Charles Carmichael meet Frost

Frost pov:

Frost eke Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, right-hand woman off, Alexie Volkoff was mingling with the guest at the party that Alexie was throwing for his daughter and her boyfriend. He could not meet them earlier a she was away on a mission. She had just arrived back and had come to the party. She was very happy that Vivian had found a boyfriend as far as possible from her father's circle. She had done everything in her power to keep Vivian out of her father's circle. She would take a bullet for the girl who she was a godmother to.

She took a moment to think about her original family. whom she had not seen in fifteen years. Her husband and her two children. After so many years she again saw Chuck in the photo of her briefing given to her as part of threat analysis to the Volkoff empire. Apparently, Chuck had joined CIA. He and his team member had taken down a famous arms dealer while not as Alexis but very close, La Ciudad, she was as surprised as other to find out that La Ciudad was a woman. Identity was everything in her business if your identity was now you are good as dead as the government would find you in heartbeat and of you will go to a black site without ever seeing the light of a day.

As it was it was big deal on black arms market. The folder found on her desk. with a lot of black marks on it. It went on and on about the other two agents naming their mission and allies but for Chuck, his only first name i.e first name Charles was given. It said that he was a very efficient field agent and very good at his job

and had a good hacking knowledge.

Her mind was in Delima about the lack of information on chuck one-half of her mind was happy that there was very little information on Chuck and the little they knew about Chuck the better. But the other part of the brain wanted more information on her son.

She was so shocked after seeing Chuck photo that, for the first time in thirteen years she broke cover contacted her husband eke Orion.

Well, let just say the phone call was very informative for both of them.

She had celebrated in the privacy of her own room when he got the news that Chuck was out of the spy business.

Breaking out of her thought she went to search for Vivian and found her in the arms of a handsome man who she assumed was her boyfriend but she could not make out the face of the man.

She made her way toward Vivian.

"Long time no see Vivian," Frost said

Vivian turned around to see a woman who she consider a close companion and now knew as the mother of her best friend

"... " Vivian was at loss of word honestly what do you say to a woman you are not sure to trust or not.

But she was saved from saying anything as at that moment Chuck turned and looked at his mother for the first time in about one and half decade.

Both were staring at each other with an unreadable emotion on their face.

You could cut the tension with a knife.

As the atmosphere turned a degree or two hot, she could take it anymore and said.

"Vivian meet my boyfriend, Charles. Charles, Frost a close friend " she finished.

Feeling pointless as it was clear they both recognized each other.

Frost's head snapped in her direction as she studied her face. Vivian ducked her head to avoid the scrutiny that was directed toward her by Frost.

But Frost's eyes were again on her son. But before anyone can say anything they were interrupted by Alexie.

"So you have all meet each other that good, but I will introduce you to each other anyway. " He said completely ignoring the tension between the group.

"Frost, this is Vivian's boyfriend Charles Carmicheal and Charles this is my COO Frost" he finished".

"Hello, Miss Frost," Chuck said with his voice holding no warmth at all.

On cue, Vivian started talking to her father about everything and nothing to dispense tense silence in between the group with Chuck and frost providing some input here and there to hide it.

A sudden change in the pattern of light in front of chuck told him that the first part of the mission was finished.

Chuck made a quick exit in form of taking Vivian to dance

Chuck pov

After the party, Chuck was making his way towards the bedroom he and Vivian shared alone. When a hand caught his arm and yanked him inside a room.

He turned to see a pair of gray eyes staring back at him...

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