AN: I'm abandoning this fic because I felt like I was just rehashing canon with slightly more angst and some gender dysphoria. I don't think the gender of Harry really changes the character. If anything, different gender identities just alter the way others would treat Harry, and since we're still pre-Hogwarts the story seems lacking. Below you'll find what I wrote a few months ago but never posted because I didn't know how to make it interesting, as well as the general timeline of scenes I would've written if I'd continued.

Harry had gotten a letter. A letter for Harry. It was so surprising, he just stood there for a moment, clutching the crisp envelope in his tiny hands.

"Boy what are you holding on to?" yelled Uncle Vernon.


"Don't lie to me you little-"

"He has a letter Dad!" said Dudley gleefully.

The letter was snatched out of Harry's hands before he could open it.

"That's my letter! It even lists my cupboard!" he shouted, quite frustrated at losing something that was solely his.

Aunt Petunia gasped. "They know where we keep him. They must be watching."

Uncle Vernon looked at his wife in a bit of a stupor as she started twitching.

"We must move him to another room. They can do all sorts of freakish things" Aunt Petunia finally said.

"But that's either the spare or Dudley's second bedroom. We can't give up Marge's room to the freak. And Dudley needs a place for all his things" complained Uncle Vernon.

While the two were busy fretting over the letter, Harry was busy trying to get it back. The letter was stuck in Uncle Vernon's beefy hand. Maybe if he just slowly pried the letter out Harry could finally read what it said. Unfortunately, Dudley chose to be quite aware of the situation and interrupted his parents. "Mum, Dad, the freak is trying to get the letter." Angry at the nerve of Harry, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia sent him to Dudley's second bedroom to clean. They would've sent him to the cupboard, but the idea of freaks watching them made them act carefully.

As Harry cleaned the second bedroom he realized that Dudley was gross. Not that this was a surprise really, but Dudley was super wasteful. More so than Harry had ever considered. There were toys that had never been used and games that had been tossed aside after one use. It was a huge contrast to his own cramped cupboard which until today had housed not only himself, but three spiders and cleaning supplies.

Harry really wished he could have the letter, though. While a change in scenery was definitely appreciated, the knowledge that someone out there knew him and scared the Dursleys was even more welcome. Harry wondered what it could be about. The letter had felt heavy and thick and even had a wax seal. It had been addressed to 'Mr. H. Potter' in emerald ink. Seeing his name like that made Harry feel quite posh. How could he get the letter back? Later that night in the second bedroom, Harry dreamed of flying letters.

After waking up, once again, Harry had received a letter and once again, he wasn't allowed to have it. Harry was frustrated. Why wouldn't the Dursleys let him have the letter? He knew that they didn't like him but what was so harmful about the letter? He decided to sneak out the next morning and get the letter before anyone else was up. He did his chores dutifully the rest of the day and tried to be as unsuspicious as possible.

The next morning, Harry did not get his letter. Instead, he got a furious Uncle Vernon with a very red face. Apparently Uncle Vernon didn't take too kindly to having his face stepped on in the early morning. Uncle Vernon had slept in front of the door, blocking Harry from accessing the mail. Harry felt horrible. He was glad the person kept sending letters but also worried that they might stop since he hadn't responded yet. So far, Uncle Vernon had burned every single letter before Harry could even open them!

The next day, owls appeared. Lots and lots of owls. The owls had letters attached to them and wouldn't quit hooting. The Dursleys were less than pleased. Harry was first amused and then a little terrified. What was Uncle Vernon going to do now that the perfection of Number 4 Privet Drive had been compromised with freakish owls? It turned out he responded with nails, a hammer, and extreme isolation. Uncle Vernon locked all the windows and shut all the blinds. He shut the mail slot. He blocked the small space underneath all the doors.

As the normal mail route had been disturbed and there were no more open windows for owls to hoot through, Harry was sure that the person wouldn't be able to send any more letters. He was wrong. The confused milkman handed two dozen eggs along with two dozen letters tucked around the eggs to Aunt Petunia through the living room window. Aunt Petunia had been less than pleased.

After the egg incident, Harry decided to try and appease the Dursleys as much as possible. The next morning was a Sunday so Harry made a full English. They couldn't hate him when he had made them such a tasty fry up right? Uncle Vernon was pleased at least. "No post on Sundays boy!" he smirked. Harry nodded his head in agreement. He felt a bit disappointed. If the person had managed a chorus of post owls, couldn't they have also sent him some letters today? Harry just really wanted to know why this person was so interested in him. He was just Harry!

Suddenly, a loud Whoosh interrupted the meal. It sounded like it came from the fireplace. Everyone got up and went to the parlor. That was a big mistake. There was a whirlwind of letters in the parlor. Harry tried to snatch one but Dudley pushed him to the ground. As Harry looked up from his crooked glasses he saw Aunt Petunia trying to catch as many letters as she could while Uncle Vernon was getting out as many matches as he could find. "Enough of this! We're leaving tonight!" shouted Uncle Vernon.

"That night Harry and the Dursley's rode to the coast. It was dark and crowded. Dudley kept kicking Harry as Uncle Vernon held onto the steering wheel with clenched fists. Aunt Petunia was almost catatonic. Finally, after what seemed like the longest car ride ever, they arrived at a sketchy looking dock.


Harry versus the "Boy-Who-Lived."

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Summary of the first year.

Harry feels trapped.

Harry wants Dobby to chill

Harry has a thrilling second year.

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Third year is drama.

Sirius Black needs to chill.

Harry has a good summer and then Death Eaters happen

Triwizard Tournament everyone sucks.

Harry's summer is the worst possible thing.

Umbridge is terrifying.

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Everything is fine.