Hey guys, Flipkicks here and bring you the crossover you guys been demanding for me to write and bring back up after 'canceling' The Reaper of Beacon. This will start out the exact same way I previously wrote but things will be different in the romance department.

Ichigo will see Ruby as a little sister and the other girls are up for debate.

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Second Semester: A new Face

Beacon Academy: front entrance

It's a sunny day at Beacon Academy, after a brief break of fighting Grimm and fighting the baddies, the group known as RWBY were sure talkative when they heard they were getting some new faces and some transfer students from different Academies throughout the world.

"I wonder what are we going to do?" Ruby questions her friends as they walk towards the main fountain.

"Same here but I hope that there are some cute boys in the classroom." Yang commented with a smirk on her face, but only to get a hit in the back of the head from the black haired teen with a bow on her head, her name is Blake Belladonna. "Ow! Blake!"

"You should focus on studying and fighting the Grimm instead of finding a boyfriend." Blake stated plainly to her friend/partner.

"But still, I wonder who are the new faces that we are currently seeing." said the white haired heiress, Weiss Schnee. The group sees various new students walking, talking to one another but one person caught their attention, a teen about 5'11 with a long, black-white and red coat with skull with flames insignia sewn into both shoulders. He also wears a red zip-up hoodie/vest underneath this coat, a navy muscle-shirt beneath that, and a pair of dark blue pants. They don't see his main weapon but they spot a double barreled revolver in his holder on the left side of his waist. His left sleeve is rolled up but his right sleeve was straightened and has a black glove covering his hand.

"Who's he?" Ruby questions her friends as they continue on staring at him, all of them shrugged on who he was. "There is something different with him thought." Her friends look at her confusingly, "His aura."

"It's dark but there is some light within him." Blake added as they look back to see him gone, vanished out of thin air. "Where did he?"

"It's rude to stare you know." He appeared behind them, spooking them in the process. "Why are you staring at me?" He questions all of them.

"Well uh..." Ruby tries to explain as he sighs annoyingly.

"Whatever...just don't stare." He stated coldly as he disappears instantly, shocking all of them.

"What the?"

"That was so cool!" Ruby says excitedly. "He SO as to teach me that!"

"Calm down Ruby. Besides, there is something dark about him." Blake says as she tries to find the man behind the hood. 'He's fighting something inside him, but why?' she thought as she wonders who this mysterious person is but they heard someones stomach growling.

"I'm hungry." Ruby stated as she rubs her stomach.

Ozpin's office.

As Ozpin continues on writing reports about the various missions his students partaken in the past few weeks.

"I wish I didn't need to write all of these reports." He whined as he takes a swig of his coffee from his mug. "Ahhh...good coffee." He sighs in relief as he hears a knock on the door, "Come in." The door opens, revealing it to be Glynda Goodwitch. "Ah Miss Goodwitch. What can I do you for?" He asks the Huntress.

"Did you read all of the student files?" She questions him.

"Most of them, why?" He cocks his eyebrow.

"There is one that I kept. Figured that you might want to know." She hands him a file that was labeled 'Top Secret' making him very curious on why it's a secret.

"Top Secret?" He mutters quietly as he opens the file to see a orange haired teen scowling.

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
D.O.B: July 17
Blood Type: A
Affiliation: None (Currently), Signal Academy (Formerly)
Team: None
Family: Unknown Mother and Father (Presumed Deceased) Glynda Goodwitch (Guardian)
Heritage: Soul Reaper (Father) Quincy (Mother)

Ozpin couldn't believe what he was reading on the files. This student happens to be The top student throughout the Academies. Ichigo Kurosaki belonged to a long lined of known huntsmen but they were all suddenly killed but Ichigo is the last of both kinds. Soul Reapers are rumored to be a myth mostly because there wasn't any recorded history but only black and grey pictures showed up of men and women fighting off Grimm with an unknown power of sorts and their main weapons were called Zanpakutos.

Quincies were also a myth since no one believed in 'supernatural' warriors that uses a power they have called Reiatsu (Soul Reaper's also have this power) and their powers shaped into a bow and arrow but they mysteriously disappeared as well.

"How did you meet Ichigo?" He looks at Goodwitch and asks her.

"I was a family friend of his parents before they were gone one day and I took Ichigo under my wing." She briefly explains to the headmaster of Beacon.

"I see, is there a reason why this was kept a secret?" He asks once more.

"Did you read 'The Incident'?" She asks as he looks back at the file, making that a no for an answer.

Couple of years ago during his time at Signal Academy, his class took a field trip to one of the Schnee Factories to know more of the Dust but there something caused an chemical explosion, triggering a fail safe in one of the rooms where Ichigo and his class were in but part of the room was sealed off, which happens to be have Ichigo and some members of his class were trapped. 4 of them died to do chemical exposure but only Ichigo survived the exposure but something drastic changed Ichigo's right forearm, something demonic and dark. From that moment forward; Ichigo became more anti-social and was nicknamed "The Reaper" due to his dark attitude and his power. No one from that day forward to mention or even talk to the orange haired teen.

"Demonic?" He looks at Goodwitch confusingly.

"No one knows what this power is. Only Ichigo knows the full extend of his demonic power but he has made no comment, not even telling me." Glynda remembers that Ichigo wouldn't even mention it to her not even talking it to her.

"You must had been hurt when he wouldn't want to talk about it with you." He looks up to see sadness in her eyes. "Must had been tough during those times. Hasn't it?" He questions the huntress..

"That's besides the point, I wanted to know if he has arrived yet." Goodwitch stated to him, who only shrugs.

"Can't you 'sense' your student or 'son'?" He asks the huntress, who only shook her head.

"Ichigo has been M.I.A. for the past couple of years and he just recently reappeared in our database system. This can't be a coincidence Oz." She stated coldly at him, scowling in the process.

"Well if you say this isn't coincidence, then why not get reacquainted with your son. I'm sure you have questions on what he's been up to for the past couple of years." He stated to her, leaning on his desk with his forearms on the table and with that said, Goodwitch then leaves the room. Ozpin smirks a bit, hoping to hear something good out of 'reunion' of Ichigo and Goodwitch.

Elsewhere: With Ichigo

With the students all in a hurry to grab their lunches in the cafeteria, the hooded teenager removes his hood; revealing his orange hair, brown eyes and a scowl on his face, his name is Ichigo Kurosaki.

'Seems the faunuses and humans are getting along just fine huh?' He oversees some faunus students talking with some of the humans but he can tell that some of the faunus students were covering their 'features' from their ears to their tails. For some reason: he felt a sharp pain coming from his chest, something his hurting his heart but he couldn't find the reason. Gasping for air and laying on his back, he tightens his fists together but he also felt something controlling his mind as his left eye turns red.

'Not now...' he thought as his right forearm started to change. "Power...I need...more power!" He declares with a grin on his face, influenced by something sinister within his own mind.

And that ends the chapter guys. Since I've been getting PM's about this story as to why I 'canceled' the first story, I don't want to get into it and please ask me why since I like to keep it private and personal.

For those of you wondering what will be the romance about, I'm open for ideas on who should be part of the harem based out of my first copy of the story with Ruby being out as I previously stated that she'll be more of the little sister to Ichigo.

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