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All things Twilight belong to Stephenie Meyer. As the author of this story and with the permission of this site, I am only using the character names in my own original writing. Other than the names, I own the personalities and the story-line... and all of the mistakes.

In this story I will be merging together Twilight and F.r.i.e.n.d.s, a few of my favorite things.


Bella grew up in New Hampshire, alongside the sister/brother duo, Alice and Edward. The three of them were great friends and did everything together, until one evening Edward confessed his feelings for Bella. What should have been a happily ever after, considering that Bella felt the same, ended badly when Bella allowed confusion to set in, chose not to listen to her heart, and walked away. However, fate sometimes has a crazy way of fixing mistakes and handing us second chances. But Bella's second chance isn't quite as perfect as her timing.

Prologue to Friends, Lovers & Good Coffee

Chapter 1

Welcome To The Big Apple




I knew virtually no one in a sea of faces swiftly passing by. Huge, towering buildings surrounded me; a concrete jungle of honking horns, voices, music, and sheer, utter chaos.

I felt like, for once in my life, I was truly an adult. No matter what the future held, I had the guts to leave the only life I had ever known, and create a new life, on my own, in a city that would either make me or break me.

The excitement of moving to New York and starting a new job was overwhelming, to say the least. It was exhilarating, and at the same time, I had never felt so alone and invisible.

I had arrived in Manhattan just a few days prior, with wide eyes and blind expectations. My mission for the day was to find an apartment, any apartment at this point, because living in a hotel was becoming too expensive and impersonal.

I clutched my bag as I walked passed the bronzed gods from a Calvin Klein ad hanging above Times Square. Everything around me felt so gigantic and alive.

Surely, in a city bigger than life, I'll be able to find an apartment. My own positive thoughts sharpened my optimism.

It was mid-July, and the sun had no mercy as it beamed down from the heavens. Walking on the steamy, black pavement, it felt like I was gonna melt before taking my next step.

By 4pm, I had checked on five different apartments. All of which apparently had been rented out before the ink dried on the newspaper I was holding in my hand. So to say that my optimism was fading fast would have been an understatement.

This is gonna be what failure tastes like. The first negative thought entered my mind without mercy. I didn't even last a week.

When the sun was setting, my back was breaking and my feet ached; note to self - never wear heels while searching for an apartment, or for any other reason, while walking the mean streets of New York.

Two more apartments and no luck later, the sun had completely disappeared. The air became somewhat cooler as the heavens decided then to open up and pour out buckets of rain.

No umbrella, no jacket - great.

With my arms wrapped around myself in an attempt to keep warm, the sweetest aroma surrounded me, compelling me to walk inside a small coffee shop. Central Perk. I quickly read the sign painted on the huge bay window before stepping inside.

Once I crossed the threshold, it smelled like pure heaven, a mixture of brewing coffee, melting cheese on sandwiches, and freshly baked muffins filled the air. This could definitely be heaven.

The day had gone by so fast, and in my busy quest to find an apartment, I had ignored the silent pain of an empty stomach the entire day. However, there was no ignoring the intense growl now.

With a long sigh of relief, I noticed there was an empty stool at the counter. I quickly made my way over, taking full advantage.

"Welcome to Central Perk." A young man with white hair and purple highlights handed me a menu. "My name is Mike."

"Thank you, Mike." I smiled as I momentarily gazed into his purple eyes. Yes, I said purple eyes.

Has to be contacts? I thought as I tried not to openly stare, because to be quite honest, Mike hadn't been the most odd thing I had seen since my arrival.

Naked cowboy singing in Times Square. I reminded myself.

"I'll give you a moment." He offered before walking away.

I quickly scanned the menu, choosing the first thing that sounded good before taking a quick look around the coffee shop. I liked it here. Everything seemed so cozy, and friendly. Although tables and booths were offered, I loved the idea of how the place was filled with mismatched sofas and comfortable chairs as well.

A beautiful collection of art, photographs and quotes completely covered the top part of the brick walls while bookshelves thoroughly surrounded the bottom half of the walls. The perfect place to relax with a good book and cup of coffee.

"Buffalo Bleu and House Coffee," I announced as soon as the man, who clearly loved the color purple, returned.

"Will that be all?" he asked in a friendly voice.

"Yes, thank you." As soon as he walked away, I placed my drenched newspaper on the counter and tried to flip through the pages without ripping them apart. However, it was useless. My paper was soaked through and through, and the pages seemed as if they were glued together.

"Wonderful." I was ready to wallow in self-pity at this point.

"Here ya go." Mike winked as he slid a fresh, dry newspaper down the counter, stopping it right in front of me. And I couldn't help but smile at the odd-looking man. That had been the nicest thing anyone had done for me since I had arrived in New York.

"Thank you." I gratefully widen my smile. Briefly returning my smile, Mike walked away to fill other orders, leaving me in peace as I flipped through the pages, hoping I had overlooked an ad for an apartment.

"Bella?" A small voice questioned from behind, causing me turn around. "Bella Swan?"

"Alice!" Words could never express the joy or the relief I felt when I saw her.

After so many nameless faces and feeling so utterly alone, someone I actually knew was standing right in front of me. And the best part, she wasn't just anyone, but my childhood best friend, Alice Cullen.

I wasted no time jumping from the stool and embracing her in a hug. For the first time since I had arrived, the feeling of being alone was slowly fading.

"I haven't seen you in years." Alice's voice held as much excitement as I felt.

"Seven years to be exact." I reminded her. "What are you doing here?"

"I moved here with my family right after our graduation."

"So you've been living here for the past seven years?"

"Yes, and I love it here. What are you doing here?"

"Long story," I answered with a sarcastic chuckle.

"Come over and meet the gang, and you can tell me all about it." She smiled, waving her hand toward the center of the cafe where a huge red sofa sat with two chairs on each side, and a wooden coffee table in the middle.

I can't even imagine what I must have looked like - a drenched rat? I had wet strands of hair, sticking to my shoulders and arms, and I didn't even want to know what my make-up must have looked like.

As we walked toward her friends, I somewhat felt nervous. But I was beyond ready to meet new people, and hopefully make a few new friends myself.

"Everyone, this is Bella. Bella this is everyone." She pointed to her friends, one by one. "Rose, Emmett, Jasper and Tanya."

"Hello," I greeted them with a smile as they welcomed me in unison. The tall blond bombshell, Tanya, waved, with a rather perky smile.

Tanya and Rose were both blonds, and both very beautiful. However, Rose's beauty seemed more earthly and natural as to where Tanya's seemed to be hiding somewhere beneath a mountain of makeup. As beautiful as both girls were, Tanya's beauty and fashion sense screamed 'Magazine Cover'. I assumed she had to be a model or an actress, or something glamorous.

"So, Bella, what brings you to New York?" Alice wasted no time asking as soon as we took our seats.

"You first, what's it been like living here for the past seven years?" I answered her with a question of my own.

"Okay, when we first moved here, I lived with my parents for a while, but then I met Rose, and we quickly became friends. She, Tanya and I got an apartment together, not far from here." She briefly paused. "After dropping out of college twice, I finally realized my passion was with food. After working two years as a restaurant critic for a local newspaper, and a few other odd jobs, I finally found my place as a chef at Javu."

Suddenly my head was filled with childhood memories of a younger Alice in her mom's kitchen. She loved trying new recipes and cooking for her family.

"She's one of the best chefs in town." The tall, muscular guy named Emmett interjected. "No one can beat Alice's cooking."

"Thanks, Em." Alice flashed him a quick grin before taking another sip from her mug. "Your turn, Bella. How did you end up in New York?"

"I actually got a degree in fashion and my former boss, Rachel, swore I had an eye for fashion that was being wasted in New Hampshire. She made a few calls, conjured up, what apparently, was an impressive portfolio, and landed me a job with Ralph Lauren... and here I am."

"Have you already started working there?" Alice asked.

"No, actually I don't start until next week," I answered.

"Tanya, here, used to be a model for Ralph Lauren."

That didn't surprise me. I had already figured that one out upon first glance.

"So where are you living?" Alice asked.

"In a hotel for now. I searched for apartments online, without any luck. Then I decided to go ahead and make the move, hoping that I'd have better luck in person."

"Any luck?" Rose asked.

"Trying to find a clean apartment, close to work and reasonably priced in this city is like trying to find a needle in a haystack," I answered her as a huge smile grew across Alice's lips.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked, confused.

"Bella, you're not gonna believe this, but your timing is kinda perfect. Rose and I have been interviewing people all week trying to find a new roommate."

"You're kidding?"

"No. I'm serious. Tanya is getting married this weekend and moving to Westchester with her husband-to-be, Riley."

"May I please have an interview?"

"I'll grant you one better than that." Alice was now all smiles. "You can move in with us. I mean, if that's okay with Rose?"

Everyone looked toward Rose for a reply. "Do you do drugs?"


"Can you handle sharing one bathroom with two other women?"


"And not hog it?"

"Of course."

"Our bedrooms are side by side, only one thin wall between us, can you handle listening to nineties music all night?"

"I love nineties music."

"Welcome aboard." Rose finally flashed me a warm smile, and relief flooded over me. "We better get back and help Tanya pack the rest of her things."

Whether it was luck or perfect timing, either way, I was beyond grateful. Finally, things were starting to look up.

Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival. Not two hours prior, I was ready to give up, and head back home in defeat. The apartment hunting alone had taken its toll on me. I was ready to leave New York and never look back, but now here I was surviving. Everything was falling into place. Lady Luck had arrived, and I couldn't wait to see what my new life in the big city had in store for me.

Just one last question hit me like a ton of bricks as I was helping Alice and my new friends pack up Tanya's belongings, where was Edward Cullen, Alice's older brother? I hadn't seen Edward in nine years. He, Alice and I were best friends in high school. He was a senior when she and I were sophomores. We used to have some of the best times together, until the night a confession from Edward changed everything.


Hello dear readers, thank you for taking the time to read Friends, Lovers and Good Coffee. A few things, this is one of my former fics I removed a few years ago. To anyone who read the first version, this version's story-line will pretty much be the same, although not completely identical, for I have edited the entire story and revamped a few things, so a few changes in this version.

I am happy to say, I have found a really wonderful beta, Songster, thanks to a lovely lady named Cared. Both ladies have helped me out very much, and I truly appreciate the both of them.

I have no posting schedule at the moment. I'm reposting this story in hopes of perfecting my own writing skills, and because it's so much fun.

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