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Parings: Kyo x Yuki

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Random Japanese words some may not know that are used in this fic. n.n; :

Baka: Idiot

Neko: Cat

Gomen: "I'm sorry."

Daijoubu: "It's okay."

Nezumi: rat/mouse/whatever you want to call it. .

Anou: "Well..."

Demo: "But..."

Wakarimasen: "I don't understand."

Doushite: "Why?!"

Yamero: "Stop it!"

Naruhondo: "I see" or "Okay.."
Beware the fluff and stuff. n.... And other things...

Chapter 1 - Aite (opponent, rival... can also mean "partner" n.n)

"Baka neko!" Yuki's uneasy voice echoed through the house - following a rather large set of crashing sounds. Brows furrowed in anger, slender digits curled up into small palms as the gray-haired boy gave a shake to his head. He turned on his heel and walked out of the room, turning his back on the red-haired idiot.

Kyo always started the fights, he always picked a reason to quarrel with the mouse boy... but this time he had gone too far. He had the indecency to invite Ayame over for the weekend - using the excuse that Yuki had been moaning and groaning and whining about his older brother and the pathetic excuse of any sort of relationship he had with him. Kyo hadn't wanted to take this to such dramatic measures - his beating Yuki, that is. He didn't want to have to drag others into the situation but it was not to be helped, Kyo was stubborn and his nose was shoved a rather huge distance into the air.

Yuki's reaction hadn't pleased an already high-strung Kyo, and the boy was left hurling things at the mouse boy who had all but appreciated his 'attempt' to bring the two brothers closer together. Yuki had seen right through Kyo's little plan and he had not liked it one bit. And so the angered boy strode down the hall, mumbling and grunting - shouting shrewd insults. "I can't believe that immature cat would dare go this far!"

"What is it, Yuuuuuuki-chaaaaan?!" Shigure's familiar voice called out as the angered Yuki stepped into his sight. The younger boy merely scoffed and walked right out the door... only to walk right into the one person he did not want to see right now - Ayame.

"Anou.... if it isn't my precious little brother!" the snake boy exclaimed, pulling a stunned Yuki in a warm embrace. "I made an express visit here just to see you! Nene, you're finally ready to rekindle that brotherly-love?!"

Yuki sneered, pushing the older man away, and cast his gaze to the ground, "I'm ready to do nothing of the sort! Baka neko set it up! You'd think he'd have more respect for me than to go behind my back and do something as horrid as this!" He paused, violet-gray eyes rising to meet the golden ones of his brother, "I hate you! I never want to see you again! You were never there when I needed you the most... you were never there... never..." Those eyes of his had began to water - the fact that he was already upset hadn't really helped the situation. He pushed past his brother and ran off into the distance as he held back what seemed like years upon years of locked-up emotions... an ocean of tears.


Kyo raised a brow as he took a seat on the 'porch,' having witnessed the whole situation. A smile tugged at his lips, but he found that it just wouldn't come... and was instead replaced with a frown. He had managed to upset both Yuki and Ayame - he had only wanted to get at Yuki. Sighing as Ayame shuffled over to him, he cocked his head to the side. "...Gomen..."

"...Daijoubu. ...At least he opened up, ne? I don't understand why he's so upset, though... He hasn't normally gotten this upset when you two fight, right?" He paused as he made his way past Kyo, "I wonder if something's bothering him."

Crimson coloured hues widened and Kyo shot up from where he was seated and darted in the direction that Yuki had run off to. /If he can't give a fight his all then I want to know why!/ Quickening his pace, he called out for the boy as he looked around in every possible direction, "Baka-nezumi! BAKA-NEZUMI!" No answer at all... and so he gave up and stopped, sitting down on the cool earth to catch his breath. "Anou... where could that idiot be?"

He perked up after hearing a few muffled sounds, craning his neck as he glanced around the surrounding area, "Yuki?" He used his name this time as he stood up, catching a glimpse of silver hair from behind a rather large tree. He blinked and rubbed at the back of his neck with his right hand, "Yuki?"

"Oi, baka-neko... just go back. Haven't you screwed this day up enough already?" More muffled sounds and then Yuki hopped to his feet and started walking again, tiny little twigs snapping under his light weight as he made his way back onto the little path. "...I'm not in the mood for a fight," he coolly stated, wiping at his eyes with a dark sleeve to get rid of any possible proof that he was crying.

"Nonsense!" Kyo retorted, following closely behind the boy as he walked, "I wouldn't fight you like this!"

"You'd beat me, though... isn't that what you want? What you desire the most out of everything you could have?"

Kyo paused for a second, an odd look on his face as he watched the boy in front of him, "I... I..."

Yuki turned on his heel to face the red head, wiping at his eyes again as he did so. Brows furrowed in frustration and sorrow, he stared at Kyo with those tear-steeped eyes of his. "...Isn't it?!"

"Yu...ki...? Are you okay?" he asked, a look of concern taking over that relatively calm expression on his face. It was as if all his anger and hatred for Yuki had flown right out a window - he couldn't understand it... It was like being sucked into another dimension, he didn't know what to make of the sudden sympathy he felt for Yuki.

"...Demo, demo... now's your chance... why wont you take it?! Why wont you get it over with?!" Arms planted firmly at his sides, slender digits curled up into his palms as he hung his head. Half-lidded eyes shut completely for a few seconds before opening again, raising his head to look into the eyes of Kyo, stunned by the others refusal to take this opportunity to beat him. "Wakarimasen!" he shouted, throwing his fists onto the boys chest as he broke out into a fit of tears. "Wakarimasen! Wakarimasen..." repeating that single word, he continued to pound on Kyo's chest. "Doushite...?!"

"Ya-yamero!" the red-head stuttered, grabbing a hold of the boys wrists. "What's wrong with you, Yuki?!" Eyes wide in confusion, he tightened his grip on Yuki's wrists as he looked down at him, "What's gotten in to you?"

Yuki fell silent, gazing up at Kyo as he choked back a few more tears. He couldn't say what he wanted to - he couldn't say how much he wanted to be in Kyo's position... how he didn't want to be himself anymore, how much it hurt... It hadn't changed much in the first place when they had both confessed how jealous they were of each other. It hadn't changed a thing...

"Naruhondo..." he let go of the wrists and, dragging a slender digit under Yuki's eyes, he wiped the tears away, "Just say it, Yuki..."

"I want to be you... I want to be everything you are. I want to be invisible, I want to be ...normal..." he paused for a second, casting his gaze to his feet as he leaned in to rest his forehead on Kyo's chest, "...Not when it comes to the Juunishi... but when it comes to everythi-..." he trailed off and fell silent.

"..Yuki.." he raised a brow as he got no reply from the boy, "...Yuki?" placing both of his hands on the boys shoulders, he gave a little shake before lifting Yuki's head up with his right hand... only to find him asleep. "Ne, baka-nezumi..." he muttered, scooping the boy up and into his arms, "..Why are you so upset?"

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