Fox Maidens

Hagoromo Gitsune, still wearing Yamabuki Otome's body, left after returning Rikuo to the Nura Clan.

With only Kyokotsu and Gashadokuro left...they left together...wandering around in hopes to start anew.

For a thousand years she lived and wandered. All for her son but her son used and betrayed her. Even tried to kill her. Out of grief she wandered with Kyokotsu and Gashadokuro trying to cheer her up. By dying once again in the hands of her son, she was torn between two identities.

Hagoromo Gitsune only kept the name.

But she no longer felt like who she thinks she is.

'Hagoromo Gitsune' died...and Yamabuki Otome, the owner of her body...her soul went to the sleeping, deceased Rihan beneath the waters of Hanyou Village.

'She' is 'another new personality entirely' with memories of two women. A devoted loving mother and a devoted loving wife. These traits she inherited from them. Her power is mostly from Hagoromo Gitsune though.

Kyokotsu once asked her 'Onee-sama is still onee-sama...right? You didn't disappear did you...right...Hagoromo Gitsune-sama?'

She answered 'Of course I didn't disappear.' she said to her remaining, loyal follower. 'Otome and the fox both disappeared...but the bonds we have haven't disappeared haven't they?' she smiled jovially. 'That is me, right?'

She could never tell Kyokotsu that 'she's different'.

She may have their memories but she is no longer Hagoromo Gitsune or Yamabuki. But she kept the former name as her two remaining followers needed a leader. Someone who would guide them. Kyokotsu was emotionally loyal to her as her father was once a devoted follower of hers, and Gashadokuro followed her since the fox's first life.

She ordered Gashadokuro to sleep until her new heir is born in Kyoto...and took Kyokotsu with her, blending in with humans.

She wanted them to go to school and experience the current era even!

Living in Kyoto, in the mansion Hagoromo Gitsune took over by pretending to be the daughter of the rich man that lived there...they have it easy since.

She eventually met a man in College whom she fell in love with...and married.

Together, they have Nana, a daughter with brown hair and eyes with peach skin from her father, and her mother's beauty.

'She' was determined to do parenting right this time.

With Yamabuki Otome's hopes, she raised Nana to be a kind, gentle good girl, growing up to be prim and proper...while aware of her youkai heritage unknown to their human family.

Nana is well-trained in her family's 'Fear'...

The Fear of the Fox are able to overwhelm an opponent through the sheer immensity of their fear alone. It could be said that theirs is a fear which causes fear, and users often make use of a secondary fear to take advantage of an opponent's hesitation in the face of their 'presence'. In turn, foxes can attack with their tails as their main weapons, but over the years 'Hagoromo Gitsune' learned to use a Tessen, a Sword and a Spear.

She gave her daughter a Tessen with which, she manipulated a Blacksmith into making for her made out of sharp steel, and trained her in combat with it with her own Tessen while combining with the use of her Fear and her tail.

By age 20, during a business party hosted by Hagoromo Gitsune's human family...

Nana met Sawada Iemitsu.

It was love at first sight but...

'Dear, are you sure about this one?' Hagoromo Gitsune literally asked within earshot of the young man, his father and his boss and her own husband who was there to make a business deal and making arrangements with the love-at-first-sight pair. 'He...looks like a goofball.'

The men present face-faulted while Timoteo and his subordinates were in stitches in laughter.

'Hunny!' her husband gasped, gobsmacked.

'Mother!' Nana whined childishly.

Hagoromo Gitsune laughed.

'Oh well, whatever makes you happy even if he looks like a monkey.'

'Mother geeeeeez!'

Sawada Iemitsu thought he might not get along well with his would-be-mother-in-law...


Nana spent that year being wooed and courted by Iemitsu, while learning how to cook and do chores from the family servants.

However, Hagoromo Gitsune knew that Iemitsu, his father and his foreign boss and colleagues possessed a strange power.

A power close to fire. And they're all pretty strong too. She had Nana feel it and indeed, her boyfriend was more who he seems. There's secrets between two sides anyway. She's a fox, he has a strange power. Nana would wait until her husband is honest with her...or her daughter may inherit his power and she'll know then.

The wedding came and went. It was a big celebration in Kyoto...and Iemitsu took Nana with him to their new home in Namimori, a town miles west of Tokyo.

There, they lived and had a daughter, Tsunako. A name meaning 'Bonds of Light'.

Tsunako was another unique beauty...inheriting eastern and western beauty as Iemitsu is half-japanese half-italian. And Tsunako was born with the power of fire. Nana saw her daughter glowing in ember flame when she had her. She mailed her mother about it for help as she had no idea what to do.

Hagoromo Gitsune thus insisted that they live in Kyoto for four years, wanting to see her grandchild before they go back to Namimori. So they did. Well, the in-laws also wanted to see their granddaughter, it can't be helped.

So for the first, five years, they lived with the in-laws...with Hagoromo Gitsune privately terrorizing Iemitsu with reminders to take great care of her daughter...before moving back to Namimori.

While Iemitsu loves his wife, he can't stand his mother-in-law! Said beautiful mother-in-law is in her forties yet younger than she looked(she claims she uses beauty products to stall the inevitable), and scary as heck with a killing intent he was sure no frail-looking civilian woman could possess.

He got along better with the father-in-law.

'Kaa-san is super-scary...' he lamented to his father-in-law who laughed.

'Gitsune-chan is just overprotective and doting!' he said. 'While I was busy at work, she raised our Nana well.' he told the blonde. 'Some fool once tried to kidnap my wife and daughter for ransom money, she eviscerated them herself and I didn't know she has a sword until then!' Iemitsu gaped at that. 'She probably taught Nana-chan a few things herself...there's dangerous downsides to being rich after all.' he sighed. 'At least I'm sure they're protected while I'm stuck in my darn office...'

'This is...our house?' Tsunako piped up as she looked at their house. It was fairly big with modern tech appliances.

'Yes dear...this is safely big enough.' her father, Iemitsu smiled. 'If a house is too fancy, it'll invite bad guys like robbers in and cause trouble for us.' he said. 'It has five guest rooms though, big enough for one person each!'


'Well, if we had a mansion like your grandma and grandpa, it'll take quite the time to build a trustworthy security force, it'll be a hassle...' Iemitsu added. 'So by looking simple, we avoid even the most basic of dangers!'


And so, they began their new lives in their actual house.

Nana cut her long hair off into shoulder-length, while Tsunako kept hers long. With careful tutoring, she is capable of up to Grade Two education despite her age of...five. Grade Two education of Japanese, English, Math, Social Studies and Biology. Her 'P.E' at home was learning how to fight like a fox from her grandmother and mother, and accessing her tail. However, unlike her grandmother and mother, due to her father's side, she became a Fire Fox youkai who could use flames...and her tail, instead of reddish-brown like her mother's and grandmother's before the latter's fur turned white upon living really long, her tail was yellow-orange.

She was taught the most basic of fire techniques, Onibi by her grandmother so she has a means to defend herself if she was alone.

But alas, human witnesses must die so she must use her tail if a human sees her use her powers.

So no witnesses must remain.

Once her father goes back to work after a long vacation leave...her training will resume. In order to become a proper fox.