The cast of rk and the authoress are all sitting on the empty stage from the story with pieces of paper scattered all about then. Kenshin, Kaoru and the rest are skimming through these as the authoress sits at the piano that Kaoru used, picking out a few simple tunes with her index fingers.

Kaoru: So, you're saying that this was just a practice fic?

Selene: Mm hm... ( makes a lame attempt at playing "chopsticks" ) I wanted to see what kind of response I'd get for a "straight" au fic, plus I wanted to try a few ideas as well. This is what I really want to do now. ( tosses a script to Soujiro and Misao )

Soujiro and Misao: ( skim through the document briefly before turning bright red, Misao particularly)

Misao: You want me to WHAT?!

Selene: ( winks ) Don't worry, it's gonna be a lot of fun.

Soujiro: I'll say ( grin )

Misao: Stop taking her side, Sou!

Selene: ( shrugs and switches to "Mary had a little lamb" )


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