Maya and Hinata went their separate ways. Hinata was picked up by her guard Kō; Naruto took off to his apartment and Maya waited for her little sister Aya to get out of class a few minutes later. Aya was a very bubbly free spirited girl that greatly admired her older sister.

"Nee-chan!" said Aya with her long brown hair fluttering in the wind behind her. "I'm so happy that class is out. What are we going to do today?"

The much more serious Maya said, "Today we're going to practice your sword skills. You're doing well with the katana but I want you strong enough to wield a nodachi like I do.

"You think I can wield the Reiki someday nee-chan?" asked Aya. "I feel it call to me."

Maya put her hand on her younger sister's head and said hollowly. "It called to Shin nii-san too and we both know what happened. I can't risk it Aya. I know you're a good girl but it changed nii-san from a loving brother into...something else. As the Reiki's guardian I alone have to safeguard it in case nii-san comes back after it."

Aya got a sad look and nodded her head somberly. "Do you think he'll come back for it?"

Shaking her head 'no' Maya said, "I don't think that will ever happen but we have to prepare for all possibilities. You didn't see what I saw Aya-chan."

The two sisters started heading towards the village outskirts where their home was. Most people nodded in a friendly and respectful manner to the two girls often addressing them as '-sama.' They were the last of a noble clan and were treated as such. It was difficult for two teen aged girls to get by but they did well enough. Many people pitied them for the tragedy that befell their family but Maya was always very self sufficient and was trying to guide her sister to be the same way.

The Natsume sisters never wanted pity and always refused hand outs and many found this to be very admirable. They were viewed as tragic princesses much the way Uchiha Sasuke was viewed as a tragic prince. The similarities were startling as well, both Uchiha Sasuke and the girls had older brothers that went inexplicably insane and murdered their families. The Natsume sister's older brother Shin was considered an S-Class criminal and lost the Reiki to a very insistent Maya at the time. Maya's bravery at making her older brother hand over the sacred nodachi through sheer guts as its guardian made her a minor legend in Konoha.

Between that and the sisters carrying the power of the ryugan in their veins (though Maya hadn't manifested it) they were considered vital to Konoha's future. Needless to say they had dozens of suitors and fanboys waiting in the wings as well. Couple that with the fact they showed every sign of being even more beautiful as they grew older (their late Mother had been gorgeous) and many were already asking for their hands in marriage already.

The only thing people didn't approve of was the company Maya kept as the Natsume heiress. They were fine with Maya being close to her friend Hinata (after all, Hyūga Hinata was the heiress of the noble Hyuga Clan). But on the other hand they didn't approve of the fact she befriended Uzumaki Naruto who was the village pariah. Time and again villagers had tried to gently persuade Maya that Naruto was 'bad' and it was 'unseemly' of someone of her stature to associate with such trash. She always countered them by asking why exactly Naruto was supposedly so bad.

As none of them could give her an honest answer due to the Third Hokage's Law regarding Naruto they always came up empty and just made empty excuses. Maya's answer always was, "If you can't give me an actual explanation then I see no reason why we shouldn't be friends." which always resulted in a constipated look from the villagers. The truth was the Natsume heiress knew a lot more about Naruto than she let on...


A seven year old Maya was playing with her new friend Naruto in the Konoha public park. She'd met him weeks ago at the park and he was all alone so she decided to play with him. She found out he wanted to be a ninja like she did and that he wanted to be Hokage which impressed her a lot. Not many people would consider such a lofty goal. Maya asked him why he wasn't playing with the other kids and he said that their parents wouldn't let them because he was an orphan or something. Being curious Maya looked over at her Mother who smiled and waved at her. After that Naruto was who Maya always played with at the park.

Maya was a very observant girl though and noticed how the grownups steered their children away from Naruto but always made a point to have their children ask her to play. Her patience reached its end within a few weeks of playing with Naruto alone so she asked her Mother. "Kaa-chan, why do the other parents not like Naruto-kun?" Her Mother smiled at her silver haired daughter and said she'd explain when they got home and to go play with Naruto for now and ignore the others.

That evening the Mother and daughter sat down together. "You feel drawn to him don't you Maya-chan?" Maya got a quizzical look on her face and then nodded. Her Mother chuckled, "Well, women of the Natsume clan are always drawn to powerful men."

"What do you mean Kaa-chan?" asked Maya with a cute but puzzled look on her face.

"I foresaw this with the ryugan." said her Mother. "Little Naruto-kun is the last of the Royal line of the Uzumaki Royal Family. Even he doesn't know this and you can't tell him."

"Why not?! asked Maya angrily. "If he's a Prince he deserves to know. Other people should like him; they shouldn't hate him!"

"People fear him Maya-chan." said her Mother seriously. "The Third Hokage made a law that forbids me from telling you the truth. I would like to but I can't on pain of death. It makes no sense."

"I don't understand why people would fear him though. He's fun to play with and he makes me laugh." said Maya.

"And you should treasure his friendship Maya-chan." her Mother explained. "Naruto-kun has power; great power. Someday he will be even stronger than the Hokage."

Maya gasped. "Naruto said he wants to be Hokage. Is that why?"

"I doubt it." said the Natsume matriarch. "It's in his blood to lead people. You have to understand though that people don't understand his power and what they don't understand they fear and hate."

"But what what is his power?" asked Maya dying to know.

"I can't tell you Maya-chan. It's part of the law." Maya looked downcast while her Mother looked thoughtful. "You know those cute whisker marks you like so much?" Maya nodded. "Think about those and think about the date of his birthday. I can't tell you any more than that. You're a smart girl Maya-chan. I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually."

Three days later Maya's Mother died brutally at the hands of her seventeen year old son Natsume Shin...Maya was devastated by her older brother's actions but Naruto stuck by her and Aya which she was eternally grateful for. Without his support she would have given into despair seeing her parent's bloodied corpses. She'd retrieved the Reiki that she foolishly let Shin borrow that caused him to go stark, raving mad. The only good thing that came out of it was Aya hadn't seen their parent's remains and was allowed to keep her innocence a little longer...

It wasn't until weeks later that Maya heard rumors that 'the fox' brought bad luck to the entire Natsume family and should be killed. When Maya confirmed Naruto's birth date as the night of the Kyubi attack she knew her friend's power had something to do with the nine tailed fox. She wanted so badly to tell him but her Mother made her promise and Maya couldn't deny the wishes of her late mother...

Flashback end...

"Thinking about Naruto-kun again?" asked Aya in a happy, sing-song voice to her sister.

Maya blushed slightly and said, "Whatever gave you that idea Aya-chan?"

"You get this far away look and I feel you reaching out to his strange power." said Aya happily.

"Strange power?" 'Has Aya figured it out?!' thought Maya panicking inside.

Aya nodded. "Yeah, the spirits tell me he has power to do great good or great evil. It somehow is intertwined with you but I don't know how nee-chan. A spirit of a woman told me you were destined to be together. She sounded just like Kaa-chan from what I remember. She told me that Natsume women always seek out powerful men to be their husbands; it's in our blood. Does that mean you and Naruto-kun are going to be married Maya nee-chan?"

'Her ryugan is strong to activate this early; she can already talk to spirits. What am I to do? I don't have anything but scrolls to train her with since I don't have it myself.' thought Maya with a worried look on her face. "You shouldn't listen to everything spirits say Aya-chan; it could have been a joke she was making."

"I could tell she was serious." Aya said insistently. "She said the bond you share grows stronger by the day and that Naruto-kun will have to take several wives because he is a prince and the last of a royal line. I didn't know he was a prince."

Maya's eyes nearly popped out of her head. She said quietly, "Aya-chan, you must promise me not to tell Naruto-kun or any others any of this without my permission."

"But I-" started the younger sister.

"Promise me Aya-chan." said Maya in an iron tone.

"Fine, I promise." pouted Aya. "I still think Naruto-kun should know though."

"I want to tell him too but it's up to the Hokage." said Maya despondently. 'I've wanted to tell him for years...'

"We just need to make the Hokage tell him then." chirped Aya in her usual, bubbly voice.

"We can't just walk in and make the Hokage do anything..." answered Maya deadpan with a look of utter dread on her face.

Aya deflated. "Well, is Naruto-kun at least coming over to dinner tonight? I want to see him!"

Maya nodded her head. "Yes, it's Wednesday so he's coming over for dinner and I'm going to help him on his homework."

The sisters walked along in silence until Aya said, "Nee-chan, if you don't want Naruto-kun can I have him?"

"NO!" answered Maya. Embarrassed at her outburst Maya said, "Let's just get home." with a frazzled look on her face.

A couple of hours later the girls were enjoying a soak in the Natsume family hot springs they had on their clan grounds. They'd had a very intensive workout and still had to fix dinner for themselves and Naruto. "I wonder if he's read his history lessons..." thought Maya aloud.

Aya asked, "Nee-chan; how come Naruto-kun is no good at homework but can understand all those fuinjutsu books that Jiji left behind. I don't understand a bit of them."

"Naruto-kun is some kind of genius at seals Aya-chan." said the elder sister. "He's already gotten through the books for a jonin. It's as much an art as it is a science. Jiji told me once that people truly gifted in the sealing arts are extremely rare and most ninjas can't make heads or tails of it. He said it's a special kind of genius. Naruto-kun wants to have a jonin's level of mastery before we graduate in six months...I just wish he worked that hard at his homework." she lamented.

"He just likes being around you Nee-chan." said Aya. "You are his best friend."

"Hinata-chan could help more too if she wasn't so shy." said Maya with a frown. "I need to break her out of her shell so she can show the world what a strong kunoichi she is. I wonder what's holding her back."

Naruto showed up at the front door about an hour later in his usual orange jumpsuit. Maya hated the thing because it was an eyesore and hid his body. Few people knew it (and less people cared) that 'the midget' Uzumaki Naruto had and incredibly strong and athletic body. He had a lean swimmers build without an ounce of fat on him and was rock solid. When he moved his muscles seemed to literally ripple and left Maya all flustered and Hinata with a nosebleed. 'Maybe it's just as well he wears that jumpsuit. It keeps other girls away...What the hell am I thinking?!' thought Maya with an embarrassed look on her face.

Meanwhile Aya let Naruto in and welcomed him. Naruto smiled at the younger sister and said, "Hi Aya-chan; is Maya-chan home?"

"She is in the kitchen fixing dinner." chirped Aya. "After that she's going to help you with your homework."

"Maybe I can look at some fuinjustu books in the meantime then..." said Naruto rubbing his hands together eagerly.

"Maybe you can do your homework Naruto-kun." came Maya's voice from the kitchen. "Once it's done then maybe I'll let you go through Jiji's fuinjutsu books."

"So heartless Maya-chan..." said Naruto pouting. His bottom lip sticking out made Aya burst into giggles.

After a healthy meal Maya sat down with Naruto to do his math and history homework. "When I'm Hokage the first thing I'm going to ban this stuff from the curriculum! Ninjas are not mathematicians!" he declared passionately as he battled his way through his math problems. Maya had figured out the secret to teaching Naruto though. If she made it seem valuable to his ninja career then he would do it. If that didn't work she could threaten to hide her Jiji's fuinjutsu books but she didn't like doing that since Naruto got inconsolable when she had to resort to that.

Maya explained, "Look Naruto-kun; if you were laying a complex trap you would have to be able to calculate the trajectory and speeds of the projectiles or they might miss. That's how math helps a ninja."

"Why doesn't Iruka-sensei explain it that way?" ranted Naruto. "At least I can see and actual use for it now!" he said as he gave a one armed hug to Maya that made her blush. "You're the best Maya-chan!" After a couple of hours of cramming Naruto sat back and said. "Done! I couldn't have done it without you Maya-chan."

"You need to learn how to Naruto-kun." said Maya seriously in what Aya called 'lecture mode.' "There's only six months till we graduate and you still need to get down the clone jutsu and bring up your written tests scores."

Naruto said, "But I can do all the practical stuff Maya-chan! When it comes to spars or target practice I'm one of the top scorers. If it wasn't for the bookwork..."

"And the clone jutsu." reminded Aya.

Naruto hung his head. "I put my all into the clone jutsu and they still come out looking dead. What do you think I'm doing wrong?"

Maya sat with a contemplative look on her face. "We need Hinata-chan to help. Maybe you aren't molding your chakra just right or something. I'll invite her over tomorrow so she can watch you do the clone jutsu with her byakugan."

The next day

Hinata wasn't at school and both Maya and Naruto were concerned for their friend. Just before lunch time Hinata limped into class looking awful and apologized profusely to Iruka for missing her morning lessons. Iruka waved off her apologies "It's alright Hinata; I'll give you the notes for this morning's lessons. Are you sure you should even be here? You look exhausted."

"I-I'll be fine Iruka-sensei." said Hinata before she sat down with an obvious wince. Naruto and Maya looked over at their friend worried.

"We'll talk to her at lunch." said Maya. Neither Naruto nor Maya paid much attention the next hour since they were both anxious about Hinata. When the lunch bell finally rang Iruka dismissed the children and noticed Hinata hadn't moved a centimeter.

Naruto and Maya went up to both sides of her in her seat and tried to gently wake her up. Soon Iruka joined them in their efforts."She shouldn't have come to class in this state. Hinata; Hinata wake up!" said the chunin gently as he shook her shoulder. That was when Hinata simply collapsed over to one side into Naruto's lap. Her white jacket was stained with blood that had soaked through from underneath. "Good gods!" yelled Iruka. "Help me move her down to the floor where she can lay flat Naruto. Maya, go to the infirmary and tell the Academy nurse we have an emergency!"

Nodding rapidly Maya took off and Naruto and Iruka gently carried Hinata down to the floor where Iruka removed her jacket. He and Naruto were absolutely appalled at the ugly gashes and bruises on her normally creamy white skin. Her arms and front were peppered with them from what they could see but her back made her look like she'd been through a torture session. Naruto teared up and said "Why...?" about the time Maya and the nurse came in and the nurse saw Naruto crying for his friend.

"You called me here for the demon?!" said the nurse angrily. "I'm sorry but I have better things to do Natsume-sama."

That was the wrong thing to say. Before the nurse knew it Naruto unleashed a massive killing intent hit her in the stomach with the speed and power of a charging bull. The woman coughed up some blood and fell to the floor in the fetal position before Naruto wrenched her up by the collar to stare into his furious, tear filled eyes. "If you don't help Hinata-chan right now you old bitch I'll crush you so badly you'll beg me to kill you!"

Though Iruka shared the sentiment he said, "That's enough Naruto! Let her go." Naruto glared at the nurse one more time before he dropped her unceremoniously to the floor. "Nurse Momoyo, I am appalled at your actions." said Iruka coldly. "I thought better of you. I'm reporting you to the Hokage. If you don't do everything in your power to help the Hyuga heiress so help me I'll execute you for breaking the Third's Law myself."

The woman was gasping from the brutality of Naruto's blow and wheezed out "No...anything but that…"

Maya turned to Iruka. "We have to take Hinata-chan to the hospital now!"

Iruka said, "I hate to do this." He flared his chakra and yelled, "ANBU!" Three ANBU agents appeared seconds later. They were Cat, Bear and Dove.

When they arrived they saw the school nurse wheezing in the floor, Naruto and Maya very upset over their friend and Hinata's prone form in the floor obviously injured. Iruka stood before them at attention. "Report chunin." said Cat in a commanding tone.

"My student Hyūga Hinata reported in late for class today and collapsed." said Iruka. "I believe she was beaten and/or tortured by an unknown party given the severity of her wounds. This needs to be investigated in my opinion and regardless she needs to be rushed to the hospital considering her injuries.

Cat nodded and she motioned to Dove who immediately started doing a medical diagnostic on Hinata's prone form. Dove soon said, "These are wounds caused by juken strikes. I advise we take her to the secure ward under guard from her family. The severity of these injuries is such that I believe we would be doing a favor emancipating her from her clan."

"Take her to the secure ward and make sure every injury is documented." said Cat. "Note your views on possible emancipation to the Hokage in your report." Dove nodded and she vanished with Hinata in a body flicker. Cat looked at the still wheezing nurse and then at Iruka. "What happened to her?"

Maya spoke up. "The nurse refused to help Hinata-chan because she believed I brought her here to help Naruto-kun; or the demon as she called him so Naruto-kun punched her in the gut." Both Bear and Cat stiffened. "Iruka-sensei said she broke the Third's Law and threatened to kill her if she didn't help Hinata-chan. I'd be interested in hearing about this 'law' and how it pertains to Naruto-kun."

Cat turned to Bear. "Take the nurse to torture and interrogation and inform Ibiki." Bear nodded and the nurse cried out pitifully as she disappeared with Bear in a body flicker.

Cat glared at Iruka behind her mask making him gulp. Then she turned to Maya and said, "That is classified Natsume-san. You are not allowed to speak of it by order of the Hokage."

"But-" started Maya.

"Cat nee-chan is under the orders of the Hokage Maya-chan." said Naruto. "Just do what she says. The main thing now is Hinata-chan's safety."

Both Iruka and Cat were impressed with Naruto's maturity in this matter. Iruka knew he'd get a tongue lashing later but was about to say he was proud of Naruto's mature manner of handling things.

That when Naruto continued. "Oh, yes…I'm going to rake Hokage Jiji over the coals and he'll tell me everything I want to know or I'll redecorate this entire village with every color of the rainbow….He'll talk unless he wants to do paperwork until the end of time…" Maya and Iruka sweat dropped but Cat was ridged with terror remembering the 72 hours of hell that happened the last time Naruto went on a rampage…and they never were able to prove it was him…

"I'll personally escort you to Hokage-sama once your reports on your friend Hyūga Hinata is taken care of; I promise Naruto. Just promise your nee-chan you won't do anything rash okay?"

"I promise Cat nee-chan…for now." said Naruto.

Cat figured that was as good as she was going to get out of the Prankster King from Hell. "Ahem…right. Chunin Umino; the Hokage will need a full written report as soon as possible. I will tell the headmaster to make arrangements for your absence. Take it directly to his office. Am I Understood chunin?"

"Yes, I'll begin my report immediately." said Iruka with a slight shiver.

Cat turned to the two teenagers and said, "I want you two to stay and wait here while I speak to the Academy Headmaster. When I get back we'll go and get your reports documented okay? Try to remember everything that happened because we need to ask you a lot of questions. Will you behave Naruto?"

"Yes, Cat nee-chan, I will." said Naruto seriously.

"Remember, you two students and chunin Umino are not to speak of this to anybody, understand?" receiving nods from the two Academy students Cat said, "I'll be back for you in a few minutes kids." as she too vanished in a body flicker.

"I so have to learn that cool jutsu!" said Naruto.

"Be serious Naruto!" snapped Maya. "Hinata-chan is really hurt!"

Naruto turned to Maya with a look in his eyes that frightened her. "They will pay for it Maya-chan." he said darkly. "Mark my words that whoever did this to a sweet girl like Hinata-chan is going to suffer at my hands."

The look in Naruto's eyes scared her even more than her older brother Shin's had when he lost it. Maya thought back to her sister's words yesterday. '…the spirits tell me he has power to do great good or great evil. It somehow is intertwined with you…' Maya immediately hugged Naruto close. "Don't talk that way Naruto-kun. I'm sure that Hokage-sama will take care of this. Please calm down…You are scaring me and Hinata-chan wouldn't want this."

She felt Naruto's body relax and then sag. He sniffled and said, "Hinata-chan doesn't deserve this! I can take the brutality 'cause I always heal fast but she can't! I want whoever hurt her to be punished!""

The two teens sat down and held each other while they waited for Cat to return…

Konoha Hospital, Secure Ward

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage was looking over the medical reports on young Hyūga Hinata who was sedated. "So this has been going on for months by your estimation Doctor Akira?"

The grizzled old doctor nodded. "This child has been systematically tortured in the same manner as Hyūga interrogators did in the Second Shinobi War. It appears she was healed through medical ninjutsu every time afterwards but the signs are there. She must have an incredibly strong will not to have broken down mentally from the stress. We should keep her in protective custody from her clan. I'd like to find out who did this and do some exploratory surgery on them until they confess. To do this to a young girl is unthinkable. The only positive thing I've found out is she wasn't sodomized or raped. We need to call in a Yamanaka, preferably Inoichi."

"Have all her physical wounds been documented Akira?" asked Sarutobi.

"Yes Hokage-sama. I personally saw to that. Short of an autopsy, which I think we would have been doing soon had this not been discovered, I've done everything possible to examine her and documented everything." answered the Doctor with a look of disgust on his face.

Sarutobi nodded. "I want your best people to heal every physical injury she has Doctor Akira. Clan laws or not I will not tolerate this kind of abuse to young Hinata. I assure you heads will roll for this atrocity."

"And my request for Inoichi?" asked the Doctor.

"Granted." said the Hokage in an iron tone. "As soon as he finishes mind walking those responsible for this crime I will send him your way."

ANBU Headquarters

Naruto and Maya were being questioned about their friend Hinata and her recent behavior. Cat was used to dealing with Naruto so she gently explained that everything he could remember about Hinata's recent behavior would help in catching who was responsible. She also assured both children multiple times that Hinata was under the best care possible and the Hokage was personally involved. They were taken to separate rooms to be interviewed. Naruto was pleasantly surprised when he saw who was interviewing him. "Anko-chan!" he said excitedly. "Boy am I glad to see you! I can actually trust you to write down the truth."

Anko and Naruto had known each other for years due to their ongoing war as to whether ramen or dango was the true food of the gods. This had resulted in many prank wars but most importantly they trusted each other very deeply. Neither one of them gave a damn as to what the general population thought of them and Anko often helped Naruto with his taijutsu and evasion as she beat him into the ground. She'd also helped him with his weapons training and the two had grown close although the ramen/dango war was still going strong….

"I'm glad to see you too blondie." said Anko. "I heard your friend Hinata you told me about got hurt pretty badly. I need you to tell me about it as a witness. Don't leave anything out but don't exaggerate either. This needs to be the absolute truth because this is a legal document for the Hokage. It's just like a ninja report you would give as a ninja once you graduate. Now tell me when you started noticing things were wrong with Hinata."

Naruto nodded somberly and said, "Well, starting about six months ago Hinata-chan started coming to the Acedemy really sore and said it was because she was practicing her juken training so hard but…"

Maya was with Cat who more or less explained things as Anko had to Naruto. She could tell Maya was very nervous being inside ANBU Headquarters unlike Naruto who was a regular because of his pranks 'That kid has balls of steel. He even called our head of Torture and Interrogation Ibiki-chan right to his face and he never admitted to anything even after hours of interrogation. Admittedly we didn't go all out on him because he's a minor but still…"

"Ummm…Cat-san? Did you want me to tell you what happened?" asked Maya wondering why the Cat masked woman was staring off into space.

Cat blushed under her mask. "Sorry, I was lost in thought. I need you to tell me when you first noticed anything different about Hinata at the academy."

Maya looked thoughtful and said, "After our mid-terms Hinata-chan seemed shyer than normal and wasn't doing as well in spars. She slowed down a lot. Before long she started coming in hurting and said she'd overdone it sparring at home. I told her she needed to give her body time to recuperate but it progressively got worse. Now I think she's been being abused and has been hiding it…"

Hyūga Compound

"What do you mean Hinata-sama is missing?! We haven't had time for our medics to treat her yet! Find that girl at all costs!" yelled a main house member with a panicked look on his face as branch house members scattered in a fearful flurry of activity.

Hanabi poked her head around the corner. 'Heal her? What happened to Hinata nee?' she thought puzzled.


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