Every morning is the same.

Thompson smiled at the sight of Peggy through the windows in his office. Her desk was covered with neat stacks of paperwork, and agents swarmed around her like

"Sousa here is everything on Walowitz"

"Jameson, your security detail has been set in place, you should to be able to get inside without trouble"

"Where is the Kennedy file?"

"Jane your dress looks lovely today. Could you get Thompson to fetch me some tea?"

"I need an agent willing to work uncover for a 3 day assignment"

"Thompson! Where is my tea!"

Thompson chuckled, carrying said tea over to her.

"Coming Carter, calm down" He set the mug on her desk- Earl Grey, one sugar, no milk, just the way she liked it- and placed a hand on her tense shoulder. She glanced up at him irritably.

"If you are going to confine me to a desk job, you could at least prevent me from passing out due to dehydration." She said, sipping her tea experimentally. She never quite trusted anyone not of British origin to prepare "proper tea."

"Oh come on now" he said with his trademark smirk. "We can't have our best agent passing out, now can we? In these past two weeks you've helped wrap up a dozen cases for as many agents." He massages her should lightly, hoping to drive away the stress.

"Well I suppose thats true" she said, sipping her tea wholeheartedly, evidently satisfied. "You boys certainly need all the help you can get" she raised an eyebrow to accompany her smirk.

"And besides, it only a few more months" Thompson reminded her, slipping a hand over her swollen belly. "Then I'm sure you will be back in the field in no time."

She reluctantly smiled at him, still trying to hold onto her morning mood. Eventually she caved, interlacing her fingers with his so that their matching rings overlapped.

"Well then I guess it will all be worth it" she said, as she finally reached up to kiss him.

Thompson laughed before crouching down in front of his wife's stomach.

"You'd better look out" he told his unborn child. "Your mommy's a total badass."