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Tris pov

"Today we are going to start with knife throwing" four shouts. "get 3 knives from the table." "Four will show you how to through the knives." I already knew what he was going to do was going to do so I walked over to the target and I stood in front of. Tobias through one it hit 2 inches away from my arm, the next one was two millimeters from the top of my head the third one hit right on the spot of where it hit last time.

10 minutes before

Lunah's pov

I was there again but I heard screaming I looked and saw somebody screaming for help shouting my name as the dead tried to eat his flesh and devour his sole I tried to run but I could not move. He finally was able to fight them all off, after they were gone he said. "why did you not help me I thought I could count on you lunah,….. oooohhh your dreaming that explains a lot. Sweet dreams?" he said that more of a question and I didn't understand why but at that moment I woke up.

All I could think about was that dream how could he see me it was literally impossible

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