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Batman woke up slowly. Groggy. Disoriented. He needed a minute to get his bearings. The lights on the walls and ceiling hurt his eyes. They adjusted quickly. The room didn't look too big. Kind of like an office. An office which clearly hadn't been used for a while. He kept looking around the room and from what he could see, it looked like the office inside what was most likely some sort of warehouse. An abandoned one, probably.

Batman attempted to stand up but was unable to, due to being bound to the chair he was seated on. There was five lines of rope around his chest, abdomen and arms, keeping his body on the chair, some rope keeping his legs firmly pressed against the chair legs and rope binding his lower arms to the armrests of the chair. Naturally, he tried forcing his way out but the rope was too thick and too much, plus the chair was bolted to the ground, so he couldn't break it using his own body. His looked down and also saw that his utility belt was gone. This wasn't a problem though. He would be out of this in a little over a minute. Two minutes, tops.

Firstly though, Batman had to figure out what had happened. He focused, trying to recollect his memories. He was after someone. A villain. Why? Because they managed to kidnap Robin. That just made Batman think a little more urgently, Tim was in danger. He managed to find out where he was and...it was a trap. But Batman knew that at the time. So how did he...that's right, Tim was the trap. He was rigged with some sort of sleeping gas to be released when he was carried out of the hideout. But who? A woman. Not Ivy, it's not her style. Not Catwoman, she wouldn't go that far, not anymore. It's nothing that elaborate, and Batman could escape from it pretty easily, meaning...

"Hiya Bats! I didn't make those ropes too tight on ya, did I?" Harley said as she entered the room.

"Harley." Batman growled as he saw her. "Where's Robin?"

"Ouch." She said as she feigned disappointment. "Always thinking about the boy-blunder. I think that's why it's never worked out between us."

Batman's expression didn't change, naturally. "Tell me where he is Quinn, and I promise to make your cell in Arkham comfortable."

"You're not exactly in a position to make threats, are you bat-brain?" Batman stayed silent, though not in agreement, as opposed to what Harley thought. "That's what I thought."

"What do you want, Harley? What have you done with Robin?" His voice stayed cool and collected, Harley really wanted to change that.

Harley strutted towards Batman, swaying her hips and putting on a sexy smirk. This was nothing new. What was new, was Harley getting up and straddling Batman's lap while putting her arms around his neck.

"The little birdie is fine. He was fun for a little while but it's the big bad bat that I want to play with." Harley teased, that playful smile staying in her face.

"Harley?" Batman wondered with a raised eyebrow. What was she getting at?

Harley giggled and ran her tongue up the side of The Dark Knight's face, up onto his cowl and finishing at the bat-ear. "Mmm. You won't tell Mistah J about this, right? I don't see why you would. You're bound to enjoy this as much as I will."

"Enjoy what Harley?" She wouldn't. Would she? Batman wouldn't be surprised if she did something like that but still, he would've expected her to put the Joker first.

"Enjoy this." Harley giggled and sat up straight on his lap. She took her hand and undid a string on her corset. Then undid another. And another. And another. And just kept undoing them until she reached the final string, lingering on that one and let the corset slide off her slender body and fall onto the cold floor.

She tried to find a reaction in his face but saw nothing. She made a 'hmph' sound and proceeded to remove her unpractically tight blouse, dropping that on the floor also.

She undid her bra strap but held her bra in place with her hands over her breasts, Batman still looking at her, deadpan, not even looking down at her chest for a second. "You know, I'm a little offended Batsy. I've only shown these puppies off to my puddin' and maybe Ivy once or twice but she's not important. Here I am, about to let it out for you and you don't show the slightest sign of wanting a peek."

The Crusader stayed silent, practically glaring into her soul.

"Fine." She said, clearly annoyed but made a smirk when her hands came down and she let her bra and breasts fall. Finally, she saw Batman's eyes focus on them. She giggled as he looked at her creamy tits and pointed nipples, which would have fit in his hand perfectly. To Harley's dismay though, he didn't really seem to be appreciating them. More like just seeing that they were useless round balls on her chest.

"Well, what do ya think?" Harley asked, striking a little pose with her upper body. Batman just looked back up at her with the same expressionless face. Harley sighed and looked disappointed. "I give up. I guess I'll just have fun with you however I want to."

Batman raised his eyebrow as a childish grin went back onto Harley's face. She cupped his face into her hands, leaned forward and pressed her cherry covered lips against his. It was a soft kiss but not romantic. It was teasing. She moaned into his mouth slightly as she slipped her tongue past his lips and attempted to coax his tongue to life, to no real avail. But she didn't really need to. He tasted good.

When she pulled away, she did so with a huge grin on her face. She got off of his lap and got onto her knees, tits still hanging out and hands on his thighs. Without a word she reached up his legs to his hips and began pulling at the bottom half of his batsuit, covering his legs. After a few tugs it began sliding down and they were surprisingly flexible considering how many bullets the suit has stopped before. Her eyes trailed up his so sexily muscular legs to the black boxers that he was wearing and Harley's grin grew three seizes when thought she saw the faintest outline of a bulge.

"Oh Batsy. Don't tell me that I actually managed to turn you on a bit." Harley teased and pulled his boxers down as quick as she could. Harley couldn't help but stare. It was already the size of Mr J's but she could tell that it wasn't even all the way up yet. Probably only about half way.

She ran her index finger up and down its semi-erect length, licking her lips hungrily. Her grin refused to leave her face as she watched the monster before her slowly awakened, getting larger and larger. Just in width alone, Harley was already sure that she would barely be able to take it but she always liked a challenge.

When it was almost all the way up, Harley leaned forward and licked the whole underside of his cock, taking in the taste of Batman. It was sweaty. Harley always wondered what it would be like underneath all that rubber and kevlar. It was delicious. She giggled and proceeded to wrap her whole hand around as much of it as she could - which wasn't the whole way around - and jerk him off. She made sure to make good use of her tongue, licking the head of her captive's dick and swirl around it, like some sort of lollipop.

"Mmm B-man, I hate to admit but you're so much tastier than Mistah J." Harley giggled as Batman finally became completely hard and saying that Harley was impressed is an understatement.

Harley was so focused on playing with her new toy that she barely noticed how much she wanted to play with herself. Her left hand squeezed itself down into her tights and under her panties so she could rub herself while she was rubbing Batman. Her fingers were putting pressure onto her erect clit as she felt her body heat up. She continued covering Batman's cock with her saliva, taking it and running her tongue over it from all angles, just getting wetter and wetter the more she tasted him. She wanted him inside her and she wanted it now.

She took her hands off him and out of her tights before standing up straight. Her boots came off quickly, flying to the other side of the room and her tights were no exception. The only things she had left on her were her gloves, her choker and her panties.

Batman couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when her saw that her panties were black with a bat-symbol on the front of them. Harley saw where his eyes were directed and giggled before pouncing and straddling his lap again.

"Believe it or not Bat-brain, I've wanted to do this for a little while now. You can't tell me that you haven't at least thought about ploughing me before." Harley said, looking at him with her wide smirk.


She sighed and shook her head before getting her grin back and adjusting her position so her slit was hovering over her captive's erection. She had a slightly nervous look as she moved her panties to the side and lowered herself, a look which was replaced with pain as she finally took his head in.

"Oh god, you're so...so big." Harley groaned as she hovered there in mid air. She hesitated for a moment then slammed herself down on the rest of Batman's cock making herself scream out in pain. She was too focused on the sharp feeling that she didn't notice the grunt that came from the dark knight.

She steadied herself a little, her arms going around the bat's neck before she rose herself up and slammed back down, getting a good bit of pleasure from it this time. Her rhythm continued, slowly rising and falling onto him until she was adjusted to his size, then she began bouncing up on him like a little child.

"Fuck! Your cock feels so good! Shit!" Harley moaned out as her cunt engulfed Batman's cock inside of her again and again. She could hardly think straight because of how good his dick felt. He wasn't even doing anything and yet it felt twice as good as Mistah J's.

She grinned in glee as she pounded herself, her delicious breasts bouncing up and down right along with her. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched, so she was too busy to notice Batman's eyes following the same movement as her tits.

"Oh fuck yes! Deeper! I want more!" Harley squealed as she adjusted her positioning a little, only allowing the huge cock to get further into her. She opened her eyes and looked down at Batman before leaning forward and smashing her lips into his, attacking his mouth with her tongue. Her breasts squeezed tightly against his chest as she moaned heavily into it and grinned when she felt his tongue attacking back, easily gaining dominance over hers. So he finally gave in.

"So you do like me fucking you?" She tried to tease when she pulled away but it came out as more of a moan. "Do you like that I'm about to cum all over you? I'm gonna fuck you until I cum all over this bat-dick!" She giggled maniacally, which turned into a moan which turned back into a giggle. The room was soon filled with slapping skin, moans and giggles echoing throughout it. With one hand still keeping her barely steady, the other reached up and grabbed one of her jiggling breasts, squeezing it roughly and giving herself even more to moan and cum from.

"I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M...AHHHHH" Harley screamed as her orgasm hit her. Her body convulsed and she rapidly squeezed Batman's dick unconsciously, drenching his cock with her sweet love juices. She rode out her orgasm as much as she could before all she could muster was a lazy grind while she came.

Harley was panting heavily when her orgasm was over and giggled childishly before smirking at Batman. "Would I be correct in saying that you enjoyed that much more than you let on?"

No response.

"Of course I would. But honestly B-man, that was amazing. So much better than Mistah J. Oh, don't tell him I said that." A look of worry on her face as she said the last line. She got up off him, wobbling a bit on her own two legs and placed her hands on her hips, looking undeniably sexy in that pose. "I think that I'm done with you Bats. I don't want to cheat on Mistah J too much. But maybe I could-"

Harley let out a high pitched squeal as Batman lunged and grabbed her. She tried to break free but before she knew it she was turned around and bent over the desk on the other side of the office.

"H-how did you-?! But the binds! I had you-" Harley incoherently complained.

"I could have escaped those whenever I wanted to. Now, you are going to tell me where Robin is." Batman asked, quickly restraining her hands behind her back and bat-cuffing them.

"Oh yeah, and why would I tell you that?" Harley challenged, straining to look back at her former captive turned captor. If she was able to turn her head all the way around, she would have seen the crusader smirk right before ripping off her bat-panties and impaling her tight pussy with his still throbbing member.

"Ahhhh!" She half screamed half moaned from the sudden intrusion and felt her walls clench tightly around him from the surprise but he didn't stop there. With no warming he pulled out and slammed right back into her again, and again, and again, and again. He was pounding into soaking cunt from behind against the desk, smacking her ass with his thighs and holding her bat-cuffed wrists behind her back, forcing her to take it whether she liked it or not.

Harley didn't like it. She loved it. All thoughts of not cheating on her puddin' too much were erased from her mind as she was fucked mercilessly by The Dark Knight. Her breasts rubbed against the cold hard wood of the desk with every pass just tantalizing her more and her g-spot was constantly abused by the angle that bats was going in, making her feel like electricity was crackling inside of her. In a good way.

"Oh Bats, give me that bat-cock! Right there! Harder B-man! Fuck my tight pussy!" All of her dirty talking from Mistah J seemed to pay off here as Batman's thrusts increased in speed and strength, driving Harley wild. All that could be heard from him were grunts as he plunged himself deep inside of her, reaching nowhere near the same decibel level as Harley.

"You're gonna make me cum again! Make your little slut cum Mistah B! Your clown whore of cock is cumming for you!" Harley squealed. That dirty talk was definitely conditioning from Joker but that didn't stop Batman from pounding into her. "FUCK MISTAH B! I'M CUMMING!"

Harley's high pitched scream filled the room as she came again, unable to stop her eyes from rolling into the back of her head and her back from arching along with her trembling body. Batman's cock was coated in a second layer of her cum, along with her thighs as she dripped some from her rapidly clenching pussy.

Her orgasm died down slowly, with her face make-up being all over the place, her body sweating profusely and her collapsing on the table, panting heavily. She didn't even catch her breath before she felt a hard head, dripping with pre-cum against her puckered asshole.

"Tell me where Robin is." Batman demanded but Harley was too worn out to answer. "Tell me where he is and I'll give you one last ride."

He squeezed his cock into her ass slowly, her cum being a perfect lubricant letting it slide in easily enough. The pain was still there for Harley but the pleasure she got from her ass being filled was so much more. She finally regained her breath and a bit of energy and wiggled her ass a little, trying to get Batman to pound her again.

"Please fuck my ass Mistah B. I'll be a good little clown slut and tell you where the bird is. Just please fuck me." Harley begged, trying her best to get some friction from the cock currently filling her up.

Batman decided to oblige her and with both hands tightly gripping her hips began thrusting himself into her ass. Harley's moans picked up again, along with the sound of slapping skin. Harley just loved it in the ass, more than anywhere else. With Mistah J or with Poison Ivy, the ass was her favorite place to get fucked. She'd always have to do all kinds of messed up acts for Mistah J before he would even slip a finger into her asshole.

"Fuck my whore ass B-man! Spank me like a little slut!" The spanking Harley was only sort of into, not really. But with the way Mistah J got her to have sex, the things she said were kind of second nature to her now.

Batman obliged again however and brought a swift hand down onto her asscheek, making it ripple and making her squeal suddenly in the middle of one of her moans. Harley wasn't lasting long here, she was already on the verge of cumming. A few more spanks from Batman and that did it for her.

She came again, her pussy leaking out juice all over her and Batman's thighs while Batman finally followed suit and shot rope after rope of sticky cum deep inside her satisfied asshole. The hot spunk sank deep inside her dark tightness and even when Batman pulled out, three more sticky ropes of cum shot out and landed on Harley's now red asscheeks.

She lay on the table, her legs practically just dangling off of it, barely supporting her weight. She had a wide grin on her face while her eyes were closed, feeling absolutely exhausted.

"Where's Robin?" Batman asked simply, his dick going soft as he stood behind her.

"Robin...the bird...he's with...with...Ivy." Harley muttered out, barley able to get the words out. "Botanical Gardens...central Gotham..."

Batman quickly put the rest of his suit back on and looked at Harley, laying there asleep now. Naked. He called the GCPD and informed them of Harley Quinn's location before leaving the warehouse and taking off into the night to go after his kidnapped partner.