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Chapter 13: Problem

"Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep."


"Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep."


"Beep. Beep. Beep. Be-"

"Naruto-kun!" said Shizuka while clamping Naruto's mouth shut with her hands on either side of his face. "Stop making that beep noise. Okay?"

Naruto just nodded his head as Shizuka smiled sweetly. The only reason Naruto was saying 'beep' was due to the monitor he was hooked up to that continuously made the noise. An EKG machine that monitored his heart and chakra network.

Reason for his monitoring was because Naruto kept accessing the Kyubi's chakra without consciously doing so. It'd happened several times with Shizuka and that just wasn't good. Mainly because Naruto had no clue why it was happening. And Kurama hadn't even spoken since the incidents started.

"Kurama? You still not talking?" questioned Naruto, looking at his furry partner.

Kurama could be seen easily within the confines of Naruto's seal. He wasn't sleeping. He wasn't resting his head. Kurama was just sitting there with a weird blank stare in his frightening eyes. It was eerie to see.

"I don't know what's going on but I'm here if you need me." thought Naruto, turning around to return to reality. He missed Kurama turning his head to look at him as he'd already begun to vanish from his mind. Coming to reality, Naruto saw Shizuka looking at the patches hooked up to his chest and arms. "Hey."


"So. What are you doing this evening? Got any plans?"

"None right now. My boyfriend is under intensive watch by his leader though, so there's not much I will probably do besides check on him."

"Ah. A boyfriend. Of course someone as pretty as you would have one."

"Mhmm. He's a shinobi."

"Must be some shinobi. Telling me about him won't detract from my intentions with you." said Naruto, moving some strands of Shizuka's hair from her face to behind her ear. "I'd love to take you on a date this evening if possible."

"Just a date? You can do better than that can't you?"

"I can." said Naruto, leaning over to kiss the Nadeshiko kunoichi. "I will." kissing Shizuka some more. "And I'm going to."

The kiss started off gentle but grew in fervor as seconds began to pass. The two paid no mind to the increased beeping coming from the EKG machine or Naruto's now elongated fangs. The more the tempo of the beeps increased, the more Naruto began to change. His whisker marks darkened, nails grew, and his seal displayed itself. The orange cloak began to show itself as well before the door to his room opened.

"Well done Shizuka. Shizune's theory was right though it wasn't hard to guess." said Tsunade, getting Naruto to look over at her. Shizuka was still trying to kiss Naruto until Tsunade coughed loudly. "Right. Well done Shizuka."

"Hehe. Sorry, got caught up in it." said Shizuka, straightening out her hair and clothing.

"Hmm. So this was an experiment..." said Naruto, looking at his arm as the vibrant orange cloak wisped in and out. It looked different but Naruto knew exactly what it was. "This is definitely Kurama's chakra."

"It certainly doesn't look like the cloak you normally have. Does it feel different?"

"Controlled. Before it felt wild, chaotic. It's still that way but..controlled. Plus I don't feel the need to rip anyone's guts out like usual."

"Mhmm. Your fox buddy know anything about it? It's his chakra."

"He hasn't spoken since this started. Even when I went to check on him again just now." said Naruto, patting his stomach. "He looks fine. His chakra feels normal. He just won't speak. Could something be wrong?"

"Possibly mental. Because physically, you're still you. Vital signs are normal. The only major difference is your reaction time and speed." said Tsunade, tapping Naruto on the knee. Though her finger didn't touch his knee because Naruto caught it off reflex. "You react to things that shouldn't be possible. Even more than you usually could."

"When I'm using Kurama's chakra I do see things faster. Could that-"

"Stop. Seeing things faster isn't a thing gaki." chided Tsunade before tapping him on the temple. "Your brain simply processes the images seen faster. You don't see it faster. That's illogical. Your synapses are just quicker and I'm assuming since you're not trying to keep from killing everything around you like normal with the fox's boost, you're that much more concentrated on the things around you."

"So I'm using Kurama's chakra without complications?"

"It would seem so. Only a guess. But it seems to only happen when your adrenaline is flowing." said Tsunade, watching the orange flames cease to exist. The EKG machine was slowing down in correlation with it as Tsunade decided to test that theory once more. "Shizuka. If you would."

"I like this experiment." said Naruto after a moment of Shizuka making out with him. The flames came back as Naruto held up a palm. "Wonder what a jutsu is like with this."

"Jutsu? No wait-"

It was too late though as Naruto began to channel a Rasengan. Naruto immediately noticed it wasn't a regular one though. Rather than the blue chakra he was accustomed to, Naruto saw black chakra mixing with white that confused him immensely. The chakra was heavy too as Naruto strained to hold his arm up before the ball destabilized and blew up in his face.

"I'm going to kill that kid one day if he doesn't kill himself." said Tsunade, watching Naruto plow through the wall of his hospital room.

"Sorry. Sorry. Accident..." said Naruto, stepping through the hole in the room. Naruto saw the displeased look on Tsunade's face and just grinned innocently. "Jutsus bad in that mode. Got it. Anything else? I have a date to go on."

"Yes. Do nothing that will increase your adrenaline."

"Wait...say what now?"

"You heard me gaki. Don't access that by kissing your girlfriend, working out too hard, or anything." said Tsunade, watching Naruto's eyes go wide.


"No buts. I won't have you inadvertently releasing the Kyubi because you're trying to lose your virginity."

"I'm not even a virgin."

"You're not?" questioned Tsunade, looking at Shizuka.

"I still am."

"If it wasn't with...then who do you.."

"You do realize I was with a self-proclaimed super pervert for three years?" questioned Naruto plainly, removing the patches from his body. "Sensei said he couldn't have a pupil that was still ignorant to women. So that first year, before I met hime, we went to a brothel. And-"

"I'm killing him. I'm so killing him." said Tsunade, storming out of the room. "Nothing strenuous gaki. Or I'll kick your ass too."

"Bummer. That poses a problem for our date." said Naruto, unhooking the patches from his torso.

"It does?"

"Yeah. A picnic for lunch and sex afterwards was easily three hours long." said Naruto, letting out a sigh as he redressed. "Since we can't do the latter per ba-chan's orders, what should we do for the other 178 minutes?"

Shizuka just smiled at Naruto's terrible joke before pecking him once. Naruto smiled back before being lead out of the hospital by his girlfriend.

"I'm sure we'll think of something."

(Later that day)

"So Ichiraku-san taught you to cook?"

"That he did. Ichiraku's was my safe haven. Still is really. And since I was and am there so much, I picked up a few things."

"When you retire as a ninja, you should be a chef." said Shizuka, rubbing her stomach jovially. "That was so good. Thank you for taking me out."

"Of course hime. It was fun."

"Yes it was."

"Though I do wish that we could-" started Naruto before stopping. Shizuka turned to where Naruto was now looking and saw Anko and Ino both standing there. "Hey Anko-chan. Ino-chan. What's up."

"Hello gaki. Shi-chan"

"Hey Whiskers." said Ino, getting an 'Oi' out of Naruto. Ino looked over at Shizuka before smiling. "Hey Shizuka."

"Hi Ino-chan. Anko-chan. What brings you both here?"

"Oh nothing. I just wanted to check on my favorite brat. Make sure he's alright." said Anko, magically appearing by Naruto's side to hug him. It was a tight hug that had Naruto close to her soft bosom. "Everything is okay right Naruto-taicho?"

"Mhmm. Trouble with Kurama but I should be fine." said Naruto, unaware to the disappointment in Anko's eyes.

"Trouble with Kurama. What do you mean?" questioned Ino just as she accidentally knocked Naruto's picnic basket from his hands. "Oh my. Sorry. Let me grab that for you Naruto-tai~cho."

Naruto watched Ino bend over to pick up his basket and thought about how nice that was of her. Granted she was wearing a skirt and giving him an eyeful of her backside but still, what a good gesture that was. It was her fault the basket fell though.

"Meh. Semantics." thought Naruto, getting out of Anko's hug to nab the basket from Ino seemingly unaware of her apparent disappointment also. "Thanks for that Ino. Guess I didn't have a strong grip on it."

"No problem..." said Ino softly, which got Naruto's attention.

"Something wrong Ino-chan?"

"No. Nothing. Just-"

"Ohayo! Is that Naruto-kun?!" came the loud shout of a large woman a distance from them.

"Ohayo Shijimi-sama!" responded Naruto, getting the woman to wave.

"Good to see you. I'm in a hurry now but let's meet soon."

"That's a promise! Bye." said Naruto, waving back to the woman. Naruto stopped waving to see the incredulous looks he was getting from the two torture kunoichi beside him. "What?"

"Seriously?! The Fire Daimyo's wife?" questioned Ino, furious at the moment. Anko sharing this same anger. "Snuggling against Anko-senpai's chest and looking at my perfectly sculpted wagon does nothing for you. But you go full frontal from a wave by that lady?!"

"Full frontal?" questioned Naruto, confused until he saw the red outline of Kurama's chakra. He went Kyubi. "Well. That's embarrassing."

"What does she have that I don't have?!" questioned Anko, moved to tears.

"Anko-chan. I-"

"Haven't you done enough... Come on senpai. Let's go somewhere where we will be appreciated." said Ino, consoling Anko as they walked away.

"You're so wrong Naruto-kun." said Shizuka, watching the two ladies disappear into the village.

"They'd have just kept trying. This way, they won't bother me anymore." said Naruto, purposely going Kyubi to mess with Anko and Ino. Though not the more controlled orange one. He couldn't consciously do that one for some annoying reason. "Who even told them that though? They had to know they'd try something like that."

"I don't know. That's interesting." said Shizuka innocently.

"Hime, did you... Why?"

"Wanted to make sure I was the only one who could make you do that." said Shizuka, getting Naruto to raise an eyebrow. Of course she was, she already knew that. She just did that to mess with him. And she realized Naruto realized that subtle truth. "You're not mad are you Naruto-taicho?"

"...Uh..." stammered Naruto, watching Shizuka puppy dog eye him with her beautiful green eyes. Her arms hugged her sides which pronounced her chest even further than her low cut, v-neck shirt did. "That's just so wrong. So very wrong."

"What Naruto-kun?" questioned Shizuka, following after Naruto as he walked away. His cloak was now orange and wispy thanks to her actions. Even as simple as they were. "This is going to be so much fun."

(The Next Morning)

Naruto sat in a lotus position frozen. He wasn't moving. He wasn't talking. He was just sitting. Thinking about what just happened.

Oh, excuse me Naruto-kun. Forgot to bring my towel in and I was already in the shower.

"She was glistening..." thought Naruto, shivering slightly as he continuously replayed earlier in his mind.

"If you're going to go kyubi, at least remove this chakra seal so I can kick your ass back..."

"Huh? Oh. My bad." said Naruto, eyes red from his thoughts as he looked over to his current company. "Also, you couldn't kick my ass. Trust me."


"You being in this cell says so."

"Hn." scoffed Sasuke, seated in front of Naruto. He wondered why Naruto decided to visit him this morning. "You come for a spar or are you just here to sit and think perverted things."

"Both. Always fun to kick your Uchiha ass and you saw how hot Shizuka-chan is." said Naruto, getting Sasuke to smirk. "Firstly though, I'd love to know something." continued Naruto, getting a raised eyebrow from Sasuke. "As a Jonin now, we're usually required to have two chakra natures."

"And you want to know how I got two?"

"No. Jiraiya-sensei already taught me how." said Naruto, holding up his right arm. "After I mastered wind, this was easy to find. I just want to know the steps to manipulating my second chakra nature so I can master it as well."

"Hn. You got lightning too." said Sasuke, seeing the sparks of lightning flutter wildly off Naruto's arm.

"Yeah. I'd ask Kakashi-sensei but you're better than him at its chakra manipulation from the fight we had. So I'm asking you." said Naruto, ending the lightning show. He then held the ram seal as a hiss sounded out. "And while you tell me, I'm going to kick your emo ass. Bring it on Sasuke-hime."

"Heh. I got some new tricks for you...Whiskers." said Sasuke, feeling the chakra seal on him loosening. He saw Naruto looking shocked at the Whiskers nickname and smirked. "Oh, didn't know I knew that?"

"I'm breaking bones this time." said Naruto, lunging at Sasuke who only turned his Sharingan on to defend.

(Hokage's Office)

"Thank you for hurrying back Yamato, but Naruto isn't losing control of the Kyubi. We think. But he says the seal is fine." said Tsunade to the concerned Anbu.

"I figured I'd should come back to be sure but I had a hint nothing was wrong." said Yamato, removing his Anbu mask and placing it on the side of his head. "My seal showed a usage of the Kyubi but it wasn't throbbing like normal."

"Yeah, the gaki doesn't know what's going on. The fox won't talk to him either. But he seems fine. And I trust his judgment...most times."

"That's good. Anything you can tell me about it? He said a while back he could go beyond four tails but I didn't think it was like this."

"Like what?"

"My seal said he was using 7 tails of power."

"7 tails? He didn't have tails."

"He didn't? I'm sure I saw what I-" started Yamato before picking up his hand. Pulling his glove off, Yamato nodded. "Yeah. Seven tails. He's doing it now."

"He is? That brat. I told him not to-"

"Ba-chan. I'm sorry" said Naruto, halfway planted through the side of Tsunade's wall. Yamato and Tsunade didn't even see Naruto enter the room but saw the debris of her wall flying from his crashing into it. "I was sparring with Sasuke and bam! It happened. I can move very fast by the way. Insanely fast." continued Naruto even as Yamato helped remove him from the wall. "I knew you'd be mad so I wanted to come here and apologize. But I had to reseal Sasuke, grab a bowl or thirteen from Ichiraku, and solve that 20,000 piece jigsaw puzzle Shizune-neechan was working on."

"You did all that in the span it took Yamato to realize you were accessing the Kyubi? There's only a five second delay when he's this close." said Tsunade, getting Naruto to nod. "There's no way old man Ichiraku made ramen that fast."

"Old Man Ichiraku knows to have a bowl or thirteen always on hand for me." said Naruto, nodding firmly at that. But back to the task at hand. "How the hell do I continue using this? This form is incredible. I feel I could do anything."

"Didn't you say that in your Fox avatar thing?"

"Kitsune Modo Ba-chan. And yes." said Naruto before perking up. "Wait. Why didn't I do this when I fought with Jiraiya-sensei? Our fight was much more juiced than the one with Sasuke."

"Because you can't use this and that Fox Mode at the same time if I had to guess. Or the seal wasn't fully open yet until after our fight." came the voice of Jiraiya, casually lounging on the windowsill. "Hey Hime. Looking beautiful."

"Hmm, Jiraiya. You seem to know why the brat can't control his Bijuu. Any idea why his cloak is orange rather than red?"

"Oh, that's simple. The first one, I loosened his seal some more. Kid seemed ready." said Jiraiya, not seeing the twitch from Naruto. "The second, just ask the fox."

"So that's why I've been..." started Naruto before flashing over to Jiraiya. Though he went too far and smashed through Tsunade's window. A second later, he was back and staring threateningly at his godfather. "How? I've studied this seal for two years. There's no way to affect it without the key that tou-Yondaime-sama made."

"Or it just means I'm better at Fuinjutsu than you still. I've done it twice. Or do you not remember that week you tried fighting everyone for the littlest thing." said Jiraiya, watching Naruto nod remembering that week. He almost fought a guy for sneezing too close to him. Even though the guy was ten feet away. "Every time you seem to get better at using the Kyubi's power, I've loosened it more." shrugged Jiraiya, not noticing the tic mark growing on Naruto's head. "And just like the first time, you can't control the new influx of power. Though this time, you can't control when you use not how you use it. Interesting."

"So the seal is looser but still locks the Kyubi away all the same?" questioned a Tsunade, getting a nod from Jiraiya.

"One of the most intricate seals ever. It hasn't always allowed some of the Kyubi's chakra to mix with Naruto's own. I just allow more and more to steadily flow. Everything else remains the same."

"Fuinjutsu is weird. But because of that loosening, he can't control his usage?"

"Yep. His body isn't used to the larger influx. It took him about a month last time to calm down. He nearly killed me the first day about 6 hours after I loosened it. Just randomly went Kyubi." said Jiraiya, watching Naruto's orange cloak dissipate slowly. "And ironically, he tried to do the same this time. Though thankfully before he was drawing this power. Being older and stronger, he should acclimate much quicker.. But it'll still take some time."

"How much did you loosen it?" questioned Tsunade.

"What did Yamato say? 7? Seems about right then."

"Kurama still won't speak to you Naruto?"

"Hadn't said a word. I don't know what's up with him." said Naruto, feeling his body lose all of its Kurama influenced appearances. "I'm sure he'll come around and when I know something, you'll all know something."

"Sounds good gaki. Remember, nothing strenuous. You're to use those vacation days."

"But ba-chan..."


"I kicked Mizuki's ass and didn't lose myself."

"Yeah, you also nearly incinerated his insides with a Rasengan." said Tsunade, getting Naruto to look sheepish. "The potion he drank would have killed him too but you almost did as well if not for that curse mark boost he had."

"Right. Nothing strenuous." said Naruto, walking towards the window. "I'm going to kick your ass later sensei. I can't now because you know, Kyubi." continued Naruto, turning back with red eyes now. "But eventually I won't be. And when I'm not, this ass whipping will be for tweaking my seal when I was about to make sweet, sweet lo-"

Naruto paused himself to look at Tsunade. She had her arms crossed underneath her bosom as she leveled a glare to her nephew.

"Yeah, you know where I was going with that. And also for not telling me how you're tweaking my seal. You're not better than me at seals anymore which means you have to have the Key Yondaime made." said Naruto, getting Jiraiya to smile. His pupil was actually smart. "When I beat you, you're handing it over and allowing me to tweak my own stupid seal when I see fit. Deal?"

"You got a deal kid."

Naruto nodded before vanishing out of the Hokage's office. Yamato looked to Tsunade as she dismissed him back to his duties. Jiraiya himself looked ready to exit as well until Tsunade cleared her throat.

"So...Naruto almost called Minato dad. Is that the super secret thing you took him away to do?"

"Sort of. I wanted to tell him. But it was more for the Kyubi." said Jiraiya, looking at the picture of Minato in the office. "You saw the fight between me and him while the Daimyo was here. We had been fighting for hours before actually coming back here. The toads weren't happy with the damage we caused. Mainly him though."

"You did seem serious fighting him."

"I shouldn't have seemed serious. I was serious. Bar trying to kill him, I gave the gaki a fight." said Jiraiya, getting Tsunade to raise an eyebrow. Jiraiya just smiled before shaking his head. "He's good. Minato good. You wouldn't think it from his genin days but really, all he needed was a push in the right way. I haven't really taught him anything significant bar the Rasengan. The rest is his doing."

"If you had to rank him in terms of strength?"

"With or without the Kyubi?"


Without, he could probably give Kakashi a run for his money. With? I believe even your grandfather would have a tough time with him. Especially if he gets down that cloak he just showed. That speed was insane"

"Naruto?" questioned Tsunade, disbelief evident in her voice. "He can't be that strong already..."

"You fight him for over nine hours and let me know what you think then." stated Jiraiya, giving Tsunade something to think about.

"Is that gaki from three years ago really that much stronger? That shouldn't be possible..." thought Tsunade, deciding she'd figure out Naruto's true skill level soon. "And I believe I'll be the one to do the testing." continued Tsunade, nabbing Jiraiya's collar when he tried to leave again. "One more thing Jiraiya. You took Naruto to a brothel during his first year under you?"

"That brat...spiteful little punk." said Jiraiya, knowing he was about to get beat down.

(With Naruto)

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin (Multiple Shadow Clone)"

Standing in the Forest of Death, hundreds of Narutos began to appear all over the dangerous forest. Naruto himself stood in the center of all his copies and frowned at what he was seeing. Each clone had red eyes and deep whisker marks. He was going Kyubi off just this?

"This is mildly depressing. I didn't even make a thousand..." thought Naruto, shaking his head at that. Good thing he came to the Forest of Death. Rather a clone go Kyubi here than elsewhere in Konoha. "Even the wildlife is scared of me." With good reason he was sure. But time to get to the reason why he was here. "So you all remember what Sasuke said about lightning manipulation? I want to get the first step down today alright?"

"YOSH!" shouted all of Naruto's clones. Each clone hopped to their duties except for the one Naruto himself stopped. "Yes boss?"

"I need you. You see this?" questioned Naruto, pointing to his red eyes and whisker marks. The clone nodded as Naruto nodded back. "Good. No one goes pass this. If they do. You kill them."

"Kill them?"

"If you don't and someone goes Kyubi. He'll one, kill all of you more than likely before dispelling. And two, all that will come to me which means..."

"You'll go Kyubi."

"Yep. And that can't happen. So can I trust you?" questioned Naruto, getting a salute from his clone. "Good. Make me proud."

Naruto watched that clone handle his duty as he could see his replicas getting busy. He figured he might as well get busy as well. A shunshin and Naruto stood in his team's designated training ground. Training ground seven.

"A lot of good memories here." thought Naruto, slowly unsheathing his ninjato. He looked at the glinting admantine metal before looking down at the seal on its guard. Naruto launched the sword as his eyes narrowed. "I will get this jutsu down."

The ninjato sailed through the air toward an innocent tree. The sword got about halfway between Naruto and tree before the Jinchuriki channeled his chakra. Naruto's sword embedded itself in the tree almost to the hilt as Naruto groaned.

"I hate this jutsu..." thought Naruto, now where his sword was when it was halfway between him and the tree. Though he was in a scorpion. A scorpion being his feet touched the back of his head in a lowercase 'c' basically. "I still can't control the speed at which I eject from it."

Flying Thunder God. The amount of time Naruto had spent learning this jutsu was ridiculous. He'd perfected bringing his insides with him when flashing, then bringing his clothes, but still couldn't get down the speed at which he left the seal when flashing to it. Numerous clones had loss their short lives in getting to this point. A point that Naruto was determined to get all on his on. Mainly because his clones would die anyway from the violent ejections.

"Couldn't have left notes could you tou-sama..." thought Naruto, standing up before looking at his sword. Flashing to it once more, Naruto broke through the tree it was stabbed in. "This just had to be the less strenuous jutsu I could do while having clones."

Picking the splintered tree out of his hair and clothes, Naruto nabbed his sword before standing again. Practice made perfect and Naruto had nothing but time until his body got used to the influx of Kurama's chakra once more. And if and when he got this particular jutsu down, he'd be a step closer to his goals.

Only two people in history could use this technique. Both of them being past Hokages and one of those being his father. It was all the motivation Naruto needed to keep going despite the painful outcomes each attempt. Tossing the sword once more, Naruto disappeared in a flash.

(One week later)

Torture. Pure torture. Being around Shizuka for the past week was hellish for Naruto. She knew she could possibly trigger a full transformation and yet she cared not. She could kill everyone, including herself, and yet she continued to try to spark one.

"She's the devil incarnate..." thought Naruto, hiding in a closet at the moment. Shizuka was prancing around his apartment, cleaning it like the angel she was, except she was only wearing one of his shirt. And anytime she reached down to pick up something, Shizuka was giving Naruto a front row to her goods. "Ba-chan is going to kill me..."

The thing was, Naruto could have left at anytime. Literally anytime. Yet he chose to stay here and endure the struggle. Masochist was slowly creeping up on Naruto's list of words to describe himself. And it seemed he was about to get another dose because Shizuka found him.

"I am a damn candle in this dark closet." thought Naruto, realizing the flame like cloak shined brightly in the dark closet. A closet that Shizuka opened before reaching up for something. "Oh Kami..."

"Naruto-kun. Have you seen the scissors? I can't find them." said Shizuka, standing right in front of the crouched Naruto. Due to reaching up, Shizuka's shirt rose and gave Naruto a front view of his bottomless girlfriend. His cloak billowed stronger as Shizuka looked down at him. "Oh, I can just use this."

Shizuka slowly pulled the sword strapped on Naruto's back out. She made sure Naruto was watching as she licked the side of it with her eyes closed. When she opened them, she could only see a chakra trail of Naruto leaving as she smiled happily.

"He was close..." thought Shizuka, twisting the sword around casually. Since she was already at the closet, Shizuka figured she might as well get dressed too. "Now what to wear?"

(With Naruto)

Breathing hard, Naruto stood atop the Hokage Mountain. The intensity of Naruto's chakra was slowly pushing waves of dirt away from him as he could feel his heart thump within his chest. That one was cutting it a little close.

"I so hate love that woman..." thought Naruto, truly admiring the chakra he was bathed in. "This is Kurama's power..."

"How does it feel?"

"It feels amazing. I don't want to sound sacrilegious but I feel like a God." thought Naruto before realizing who he just spoke to. It was Kurama. Appearing in his mind, Naruto could see his Bijuu staring at him. "Kurama! You're- You. You can talk?"

"You've known that idiot."

"Tch. You know what I mean. Why have you been so silent?"

"Dealing with something kid. There's a problem..." said Kurama, getting Naruto to curiously look up at him. "I'll tell you later. You're not focused."

"I am focused. Tell me what's wrong."

"No. You're not. I've seen this past week and despite being a chakra beast... I'm still linked to you. I know what you're thinking." said Kurama, getting Naruto to look curious. "That girl has been taking advantage of your predicament. And I'm too proud to let that continue to happen."

"But I can't do-"

"I'll hold the chakra back so that you can handle your business. I'm also cutting our connection until tomorrow." said Kurama. "I will let you know what's going on then in front of your Hokage and godfather. There we will also discuss the chakra and-"

Kurama looked up to see Naruto already gone. He should have known that the kid would do that. Excited to finally get to explore his girlfriend fully. Kurama just grinned before placing his head down on his paws.

"I still wonder if I'm making the right choice...I guess I'll know tomorrow." thought Kurama, cutting off his access to the outside world just as Naruto returned to reality.

Naruto looked down at himself to see the cloak gone. He could still feel his heart beating resoundingly and realized Kurama really nullified it. And that meant that-

"Hiraishin." thought Naruto, appearing before Shizuka as the girl gasped.

"Naru-mmmphh." started Shizuka before Naruto covered her mouth with his. Shizuka dropped Naruto's sword as she felt herself getting lifted into the air by Naruto. Kissing Naruto just as passionately as he was kissing her, Shizuka stopped abruptly before looking at him. "The Kyubi Naruto-kun."

"Just talked to Kurama...I'm fine now." said Naruto, getting Shizuka's eyes to widen before a seductive smile showed on her face. It was really real. Really about to happen. "I've thought about this for a while."

Lemon Start

"Thought about this?" questioned Shizuka, getting laid on the bed by Naruto.

"Yes." replied Naruto simply, moving atop her as he placed a hand on either side of Shizuka's head. Shizuka swallowed, feeling a lump build in her throat. "Since the first time I went Kitsune Modo."

"What were we doing in these thoughts of yours?"

"We were kissing..."

Naruto bent down and brushed his lips gently over Shizuka's. Feeling the girl press forward, Naruto kissed her hard. The Jinchuriki settled neatly on his forearms when he felt Shizuka's hands bury themselves in his hair. Shizuka moaned slightly just as Naruto's tongue ran along her bottom lip with a feathery touch. Opening her mouth, Shizuka felt Naruto tilt his head to deepen the kiss, eliciting another moan from the Nadeshiko kunoichi.

Eventually, Naruto broke the kiss. It seemed he wanted to memorize this moment because he was simply staring at her. His gaze was intense and Shizuka almost felt she couldn't meet it. But she had more questions.

"What else did we do?" questioned Shizuka, steadily returning his stare.

"I would touch and kiss you all over..." whispered Naruto, having moved down to suck her earlobe as he did so. His lips traveled down lower as he found her pulse. "Every inch of your body..." he traveled back up to her jawbone. "I'd memorize every detail..." her cheek. "Every curve..." her lips. "Every reaction."

Naruto sucked her bottom lip before gently biting down and getting another moan from the girl beneath him. One of Naruto's hands skirted down Shizuka's side, stopping at her hip, before it slid underneath her lower back to pull her flush against him. The hard body of Naruto's contrasted nicely with Shizuka's soft, feminine one as he grinned.

"Only a thought though..."

"Tell me more.."

"More?" questioned Naruto, getting a shaky nod from the girl below him. Naruto just grinned that much harder. "I'd tell you how beautiful you are. How much I love being with you." continued Naruto, easing Shizuka back down to the bed. "While I'm telling you these things, I'd gently and very slowly remove your top and you wouldn't even know it because you would be too entranced with the things I'm saying to notice."

Naruto finished his words with a kiss as his grin grew even more. Shizuka's brain fully registered Naruto's words and looked down to see her shirt indeed in his hand. Naruto's lips trailed down Shizuka's body once more until he reached the valley of her bra clad chest. Naruto flung the shirt out of sight and out of mind as that same hand moved to grope her left breast.

"In my thoughts, you always loved this part."

"I do. So much."

Lowering the bra, Naruto pulled out her breast and took one of her hardened nipples into his mouth, earning a breathy moan for his actions. Shizuka's hands gripped Naruto's hair tighter. Naruto swapped sides to show the neglected breast some love as Shizuka could feel a familiar ache down below. She wanted more but she wasn't just going to keep taking. She wanted to give.

"...Naruto-kun. Please, more skin." said Shizuka nearly out of breath, tugging at Naruto's long-sleeved shirt.

Naruto acquiesced that request and sat up on his knees to remove the article of clothing. All the while, Shizuka managed to sit up herself and reach his pants. Removing the shirt, Naruto looked down to see Shizuka hooking a hand to the waistband of his pants. What a sneaky move by her to wrestle control away from him.

"Naruto-kun..." said Shizuka, slowly pulling down as Naruto's member came hypnotically bobbing out of its prison. "Kami, he's beautiful." His beautiful hair to his beautiful face to his beautiful body and all the way to his beautiful penis standing tall just for her. "Were you this hard in your thoughts?"

Naruto shook his head as he couldn't speak at the moment. Shizuka had both hands on his member as she gave it a firm squeeze. Shizuka smiled hearing him take in a sharp breath as she bent forward and licked it. He twitched in her hand as she slowly began to pump him.

"Does it feel good?" asked Shizuka, only getting a nod as Naruto still couldn't find his voice. She lowered herself once more before engulfing him in one smooth motion. Going down and up several times experimentally, Shizuka took Naruto out of her mouth with a pop as she licked her lips. "Your skin tastes good..."

Shizuka dove back in, taking the tip into her mouth, and began to suck gently. Her tongue swirled around it several times before she took more of him into her mouth. Inch by inch, Naruto watched himself disappear until he hit the back of her throat.

"Kami. Hime..."

Shizuka moved one hand to cup Naruto's balls as she continued to pump him with the other while sucking in synchronized bliss. Naruto's brain was mush at this point as his head rolled back at the feeling of Shizuka's mouth. Shizuka was enjoying the way Naruto was reacting to her that she began to subconsciously hum. A hum that came with a vibration that was driving Naruto crazy.

Naruto looked back down to see his penis disappearing and reappearing periodically in his girlfriend's mouth. Shizuka eventually looked up at him, her big green eyes staring in to his blue ones, as she continued with more fervor. Naruto felt that tingle signifying he was close to exploding grow bigger and bigger. Luckily, Shizuka had moved a hand down to her pants to begin pulling them off.

"Naruto-kun." said Shizuka, popping Naruto out of her mouth again. Still pumping him with her hand, Shizuka rolled her pants down before taking them off. Flinging her pants out of sight, Shizuka spread her legs as she continued to stroke Naruto the whole time. "Give it to me..."

Naruto heard Shizuka but was more focused on the pretty pink folds of flesh in front of him. Shizuka traced his line of sight and just grinned up at him. Letting go of his cock, Shizuka spread her legs further, posing even, just for his benefit. The look in his eyes showed he was fully under her spell and it lit a fire within her.

"...Thought about doing this for a while." said Naruto, burying his face into her core.

Shizuka's protest died in her throat as Naruto's strong, yet soft, tongue began perusing her pussy. She was ready for him to give her what she truly desired but each brush and stroke of his tongue had Shizuka losing her sanity. Her hand sat neatly on the back of Naruto's neck as if she could pull him any closer than he already was. He was a wizard that had her other hand gripping the bed cover tightly and turning her head side to side.

Shizuka began to grind against Naruto's face. She was trying harder and harder to help him send her further and further into blissful ecstasy. Through her actions, she hit pay dirt as his tongue flicked her clit. A loud cry erupted from Shizuka's throat as Naruto was a fast learner and paid extra attention to that particular part.

"Oh my Kami..." thought Shizuka.

Her body felt like it was melting at the moment. Heat began to pool inside of Shizuka that was growing steadily as Naruto continued. That wasn't good. Her first orgasm with Naruto wasn't going to be blown on oral sex. Maybe a second. But not this one. So Shizuka moved her hand to his hair and gently pulled him back.

A question was evident in Naruto's eyes even though he moved back as requested. Shizuka watched him lick his lips as he clearly enjoyed the taste of her. That was all fine and dandy but Shizuka was looking at his still very much erect cock. A look that answered Naruto's unasked question. A look that turned up to him and was so inviting that it lulled him even further down the sunken place.

A spell that apparently blinded him because he didn't even remember laying Shizuka down again until he felt her reach a hand up to his cheek. Naruto refocused and felt his cock prodding her entrance and looked at her once more. Her look was one of complete acceptance and want. She wanted to be his and he was more than willing to give it to her.

"Be gentle."

Naruto intertwined his left hand with hers just as he gave the girl her first penetration, going slow as he gradually spread her apart and savored the lovely moan coming from her. He found no resistance from going all the way in other than the tightness of her. It felt amazing but Naruto was at least thoughtful enough to give Shizuka some time to adjust to him being fully inside her.

Naruto started softly, slowly going in and out of the girl beneath him. He heard soft noises coming from Shizuka as he was trying to ease her into it. Something he apparently shouldn't have done because he could feel Shizuka glaring at him. Looking down, the glare was real as Naruto stopped to figure out if he was doing something wrong.

"Too gentle. I didn't want you to coddle me. Fuck me already or did you not learn anything at that brothel..."

A tick mark appeared on Naruto's head before he thrust into the girl harshly. Shizuka's eyes widened at the power behind it before feeling it again and again. She liked it slow but this, this was amazing. This was what she wanted. She was heavily attracted to the animal side of Naruto. The one full of raw power. Not that finesse thing he was trying earlier. And hearing her whimper and cry out in love only spurred Naruto on further.

"That's my Shizuka." commented Naruto, feeling her rock with him to further impale herself deeper.

"That feels so~o good Naruto-kun..." moaned out Shizuka, loving the pounding she was getting from Naruto. "Why'd you make me wait so long for this? Oh Kami, harder."

Naruto did as requested as he pistoned into the girl with even more force. Her other hand was intertwined with Naruto's while he continually filled her over and over. Naruto could feel her fingers and hands tightening steadily as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Legs that almost went slack when Naruto stopped and pushed as hard as he could into her.

"Naru~to-kun..." sang Shizuka before her voice left her. She could feel Naruto's balls resting against her butt as he was deep inside her. Removing her hands from his, Shizuka brought the fox down for a kiss. "He's twitching that deep inside me..."

Pulling all the way out of her, Naruto simply plunged back just as deep in his green-eyed lover while putting his head into the crook of her neck. His moan was drowned out by the howl of pleasure from Shizuka as Naruto continued to fuck her just like before. The strokes were sharp and precise that Shizuka could feel her climax nearing. Her legs wrapped even tighter around Naruto as she let him take her over the edge.

"Naruto-kun!" shouted Shizuka, mind a dizzy haze during her orgasm.

Feeling a warmth coat her insides, Shizuka went even further down the rabbit hole feeling Naruto spasm within her. She could feel the strong spurts of cum spraying inside her as she mewled at the sensation. Shizuka saw stars as she was breathing heavily from the mutual orgasm. Coming down from the first high of her orgasm and the subsequent one given by Naruto's, Shizuka realized Naruto hadn't slowed one bit.

Pulling Naruto's head up by his hair, Shizuka forced Naruto to look at her. He was still pumping into her but his eyes were that heart stopping red now. Naruto wasn't stopping now and it didn't look like he'd be stopping anytime soon. Something that Shizuka didn't mind one bit.

Shizuka pulled Naruto downto shove her tongue into his receptive mouth as she'd let him go for as long as he was hard enough to do so. Possibly her punishment for teasing him this past week. A punishment Shizuka was happy to receive.

Lemon End

(Hokage's Office - The Next Morning)

"Surprised that girl can stand after yesterday..."

"Hmm. What was that Kurama-san?" questioned Tsunade, looking at the fox.

Kurama was ready to repeat himself to the chakra copy of Tsunade. Until he saw Naruto vehemently shaking his head in the negative. He looked almost like he was begging as the chakra copy of Shizuka had a stupid look on her face. Kurama just reminded her of that blissful yesterday spent in bed.

"Tch. Nothing. Now, time to explain what's going on." said Kurama, getting the three's attention. "Surprised your perverted godfather isn't here for this."

"He was busy. I'll catch him up later." said Naruto, looking up at his Bijuu. "Now what's going on Kurama. What's the problem that you went silent for a week over?"

"I like you."




"Don't make me repeat myself boy..." warned Kurama, getting the three before him to look curiously. Kurama let out a sigh before bringing his head down to their level. "I hate humanity. Dislike all of you with a passion. But you, Uzumaki Naruto, intrigue me. Enough that I dislike you considerably less than the rest of your kind."

"Wait hold on. You went silent for a week because you like me? That's it?" questioned Naruto, watching Kurama nod at that. "What the fu-"

"Language gaki."

"Sorry ba-chan. That's bull sh-crap man. I was all worried about you for nothing..."

"And that's it. Worried about me. Worried. Why would someone like you be worried about me?" questioned Kurama, actually getting Naruto to understand why he was like this. "I nearly destroyed your village. I killed your parents. And threaten you repeatedly. What makes me deserving to be worried over? Especially by you?"

Naruto had a snappy reply ready. However, he didn't say it. He actually took the time to think about the question. Something that Kurama appreciated because this was indeed a serious moment happening.

"Because you're my friend."


"Have you done bad things? Yes. But you've done good too." said Naruto, smiling at this point to the disbelieving fox. "Plus, I have really bad judgment on friends anyway. Look at Sasuke and Gaara. Both of them tried to kill me but I'd easily call them my best friends." continued Naruto, ready to finish his point. "So yeah, you're the Nine-tailed fox who nearly destroyed Konoha, killed my parents, and threatens me repeatedly. But you're also Kurama, the person, chakra construct, that saved me numerous times, mentors me, and lets me invoke the fear of Kurama to my enemies through use of his chakra."

"Keep telling me how great I am."

"No. But seriously, you are my friend. A friend who I plan to smack the hell out of when I get the key from sensei." said Naruto, getting a toothy grin from Kurama.

"That's what I wanted to hear." thought Kurama before clapping his paws. "You better get stronger if you ever plan to beat me in a fight."

"Blah blah. Now tell me why I go orange sometimes with your chakra."

"I'm the reason you can use Kurama's power to its full extent."

Naruto, Tsunade, and Shizuka all perked up at the voice. Mainly because none of them had a clue someone else was here and because the voice sounded just like Naruto. When the three turned to the voice, they found out that he not only sounded like Naruto but looked just like him. Just like Naruto bar the red eyes and much darker whisker marks.

"Who are you?"


"...Right. Stupid question."

"Not really. I'm not a clone. I'm you. Yin Naruto." spoke Yin Naruto, getting Naruto to narrow his eyes. "There's a long explanation for why I exist. One that includes it being Kurama's fault for being half of himself and the Yang of him forcibly separating us. But we can talk about that later. I'm here to tell you that I'm the reason you can access Kurama's chakra how it's to be used."

Naruto looked at his dark self for a few more moments before turning to Kurama. Kurama simply nodded which got Naruto to look back at himself. This was really him based on the chakra. Only thing is, the intent he could feel was ill. Like it was every dark feeling ever.

"Are you supposed to be my dark side?"

"In essence, yes. Liken me to the devil on Naruto's shoulder."

"Well where's the angel?"

"You. You're the angel on Naruto's shoulder."

"Okay. But if I'm the me in the real world. Where's the us whose shoulders we are standing on."

"You're not always in control. Naruto's mostly good which is why you dominate our consciousness." spoke Yin Naruto, standing before Naruto. "But all those times you wanted to harm the people around you for ignoring you, the times you wished ill to others..." continued Yin Naruto before getting to one that was relevant to now. "How you want to kill Hidan for what he did to Shizuka-hime and her village. That's me."

"Still doesn't explain how I can go orange with Kurama's chakra."

"Simple. You need to embrace me to utilize his chakra correctly. This Kurama is purely Yang. It's how the Yondaime was able to seal the entirety of the Kyubi. I'm sure you know he couldn't single-handedly seal it all with that situation. You're smarter than that." said Yin Naruto, getting Naruto to nod in understanding. "Everything is a balance. Balance creates stability. Your Yang mixed with the completely Yang Kurama is too much. Which is where I can come in and balance it all. Making you orange."


"Basically. Hate can be used for good boy." spoke Kurama.


"Yes. Don't fight it. It's you because I exist. You need me. Naruto needs me."

"No. No I don't. No he doesn't. Hate is not the answer. Which is why I'm in control because Naruto gets that." said Naruto, shaking his head. Yin Naruto narrowed his eyes as Kurama sighed at Naruto's words. "Hate breeds more hate. And I-No. No. We're done here."

"This boy is an imbecile." said Kurama, watching Naruto vanish along with Shizuka and Tsunade.

"That boy is also me. Don't speak ill of him because you indirectly insult me."

"I will step on you..."

"You can't get past that gate. Plus, we accomplished what we needed to." said Yin Naruto, getting Kurama to raise an eyebrow. "You plant a seed, it doesn't become a tree immediately. It needs water and sunlight. Things that will come in the future. He'll come around. I'm sure of it."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I am me after all."

Yin Naruto just smiled before seeping back into the darkness of the room. Naruto could deny him all he wanted. But eventually, he'd realize that he was him all along. And that day was what Yin Naruto couldn't wait for.

"We'll be complete once more. And able to do all things. Together."

Omake: Training Trip - A Naruto Documentary

(3 Months before Return)

"What the hell was that?" questioned Naruto

"I. Am. So. Badass!" shouted another Naruto surrounded by more Narutos.


"We am? You must be the idiot clone."

"Oi! You want to say that to my face."

"Sure. You must be the idiot clone."

"I'm kicking his ass."

"Yo." said the real Naruto, looking at his clones about to get in a fight. "What's the deal? I just unlocked a second chakra nature for my documentary and you all are bickering. We should be celebrating!"

"Boss is right." said one clone as several of the other clones nodded while the original turned his back to check on his camera.

"Boss is right. Doesn't make that clone less of an idiot though."

"That's it! Shinku Rasenha (Vacuum Spiral Wave)" shouted the clone, vaporizing the other 9 Narutos plus the wall they stood in front of. The clone was breathing hard from his exertion but just smiled. "Who's the idiot now?"

"You are. You just blasted a hole through the divider of the hot springs." said Jiraiya, sitting casually in the blissful waters.

The Naruto clone's eyes widened fearfully before looking at his original. The Original Naruto cared nothing for what was going on as he was making sure his camera caught the footage of him getting his second chakra nature. That was until a scream sounded out. The original Naruto was still messing with his camera until he heard it.

"AHHH! Pervert!"

"Pervert?" questioned Naruto, turning around to see several towel clad women stepping through the hole.

"He blew a hole through the divider and then set up a camera to spy on us."

"We should kick his ass for that!" shouted another woman, getting Naruto to raise an eyebrow.

Naruto saw the irate women and realized it did look bad. Especially since his clone that did it just dispelled itself before taking the blame. Naruto saw Shizuka giggling from the other end and frowned slightly. Naruto could see Jiraiya smiling too as he was happy it was someone else for once and not him.

That was until Jiraiya was hit by a sandal. And another sandal. That he realized the women were actually coming for him and not Naruto.

"What the hell? Why are they attacking me. I wasn't even spying." thought Jiraiya confusedly.

"You think we wouldn't recognize the super pervert Jiraiya of the toads?! Your cameraman isn't to blame for your behavior. He's just trying to make a living." said one of the women, getting Jiraiya to groan at being recognized.

"How the hell did they recognize me?!" questioned Jiraiya, still running from the women as they chased him out of the hot spring.

Naruto sat confused for a little while longer until he looked back at Shizuka. He saw Shizuka smiling at him and realized what had happened. She let the ladies know about Jiraiya. Which inadvertently saved him.

"I think I'm in love with her." thought Naruto, swimming over to the girl to let her know that with a raunchy kiss. Especially since they were alone in a very beautiful hot spring. "I can't wait to take you back to Konoha Hime-chan. You're going to love it."

And that's a wrap. Yin Naruto. How fun. Naruto docs are done. Another Omake series starting next chapter. Maybe. Until next time.