Author: Hello, everyone! This is my first new story I've had in a while. This idea has been bouncing around in my head and I decided to finally write it out. I know this is a very overused plot, but I was unhappy with the ones that I saw so I decided to make my own. This chapter is incredibly short, but more will be uploaded shortly.

Note: This is post-Blood of Olympus. However, to avoid spoilers for those of you who haven't read it, I will not mention the events in the Blood of Olympus (also partly due to my unhappiness with that book in general). So let's just pretend that everything after the Mark of Athena worked out perfectly and everyone lived and everyone is happy with all the same things that they had in the Mark of Athena. In this story, there may be mentions of the war in general, but no details for now. I may include the other five, plus Nico and Thalia and Reyna and all them, but that's up in the air for now.

Anyway, thank you for reading! Enjoy!

"She probably has the blue dinner ready for us on the table." Percy said to Annabeth as they approached the apartment door. Annabeth giggled to herself while Percy turned the knob and pushed open the door.

He expected to see his mom setting the table with Paul. Instead, Sally Jackson was running around in such a focus that she didn't even notice Percy and Annabeth's entrance.

"Mom?" Percy called. Sally did not even look up. Percy looked at Annabeth, but then turned back to Sally, who was rushing between rooms. "Mom!"

"What?" Sally snapped from her focus and whipped her head towards Percy. At first she was startled, but her warm smile returned to her face. "Oh, welcome home. And hello, Annabeth!"

"Hi, Mrs. Jackson."

"Listen, Percy." Sally said quickly before either teenager could say more. "I think its time for a vacation."

"A vacation? To where?"


"Australia?! Why of all places-"

"We have to go visit family."

"Dad's palace-"

"I have family on my side too, Percy." Sally reminded. Percy couldn't help but chuckle.


Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Seaweed Brain..." She muttered.

"You remember your Aunt Lisa, don't you?" Sally asked. "You know, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Neil! Emma, your cousin! And Elliot too!"

"So we're going to see them? Right now?" Percy arched an eyebrow.


"Why? We haven't seen them in years."

"That's exactly the reason! We haven't seen them in years! Things were always happening, not to mention the world needing saving, thanks to you two. But I want to take this chance now! Before I lose you again! I want us all to go and celebrate my sister's birthday!"

"Mom, you aren't going to lose me again..." Percy quickly assured. Sally's eyes saddened, despite her kind smile. She turned towards Annabeth.

"And Annabeth, you must come with us too. Emma is your age and I'm sure she'd love to meet you."

Annabeth flinched, surprised to be invited on a family holiday like this.

"Oh, I don't want to impose-"

"You're not! Now we have to pack quickly. As soon as Paul gets here, we have to get going."