This story drifts away from canon when Bryce was able to download the intersect 2.0 due to the timely action of Chuck. Bryce and Morgan don't now about him being Piranha. But Chuck also has a secret not even Ellie know.

" " speaking

Italic thought

Bold shouting

Chuck had enough. He was tired of betrayals first his mom than dad than Bryce than Jill than Casey Then again Jill and know Sarah well for Sarah he was not sure as she had always told him the truth that they could not be together and she was only doing her job but he really thought that they had something after Barstow but guess it was not . A man more than fifty percent of people he has meet, have betrayed him that should be a record only ones that have stood by him are Ellie and Morgan.

He didn't realize that he has reached his room or should he say his sanctuary this room is the where he has spent every happy from when he was 18. But today his destination was not the bed as always today like some night he went at the back of his computer and repeated switched on and off the power key to the computer after the fifth, the Morgan door and the door to his room become locked and the camera and surveillance equipment went to the loop and a scanner appear at the back of his bed as he pressed his right hand to it the scanner went to work after completing the scan the word was displayed " Access Granted Welcome to base 2 Piranha" and the floor between wall and the computer stand opened and stair laid down to the darkness as he stepped on the stair made his way downward light began to come to life and the illuminating the room below, the room was not that much big than his bedroom upstairs it was barren except a chair and a big computer screen which came to life and a voice sounded from the speaker "hello Piranha".

"Hello Lisa" He replied. He still remembered how Lisa came to his life


It was his 17 birthday and he had just accepted by Stanford. When he heard a voice in his head "congrats Charles to be accepted in such a university"

"Who is this?" he asked to room at large thank God he was alone or someone had shipped him to the doctor. "There is no need to shout I can hear you just fine if you think" The voice replied.

'Who are you? I am spiraling here!" Chuck thought.

"Remember when you were a kid. You pressed a key in your father computer and caused a white screen to appear with a lot of picture in it, in this very same house" the voice replied. "Well then your father was more through in his project then he realized. All the data on your father computer transferred to you, at that time your father was working on artificial intelligence and downloading technique in the human brain. What you or your father did not realize at the time, All data was stored in your brain in dormant form because you could not handle the download at least not at the point, did not you notice how slowly you started becoming good at programming and it became easier after that."

"Now that Chuck thought of it. He started to understand programming better. You mean to say that all this that I have achieved was because of some program my father designed …." Chuck began to think but was cut off by the voice "Chuck you have to give yourself some credit didn't I just say that this property was dormant. No, it was all your work I just helped you with some problem that could come up and given time you would have found the answer on your eventually. I just saved you that time for example when you were searching for your mother you made the program fine but it would leave a trail which could harm you but I gave the suggestion to add some lines, thus making the program untraceable." It finished.

When Chuck did not reply it understood what it has said and replied: "I am sorry I touched a sore topic living inside you I am able to judge what to say and what not to but I am a computer and tries to solve the problem best of my ability."

Chuck shook himself he would worry about his mother later, now is not the time. He has more pressing problem to solve, like a supercomputer in his brain. So he asked the next logical question "Why Now."

"Honestly! Chuck if I had made myself know when you were kid what would have you done run screaming to the first adult you found right. They would have locked you up and performed experiments on you so I made myself known to you when you are more understandable towards what is happening to you…"

"That is still debatable" Chuck cut in.

the voice replied as if it was not even interrupted" …..and I need to get out of your head so that I could help you more ."

"Okay Okay, so what should I call you. I can't keep calling you 'the voice' as I am doing know" Chuck asked

"Well you can call me anything you want" the voice replied

"Okay how about Lisa," chuck asked

"It's okay, It's very human." the voice replied

"So, Lisa it is" Chuck replied

Flask back end

"Chuck Chuck CCCCCChuck" Lisa voice brought him out of day dreaming

"Sorry, Lisa thinking about the day you scared the hell out of me" Chuck replied with a smile he had to spend the better part of his holiday in getting Lisa out of his brain. With some help of Lisa, Chuck was able to remove her from his head and store it on a secure server which only he could access. Lisa has been a huge help since then, she could predict the stock market with 90% accuracy which has helped Chuck to overcome the money problem facing him and his had paid his sister student loan with the help of the first money he had earned from the stock market and there has been no going back all the money of stock market has been stored in his cover Identity of Charles Carmichael which the government still didn't know. "Chuck I have uncovered some video concerning you, which I don't know is good or bad," Lisa said.

Chuck was again alert " Video like the one in which Casey was in my house to kill me that you found before it could be deleted ."Chuck said

"No not like that, there is no termination order on you but is it bad or not. You can decide when you watch this footage" Lisa replied.

"Okay let be done with it. Load the video Lisa" Chuck replied with an uncertainty voice a video began to buffer on the computer.

Video begins

His Dad and Bryce were in the castle and His dad was keeping the crystal which he had seen Bryce remove from that locker in it.

" I want to thank you, Bryce, for all you did for my family," his dad said. What are they talking about chuck thought

"No problem Mr. Bartowski actually all I did was place the question below chuck bed it was you who delivered the paper to me" Bryce replied

"Anyway thanks, Couldn't have done without you" his dad replied with it his dad put the crystal in the locker and both moved toward the exit.

Video ends

Chuck remained silent for a long time his brain working at a huge speed his dad and Bryce knew each other and conspired to get him expelled.

"Chuck are you okay," Lisa asked

" I am okay, I am not okay Lisa. I just found out that my father and my best friend well my ex-best friend conspired to get me thrown out of Stanford. You know why I wanted to go to Stanford so that I can be like my father to have something that reminded me of him to feel close to him and now I find out that my father was one of the person responsible for my expulsion and Bryce you know who many times I have told him that I just want to talk to my father the last was the night before the expulsion and all this time he had a way to contact my father and he didn't tell me I thought he was my friend not my father's ." Chuck yield. Lisa listens quietly. She knew that Chuck had not told anyone. How much the Stanford incident had hurt him, always keeping it in, but it looked like finding out that his own father was responsible broke the dam which he had created for years.

After some time Chuck gathered his breathed and calmed down.

"So how are the things going since the last time you came here, " Lisa asked out of curiosity but mainly to move away from the topic.

Soon a smile came on his face as he replied: "You would be happy to know that I have been able to remove the intersect with my dad help."

" Well, it is good you should not have that program in your head" Lisa replied. Chuck just listen to it smiling she had always been jealous of the intersect but it soon turned serious.

"Lisa initiate code blue," Chuck said in his grave voice

"Are you sure Chuck?" Lisa asked

"Yeh" chuck said

Initiating code blue appeared on the screen

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