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Tinkles pressed the red button, an evil chuckle escaping as he watched the screen turn bright red. However, his look of sneering triumph soon turned to one of comical outrage as the words NICE TRY MORON scrolled across the screen. "WHAT!?" he yowled. "WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?" IT MEANS YOU'VE FAILED JERK! came the reply on-screen. "How's he doing that, boss?" "It doesn't matter how, what matters is that HE FOUND THE BOMB!" Tinkles yelled.

Back at D.O.G. Headquarters, Michael closed his laptop, a satisfied look on his face. "You look like the cat that ate the canary" said Butch."You mind telling us what's so funny?" "Oh, nothing" Michael replied, trying to look innocent and failing. "Michael, I know that look" said Sutton. "What gives?" "Well, I found a small bomb in my bag when we got through fighting the cats in the alley and deactivated it, then I sent a message to the guy who created it, that's all." "Do you know who created the bomb?" Kowalski asked. Michael shrugged. "No clue. But I was able to send the message through a wireless transponder the cats had on them". "Why would they have one of those on them?" Kowalski asked. "It would enable them to communicate with their boss more easily than traditional radioes, plus, if it were discovered, they'd be able to shut it off before the transmission could be traced to the receiver" Michael answered.

Shaking his head, Sutton smiled."I'm hoping the message was at least amiable in nature". "Now why would I send something that was anything but amiable?" Michael asked. "I refuse to answer that question" Sutton replied in a bemused tone. "I thought you'd say that" Michael chuckled. He smiled a moment longer, imagining the reaction of the recipient of his message, whomever it might be, before frowning and returning to the business at hand.

"How about we start with what we know and work our way from there" Butch suggested. "Good idea" Kowalski agreed. Sighing, Michael started from the beginning, leaving nothing out. Other than a question here and there, he wasn't interrupted.

When he had finished, it was past 1 a.m. and they were all rubbing their eyes. Seeing this, Sutton suggested that they all get some rest. "After all" he said "We'll think better when we're not so tired". Michael nodded. "I agree. We get some rest and return to this deal tomorrow when our heads are clear".

The next morning, Michael was jogging in a local park near town when he saw Butch talking to a large sheepdog. Curious as to what was being said, he moved closer. Looking up from their conversation, Butch saw Michael coming towards them. "Morning" he said, as Michael drew nearer. "Morning yourself" Michael said, coming to a stop. "Sam, this is Michael. Michael, Sam." " Any progress on the case so far?"Michael asked. "Nothing. You get anything?" Butch asked. Michael was about to answer in the negative when he heard his start beeping. Pulling it from his pocket, he read the text, smiling.

"What's the news?" asked Butch. "Just got the word on the account numbers from the checks. The account was registered to a Calico Tinkles here in California" Michael said. "Calico Tinkles? What kind of human has a name like that?" Butch asked. "No idea" Michael said, shrugging. "Calico?Isn't that some kind of cat?" Sam asked. "It is" Butch answered. "So we're either looking for a calico cat named Tinkles, or a human who's so crazy about cats they changed their name to match a cat breed" said Michael. "Who's to say that it 's not two cats that put their names together to open a bank account?" Butch speculated.

"Why did you say the account was registered in that name?" Sam asked. "Because the day after the bombing, the account was closed. Almost all data on it was erased, and the bank records were wiped clean" Michael said, frowning. "However" he continued "there was still some residual data left in the computer's mainframe". "Still, the fact that whoever did that was able to hack a bank's firewall is a little disturbing" Butch stated. Michael nodded. "But at least we know more now than we did yesterday".

Glancing at his watch, Michael frowned. "I've gotta go fellas. If you find out anything interesting, let me know. I'll do the same with you". "You got it" Butch said.

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