Chapter 1: And so it begins...

*Various News Feeds*

"You-Know-You is dead. Spell backfired on the youngest Potter child (age 3 months) and destroyed his body..."

"Potter's long time friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, have been declared dead while fighting You-Know-Who while protecting the Potter's children..."

"Sirius Potter and his lightning bolt shaped scar has become the famous boy-who-lived for surviving the killing curse from You-Know-Who..."

"9 months to the day, after You-Know-Whos defeat, the Potters parents disinherit their eldest child (currently 3 years of age) for being a squib..."

"11-year-old Carol Danvers, formally Potter, has made it to the national gymastics championship..."

"12-year-old Carol Danvers, has lead her soccer team to victory in the youth division..."

"13-year-old Carol Danvers wins National Baseball competition, boys division. Can this youth be stopped..."

"14-year-old Carol Danvers wins National Youth Debate..."

"15-year-old Carol Danvers wins National Math Tournament..."

"New York has a new heroine, Ms. Marvel..."

"Eleven years today former Head Grunnings Public Relations, Vernon Dursley, passes away when unidentified space debris crashed into his office building, no other casualties though the Mr. Dursley's 6-year-old niece, Carol Potter, whose birth parents are unreachable, who was in the building when the debris crashed into it, was said to irritated by an unknown form of radiation. Later her aunt put her up for adoption, stating she can't raise her and her son at the same time, where an American couple took her in..."

"Carol Danvers renounces British citizenship for her American citizenship..."

"Sirius Potter saves the Philosophers Stone from the now deceased DADA Professor..."

"Sirius Potter slays the monster of the Chamber of Secrets and rescues the youngest Weasley child..."

"James Potter has taken the Dueling positon at Hogwarts after his sons second year there, after said class has been disbanded a decade earlier..."

"Dudley Dursley, age 14, was arrested today for procession of the illegal drug MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) and was convicted to the maximum extent of the law..."

"Peter Pettigrew has escaped Azkaban, readers are advised of this highly dangerous Death Eaters is also a rat animigus..."

"Petunia Dursley was checked into a mental hospital after loosing her late husband in the unfortunate accident at Grunnings, nearly a decade before, and had her son sentenced into Juvienile..."

"New Yorks newest super herione Ms. Marvel stops the Magneto and his Brotherhood, with the help of the mutant heroes, the X-Men, from attacking various world leaders at the UN..."

"Ms. Marvel speaks up for pro-mutant rights..."

"New York's crime rate reaches record low thanks to the combined efferts of Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel..."

"Hogwarts hosts the first Triwizard Tournament in over 150 years..."

"Pettigrew still at large after searching all of the British Isles for him..."

"The Avengers stopped Loki's invasion of Frost Giants in the state of Washington..."

"The Fantastic Four stops Mole Man's conquest of the 'Surface World'...

"New York City is considered the Superhero capital of the world..."

*End Various News Feeds*

"I am Uatu, the Watcher.

It is my duty to observe, but never interfere, with the course of all existence on Earth, as it is for my brethren across the universe and multiverse. I am to simply watch events unfold, but I have already broken my vow of non-interference on a small number of occasions. I have taken a…likeness to the Earth.

I have watched your greatest of explorers, become your greatest heroes.

I have seen you turn an accident, into triumph.

I have seen selfless acts define a life time.

I have witnessed the flash of genius define the future.

I have seen legends born and return when most needed.

I have seen adversity turn into purpose.

Over and over I have watched this and so much more, because that is that is the bequeathed to me by the universe.

As for humanity, I fear that the greatest of challenges has yet to come..."

-August 25 6:38 P.M.-

Carol Jane Danvers (formally Potter) did by no means have a miserable life. She got decent grades in school, better than most, in fact. She was a teacher favorite in most cases. And a lot of people at her school seemed to like her, even if they didn't know her that well. She knew that she considered beautiful. Aside from two or three Ex-boyfriends that where a little to territorial and aggressive when it came to their title, and the one girl that her 'boyfriend' was dating when the two of them hooked up, she couldn't think of any 'arch-enemies' that she had, even at her second job.

And even her life outside of school was good. She held a steady, part-time job at a kiosk in the local mall. Her main job there was to 'look pretty and draw young men over so they can buy stuff.' Something which her boss said she had a natural talent for, and could lead her to maybe operating a kiosk of her own someday.

"What's up Danvers?" the annoying voice of her ex-boyfriend, Eugene 'Flash' Thompson, slipped into her ear. He was standing right behind her at the kiosk she was tasked with operating. It was her job to sell cellular phones to passing customers, which was not the easiest job in the world when you where right next to a store that specialized in selling them. Carol had more than once told this to her boss, and suggested that he see about moving the cart so that it was closer to the entrance of the mall.

The man had ignored her, whether out of spite, the fact that she was a girl, or the fact that he was stoned, she did not know. All she knew was that she had to keep up her sales, or risk being replaced. Although she knew that her boss had a hard time keeping workers, because of his lazy habits. He had, at one time, told her that she was getting a pay cut which would put her at less than the legal minimum wage. It was only after she had brought up the law that he hushed up, and never mentioned it again.

So, she was able to keep her job, at least. Although the aforementioned specialized store nearby had offered her a position on several occasions. The only thing that kept Carol from accepting was the fact that their company had a strong anti-mutant policy. Even though it was technically illegal to not hire someone because they where a mutant, most businesses did just that. Although they usually placed it under the reasons of 'just not right for us', 'we've gotten so many applicants...' or 'not the right qualifications'. No, she didn't apply there out out of spite, and the fact that she had gotten powers from that space wreckage and they might believe that she is a mutant.

"Danvers," Flash Thompson said as he poked her in the back, "I'm talking to you. You should pay attention to your customers." He smirked as she turned around, and gave an exasperated sigh. Te last thing she anted to do at the moment was deal with him. She sized her ex up, noting his football jacked, which was worn and dirty. She vaguely remembered something about school football practices starts before the school term started. By the stains on his clothes, and his sweaty face, she guessed that he hadn't showered since the game had ended. Quite possibly all day, even.

"Well," Carol said, grabbing the nearest cell phone package within her reach. "Can I interest you in our special sale on blackberries?" She asked, using her most annoying, high-pitched tone, which caused a look of slight disgust to cross his face, before he regained his composure. "For only $89.99, this lovely little..."

"I'll buy one," Flash said as he stretched out an arm, "but you gotta plant one right here," he smirked as he pointed towards his lips, which he puckered. Almost like he was actually expecting her to kiss him. And after the way they had broken up, she had half a mind to smack him on the spot.

"I'm sorry," the voice of Carol's co-worker Denise, who was returning from her break, said as she approached. Denise was five years older than Carol, and had been working at the kiosk for a total of four years. She had been the one to show Carol the ropes, not the manager. Denise was also the one who had told Carol that she could be running the place if she kept it up. And she was also a very stalwart friend, and wasn't above verbally abusing the likes of Flash Thompson. After all, she had done it before. "But we don't accept that kind of payment here. Cash or credit only."

"Whatever," Flash replied with a huff as he turned on the spot and stormed away. Much to the apparent amusement of his friends, who where standing a few feet away from them. All of them where laughing hard as he walked away. But Carol didn't notice, instead returning her attention towards looking for potential customers.

"You know," Denise said as she put a hand on her hip. "Your shift ends in twenty. Why don't you just.."

"I can last 20 more minutes," Carol smirked as she jerked her head to the right, where Denise's current girlfriend was standing. "Alone," she mouthed with a tiny grin. She could tell that her friend was itching at the chance to get off early. However, they had a system in place. Whenever the manager wasn't there, one could leave early if it was a slow day. They only had to take turns. It was an unspoken rule, but one they did their best to honor. So, after a quick nod, Denise turned away and walked over to her girlfriend, and embraced her. This left Carol alone, which she enjoyed to a small degree.

The mall was closing down, and some of the shops where already vacant for the night. So there where no people staring at her, giving her looks, which was a good thing. People staring at her made her nervous. And when she was nervous, her powers began to act up. That was the reason she started taking Norm, to deal with the anxiety side. However, the effects only lasted six hours, and she hadn't taken a shot in eight. She would have to keep her cool for a few more minutes, before she could head home, and feel safe once again.

Soon, she was passing through the mall doors, and came out into the cool evening air. As she turned around the corner so nobody could see her, and lack of security cameras, was the change started, her clothes started changing into boots that came all the way up to her calves, a one piece spandex with a full body lighting bolt, along with a red sash around her waist, and a black domino mask over her face. Her golden blonde hair fell all the way to the waist and her sapphire blue eyes looked onward. She than started flying into the evening sky.

-Hogwarts 9:33 P.M. Staff Meeting-

The members of the staff included Albus Dumbledore, Minerval McGonagall, Flitwick, Servous Snape, Lily Potter (Muggle Studies), James Potter (Dueling), Alaster 'Mad-Eye' Moony (DADA).

"Has the Goblet of Fire been secured?" Dumbledore asked his staff.

"Minister Fudge and Madam Bones has assured me the Goblet will not be touched until the selection process will begin in October," Minerva assured the aged headmaster.

"Good, good," Dumbledore sat back in his chair, "Now onto more pressing matters. Has everybody's lessons plans ready for the upcoming year ready?"

"I think I can speak for all of us that our lesson plans are more than satisfactory," Lily responded.

Moody let out a snort of amusement but nobody paid attention, because of his paranoia.

"I swear with each passing year the 1st years are getting dumber and dumber," Snape piped up.

"Shut up Sniveralus," James responded, "We all know that you were a Death Eater and only because of Dumbledore is that you're not in Azkaban."

"Like you can do any better," Snape replied, "Your youngest is the so called 'Chosen One' and you kicked out your oldest for being a squib. I'd say you're more Death Eater than I."

"Calm down you 2," Dumbledore interveined. "This isn't the time or place for school boy grudges."

James snorted in disapproval and Snape glared to glare at the Potter patriarch for a few more seconds. Before the meeting continued.

After the meeting only the Potters remained in the headmasters office.

"How's your sons training coming along?" Dumbledore asked.

"He's progressing rather well," James replied, "He's giving me a run for my money."

"Are you teaching any lethal spells?" Dumbledore asked concerned.

"Heavens no," Lily replied. "I won't let my precious Sirius become like those animals during the war."

"Good. Our world needs as many descent witches and wizards to make sure we have enough numbers in case the muggles react violently if, if, they discover us." Dumbledore replied

"Muggles outnumber us a million to 1," Lily stated.

"We know sweet heart," James tried to reassure his wife. "They may have numbers but we are stronger than the muggles, since we have magic."

"But still..." Lily started.

"For the moment we don't need to worry about the muggles as they are generally unaware of our existance," Dumbledore reassured the woman with a grandfatherly expression on his face. "We have more pressing matters at the moment."

Lily caved and nodded in agreement.

-Above New York City 7:39 P.M.-

Carol just loved flying. It felt like all of her worries were left back on the ground, as she flew threw a white fluffy cloud, nothing could touch her up hear. Her boss, her ex-boyfriend, the muggers, the corruption, and even the super villains that plague this city like a swarm of locusts. She wasn't in any hurry to get home as her parents (the ones that adopted her) were probably to busy at their work. Her father was in charge of his division of decoding various transmissions to protect Americas assets and she could swear that it was a 24 hour job. As for her mother a secretary to a no name division director at OsCorp. Even though they both work long hours at their jobs they barely made ends meat to support themselves and her, that's why she have that stupid job at the mall in the first place. At least she didn't have to live with the Dursley's anymore, no telling how she'd turn out if she continued living with them. She would weather be dirt poor than to have anything to do with her former family.

She than dropped down to city level as she passed the new Stark Tower, which she thought was an eye sore at best. As she flew around the city a couple of times before finally landing in her back yard and changed into her normal clothes.

She then entered the house through the back door and turned on the lights and cried out, "Hello!"

She got no response by the time she got into the kitchen and she noticed a not laying on the dining table and read, 'Dear Carol we will be home by 1 in the morning, dinner is in the fridge. Love Mom and Dad.'

Carol mearly sighed at this and pulled out a couple of slices of pizza and put them in the microwave.

To Be Continued...

A/N: Carol isn't considered the Child-Who-Lived, her younger brother is considered the Child-Who-Lived.

I also know in the mainstream comics that Carol Danvers has 2 brothers but I'm going to cut them out of this story.