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Aite - Chapter 11 - Uncertain Future

A porcelain glass was dropped, shattering into hundreds of shards upon hitting the ground, semi-transparent liquid spilling over the wood floor. Ayame jumped, golden eyes going wide as he craned his neck in order to hear the screams of his little brother. Hatori, having heard the cries as well, followed Ayame through the house and outside where they just managed to witness Akito having one of his fits. On Yuki and Kyo…

Both boys (though clothed now -- after having raided Kyo's closet when the boy came-to…) had been thrown rather viciously aside by their older relative, Yuki unwillingly finding himself strewn upon his lovers body after which he gave the red-head a few shakes and tried to push him away. "Kyo.. Kyo, come on… we can't loose this battle!"

"Battle?! My precious Yuki," Akito sneered as he neared the boy and pushed him aside to grab Kyo by the collar of his shirt. "…It's already been lost." He pulled the cat up to his feet, staring him down as he tightened his grip on the black shirt. "I can't believe you'd choose this disgustingly foul MONSTER over me!"

Yuki jumped to his feet and wrapped his arms around one of Akito's as he attempted to move the older boy. This action was almost immediately returned by a blow from the more than pissed Akito and Yuki soon found himself tumbling over and over on the ground before coming to a rather harsh stop against a rock.

Startled, both brows were furrowed as Ayame took his stance before Akito, a hand raising to slap the fair skin of the boy as he protested. "How DARE you?! You sick and horrible being!" The fact that Ayame had just admitted to himself that he loved this man happened to make him want to be sick to his stomach. Shigure could have him. Ayame didn't need anyone who treated HIS Yuki like a rag doll. He pried Kyo from the other and pushed Akito away with the forceful push of a small hand that had been placed on the mans chest.

Akito sneered as he stumbled back a few steps, swaying his arms in order to keep himself from loosing his balance. "…You…" Pads of fingertips caressed his bruised skin as he glared viciously at the snake.

Hissing, Ayame shook a fist at his new opponent, "You disgust me! He can have you! You two seem to be meant for each other! Both sick and greedy and… and… and absolutely HORRID!" He paused, having realized that not only had he insulted the man who undoubtedly ruled all aspects of his life, that he had also insulted one of his best friends. Golden eyes narrowed as he repeated what he'd said, though every time he did it only made more sense.

…What did he know of Shigure, anyway? In all honesty. He only knew what Shigure let him know. The dog was in many ways like Akito…

"…Horrid?" Akito shivered, allowing himself access to Shigure's arms as the man neared, "Do you hear that? He says we're horrid…"

The dog merely pouted as he glared at Ayame, tightening his grip around the frail boys waist. "He's delusional… Give him some time, he'll come back to his senses. I'm sure of it. Won't you, Aya?"

"Go jump off a cliff!" the snake retorted, hissing slightly as he made his way over to Yuki and knelt to pull him into his arms. He then glanced over to Hatori who had decided to take care of the red-head, only to have been pulled away by the impatient Akito who wanted to be taken home. Immediately. "Tori-san…" he sighed as he helped his brother to his feet, brushing him off before he shuffled over to Kyo. "…When did it become a crime to love?"

Hatori gave the golden eyed boy a worried glance as he proceeded to leave, walking both Akito and Shigure back to Honke in silence, refusing to bring the past events up into a casual conversation that would grow rather fiery and brash in a matter of seconds should the wrong words be said. His silence was all the more appreciated by Akito and his apparent new lover, and the only task Hatori was left appointed to was helping the infuriated Akito calm down.

He gave the boy a little bit of a brushing off before wrapping an arm around his waist and drawing him near and Shigure was left wrapping an arm around Hatori as they walked. The dragon knew what to do and what not to do in situations like this, and though he was sure Ayame was more than a little displeased by his leaving he knew that if he'd done anything different then his head would undoubtedly have been placed on a silver platter and presented to his all mighty god who seemed more like an over-dramatic four-year-old than an enigmatic leader.

"Ha-saaaan…" Shigure whimpered as he drew circles on the dragons chest with an extended index finger, "What's wrong with Aya…?"

Hatori inwardly rolled his eyes at the dog and hung his head, "He's just not himself as of late… give him some time to cool off, okay? And you," he playfully poked the tip of Akito's nose, in hopes that what he was about to say wouldn't piss the boy off again, "What chances do the two love-birds have of keeping their relationship aflame? You'll get what you want in the end. Patience."

"You make it sound like it's okay for those two to be involved. He can't have Yuki. Yuki's too good for a monster like him..."

"…You're like that when it comes to everybody."

"I'm allowed to be."


"You're so funny."

. . . .

"Kyo-kun! Kyo-kun!" Tohru exclaimed as she rushed out of the house and to the red-heads side, immediately dropping to her knees before him. A glance was shot in Yuki and Ayame's direction -- one that didn't seem as if it would come from the girl. It was almost full of hatred and distrust. A small hand brushed against the cats forehead as she pouted and brushed the dirt from his cheeks. "…Daijoubu…"

Yuki grimaced, violet hues narrowing as he watched the girl. "Honda-san…" he started, only to be cut off as the girl shook her head.

"I don't want to hear your excuses… Not this time… not now…"

"But… I…"

"It's your fault! Your fault this happened! Kyo-kun is hurt! You're hurt! Everyone's hurting and it's your fault!" the girl snapped, blue eyes falling shut as she pulled the half-unconscious Kyo into an embrace only to hear the familiar 'pyon!' sound. Slender digits tightened their grasp around the now nekofied Kyo as she pushed herself to her feet, "…I don't mean to be selfish… or mean… but Yuki-kun… you know he's getting hurt. Just… stop it."

Yuki stood motionless beside his mortified brother, both boys equally confused and hurt by the girls sudden decision to express her feelings in a way she'd never bothered to express them before. It was now that Tohru's love for the red-head was more than evident and more than loathed by Yuki.

Turning on her heels, the girl slid in the direction of the house, hugging the cat close to her chest as a paw was raised.

/…wait… Yuki… I want… to talk to Yuki…/ why couldn't he muster up the strength to talk? Why couldn't he understand what just happened? Why had Tohru just said something like that? She'd never done it before, had she? Not that he could remember… Had she just decided to let everything out? Everything she'd been keeping locked up and refused to let anyone see? Was this the breaking point for her? Beady eyes stared up at the girl, claws digging in to the fabric of her shirt as she carried him, he didn't want to risk falling… he hurt enough as it was.

"It would have been best.." Tohru mumbled as she entered the house, blue eyes glancing down at the orange cat in her arms as she thought aloud. "…It would have been best if I hadn't left. If I hadn't given those two the chance… We'd all be spared this pain…" A glance was given to the silver-haired boy some ways behind her, and the brother that pulled him into an embrace from behind. "…We'd all be spared…"

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