Chapter 6

Chapter 6

15th of October, 2012

10:02 pm

Awkward silences are… awkward. Sky could vaguely hear her father talking to her on the phone, but her eyes were fixed on the screen, rereading the words over and over again.

"Sky, tell me exactly what it says," She heard father say. She opened her mouth to speak, but her words became stuck in her throat. She felt the phone being taken out of her hands.

"Hello, Mr Stark, it's me, Leo … She seems to be in shock … I'll get Donnie to forward it … Yep … Okay … He'll delete it now … Okay … It didn't say who it was from. It had no address … I understand … When will she be here? … Okay … Got it … Thanks Mr. Stark." Leo put the phone on the desk.

"Make sure you forward it to Mr Stark and Director Fury," He said to Donnie. Donnie nodded and went to do exactly that.

Leo helped Sky up and guided her upstairs to where Mikey was playing a video game on the TV. Leo sat her on the couch, and sat down next to her.

She lifted her knees to her chin, wrapping her arms around them, and stared at the floor. Leo wrapped an arm around her, and she automatically leaned into him. Every now and then her body would jerk as she sobbed. Leo rubbed her arm.

"I don't want to die," she whispered, and sobbed.

"You're not going to die. I won't let that happen," Leo comforted her, "Not on my watch."

Sky was silent. Eventually, "Thanks."

"Agent Romanoff is coming down immediately," Leo said.

"Natasha? Why?" Sky asked, shifting her head to look up at him. He only stared forward at the television in front of them.

"You're dad talked to Fury, and he sent Natasha here. To comfort you maybe? I don't know, I mean, I've only known you for two days. I am assuming you've known Natasha for a while?" Leo stated, glancing down at her briefly as he spoke.

Sky nodded, and looked over at the TV. They sat in silence, the everlasting tune of the video game ringing around them. The doorbell was so sudden that Sky jumped. She sat up and shuffled towards the foyer.

She opened the door slightly and peeked out. Upon seeing Natasha, she opened it. Natasha walked in and hugged Sky. Sky hugged back, burying her cold face into Natasha's shoulder.

"You okay?" Natasha mumbled to Sky.

Sky shook her head. "I just got a death threat from someone. How am I meant to feel?"

Natasha pulled away, holding Sky at arm's length. "I get death threats all the time, and you know that. And not many of them actually came, and those who did obviously failed."

"Obviously," Sky mumbled, rubbing her eye with her sleeve. "But it feels weird being in a position like this."

"Yeah. So, where are your guests?" Natasha asked, looking through to the living room.

"Fury told you, I'm guessing?" Sky said, following Natasha into the living room.

Natasha nodded. "And that they aren't exactly human. But who is these days?"

"Mutants? Turtles from different dimensions?" Sky offered.

Natasha turned to look at her. "Turtles? Dimensions? So are you telling me that they came through your dimensional project?"

Sky flinched. "Yeah, but it was an accident. And besides they're helping me rebuild it anyway."

"It broke?" Nat asked.

Sky nodded, walking past her. "Doesn't Fury tell you anything these days?"

"Apparently not," Natasha responded.

"Well, this is Mikey, he's the prankster," Sky said, walking towards the TV. Mikey paused his game, and looked over.

"Hi! I'm Mikey!" He yelled, jumping up.

"Natasha," Natasha responded, confused at his energy.

"Where are your brothers?" Sky asked the young turtle.

"Um, Leo went down to your lab with Donnie, and I think Raph is at the boxing ring," he responded, placing a finger to his chin as he thought about it.

"Cool, can you get Raph please?" Sky asked.

"Sure!" Mikey yelled and ran off.

"Are they all like that?" Natasha asked.

"No, they pretty much look similar, but they have totally different personalities," Sky explained as the two descended down the stairs to her lab. They walked in, and Leo and Donnie were talking. They looked over as the girls walked in.

"Natasha, this is Leo and Donnie," Sky introduced. They waved. "Leo is the leader and Donnie is the smart one."

"Huh," Natasha replied. "Leader of what?"

"He's the leader of their ninja team," Sky explained.

"Ninja's huh? Did you kick their asses?" Natasha asked.

"Yes, this morning actually. Four-on-one. I beat these two and Mikey, but I kinda tied with Raph," Sky explained.

"Cool," Natasha said. "Oh, Fury wants the five of you on the Helicarrier."

"Why?" Leo budded in.

"He wants to meet you four in particular, but he also wants you to build a heart or something up there. It involves Vibranium, I think. You know what he's talking about?" Natasha explained.

"Yes, I do," Donnie said.

"Well, he said that since he already has the blueprints and all the materials you won't have to bring anything." Natasha said.

"How long will we be staying?" Sky asked.

"Five days, max. I don't think he wants you up there too long, and neither does your father," Natasha explained.

"Okay, just let me pack some clothes then," Sky said, and sprinted up the stairs, taking two at a time. She passed Mikey and Raph on the way to her bedroom, giving a small wave before she disappeared up the stairs.

She grabbed her supernatural backpack and stuffed a few clothes in there, along with a few necessities. She grabbed Coal off of her bed and set him nicely on top of the clothes. Sky zipped it up, leaving a gap between the zippers so that Coal didn't suffocate, and tied her supernatural converse to the zipper. She wandered back downstairs and saw everyone in the living room. They all ventured outside, where there was a helicopter waiting.

"Ever been in one of these?" Natasha asked the teenagers.

They all shook their heads. Natasha smiled.

"It's not too bad," She said, and climbed on. The five teens followed, with Donnie, Mikey and Raph sitting on the left side, and Sky, Leo and Natasha sitting on the right. They all buckled in, with the pilot checking over each of them to make sure they were strapped in properly. Sky noticed the odd look that the pilot gave the turtles.

Once they were in the air and heading up towards the Helicarrier, Sky heard Leo talking to her.

"So, have you ever been on the Helicarrier before?" He had asked.

Sky shook her head. "No, this is the first," She replied.

"Then how'd you meet Director Fury?" He asked.

"You've seen the first Iron Man film, right?" Sky asked.

He nodded.

"Well, you know the end credit scene, how Fury was in Tony's home? Well, here in this dimension, I was there too. That's where I first met Fury," Sky explained.

It was pretty much silence, until,

"There, over there! It's there, I see it!" Sky heard Mikey say in front of her. She peeked out the window at the front and saw it. The Helicarrier. And it was huge. Excitement bubbled up in her as the helicopter began to land on the landing pad.

It landed with a jolt. Natasha unbuckled herself and stood up.

"It's going to be quite windy out there, so we gotta make it quickly to the building to the right, alright? Stay close and don't wander. We are going to go straight to Fury," She explained.

The five of them unbuckled as well, and stood up. Sky swung her backpack onto shoulder, and tucked her hands under her armpits. The back dropped open, and wind swarmed the bay. Natasha walked out, closely followed by Sky and the turtles, and hurried to a building. Opening the door, Natasha ushered the teenagers inside. She closed the door behind them, and the air was still.

Sky placed her backpack on the ground, and unzipped. She picked up Coal and re-zipped her bag, slinging it back onto her shoulder.

"Agent Romanoff," A lady with black hair said, walking up to the group.

"Agent Hill," Natasha replied.

Hill looked behind Natasha to the teens.

"What are they and why are they here?" She asked.

"I'm running an errand for Fury. Where is he?" Natasha simply said.

"He's in his office," Hill replied, and walked off.

"Follow me," Natasha said to the teens and walked through the deck. They walked into a hallway, and followed Natasha into a large office. Sky saw Fury looking out the large widow behind the desk.

"Thank you, Agent Romanoff, for bringing them here," he said, turning to face them. His face was expressionless, as usual. Natasha nodded and left.

"Skylar, it has been a while," he said, turning to her.

"Yeah, I guess," Sky awkwardly replied.

Turning to the turtles, Fury said, "And these must be your guests."

"Yes," Sky said, and introduced them all.

"From what I understand, you four have a history with martial arts," Fury said.

"Um, yes, we have," Leo answered.

"I would like to assess your skills to determine whether or not you are considered a threat," Fury said.

"Considered a threat? Are you serious?" Sky blurted out. Fury just stared at her.

"No, I'm being incredibly sarcastic," Fury replied. "They don't belong in this dimension, and I need to assess whether they are a possible threat to us."

"Trust me they aren't," Sky said.

"You're a fourteen year old girl, Skylar. You don't understand what I need to do to make sure this earth stays in one piece. Now I would like to hear how you got here from all angles," Fury said, looking among the teenagers.

"Well," Leo started, "Raph and I were sparring when we heard yelling and arguing from the other room. We went out there and the lab door was wide open, so we went in there, and Donnie was trying to pull Mikey off of this pad thing, as Mikey was beginning to turn from his feet. Raph and I hopped on to help, but then we couldn't move, and then we started turning white as well. At some point Donnie got on, and then everything changed around us and suddenly something was exploding underneath our feet," he explained. Fury then moved his attention to Mikey.

"What were you doing on the pad in the first place?" He asked.

"I was really bored, so I went to see what Donnie was doing. He was putting this thing on this pad thing and when Donnie wasn't looking I went to see what it was and then my feet were stuck," Mikey said quickly.

Fury nodded. Turning to Donnie, he said,

"What was the Inter-Dimensional Pad doing in your dimension in the first place?"

"You see, about two months ago, I had someone talking to me through my computer. I didn't know who it was, so I responded to that person never to talk to me again. However they just got excited. They kept asking questions, but I didn't answer them, and they stopped pushing. They then explained to me that they were trying out an experiment, which in turn worked, and that they were going onto phase two.

"Now, being the scientist I am, I was curious and wanted to know what this person was doing, so I asked, and they said that this was a dimensional experiment, that communication was phase one, and that the transportation of matter was phase two. I offered to help, and they soon sent me blueprints to build a pad in my own dimension. I did build it, and we tried many times, but failed immensely until recently," Donnie explained.

Fury nodded.

"Agent Romanoff will escort you four to your sleeping quarters for the next five days. I would like to speak to Sky," he said, and the turtles left the room.

"It's about the email, isn't it?" Sky asked.

"Yes, that is quite a concerning matter. Also the cat."