Just a quick message to any who it may concern, if you haven't figured out by now, I will not be doing flashback after flashback detailing Naruto's trip. There will still be flashbacks here and there when it's important, but instead, I plan to start a whole new story detailing what happened to him towards the end of this one, this way the flashbacks don't bog down the story and we can focus on what's going on present day. I know that this may take some time, but I a promise you guys that I hope to have this story done by the end of the year. Also, I will be introducing an OC Character in this story. That's all enjoy the chapter.


Ch. 15 Setting the Stage

Naruto stared down at the fallen, but still breathing, form of of his former sensei with a puzzled expression. Naruto was still mad at the man for all he said about his father, none of which Jiraiya had attempted to take back, even now as his beaten form clung to the mud like a fly caught in a spider web. The man had made no attempt to rise from the mud that his face was hugging, not that he could have risen given that he had the giant salamander that Naruto was currently riding atop of, smashing his face down into the mud with it's enormous hand. If Naruto didn't know any better, he would have thought that the older ninja had died as he lay motionless in the mud.

He was pulled out from his thoughts when he heard Ibuse begin to speak to him. Though, unlike the toads or other summons, Salamanders had their own form of communication with their summoners, because as soon as a Salamander opened its mouth, poisonous gases would be emitted from the part of their bodies that held their main poison, which both were deadly to humans. Because of this, they communicated with a mental link, similar to how the bijuu would communicate to their jinchuriki host, the only difference being that the Salamanders had to be touching their summoners in some way. "What do you think we should do Naruto?" The Salamander thought through a rough sounding voice that echoed within Naruto's head as he heard it. '... ' Naruto had no reply. All he knew at the moment was the man who had the gall to insult his father was at his mercy at the moment. "Well h-" Ibuse was interrupted by Jiraiya as he had finally decided to try and pick himself up from the mud and began shouting at Naruto.

"Naruto! I know you can hear me! If you're going to kill me now, then do it already! I'm tired of all this fucking waiting!"The sannin shouted out, hoping that this would deter the young blonde from ending his life. Naruto began walking down and as he reached the edge of Ibuse's shoulder, the salamander extended its arm at an angle that Naruto could safely walk down. After descending, Naruto took some time to properly thank the summons for his kindness before walking towards the other hand towards.

he knelt down at the form of Jiraiya and even wiped some mud and hair away from the sannins face so he could see him better. Once his face was revealed, Jiraiya was quick to give him the dirtiest glare that he could give someone. A look which quickly turned back to anger Naruto reached for his sword, he began to take it out of his sheath once he got a good hold onto the handle. Once the sword was out, Jiraiya closed his eyes and waited for his death to come. He heard Naruto's hand swing down towards him. But he felt no pain, not even for a second, he didn't even feel the blade touch his skin at all.

He opened his eyes and saw Naruto's sword not even a centimeter away from his face. He looked back up towards Naruto and saw that his eyes showed as much anger as he could at the sannin. Before he could say anything towards his old apprentice, Naruto spoke first. "I want to kill you right now. Right now, every fiber of my being is telling me to bring this blade through your neck. The only reason why I won't is because there is an attack coming, and as much as I hate you right now, I can't deny that you are powerful ninja in your own right. You will be needed for this attack, but you will have to forgive me if I don't grieve at your death should you fall."

With those words being all he had to say, Naruto reached forward with his free hand and touched the sannins forehead and the two disappeared in another flash back to where they had been before their little conflict.

Front Gate

Izumo and Gotetsu wondered for about the millionth time that day what on earth they had done to deserve gate duty. They would much rather do literally anything else than this. That was why they took any other mission they could get their hands on and volunteered for anything, like when they were the watchers for the first part of the Chunnin Exams.

They were currently sitting across from each other in their station. There sat a table in between them, on top of the table sat a shogi board. Normally, with all the free time in the world, there was quite a variety of things that they could have done to keep themselves occupied. But, because they had gate duty, they were subject to all the regulations, basically restricting anything that normal people would call fun. But, Izumo and Gotetsu had found some ways to make it more exciting, that being gambling.

They would choose an activity of the day, make sure it was alright for them, then they would place bets with other ninja who had guard duty along the wall, because they were just as bored as they were, but they had no way of entertaining themselves. After one of them would win, they would send a shadow clone over to the guards and give tell them the winner. They would naturally distribute the cash and then place bets on who would win next.

However, just as Gotetsu was about to make the winning move, they saw a shadow stop by their booth. They looked towards it and were immediately in awe at who stood before them. Gotetsu was the first to react, standing up and straightening himself out before walking towards her. Using this chance, Izumo quickly moved some pieces on the board to give himself the advantage, then got up and followed his partner. As he got a closer look at her, he knew that he and his partner were thinking the same thing. The one thing all men think when they see someone with the features that this person had.


The women before them was absolutely stunning in their eyes. She was tall, maybe a head or half a head taller than the two of them. She had green eyes, and auburn hair that went down to her waist and was styled into a top-knot and four bangs. Two of her bangs were short, one covering her right eye and the other two longer that formed an 'x' shape just below her chin. She was wearing a long-sleeved, dark blue dress that fell short just below her knees, with a skirt of the same color and mesh armor underneath it all. Show wore a belt with a pouch attached to the back of it around her waist. She had shin-guards that went up to her knees and high-heeled sandals. She was wearing fuchsia colored lipstick as well as dark blue nail-polish.

Though Izumo and Gotetsu only noticed her nail-polish due to her snapping her fingers on her right hand in front of their faces. After they shook themselves a little to regain their train of thought as well as put their tongues back in their mouths, Gotetsu asked "Can I get a name miss?" In a very polite manner.

"Mei, my name is Mei." She replied in a sensual tone that both Gotetsu and Izumo liked. "Well, Mei-chan, I'm going to need registration and reason for visiting." Izumo said, trying to sound smooth with his added suffix to her name.

"Of course." She replied with a small smile gracing her face. Then, behind her, two more figures began racing towards her. Izumo and Gotetsu began to worry that a mission had gone wrong or that this women was in some sort of trouble. The two men came to a stop just to the right of the women, both of them looked extremely exhausted

The first one was a man in his mid thirties or so. He had short blue hair and dark eyes that were surrounded by black-rimmed glasses that were connected to ear protectors. He had on a blue-pinstriped shirt and camouflage pants. On his back, was a large bundle that was wrapped in bandages, the only part that wasn't covered was the double hilt at the end. Indicating that it was a sword of some sort.

The second man was older than the first one, though not by much, he looked to be in his early forties, late thirties. He had black hair combed to the side with dark green eyes that showed nothing but focus on everything around him, but what was odd was that he had no visible pupils, giving his eyes a very opaque look to them. What was strangest about him however was what he was wearing. Normally, ninja would wear clothes that would last as well as be able to protect them without hindering their abilities. This man however, was wearing a very formal black suit with a black suit jacket over it, while wearing white gloves on his hands. There was no way of identifying if he was even a ninja or not, since he didn't have a headband or something similar on him.

"Mizukage-sama, I know you're excited but you need to be more careful. We almost lost you again back there." The first man said. His voice sounded somewhat nervous and held back, like he didn't want to say the wrong thing.

"Oh it's fine Chojuro-kun, and I did hold back for you guys. Just the fact that you guys were able to keep up is an example of that."

"Nevertheless Mizukage-sama, some people might have taken advantage of that. Also, like Chojuro-san said, there was a moment where we did actually lose you for some time. I agree with Chojuro, you shouldn't let your personal feelings influence you so much."

"Oh it's fine Ebisu, besides, we're days early from our schedule. Nobody would have even known where we were."

"We're only early because you ran out of the village the first chance you got Mizukage-sama."

"Oh shut up Chojuro-kun, sometimes I miss the old silent and stuttering you."

"Wait wait wait... Did you say Mizukage?!" Gotetsu asked with a shocked expression on his face. "Yes I did Guard-san, you are seeing before your eyes the current Mizukage of Kirigakure Uzumaki Mei!" Chojuro announced with a semi smirk adorning his face since he knew the two men would be able to connect the clan name he had given. Mei held this smirk as well, this was always her favorite part in meeting new guys, build them up just a bit then let their hopes crash and burn as she told them she was taken. Just for good measure, she held up her left hand, showing both guards the ring and only piece of jewelry she had on either of her hands.

Gotetsu and Izumo began looking at each other, then back to Mei. Then back to each other, then back to Mei. Both were gobsmacked, they had no idea how to react to this situation. Their jaws were opening and closing, no sound escaping them. They found themselves incapable of doing anything except turning oxygen into carbon dioxide, and even then it was a very limited supply. They just couldn't believe it, the incredibly beautiful women standing before them wasn't only the leader of a ninja village, but she was married.

Mei and Chojuro began to laugh a little as they saw their expressions. The man identified as Ebisu even showed a smirk at the two's antics. "Well, I've had a lot of fun with you two, but I would really love it if we could get on with this please?" Mei said snapping her fingers in front of their faces again. The two began to watch her ring move when she snapped, like they still couldn't believe it. Izumo snapped back first and pushed Gotetsu to snap out of it. Once they regained bodily control, they got their papers out and began the registration process.

Once they were finished, Mei and her company thanked them for their time before moving on, leaving the two back to their world of boredom. They both moved back to their game, but when Gotetsu looked at the board, he said with money signs in his eyes "Cheating is an automatic loss Izumo. I win!"

As the Mizukage and her bodyguards distanced themselves from the two eternal gate guards, Mei grew more and more excited at the prospect of seeing her beloved husband once again after so long. She had been so proud of him for being able to convince every shinobi nation to participate in their Tournament. She wasn't too worried since Naruto had connections to every village besides Iwa at the time. But, she also knew that even though Naruto had a close relationship to the Raikage through Killer Bee and Yugito, the Raikage was a man that relied more or less on his gut feeling rather than weighing down pros and cons, so if there was something that seemed suspicious, the Raikage would drop it very quickly. Mei couldn't fault the man since she more or less had the same mentality, most ninja did. In the ninja world, it didn't matter how many benefits there are to something, any con in the list would immediately be zeroed in on. Mei also knew that the Tsuchikage felt this way as well, but he would be more willing to go along with it up until they got their benefits, then he would drop it before things went south, which they almost always did; giving him the nickname of the fence-sitter, one side one moment then on the other side the next.

As Mei walked through the village, she smiled as everything that was being presented to her was exactly as Naruto described it to her, down to the very last brick on every building. Wanting to get a better view to test his merit further, Mei jumped up on top of the closest building to her and scanned more of the village. As she got lost in thought from staring at the view that was presented before her, she forgot that most if not all ninja used roof travel as a way to avoid the streets. Thus resulting in a collision of the Mizukage and a purple-haired anbu agent.

Both girls began picking themselves up, both groaning a little in pain as they did so. Chojuro and Ebisu ran towards Mei to help her up, and once she was up, Mei went to the Anbu and stuck out her hand to help the girl get up. "I'm sorry, I guess I got lost in the view." Mei apologized. Yuugao accepted the womans hand and began to pick herself up, but once her head stuck up to see who the woman in front of her was, she immediately fell back down from surprise. "Y-You-You're the Mizukage!" Yuugao said quickly as she bowed to the village leader. As she did so, she began wondering what the odds were that as she just left Temari and Kurotsuchi no less than ten seconds ago to talk about how they would enact their revenge, only to end up talking to yet another of Naruto's wives.

"Oh there's no need for any of those titles, I prefer Mei since Mizukage-sama tends to get old pretty quick, but that doesn't stop either of you from calling me that." Mei said, directing the last part towards her bodyguards. Chojuro grew a small smirk as he said "Back in my day, we spoke to our superiors with nothing but respect Mizukage-sama." Mei grew a melancholic smile as Chojuro finished, but then it disappeared as the Anbu in front of her spoke once again. "Would you like me to escort you to the Hokage's Office then Uzumaki-san?"

"Wait, how do you know that name? I only told you my first."

"My name is Uzuki Yuugao, I am your husbands temporary... well, I guess you could say shadow since all I've been assigned to do is follow him around. Anyway, he's told us about his wives and I've met all but you so far." Mei relaxed at this, seeing the kunoichi before her as an friend rather than potential foe.

"Ah, so you're the Neko-chan that Naruto always talks about. I guess I didn't see it since you're not wearing your mask." Mei said while gesturing to Yuugao's belt which held the very mask she was talking about in place. "Normally I would be, but since I don't really have anything to do and Naruto already knows who I am, I just figured that I didn't need to wear it right now." Mei smiled at the woman, finding her very easy to converse with. "You said he talks about me? What does he say?" Yuugao asked. "Well, he's said a lot, and since I'm a bit pressed for time, I'll tell you about it as we're heading to the Hokage." Yuugao nodded and together they took off to Tsunade.

Naruto was currently heading up the stairs to go to Tsunade's Office to let her know that there was going to be a certain perverted sannin that would not be happy with Naruto at the moment. Normally, he wouldn't give a damn, but since the last time he saw Tsunade he had allegedly destroyed an entire training ground, felt that it would be best to explain why there was going to be an angry perverted and muddy sannin coming to talk to her. Why not let someone know when a storms coming?

He turned the nob on the handle and pushed the door open, and immediately had to steady himself as he felt 140 pounds slam into him and begin giving him a very passionate kiss. Naruto was surprised at first, but as he opened his eyes and saw the trademark auburn hair of his second wife in front of him, he then returned the kiss and did so tenfold, making Mei moan as he did so.

Meanwhile, Tsunade and Yuugao were staring at the two with a blush evident on their cheeks, while Chojuro and Ebisu shook their heads and released a sigh while thinking at the same time 'typical.'

Straightening herself out a bit, Tsunade cleared her throat and said "Can we continue what we were talking about Mizukage-dono?" Her question was met by silence as the women in question and Naruto continued their make-out session. Tsunade repeated the question once more, this time making her voice louder to make sure that Mei heard her. This time, she recieved a reply as she saw Mei shake her head 'no' as she continued exploring her husbands mouth with her tongue. "It's no use Hokage-sama. Whenever Mizukage-sama is like this, there's nothing that can stop her besides Nii-san, and he's just as bad as she is." Chojuro said to the Hokage, which made her slightly angry and said "Well how long are they going to be like this?!"

"Well, since Mizukage-sama hasn't seen Naruto-san for some time, I imagine that if Naruto doesn't do anything to stop it, they wouldn't stop until afternoon tomorrow." Ebisu answered. "It's not even twilight yet!" Tsunade shouted at them. She couldn't believe that these two would be in the same position for more than twelve hours. Luckily though, Naruto slowly began to break the kiss off as they saw that their kiss was slowly breaking away. As their lips parted, Mei gave Naruto one last peck while whispering something into his ear that made a blush appear on Naruto's face. "Sorry about that baa-chan, she's insatiable." Naruto said as he took a seat, Mei nodded her head slightly at that then began to sit on his lap while wrapping her arms around his neck. Tsunade had a tick on her head a little as she said "Fine! It doesn't matter anyways, now what are you doing here gaki?"

"Well, I came here to tell you that in a while, Jiraiya is going to be coming up here and he is not going to be happy. Don't worry, I didn't do anything that he didn't start first and I personally did not harm him in any way. I have witnesses to prove it. Yuugao-chan saw it." Naruto answered while gesturing to Yuugao, who nodded a little since she remembered Jiraiya slamming himself into Naruto while calling him insane. "Well that would explain why Neko was here and not following you, you're not slacking off now are you Neko-chan?" Mei joked, Yuugao just turned to Tsunade who was giving her a questioning look, "I can assure you Hokage-sama that I have following your orders and the only reason I did not follow Naruto-kun and Jiraiya-sama was because Naruto took Jiraiya to an unknown destination."

"And besides, Jiraiya was with me the entire time, so as long as someone was watching me, no harm no foul yeah?" Naruto said, hoping to divert Tsunade's attention so that he wouldn't have to answer the question as to where he had taken the Sannin. And as luck would have it, Tsunade bought it and said "Fine, anyway onto our previous topic, I believe we were discussing the living conditions here Mizukage-dono, am I correct?"

"Yes Hokage-dono." Mei replied

"Well, then we have booked you and your escorts stay at the Inzei hotel, I can assure you it is the finest we have to offer you. Although I must say that you are going to be staying in the same hotel as the Tsuchikage as well as the Raikage, I trust that this is okay with you? "

"Yes Hokage-sama, I am grateful for the hospitality, but I fear that this conversation has grown quite tiring. So if you would excuse me please." Mei said as she got up, with Naruto right behind her, and Mei then bowed to Tsunade, her bowed her head in agreement that they had nothing more to talk about and Tsunade was sure the auburn beauty had much more exciting things that she would rather be doing.

"Thank you for your time Hokage-sama." The bodyguard known as Chojuo said as he and the one known as Ebisu left the office.

Naruto and Mei walked very close together as Naruto gave her a brief tour of the village. Chojuro and Ebisu thought it fitting to give them their free space and decided to go and see what else the village had to offer. Though she wished that she could force the situation to do what she wanted, she knew that she needed to tell Naruto of something very important that had happened to her on her way to the village.

"Naruto" She said softly, getting the blondes attention. "On my way to the village, I ran ahead of Chojuro-kun and Ebisu-kun and for a moment I lost track of them because of how fast I was going. And in that moment, I ran into someone who I know you remember."

This grabbed Naruto's attention as he stopped in the middle of the street and looked at her with nothing but his full and undivided attention. "Who did you meet?" Naruto asked her. Mei took a breath, she knew that there wasn't anything that she did wrong, just that this topic would be a somewhat sore one as to what happened.

"I met Sasuke." She said as she began her story.

Flashback no jutsu

"Mizukage-sama! Wait up! We can't see yo..." Was all Mei heard from Chojuro as she charged through the lush forest that surrounded her. She didn't care that she was speeding ahead of them, she couldn't wait to get to Konoha and spend some quality time with her husband. Step by step, leap by leap she charged ahead to the forest without a care in the world, with nothing on her mind ; instead she was running for the feeling she had in her heart at the thought of seeing those wonderful blue eyes, that gravity-defying blonde hair. All the qualities that she loved about her husband would make her heart ache at the thought of not being with him.

She charged so far ahead that she couldn't even hear their footsteps anymore or their distant shouting, not that she paid attention to them anyway. Then, something captured her attention, she began hearing footsteps again, but as she listened, she could hear that there were more than two sets of feet that were making those sounds, and they were next to her not behind her. She heard them getting closer and closer, like they were coming from a diagonal angle towards her.

Suspecting a surprise attack, Mei decided that she would wait and see who her attackers were, confident in her abilities as a Kage that she could defeat whoever they were. She saw a clearing not too far away and decided to wait there. Not before long, she saw four figures land right in front of her. Three of them looked to be the same age as Naruto, give or take a few years, while the last one, who was obviously the leader of the group, looked to be in his late forties or early fifties.

The first one she saw was a girl with crimson eyes and fair white skin and bright red hair that went down to a little bit beneath her shoulders. It also seemed to be messy on one side and straight on the other. Her hair made Mei wonder if she was at all related to the Uzumaki clan and or to Naruto. She had on brown narrow glasses while her outfit consisted of a lavender top that went down to her stomach and split to show some of her midriff and went down lower to her lower waist while being tied by using her ninja pouch as a sort of belt. She had on black shorts that stopped at her mid thigh as well as high black stockings with black sandals.

The other boy stood at relatively the same height. Though instead of having red hair, his was a very pale blueish color that was almost white. He had on a purple tank top with brown straps across his chest, which seemed to be the holsters for the giant cleaver sword on his back that Mei immediately recognized as the Kubikiriboho (Executioners Blade), the sword that Momochi Zabuza wielded before he was killed by Hatake Kakashi. He also had water bottles strapped around his waist, which gave Mei deja vu as she was sure she knew that meant something important. He had on grey pants and brown sandals as well, but what really stood out to Mei were his teeth. His teeth were carved into points, the calling card of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shuu (Seven ninja Swordsmen of the Mist). Though his face seemed vaguely familiar, she figured that this boy wanted to be part of the group of ninja and was not yet an official member.

The last two figures were the two that Mei already knew about. Orochimaru of the Sannin and Uchiha Sasuke. As she looked over the two, she saw that the only things that didn't fit the description that Naruto had given her were their clothes. Instead of the garbs that Naruto described, Orochimaru was wearing a usual jonin uniform with a dark purple flak jacket. Sasuke on the other hand was wearing a black high collared shirt with a flak jacket that was similar to those that are worn in Kumo, but this one being black instead of white, and grey shinobi pants with a sword strapped around his waist that his armor covered arm was resting against. One thing that Mei had to give her husband credit for was how he described their usual personalities, they were spot on perfect. She looked over at Orochimaru and got the feeling that he would like nothing more than to learn what made her body tick the way it did and how that could benefit him in some way or form. Sasuke on the other hand was giving her a look like he was so privileged that he felt that her being in his presence was an insult, thus resulting in a brooding mood.

"Well well well, if it isn't the last Uchiha and Orochimaru of the sannin, isn't it wonderful how fate brings people together?" Mei said with an eye smile similar to one that Kakashi would give all the while talking in a joyful tone like this was one big happy family reunion. Then she turned towards the red head and the bluenette, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever seen you two before in a bingo book, what are your names if you please?" She asked the two , who just stared at her since this woman seemed far too happy for someone in her situation to be. The bluenette said nothing, but the red head seemed slightly mad or curious about something and made her voice heard by saying "How is it you know Sasuke-kun's name? I know for a fact that he hasn't been added into any Bingo Book or is even registered as a missing-nin." Hearing this made all the members of the Oto team look at her with the same curiosity, with Sasuke's only show being his eyes squinting slightly.

"On behalf of one man might I add. If it weren't for him, I imagine that Konoha would be making more of a fuss to take you down considering the charges that could be brought against you, isn't that right Sasuke-kun? By the way, how is your brother doing? Oh wait that's right, you haven't gotten around to that yet." She said joyously. Sasuke looked at her and merely said "How is it you know those names? How do you know about the dobe and Itachi?"

"The dobe? I'm not sure to whom you're referring. You should learn to be more respectful to people." Mei said in a teacher like tone towards the end. "Yes, we've been working on that." Orochimaru said in a slightly irritated tone as he would often get frustrated when Sasuke would go a little too far when he wasn't 'doing enough to train him.'

"You know who I'm talking about bitch, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Itachi! Now how do you know them?!" Sasuke said, he didn't care really what their relationship was if they had one, but he wanted any information that he could get as to how far Naruto had come in terms of strength and whether or not he should be on the lookout when the Tournament came around, as well as any information that she had on Itachi that could give him the edge. "Oh so that's who you were talking about! You should have said sooner. Save us all some time here. And it's not very nice to call a woman a derogatory term. Very disrespectful. As for how I know him I can't really say, it's a secret." She said with a quieted tone while placing a finger to her lips and pulled a metaphorical zipper across her lips, emphasizing how big of a 'secret' it was. She could tell that Sasuke was already fed up with her and her antics, which took her by surprise at how easily it was to get this reaction out of him. Sure enough, she saw the sharingan appear in his eyes and diverted her gaze to Orochimaru, just to be sure he didn't pull any tricks.

"If you're not going to answer my questions, than I guess I'm going to have to beat them out of you." Sasuke said while drawing out his sword out of it's sheath. "Sasuke-kun, I don't think that's smar-"

"Shut up Karin." Sasuke interrupted, he didn't want to hear anything she had to say.

"But Sasuke-kun-"

"Kirigakure no jutsu." (Hidden Mist Jutsu) Mei interrupted her as she made her hand signs and mist began filling the air, blocking her from their sight. Though since she knew that Sasuke had his sharingan activated, decided to let him have this one jutsu as she spread it as far out as she could make it. She also didn't add any of her kekkei-genkai into the mist either, wanting to save the surprises for later.

And then, just to tease them, once she stopped her jutsu, she focused onto her chakra from the very edge of where the jutsu ended and used the Hirashin to disappear and make her escape.

Present time no jutsu

She met back up with Chojuro and Ebisu, who were far ahead of her trying to find where she went. She decided not to tell them of what had happened, since it really wasn't any of their concern. So traveling up ahead of them, she then purposely fell back to let them catch up and made it seem like nothing had happened.

As Naruto listened to this, he grew angrier at the thought of Sasuke trying to hurt someone he loved so dearly. It reminded him of what happened with Hinata and that in itself made his blood boil. He knew that Mei was able to tell that he was angry because the next thing he knew he felt her form pressed up against him while her head nestled itself into his neck. She said nothing since she knew nothing was needed to be said. He had told her about his favorite story and so she knew that with just one touch from her, he was instantly thinking back to when he was training with Hanzo and they were under the night sky that seemed almost holy to them.

She heard his breathing slow down gradually. "So if you saw him than he will most likely be here come nightfall. This isn't going to be easy is it?" Naruto asked her in a soft voice. "No, but it never has been for us has it? Besides, no one told us any of this was going to be easy." Mei replied in the same voice. "No one ever told us it was suppose to be this hard either." Naruto replied, making Mei chuckle slightly as they separated. "Well, you know what they say, no rest for the weary. Besides, you can't quit now, you made Ao a promise, a promise that I will make sure you keep no matter what it takes." Naruto nodded at that. He remembered full and well what he promised the older shinobi.

"Are you going to be able to keep your temper in check once Sasuke get's here?" Mei asked, not wanting Naruto to interact with the Uchiha in any way if that was the case.

"It doesn't matter, he'll come seeking me out sooner or later. He'll be curious since he knows we have a connection, even if he himself won't admit it, and will wonder what I've been up to all these years and will naturally want to see if I'm weaker than him or stronger. But to answer your question, yes I can. But I intend to do much more than keep my temper." Naruto said as he began thinking of ways on how to toy with the Uchiha.

Just as he had said, Sasuke and his squad entered the village by nightfall. The two guards were very reluctant to help them out with anything, and both parties knew that they wouldn't lift a finger to help them if it wasn't their job. After they filled out the proper paperwork and entered the village, Orochimaru summoned a snake and sent it to Tsunade to tell her they arrived. He was not in the mood to talk to anyone since he knew that they missed out on a fine specimen earlier by letting that women escape from their grasp. He mostly blamed Karin and her inability to sense her chakra since they were surrounded in it with the mist all around them, and Sasuke's sharingan had the same problem that when he activated it, all he saw was the chakra that was in the air all around him, effectively blinding them to whatever was around him. Orochimaru could tell that there was more than meets the eye when it came to her, the way she acted was like she had all the information that they could ever want and was just keeping it right outside of their grasp.

But Orochimaru was nothing but patient, he had time in spades so he could wait until the Tournament to figure out if she knew anything. If push came to shove then he would resort to more drastic matters if need be. Of course, that didn't just include her, that went for anyone that captured his interest and would make for a good test subject.

"Wow, this place seems ENORMOUS! Doesn't it Sasuke-kun?" Karin asked her teammate. "Hmm, It looks the same as it did when I left." He replied. "Woah Sasuke nice job there, that was 11 words that you just said there, that's like 11 times more than you normally say." Suigetsu said. "hmmm." Sasuke grunted in reply, obviously not liking Suigetsu's comment. "Aaaaand now we're back to square one." He said, wishing that he would do something other than grunt or broad for once in his life.

"Ku ku ku, here is where we will be staying at for the next month. I expect all of you to be on your best behavior, four out of the five Kage will be staying here, so don't do anything that you would regret. I'm mainly talking to you of course Sasuke-kun. I would suggest using a henge, but I know that you wouldn't listen to me anyway." Orochimaru said in a serious tone that he would rarely use, but he knew that if his team acted up and disrespected the wrong person they could still be kicked out from the tournament and he couldn't take that chance. He then turned to his team and said, "I'm going to my room, do whatever you like as long as it falls under the rules I've explained to you all. No one is to go into my room no matter the circumstances. Do you understand?"

The three nodded and watched as Orochimaru left them. Karin turned to her teammates and asked "Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling very hungry from doing nothing but traveling incognito for the past couple of days."

"For once I agree with you Karin, oi Sasuke! Where do we go to get something to eat around here. Some place that sells soup or something like that. I'm thirsty as hell right now." Suigetsu asked the lone Uchiha.

"Follow me." Sasuke said as he turned and directed them. He was taking them to a place that though he didn't want to go there, it was the best chance he had at finding Naruto to try and gauge what had happened to the blonde these past couple years. Though in the back of his mind, Sasuke doubted that Naruto had done anything except search every crevice and rock looking for him, wasting these 15 years.

15 years. 15 years he spent bleeding, sweating, breaking bones, doing whatever it took to get stronger so that when the time came, all of it would be worth it. Sure at times, he wanted to kill Orochimaru especially after 3 years when the man grew so weak that he could hardly stand. Sasuke was minutes away from sticking a chidori in his chest, but at the last second, Kabuto offered himself as a substitute and Orochimaru had taken him up on his offer. What surprised Sasuke was that Orochimaru hadn't needed to transplant a body since, though they knew now that they were running out of time and he would soon need to go through with the transfer.

Of course, Sasuke wasn't going to let Orochimaru take his body. No matter what happened, Sasuke was going to kill Itachi and restore his clan; he didn't care how he did it but he knew that he was going to do it somehow. But then thinking on it a little, Sasuke realized that he hadn't thought about the second part of his grand master plan all that much. Though he expected that after he killed Itachi that he could just find some random kunoichi who was good breeding material and then TA-DA mini Sasuke's would be running around the house.

As they rounded a corner, Sasuke saw the shop they were looking for and he had them follow him to the shop. Once he sat down at the booth, he saw the waitress turn her head with a smile that disappeared as soon as she recognized him. "Welcome to Ichiraku's... what do you want?" She said with a happy and cheerful tone at the beginning, which quickly turned negative once she saw him. "I'm here to eat. One miso ramen and whatever these guys are having." Sasuke said without a care as Karin and Suigetsu both ordered. Once they finished, Sasuke saw the waitress write on her pad and said "Fine. I'll be right back."

Then, out of nowhere, he heard the girl next to him say "Ayame-nee, if you want to make them wait, you could give Rei-chan here their ramen." From the back, they all heard "Great idea Yugito-nee, I'll get some more ramen for her straight away!" Suigetsu turned to the girl who just made him lose out on his meal and said "Oi! What was that about? I've never even met you before and I can already say you're a bitch, what did you do that for?" The blonde turned toward the group and the first thing they saw was the baby in her lap, smiling and giggling in joy as she brought another spoon filled with ramen to her mouth, then as their eyes moved up they saw that her mothers eyes had slits almost like Orochimaru's, but her eyes were a shade of yellow that made them quiver as they saw the hate in her eyes a thousand times clearer than they would if it were Orochimaru.

"Maybe because your teammate there is a complete and total asshole who only cares about himself." The mother said as she stared at the team. "Don't talk about Sasuke-kun like that! You have no idea who he is or what he's been through!" Karin shouted at the girl, only to receive a stronger glare from the blonde. "Oh I know enough about him. Known as second to last Uchiha, spared by his brother out of sheer pity for how weak he was. Renowned prodigy for his age, grew up with the entire village worshiping him. But yet with all of this, he threw it all away to train under a sannin and in doing so, almost killing someone very close to me." The entire group widened their eyes as they were surprised at how much the girl knew about Sasuke despite having never met him prior to today. "Do you know what I would have given to have had the support you had? I had nothing, no one, I had to start from square one to get to where I am so forgive me in advance if I hurt your feelings but you have it coming asshole if you think that you are better than anyone else in this village. Because I can guarantee that none of them have had the advantages that you had and what you foolishly gave up." She finished her little speech by reaching into her pocket and pulling out enough money to cover the bill as well as leave a nice tip for the waitress. She got up and grabbed her baby off of the chair, but as she walked past them, she felt the main topic of her lecture grab her arm and turn her towards him. "You bitch!" Sasuke said, nearly seething as he stared at the woman before him, "My brother took EVERYTHING from me! You say that you never had anyone or anything? Well I fucking did! And it was all taken so you have no idea what it's like to live a day in my shoes!"

As he finished his rant, Sasuke saw that none of his words had the same impact as hers did to him as she just stared at him with the same expression throughout the whole thing. This made Sasuke even more mad because the words that she had said to him had cut through him like a knife, all of his wounds were opened with every word that she said as she reminded him of key points in his life where he felt like he was making the best decisions he could make; and she was chastising him for the decisions he made! Then, he felt someone grab his shoulder, and as he turned around, he was met with startling blue eyes and bright blonde hair.

Sasuke stared at the figure, immediately knowing who he was, what he did not know, but what he was soon about to find out was why the blonde man was giving him one of the most intense glares that he had ever recieved in his entire life. This paled in comparison to what he felt the day that they met Zabuza or the time they met Orochimaru in the forest of death, both times Sasuke was on the verge of committing suicide just to get away from the two men. This time was no different. But living with two men who's specialty and hobby was scaring the fuck out of people, Sasuke had grown somewhat of an intolerance to it, which was the only thing that was keeping him from reaching for his sword right now.

Naruto had said nothing so far, just continued to stare at him with those giant blue eyes that looked like they had darkened several shades, making them look like a hurricane attacking the ocean on a day that no one survived. On the inside, Sasuke was beginning to worry, but on the outside he continued his usual expression that he didn't give a fuck about anything that ever happened to him. Sasuke then said "What do you want dobe?"

Naruto stared at him for several more seconds before responding. "What do I want? What I want is for you to take you arm off of my wife, if you please?" He said in a tone that made everyone recognize that his word was as close to law as it could be. Sasuke however, made no external expression that he was at all surprised at this revelation, and kept his hand where it was, and in fact tightened his grip on her which made Yugito begin to growl at him while Sasuke followed up by saying "And if I don't? What are you going to do about it dobe? You attack me, a foreign ninja and their will be severe consequences and they would probably cancel the tournament because of what you did."

Naruto's glare lessened, almost in realization about that fact that as of this moment, Sasuke was an Oto ninja and was therefore untouchable. But he regained his glare as he said "In normal circumstances you would be right."

Naruto then punched Sasuke as hard as he could right into the cheek of the Uchiha before he even had the chance to activate his Sharingan. Yugito stayed where she was as she felt Sasuke let go of her arm, though tried as he might it wasn't enough for him to hold on. Sasuke rolled out into the street for a couple of more feet before he finally stopped and picked himself up while rubbing his cheek while he thought 'what the hell was that!'

"But you see, I'm sure that after a talk the other Kages will understand why it is I had to kill the last Uchiha." Naruto finished as he stared down the Uchiha now standing in the street. Sasuke immediately began doing handsigns for the Chidori while Naruto created a clone and began making the Rasengan in his hand. But before Naruto could launch himself forward, Yugito pressed a hand against him and said "You're in enough trouble with the old hag to begin with, if you kill him she will make your life a living hell. Regardless of what the others say." Feeling the calming effect of her hand on his chest, Naruto's rasengan dissipated while he stared at Sasuke who saw his moment and went for it. He charged forward with reckless abandon as he pushed villagers out of the way, his sole focus being on Naruto. Naruto just stared at the man that was approaching him, with only his hand up to defend against the chidori approaching him. Sasuke was anticipating that Naruto would try what Itachi did all those years ago and grab his arm instead of his hand, so to prevent against that, Sasuke began a zigzag like motion to trip Naruto off.

He thought he had this in the bag as he knew his speed far exceeded what the normal person could perceive. What he was not expecting was Naruto to begin coating his hand in wind chakra and stopping his palm altogether. Naruto said nothing as he pushed the stunned Sasuke away from him and took the ramen bowl that Ayame had brought and began walking off with Yugito without a care in the world.

Sasuke and his team however, all seemed to be shocked out of their minds since none of them had ever seen Sasuke's chidori be blocked by such a simple move. Sasuke especially since he knew that he had improved his Chidori far beyond anything that Naruto saw in their final fight. He walked back to his team, now with an utterly pissed off look on his face as he looked at his team and said "We're leaving." And the team walked off without another word.

Unbeknownst to them, a figure had been watching from the rooftops. A clearly feminine looking figrue with long flowing dark blue hair and clear white eyes that had bulging veins, signifying that she was using the byakugan.

A figure who knew that if she played her cards right, this could finally be her chance to kill off that whore that was married to her one true love and that this could be a way for her to gain more allies before the tournament.

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