Jessie layed awake in her bed that night, the bright lights of New York piling on to her anxiety. Leaving tomorrow was going to be on of the hardest things she was going to have to do.

Out of everyone, it was clear that Luke was going to take it the worst. It wasn't just because he was in love with her, they worked on the understanding on how that would work, it was because it was necessary for him to have a figure like Jessie in his life.

So Jessie sat there, staring out the window, listening to the noise of the city at night, when it was at its most rhythmic.

Finding somewhere to go would be a problem, but a problem she's handled before. She wanted it out of her mind, it only caused her hurt.

She wanted something to eat, as her last bit of food was hours ago. She slipped into a light blue shirt and grey pajama bottoms, before quietly exiting her room.


The penthouse was quiet, save for Bertram's obnoxious snoring. Everyone's doors were closed and everyone was sound asleep. Jessie took the trip down the hallway out through the living room and darting right into the kitchen. She turned on one of the many lights, the farthest one that no one would be bothered by. Or at least so she thought, because after she flicked it on she heard a bedroom door open and close, one of Emma's known signs that she was bothered.

Jessie rushed back to her room, ever so quietly, as Emma was tired and had a short temper. Not a good combination. She waited in her room for awhile, until she couldn't hear anyone slashing about, trying to sleep, only the rough snoring.

According to her ears, everyone was asleep and no one to disturb her late night snack and think. She tip toed towards the fridge, extra careful this time to not make any noise. She didn't turn on the lights and avoided any troublesome floorboards. Ever so slightly and quietly, she opened the fridge up. She turned on her attack mode, shuffling through the food as quick as she could in a desperate pursuit to satisfy her hunger.

Just what I was looking for she thought.

In the end though it wasn't what she wanted, but she would never admit that to herself. Living in an easy lie of midnight leftover Shwarma was much simpler then facing what she would be leaving behind. Especially because she only had to lie to herself.

With a snack in one hand and a John Green novel in the other, she had set up a few worry free hours, where her problems didn't exist and everything always worked out in the end for her.

She had that feeling at least before she saw Luke on the balcony.