Life Choices Remade

Characters: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Jared Trueheart, Paul Lahote, Embry Call, Charlie Swan, Billy Black, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen

Synopsis: The week of their wedding, Bella gets a flash of what could happen if they were married and have children and winds up back eighteen months in the past to the day she sees Edward first, only this time she knows what the circumstances are, can she change her future or will things play out like they did in this time.

Warnings: The Prologue is going to be in Edward and Jacob's POV, before it switches to Bella's, and this is going to be their thoughts of the end of the third book, before the changed timeline, so for those who've read the minds of their favorite characters this is going into the I.D.'s, or inner desires of both male leads in the book as they speak their thoughts of Bella.

Charlie is also going to get the first bit of the truth from the adult pack, before he learns everything from the young pack and she gets sent back in time.

Also with each member of the young pack that changes and her uncle coming back in the early portion of the story as her parents and the members of each group that didn't get the letters she's sending them, she is going to be explaining the truth to them with each member that starts phasing, so expect certain conversation to repeat themselves as the story continues.

Disclaimers: Twilight doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else bselongs to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 1: The Prologue

Edward's POV

I've done it it finally, the mutt is gone for good, it has taken close to eighteen months for me to get him and his disgusting pack out of her life, but I've finally managed it by sending a wedding invitation to him and his father and that has caused him to leave her, and here is why, because as far as I'm concerned he's a danger to her, she belongs to me and nothing is taking her away from me, no matter what I have to do. I've known since I locked gazes with the mutt's father, that he is her imprint and have kept it silent for a year and a half. I've seen his inner thoughts and memories and it shocked me to my core.

The leader of the tribe was the alpha who raised her and his friends were her father's quintet, these men were retired werewolves and she had been born half Quileute, to make matters more serious, if she ever found out the truth, and that is that four fifths of the pack are related to her, by blood and adoption, and she is the great grand daughter of the tribe leader's omega and his mate, they will all kill me.

If my family ever learns the truth I will be torn apart and roasted, and the truth is she met my family to be reintroduced into our world, but she belongs to Black and her cousins are Uley, Trueheart and Call, while her adoptive brothers and sisters are Black's twin older sisters, young Clearwater and his sister, Black Senior is her godfather and Clearwater's wife is her godmother, while the rest of the paternal pack are her father's closest friends, these wolves were no danger to her, no matter what I thought.

And the reason is they had raised her from a baby, Black's father was the red werewolf in the pictures on the hallway wall, their families were tightly bonded, but five years separation was put to my advantage, she had no memory of what they were to her, what they taught her, nor of our weapons, but if those memories came back I was in deep shit once it got to Carlisle, because he had prohibited our hunting weapons to be used.

A far more dangerous secret here I've kept from them is, ever since I learned that she belongs to Black, I've been dosing her with our pheromone, which is against the treaty we made with Ephraim Black when we met the pack ninety years early, if they and the pack ever learn this I'm as good as dead, because her memories have faded of them when they were just children, and I've been suppressing them, having Alice watch her, and are always in earshot to keep the truth from getting to her.

I can only hope she does not remember, because if she finds out what I've done I will lose her, and I will not allow that to happen, no matter what now. As I think this I watch her and see the sadness in her eyes and know she's thinking about them and her future and what it means, I hope nothing gets in the way of my plans, but the wedding is only weeks away and I hope nothing goes wrong in that time.

Jacob POV

I couldn't believe it, I knew I had it right, the bastard was trying to get me out of her life, and so he could keep a serious secret from her and that is that she is mine, our parents agreed, when I reached my phasing age, she and I were to be betrothed. She was my imprint, I'm her mate, for whatever reason she had rushed things, and before I could get the chance to tell her the truth, he tears my heart out.

I once said he was a drug to her, I just never knew how right I was, the parasites had a pheromone that is a narcotic, and I've never been sure here, but I think he used it on her, my love for her was that of a true piece of humanity, I can only hope she finds the information, before it is too late, because if she doesn't, it won't be just my heart that is torn apart, but her parents, our friends, my father and Sue.

My father was her godfather and he loved her like another daughter, Sue thought the same way about her, and our families were a trio. 'Bro, something is wrong here, I've been getting reports from Charlie and mom that she's starting to get cold feet about this. Something is happening here.' I heard from my surrogate kid brother Seth and I gently responded to that. 'Whatever it is, monitor it guys, because whatever it is, could be the break we've been waiting for.' I told him, before hearing from Leah at that.

'Jake what are you talking about, she made her choice?' she asked and I sighed. 'Did your father ever tell you the real reason we were her protection, before you phased?' I asked and she quickly answered me. 'Not much of it, but I know dad thought of her as something more than a family friend.' she said and I nodded as I answered her.

'Our parents have been friends for forty years Le, the love you felt in me is because she was supposed to be mine, if she finds the clues, you're getting the truth that way, but dad is the only chance we have of getting her back, before he bites her.' I said and knew she nodded. 'Name changes Jake?' she asked with an amused tone.

'Yeah, if you don't mind my calling you that, since I used to call you that all the time as a toddler?' I asked and heard a chuckle as she answered that. 'No it's fine, what do you need us to do?' she asked and I quickly answered her as I ran past Mount Rushmore.

'If she comes onto the reservation, let her in, she's probably going to come to my house, and if she does, you're getting the whole truth, but the ones coming to my place when that happens are the seven of you, Colin, Dillion and Brady, dad filled me in on the last pack and the entire council were retired from active duty sis, your father was a werewolf.' I said and their tones went shocked at that.

'Dad was active, I thought he quit by the time I was ten?' she repeated and I quickly answered her. 'He retired when I was seven, whatever colors they had are probably why she relaxed so quickly when she saw the seven of us though, because it took barely ten minutes for the shock to give out, and she relaxed automatically Le, but we need to hear this from dad and your mother later, so when she comes to see them, call me."

'I'm waiting till she either calls me through the link or some other mental/emotional connection, before I come back, because the leach is a dead man, if he did what I think, Sam you hear me, because this is beta to alpha bro.' I called out and he quickly answered me. 'Yeah Jake what is it?' he asked me gently.

'How are you guys holding up over this?' I asked and I heard four sighs as Jared answered that. 'Not good, I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like the bonds shifted from friendship to more than that, and Em, Sam and Paul feel the same way, but we're not sure why, God I hope she decides to not go through with it, I love her like she's my sister now.' he said and heard four voices answer that in agreement.

'Any of you get a look at the photos on the walls at your houses guy?' I asked and got four negatives. 'Guys, did any of you ever wonder why they took they treaty so seriously, before you became wolves or why they hated the Cullen's so much or even why they decided to be the ones to deal with her coming onto the reservation all the time last winter?' I asked and got another negative.

'No we didn't, why, what did Billy tell you exactly?' Paul asked and I explained it to them. 'The previous pack before we started happened to be our fathers, they took the treaty seriously, because they've been in our shoes as well, dad was the retired alpha, and the other eight members of their pack were your fathers', truthfully they were ticked off at the Cullens, because Cullen did a lot of damage to her, before the duo we killed tried to kill her at the time.'

'The broken leg was due to a vampire attack, which explains the scar on her wrist, the redhead's boyfriend was the bastard who nearly killed her, as for Cullen, the bastard essentially tore her heart out last winter, whatever he did explains why your parents were so furious.' I told them and Sam's voice turned dangerous at that.

'So the bastard decided, thanks to a minor mistake, to get out of her life and take the rest of their family with him. As the son of the chief, whats you're real connection to their family exactly man?' he asked and I dropped the bomb. 'Charlie is my godfather guys, he doesn't know about the real back history between us.' I told him firmly.

'Guys, if she comes to visit, contact me with whatever information you learn, because she's going to have some sort of connection to us that is more than we think, alright, Sam those nightmares and reactions you saw in my mind were from that leach we took out, the one when she saw us in our wolf forms, he tried to do more than kill, hopefully she's going to explain that if she does come to my house, and when she does call me through the link, okay.' I said and Sam answered me gently.

'Alright Jake come home when you're ready, we'll be waiting for you bro.' he said and I nodded as I heard six voices call out the same thing then as my memories shifted to what I knew then. "Jake any reason she relaxed when she saw us phase in front of her that day?" Paul asked me and I thought it over.

"Dad said they were retired, but I think our fur colors were hereditary, our families have been friends for forty years, so our colors, and Colin and Brady, and maybe Jesse, have our fathers fur color, but we need to confirm that when she calls me home, so we wait for her to come see dad and Sue and we'll get the entire truth, because the separation shut down our memories of our childhood bonds together." I said to him and Sam answered me at that.

"In other words, dad was black, Billy was like you, and so on, aside from Em and Leah, but the ones with hereditary coloring are the six of us, Colin, Brady and if we have a repeater Jesse as well, whatever we are to her, explains why she and I grew so close, but if this means what we think, I'm killing the little bastard for doing that to her."

"Bro take your time, when she gives us the minor details I'm calling you back alright little brother." he said and I nodded as I answered him with a smile. "See you soon guys, sis." I said and heard a gentle call from my brothers and sister than at that.

The memories that had faded were that the quartet connected to her were me, Seth, Leah, Sam, Embry and Jared, our fathers were Charlie's best friends, while Quil Senior, Elliot Lehote, Jack Denali, Adam Daniels and Joseph White were all members of our fathers' childhood gang, we'd been raised together.

'Baby, remember, you have to, I'm not just your best friend, I'm your mate, you belong to me, not him.' I thought softly as I settled under a tree, and decided to go hunting for some elk, one of the good things about being a werewolf was I was able to hunt without anyone wondering why there was an oversized wolf running around and hunting.

Before I could though I heard a voice who I didn't recognize. 'Don't worry Jacob, I'm going to get through to her, and get her the truth, but be ready for it.' she said and I quickly nodded to that. 'Who are you exactly?' I asked and she gently explained it to me.

'I am her great grandmother Tala Marquez, I was your grandfather's omega Jacob, every generation the last seventy years in my family were your family's omegas, because I chose to marry a pale face I was exiled to Forks, but your grandfather and I remained in contact, the truth is she was born half Quileute, as you thought, she is your mate, but the underlining section of that treaty was they never used their hunting weapons against humans.'

'Cullen really was a drug to her Jacob, he'd been dosing her with that pheromone they have for six months after you gave her that message from your fathers, your parents have been friends of the Swan and Marquez family for four generations honey, the real truth is she's your imprint, the rest of the families connected to her are your own trio of pack friends, her cousins are your current Alpha, your second of your friend trio, David Trueheart's great grandson and Joseph's great grandchildren.'

' The boys are her cousins, their great grandmothers are my sisters, and their great grandfathers are the connection between her and young Samuel, Jared and Embry, every generation in 'my' family over the last ninety years married a pale face, and the prophecy specified that one day the heir of the alpha and chief of the tribe was to be married to the heir of the chief's omega, and those heirs are you and Isabella, she belongs to you and I'm making sure she gets the truth now, because your future selves are sending her a message and I'm sending her back in time to the day you refound each other.'

'I am working through a plan here with the thirty year old version of my heir, if we give her the truth through clues she will go to your father for the rest of the truth and Cullen will be forever removed from her life, because we're sending her back to the day you and your father came back into her life.' she said and I nodded as I felt the pain go through me at that. 'What do you want me to do mama?" I asked her and she explained it to me.

'When she starts investigating, tell her to remember that warning you gave her and then look through everything your parents gave her, the omega connection is going to translate your growls for her, because her powers are coming online now.' she said and I nodded, before I heard a second voice.

'Son, the quartet of families that were connected to her was yours, mine, Josh Uley and Daniel Trueheart, our families were your godfather's quintet, we were the ones she spent the most time with, and once those memories start breaking through she's going to see your father and aunt, she's holding in a lot of anger from your nearly being killed, the redhead killing me through the heart attack and Cullen's taking off on her." he said and I nodded as I felt a jolt of pain go through me at his voice as I answered him.

'Harry is that you, how are you able to do this?' I asked and he quickly answered me. 'Yeah son its me, the spirits of our tribe allowed me to make contact with you and Bella, because we are protectors and she's going to be able to hear me through the void, before she learns the truth, you remember the photos on the wall in her living room?' he asked.

'Yeah I do, who are those grizzly sized werewolves and why do they look like my pack?' I asked and his next statement shocked the hell out of me then. ' The quartet of wolves in those pictures are your father, me, Josh Uley and Daniel Trueheart, that bracelet she wore around her wrist was a clan bracelet, the pendant you made for her was the right color, every gift we gave her as she grew up was a clue that she is one of us.'

'Listen to me carefully here, those photos of us when phased were the memories that had faded, she doesn't remember, because she'd been gone for five years, but your father was the adult version of you, I'm the adult version of Seth, and the rest of the adult pack is the adult version of your pack aside from my daughter, Leah phased because she held a specific function within the pack, and that is that she was, if you'd taken the mantle, the alpha's fourth, and her position from that is the bodyguard to the alpha's mate, and she's also the omega's bodyguard.'

'Your mother-in-law happens to be our omega, Bella was supposed to be yours, before Cullen did that to her, and with that, once we point her in the right directions the memories are going to come back all at once, your sisters were her best friends, Sam, Jared and Paul are the ones she spent the most time with as a baby, she grew up with the tribe, because your godfather did a blood brother ritual with your fathers and me.'

'My reaction when Bella explained things to you guys is because she's my niece, Sue is her godmother, we helped your godfather raise her, every summer she was here for four months, before school started, but the five year hiatus caused her memories to start fading, but she wasn't afraid when she saw you phase in front of her, because the guys and I did that all the time as a toddler, before your brother was born.'

'Truthfully, my daughter, Sam, the twins, Jared and Paul were her childhood gang, we raised you kids together, she's your mate and imprint, once she finds that bracelets that's going to cut through the fog he's using to block her memories.' he said and I nodded as he explained further.

'The reason you look like us is because your colors were hereditary, passed down for four generations, though Embry and Leah are the exception, Leah is her adoptive sister through me, because Sue is her godmother, and Embry was the second born in Josh's case, so he got his own color, but altogether, she came home, because her position was supposed to activate when you phased and your betrothal contract started.'

'She's the human version of a werewolf, she's able to channel your strength and speed, and she's able to talk to you when you're phased, but because she's been gone for close to six years she forgot how to use her abilities, and her omega ability is going to get out of control if she starts to wonder why she can hear your voice in those memories leading up to the newborn battle.' he said and I tried to figure that out as I answered him.

"Omega, she can understand us when we're wolves?" I asked and he answered that gently. 'Yes, every growl, whine and snarl is translated into words in your voice when you're together, she could understand you, even without a translator.' he said, and I felt a jolt of fear run through me at that, when Cullen said she accepted his engagement my scream of pain echoed throughout the mountains as a howl and if she remembered that she was going to hear my thoughts on what my howl of pain really was that day.

"What's the side effect if she was in emotional shutdown for four months on top of the withdrawal?" I asked and I heard a sigh as he answered me. "An omega's power comes from their pack or coven, if they're bonded to a vampire family, not only was she connected to him, they became her family and she was able to draw on their abilities and powers, with them gone she was adrift, so when she bonded with the boys and you, that was fixing the damage and she was healing, and once she healed completely that would have caused your imprint to snap into place, and she would have moved on from him."

"What you said was right though, if he waited six more months to come back the bonds of family would have healed her up completely, but the pheromone had her focused on him, which is why she was hanging to him at the time, and with that we're telling her the truth of what this really did to her, so just be ready to come home if she calls out to you." he said and I nodded as I asked the next question on this, feeling my anger growing, now knowing what my rival did to my mate and I was going to kill him for it.

"Did she have this ability since we were toddlers?" I asked him and his voice took on a paternal tone. 'Yes, she knew the nine of us on sight, because she was born into the tribe, and we phased in front of her repeatedly from the time she was a baby, so her feelings of normalcy when you and Paul did that was because she saw me and Elliot like that all the time, Elliot was like your brother at this age, she doesn't care, because she's known since she was an infant."' he said and I nodded as I figured out the circumstances that caused the adult pack to retire.

"The Car accident ended it for dad, and between that and mom he retired, and you and Uncle Josh retired from physical or emotional problems right, your heart and Sam and Embry in Uncle Josh's case?" I asked and his tone gentled further as he answered me. 'Yes, my blood pressure ended it for me, and Josh left, because he suffered the same lapse as Sam did with Leah, because Embry is his son, he was disgusted with Blackie that he left to get his head together.' he said and I nodded as I answered him.

"So Embry is Sam's brother, Quil is my cousin, and the seven of you were the adult versions of us, who are the other three, if the nine of you reacted to the news she gave you that violently?" I asked and he explained it further. 'Adam Daniels, Joe White and Jack Denali, we practically raised her when she came to visit every summer, you don't remember this, but she could speak to your wolf when you were a toddler, she claimed you, before you saw each other as teenagers now, but Cullen is suppressing that.'

'The pack were family to each other, as your father said we were retired, I may have been retired from phasing, him and the guys too, but we know what you're dealing with, because we went through the same thing. So with that, be ready to hear back from her, once she figures it out.' he said and I nodded to that, as I phased back after killing that elk and had dinner, part of my training included hunting as a wolf, and this was going to hopefully work out, if my dad told hers the truth of the pack, he was going to be fine with it and she was going to return to us once she learned the entire truth.

'Baby, I love you, you're everything to me, I'm not giving you up without a fight, remember and come back to me.' I thought softly and waited for it to come to a head as things got started then.


After six weeks of my son on the run, I started getting worried, when Charlie came to see me three weeks, before the wedding. "Charlie what is it buddy?" Daniel asked and he sighed. "She's getting cold feet about marrying him, whatever is happening here, is more than I think, because she's been in emotional pain ever since the car accident."

"Every time I try to get her to come up here, he steps in or brings her back to his house this is getting out of control. Guys, what are the chances of her memories coming back, you guys are her family, she needs you more than she needs him, and sooner or later those memories are going to come back." he said and we nodded as I answered him.

"If I'm right about this, the bastard's done more damage than he thinks, as for Harry, that was no normal heart attack Charlie, the murders were connected to what happened last year, you get home and those memories are back you get the truth when that happens and you're going to kill him when you hear the truth of this." I told him and he nodded as he answered me. "Are you saying he dosed her with narcotics last year, was that what was causing the nightmares, because if he did that I'm killing him myself, when she tells me the truth." he said with a growl and we exchanged looks at that.

"The letters being sent back and forth, before we joined forces, were because there were a trio of homicidal maniacs running around last year and Cullen killed the leader and the parasite's girlfriend targeted her, when those memories come back we're telling you the truth, but do you remember the grizzly sized wolves she was with as a toddler, or the way she was reacted when you said you were hunting down the pack, when we had all the murders in the woods last spring?" Elliot asked and he nodded. "Yeah I do, but why the hell is he determined to keep her away from you?" he asked and Sue answered that.

"He knows the minute we tell her the truth, he's getting killed by his clan and the boys, because the kids have no memory of what they are to each other when they were little, we tell her the truth and he's getting thrown out of her life, and he's acting like a crazy jealous boyfriend and we have had enough of this crap, I'm not giving her up without a fight, after losing Harry, that bastard knows he's a dead man and when she learns every things he's getting killed, not only by us, but their gang, his clan, and once she realizes she belongs to Jake, she's going to break it off with him." she said with a growl.

"Sam was Leah's childhood friend, she was like a big sister to Bella, but what caused them to forget this and why are they acting like they don't remember any of this?" he asked and I sighed as Daniel answered that. "You ever heard of imprinting?" he asked and he shook his head. "Wolves search out who they're meant to be with, when they search out a mate, Sam knew she wasn't who he belonged to, she was gone for a year in college, before her shift changed and she's been holding in a lot of anger towards Cullen for causing this and Harry's being murdered." he said and his eyes narrowed at that.

"You've been prejudiced against them since they moved to town, now what is the reason for that boys, what's really going on here?" he asked and I sighed as I told him the cliff notes version. "The theories were they were considered cold ones or vampires, our clans hated each other, because we were descended from wolves, and wolves and vampires are natural enemies, those wolves you saw when the kids were toddlers, were our spirits wolves, Bella landed in the middle of it, because Jake was who was she supposed to be with from the very beginning, Renee knew the contracts were going to activate not long after he started, and turned sole custody over to you last year."

"Everything we trained her in, is the reason she's hiding the truth from you and that is that there is another world you don't know about yet, but this is why she was trying to protect you the last eighteen months, and that includes when she wound up in the hospital last year, because that was a bit of subterfuge and Renee knows what caused it, because she spoke to Carlisle, before Bella chose to move back permanently and she turned sole custody over to you, before Jake activated his hunter training and the contracts, but she's Jakes intended and we'll explain that further later."

"You remember the legend of the treaty I told you about?" I asked him and he nodded. "Yeah you said your grandfathers and Papa Quil's father encountered a quintet of gold eyed cold ones, and made a treaty with them, but what does that have to do with this, I also said when our gang was on that camping trip that if I knew the truth nothing would change our friendship, you guys are my best friends, nothing is going to change things between us." he said and I nodded as I answered him.

"Hopefully she's going to figure it out, before the wedding, because we're not giving her up without a fight." I told him and he nodded. "What was Jake to her exactly and what's the truth here?" he asked and Papa Quil answered that question. "Jacob is her betrothed, Renee was born half Quileute Charlie, their clan got thrown out of the tribe, because she married a pale face, as the council now, we rescinded that decision to get her back."

"As the maternal heirarchy, Renee was helping us as we were getting ready to bring her back in when she came home, and if it hadn't been for the accident she would have been with us, but she and Jake were supposed to be together when Jake took on his hunter training, hopefully her memories will come back soon." he said and Charlie nodded.

"You got the clan bracelet Billy I need to see it?" he asked and I passed it to him and he looked at the colors and then at Sally and Daniel. "Who are the red and dark blue cords guys, let alone the burgundy and sky blue cords?" he asked and Sally answered that.

"Josh is red, Daniel is navy blue, Billy is burgundy and Harry was sky blue, Anna and I were Renee's cousins, we raised the quintet together, because this is where she belongs, Cullen is trying to keep her from getting the truth now, hopefully our tribal spirits are going to lead her in the right direction, because we're running out of time and Sam is ready to kill the little bastard for this." she said and he nodded.

"The legend of the treaty, out of the hunters who was involved in that, if the nine of you took it that seriously?" he asked and Jack answered that question. "Ephraim, Quil's father, Levi and Joseph, our grandfathers were the original council, and Tala, Renee's grandmother, was Ephraim's advisor, before she married that pale face, as a result she was exiled to Forks, but she wasn't leaving her pack."

'For the next sixty years the situations kept up, Renee had the hardest time dealing with it after Hannah passed, but that's why she left, but she wasn't cutting herself off from you, us or the girls, she knew it was time for her to come home and turned sole custody to you, because once she and the kids reconnected their bonds that was it and Bella wasn't leaving Olympia at all." he said and Charlie nodded to that.

"If you guys act like a pack wolves when it comes to hunting down these criminals you're helping me find, and I remember our conversation over Riley Biers, what was her position, if she decided to retire after Hannah passed?" he asked and I explained that one. "As I said, with the fact we're descended from wolves, the leadership position within the gang is I'm the leader of the hunters, Josh was second in command and Renee was my advisor, though she retired, she kept her friendship with me and the guys, so she knew what Bella's position would be when the time came." I said and he nodded.

"He didn't just disappear did he, the stalkers girlfriend converted him right, is that why he suddenly vanished off the face of the earth, this woman turned him into a drone and the same is said for the other twenty five missing or dead people on top of him, because their families have been going crazy with worry from this?" he asked and I sighed and nodded, before I could answer the phone went off then and I picked it up.

"Black speaking, may I ask who this is?" I asked and then heard the voice of my ally then. "Billy, if you're getting ready to tell him, you better hit the speaker if he's going into Riley's disappearance at this point." Carlisle Cullen said and I nodded. "Seth told me he took out the newborn with the redhead, that was him, wasn't it?" I asked and I heard a sigh as he answered me. "Yeah it was, if you're with her father, and the guys are in earshot, you better turn on the intercom, he needs to hear this." he said and I nodded as I activated it. "Who's that?" Sally asked and before I could answer he did it for me.

"Carlisle Cullen, Elder Uley, to answer your question Charlie yes, she did convert him, but not in the way you think, but this is not going to go well when you get the entire story. Our tribal prejudices were not racial, but species and as they said vampires and wolves are natural enemies, but that changed, because of Bella, she had us working together to protect her, because the red head was on a quest for veagance, because her boyfriend was killed by Edward and the fight nearly killed her, so to protect her, the council, my family and I were taking shifts in protecting her." he said and he nodded.

"Exactly why were the boys fighting over her?" he asked and I heard a sigh as he explained it. "My son sees Jake and the boys as nothing but a danger to her, but whatever he's not telling me, is going to get him in big trouble here, because she was in emotional shutdown and looking like she suffered a serious case of pneumonia when I got back and what the heck caused that exactly?" he asked me and Sue answered that.

"We're not sure exactly, but it could have killed her, she lost weight and was taking on your appearance, Jake was healing that emotional damage and our bonds were beginning to help her heal, before your son tried to kill himself. As for the kids, the boys are the ones she's closest to, because our families have been friends for years, and those memories faded slightly, look, if you need the entire truth, we need to pull an intervention." she said and I knew he nodded to that.

"Alright, whatever information she gets from you, I'm hearing it firsthand from her, and would this be the reason for why you, the rest of the council and Billy were so furious at us, but Jake and Sam looked like they were ready to kill my son for what happened last year, because the way the duo are when they're around her made it clear they would kill to protect her, and Jake is beyond furious at him and whatever else happened I need to know about, because I'm putting an end to it and when the six of us get the whole truth we're calling the wedding off, because it looks like she chose Jake already, if she's this lonely and miserable?" he asked and Jack answered that as his tone went firm than.

"Carlisle, Sue, Harry and I ordered him to pass a message to you after he got her leg broken, he didn't tell you, did he?" I asked and his tone went furious as he answered me. "No he didn't, if you're a friend of the family, who was she to you exactly?" He asked and Charlie answered that. "The guys helped me raise her when she came to see me every summer, in fact their kids are like my own and vice versa." he said to him firmly as Jack added on to that. "She's another cub to us, but we're second generation after you left, her bracelet was a tribal bracelet, and we're her paternal pack." he said and he quickly said it.

"Was that where the bracelet she was wearing came from, it's from you guys, I saw one of the cords knotted with another, who is she mated to." he asked us and I said it. "Yeah it is, the short version is because Cullen practically tore her heart out, her ability is part of the reason for that, and for Harry, Josh, me and the guys, we take her safety seriously, because we've been friends of the Swan family for forty years, to us she's practically another cub."

"To answer your second question the cord tied with it happens to be mine, she's engaged to my son, in fact the contract was signed and sealed, before he tampered with her memories and the seven, and probably broke the treaty by using your weapons." I said and his tone went beyond furious at the news then. "He's got the ability to read minds, but tampering with a person's memories is against the treaty Billy, I swear I had no knowledge of this, if we can get to her twice, we can fix this." he said to me firmly.

"Charlie has been a friend of ours, since we were five years old and her mother was a surrogate sister to the entire hunter group, but altogether we helped raise her, but you'll get the entire truth if we figure out how to get her the truth. Just how long do we have till the wedding exactly, because she needs to hear this, because whatever reason she has is going to help, she needs a loophole in the blackmailing techniques your acquaintances gave her and the loophole is hearing the truth again?" I asked and Carlisle quickly answered that.

"It's in three weeks, if Edward is having Alice monitor her actions, she's going to have to pull a split second decision to get to the boundary line, and one of you is going to have to meet up with her, Billy what aren't you telling me here, if you've reacted like that when you and I were discussing her protection and changes in our treaty?" he asked and I gave him the short version, knowing he wasn't going to take it well when he heard it.

"We know what the kids are going through in terms of being hunter, and it's because we're retired from active duty, since you left the hunters activate every time we have these outsiders show up, but we're the third generation to activate, before the boys and Leah started when your son got her targeted by these maniacs, Carlisle the stalker's mate is the reason Harry died of that heart attack." I told him and knew he nodded.

"Would you guys look anything like the boys if she knows she's safe when it comes to being around the kids when they're phased, let alone why she knows the kids on sight and she was that comfortable with Jake and Sam at the time, let alone why she was able to get it under control when it came to Paul?" he asked and Elliot answered that.

"Yeah the sextet got our colors, because their hereditary, she relaxed when seeing them like that, because she saw us like that all the time, Sam thinks of her as a sister as do the boys, and with that she knew them on sight, because they're the younger versions of the nine of us when on hunter duty, but this is one of the memories that have faded, and with that, if Alice tells you she's doing a bit of investigating if those memories start coming forward, tell her to ignore it, because this is crucial and keep Edward away from their house, so she's able to come see us to get the entire truth." he said to him.

"Rose is trying to get her to change her mind, if she hears this she's going to do whatever it takes to help you and with that, I get the truth and I'm protecting her with my life, so with that if we can change things we work together, before we did in the last six months, because I can tell she's already reconsidering the engagement, she wants to be with the boys, he's taking the jealous boyfriend demeanor too far and I'm putting an end to it, if you guys have more of a connection than I think, I'm hearing it from her."

"Alright, call me when she's getting ready to tell me the truth here, but we better make it fast, I'm not liking his determination to keep her from you, she's miserable right now, I can see it in her eyes she want to spend time with the boys, but he's determined to keep her away from you for some reason." he said and I nodded. "Right, I'll talk to you later." I said and I knew he nodded as I heard a click on the other line and hung up the phone.

"I'm not going to like what she has to tell me about this, am I?" Charlie asked and Elliot answered that, before he could though a letter dropped out of no where. "What the hell is that?" he started to say and Daniel grabbed it and read it. "What's it say honey?" Anna asked him and he read it out loud.

"Don't worry guys, I'm getting her the truth, she's already holding in fifteen months worth of anger at the little bastard and is about ready to blow here, she didn't go because she doesn't want to let me go now and I'm the final straw here in her case, Charlie, the reason I was killed is because the parasite's girlfriend nearly attacked you in the woods that day, you had your back turned and I distracted her long enough for the red wolf that jumped between us to distract her and he kept her from breaking my neck, but it was enough that my heart triggered a case of hypertension and I had that heart attack."

"Bro, this is going to work out, like the guys said we'll tell you the truth pretty soon, but you're getting full disclosure when I finally get to her this way, she's holding in a lot of anger and it's going to come out pretty soon and when it does I'm making sure she digs through everything we gave her every summer the previous twelve years before the five year hiatus."

"No matter what happens here, we're not giving her up without a fight, if you're wondering how she figured things out so fast in the Cullens case, it's because she was in training from the time she was five, listen to me carefully here, those legends Billy told you are fact rather than fiction, everything Billy told you was true, those wolves she was with as baby were more than friends of the gang, Quil said they were our spirit wolves, well that wasn't a lie."

"As they said we're descended from wolves, but what that means in terms of the cold ones is that every time a cold one comes through here, our gene activates and we turn into our spirit wolves, the red, gold, black, brown and grey and white wolves you saw with her as a toddler weren't just normal wolves, the photos you have of her with them were really family photos."

"Renee was our omega, roughly translated it means she was his advisor, 'we' are those wolves you saw her with before the divorce, she's the grand-daughter of Ephraim's omega, and Bella is the heir of Ephraim's omega and this is what Edward Cullen is hiding from her, what he's also hiding from her is she's Billy and Sue's God-daughter and he's trying to keep her from us to keep her from getting that information, and here's why."

"He knows the second she finds out that she's telling the sextet and her pack and they're all going to kill him for what he did to her physically, mentally and emotionally and when Jake hears the entire story he's going to be the one to kill him when he hears this. My daughter was her meant to be her bodyguard, but they forgot what they were to each other, since they haven't seen each other in five and a half years, but that sums up what she couldn't tell you."

"He's giving you the first portion and she and the kids as well as Carlisle are telling you the rest, after this meeting head home after work and we're sending the boys and Leah to your house, and she's telling the sextet the truth, and they're all going to kill the little shit for this, because everything he did is illegal, in our treaty with his clan and she'll explain that one to you."

"Her grandmother and I are making sure she learns everything she should have known, don't worry buddy, I'll be back, see you soon guys, honey. Harry." he read and we exchanged looks at that and Charlie looked at me in shock at that, before he could say anything, a picture appeared and landed in front of him and he saw us as wolves with her on my back and her arms wrapped around my neck and he looked at us.

"You're the pack of oversized wolves that were with Renee, that was why Bella called the red wolf your name Billy, she knew the seven of you on sight at that age, she saw you like that all the time, is that it, if she was like this with you all the time?" he repeated and we nodded, as he looked at her sitting on my back with a smile on her face.

"The stuffed red wolf, she's had that since she was a baby, but why did she keep it this long and why does she have her arms around that red wolf like he's a parent to her?" he asked and I looked at her softly as I answered that. "Because he's what I look like when phased Charlie, that red wolf is me, she called me by name when I was phased, because she knew me and the guys on sight." I said and he nodded as he thought over what we told him as he looked at me and the rest of our friends gently.

"Alright let me get this straight, the legends were about the wolves and if from the way you put the Cullens they're the cold ones you've told me about, but why the heck is my daughter winding up in the middle of it and Edward is keeping her from remembering what you really are to her, if those wolves are the nine of you, and the kids are now doing the same thing?" he asked and I explained it to him as he leaned forward.

"Carlisle is the cold one our tribe made that treaty with, the laws we agreed to were they were to never bite a human, never hunt on our land and never use their hunting weapons on humans, though we know what they are, we could never take the chance of someone getting caught in the cross fire, but fate had a higher hand in mind when it came to Bella, she's known about us since she was a baby, but the memory faded."

"Like Harry said in that letter, she's known since she was a baby, and couldn't care less, but Cullen has got it stuck in his mind we're dangerous which is a load of crap, because we'd never hurt a human or someone we'd consider our own cub, which she is, considering I'm her godfather and Sue is her godmother, while the guys see her as another cub and with that he knows the second she remembers this he's screwed."

"Edward is apparently using the fact her memory's faded to his advantage to keep her away from us, because he knows the minute she gets the entire truth, he's screwed and the kids and his tribe are going to kill him, which is going to get him killed when I figure out what he used on her and when she's get the entire truth, she's breaking it off with him and returning to us and Jake. To answer the third question we are the nine wolves that you saw with her, the pictures of her with the red, black, gold and brown wolves."

"The quartet she was with in those snapshots were really me, Harry, Josh and Daniel in those photos, while the other five were Jack, Adam, Joe, Eric and Elliot, as for the boys, the trio of maniacs that came through here last year are the reason for that, once a cold one comes through the neighborhood our gene activates and we take on the appearance of our spirit wolves, Josh and I were the first in our generation and than Harry phased two months later." I explained and he nodded as he went to the next question.

"So if you three were the leaders of your gang or pack, who's who, if the kids got your colors?" he asked and I went into that. "I'm the red wolf, Josh was the black and Harry was the gold, we were the first three and the guys started phasing one by one, because we had several red eyes comes through the neighborhood." I said and he nodded. "So this entire time you were running our perimeter during our camping trips you guys were the grizzly sized wolves who were always with the girls and the kids and my daughter knew you on sight, if she ran over to you in that form?" he asked and I nodded.

"Yeah we are, I'm the red wolf who was in the tent with her, the quintet in the pack she was closest to are me, Harry, Josh, Daniel and Elliot, she knew us on sight and relaxed automatically, because the boys got our colors, she's known since she was a newborn what we are, and couldn't care less what we are, the boys are us in young adult wolf form." I said and he nodded as he answered me. "Young adult, alright so horse sized is young adult and grizzly sized is adult, and the stuffed red wolf, let me take a guess, but he's you as a cub when phased right bro?" he asked and I nodded as he thought it over.

"I guess that explains the reason I found you curled up on the blow up mattress in her corner of our tent as a wolf, though how you got into the tent like that is beyond me." he said and we started laughing at that. "Sarah and I said the same thing when you called us over, but half the time it was the only way to get her to nap, as a baby she loved sleeping in their arms when they were wolves, you remember what she was like at that age." Sue said and he nodded with a smile as he looked at us.

"Alright this explains Josh and Eric, you retired because of the car accident, paraplegia meant you had no use of your hind legs when you're phased, Harry because of his blood pressure and that started when Seth was nearly eight, alright, Sally, would the imprint be the reason for why he broke it off after fifteen years?" he asked and she nodded.

"The imprint is tough to work out, but evidently Black wanted two cubs, and crossed the line when he imprinted on Amy, don't get me wrong I'm not happy, but I don't blame him or her for that, but that's why Josh took off, he was disgusted with himself and Black for doing that to me." she said and he nodded as he looked at Quil then.

"Amy, she's been raising Embry alone, because his father took off, what the hell is it with imprinting if it causes the bonds of friendship to suddenly get damaged that severely?" he asked and I sighed. "Every bond that was there before doesn't matter any more once a wolf imprints on his mate, Josh loved both of them, but the imprint forced him to choose and it tore apart three lives all at once and he left to get his head together."

"Sam is dealing with the same thing, because Blackie imprinted on Emily, though he was dating Leah for four years, before Emily came to visit and he imprinted on her, as for the scars on her face, he lost control and Blackie exploded and she was standing too close to him, which is why things are so strained between her and Emily right now." I said and he nodded as he looked at Erica and Papa Quil to go into Eric then.

"Why the hell did Eric take off on us Papa, if my daughter now has the entire council protecting her, and from the looks of it, Carlisle as well, it would have been easier if the entire adult pack was in one piece, before the maniac triggered that killing spree and my daughter got caught in the middle of it?" he asked and Erica answered that with a sigh.

"He'd had enough of it and wanted out, unfortunately for him, Quil doesn't want to have anything to do with him and sees Billy as his father, because dad is Sarah's biological father and with that, the bond is enough that Eric traded freedom for estrangement in the entire pack, in both age groups, because our clans have been friends for ninety years." She said and he nodded as he went to the next question.

"Sarah was born an Ateara, and if she knew that Eric had taken off on Erica she would have killed him for that, while leaving her to deal with her father's health, the clans are tightly bonded, one of us goes rogue and it does damage to the entire pack, the same is said for fatal injuries, for the moment if Bella had taken her position as our omega, she would have healed the damage to the entire pack, before it reached this point." Sue said.

"Wait a minute, Papa, your grandfather is Jakes maternal grandfather, he's got the gene on both ends of the family?" he repeated and we nodded. "Yeah son, most of the pack has it on the paternal side, but there's only twenty percent who has it on both sides and it's my grandson and Jake, because they're the grandson of the original pack, they were meant to become protectors." he said and Charlie nodded to that as he looked at him.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner, you guys are my closest friends and I would have kept it quiet, especially if it meant making sure none of you got shot if someone saw you when you were phased and.., Jesus the black shape and the oversized wolves in the woods were the kids, alright I need the truth here, why didn't you tell me sooner?" he asked and Quil answered that one as he looked at him with a paternal look on his face.

"Nobody could know the truth about us, Charlie, with the fact you did that blood brother with the quartet, you were part of the tribe unofficially, but when she gets the truth, she's making sure she gets Jake back up here, just don't lose your temper, because you kids are not as young as you used to be." he said to the three of us and he hid a smile as he answered him at that. "I could say the same about you papa, and with that, I'm getting the entire truth from her and Carlisle, hopefully she's going to tell me everything of what the hell happened the last fifteen months."

"Alright I better get to work, if she gets both groups to my house, I'm hearing the entire truth from her, and the medical information from Carlisle, but altogether, I get the truth and I'm roasting the bastard for this." he said and I nodded. "Alright when she tells to you, make it seem like you don't already know that we told you this and you're getting background information from Carlisle over what happened last year and the last fifteen months in her case, because you're going to want to kill Cullen when you hear this."

"Call you tonight man." I told him and he nodded with a smile and left the room. "Wait a minute Charlie we're running a field test here, so stay put for a bit longer." I told him and he nodded as he looked at Elliot and Daniel as they went into cop mode with me.

"She gave the kids certain details of these parasites, but did the parasites have any plans for her if you and the quintet were protecting her, and I've never seen you and Harry that pissed off when Sam and Jake filled us in?" Elliot asked and I nodded as I explained it to him. "The one Cullen killed is responsible for the multiple murders over the last ten months, two of our histories got put to effect."

"One being the mate of that vampire and the other is that red head is the one who created all the red eyes when Jake and Leah were nearly killed. Altogether the little brat did enough emotional damage to her that she's been having nightmares for the past fifteen months, if Harry's spirit is getting to her this way, this may be our only chance to heal that damage to her." I told him and he nodded.

"That explains her frequent nightmares, Harry was acting slightly odd when she reported the wolf sightings the day she was in the woods, why did he react like that Elliot?" Charlie asked and he quickly explained it to him. "Harry was the leader of the pack, because with Billy out of commission, and Josh out of town, Harry was in charge as the alpha's third, meaning the young pack reported to him as he's their leader."

"In order it was Billy, Josh and then Harry, followed by Daniel, me, Adam, Eric, Jack and Joe, so with that with two of our pack gone we taught the trio and as the young pack got bigger, we did them one by one to teach them the rules, but Renee's specific function in the pack was she was the buffer to our tempers,

"To answer the second question, these maniacs traumatized her so severely, the nightmares kept getting worse, which explains the nightmares the other reason is the little bastard probably drugged her with something, and if Carlisle knows what it is you're hearing it from him, these parasites did more damage than you think to her emotionally, and we're making the ones who caused it pay for it." he said and Charlie nodded.

"What about the third?" Daniel asked and I felt a jolt of anger go through me as I answered him. "The leaches have mental powers, the day before she met the sextet, he locked gazes with me and saw everything in my memory of who she really was to us and is now doing everything he can to suppress her memories. I swear to god if he did what I think though he's getting roasted, and Jake is going to kill him when he finds out." I said.

"You think the little brat tried to use his power on my daughter repeatedly?" Charlie growled and I nodded as I thought over my daughter's relationship with my friend's son and knew my baby girl was home for good now as I commented on it to him.

"So the imprint screwed with the kids' friendship, my daughter is now engaged at twenty years old and to one of my pack kids, well I didn't see that coming, though I think it was meant to happen in our case Elliot." I added and he hid a smile as he answered me.

"I've seen the way Paul is with Rachel, was she supposed to be his imprint?" he asked and I nodded. "Evidently, but the kids have no memories of what they really were to each other, we should have had them together all the time over the last year, and I find out exactly what the leach did and when I do I'm telling her the truth, because only split second decisions will keep him from getting to her and the omega connection keeps him from getting into her mind." I told him and Daniel started growling as he answered me.

"What she say about Edward, if she skipped school twice?" Charlie asked and Sue answered that one. "He's a mind reader, I think he read Billy's mind the day before she met Carlisle, Alice and the others, but in Alice's case she sees the future, and it explains why she came back last winter, she thought cliff jump was for real, rather than recreation, which is part of the reason for why Cullen tried to kill himself."

"But Jake and Bella got her the information they needed to make it so we could combine forces to protect her and you and we're taking turns in guarding your house leading up to the camping trip, that resulted in the motorcycle accident that we told you about." she said and he nodded as his eyes narrowed in anger as he looked at me as he said it.

"The bastard read your mind to figure out what you guys are to her and starts doing anything he can to keep her away from you, alright if she gets a message like that, she's doing some investigating and then comes straight to your house, we better get ready for that." he said and they nodded.

"Alright, guys the five of you reactivate now, she crosses the perimeter the five of you block the boundary, and if he tries to come through guard my house, because I'm telling the kids the truth." I said to him, Elliot, Jack, Adam and Joe and they all nodded. "Billy we're all forty six, are you sure it's going to work still?" Adam asked and I nodded.

"Yeah I'm sure, but time to know sure." I said and they nodded as we shoved the table out of the way. "Charlie get behind me and girls stay close." I added and the quintet all nodded to that as I watched my friends all phase at once. "Whoa, alright I remember seeing you guys as wolves, but I just never expected to see you phase in front of me, but that was amazing, and she saw Jake and Paul do it in front of her, just before Harry was killed?" he asked and I nodded as Daniel moved over to him gently.

"Don't worry guys nothing is going to change between us." he said to him and Daniel gave him a nudge with a wolf like chuckle and he patted him on the back. "So if I'm reading this right, Daniel, you're the brown, Elliot you're the silver and white, Jack is orange, Joe is Chocolate furred with white on your chest, Adam is red with stripes in your leg fur, Billy you're reddish brown, Josh was black, Harry was gold furred and Eric was chocolate furred." he said and Elliot gave him a nod as he walked over to him as well.

"Thanks for telling me, alright, we just have to wait for her to get a message like that, call me at work when she's on her way home and I'm hearing the rest of it from her and Carlisle." he said and I nodded as the quintet phased back and we started making plans for that as we waited for this to get started as he left to go to work as he gave my shoulder a brotherly squeeze and I smiled at him, as I looked at the photo on the wall.

'Dont worry baby, you're not losing any of us, it's time to come home, we're not giving you up without a fight.' I thought softly as I looked at the picture of her as a baby in my arms, and then me as a wolf and she was sitting in my paws with her head leaning against mine as a toddler with a smile on her face and knew she was going to be determined to stay with us when she heard this, remembering this, I heard my wolf start purring and hid a smile, my wolf, Red, thought of her as a cub and she meant a lot to me, and I was doing whatever was necessary to protect her and get her back.

'I love you baby, nothing is going to change, we're not losing you, and as for you, you little bastard get ready this is war.' I thought with a growl as my wolf growled dangerously at this, nothing was taking her away from us, no matter what we had to do here.