"There is nothing worse then being surrounded by a bunch of people telling you to do what is right, when they can't define that definition, without a lot of hatred and judgment behind it."
― Shannon L. Alder




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I am Moe Carter, president of Yukkurica, a country in a world once populated by creatures known as yukkuris. Yukkuris have been a part of our daily lives, be it pets, food, livestock, parts of the ecosystem, or even targets of abuse.

I said "once," as they no longer exist anywhere in our world. About five months ago, people claiming to be from an alternate universe came and told us that all these yukkuri abusing and killing was causing the resurrection of an ancient evil. Since the people of our world have become so accustomed to abusing yukkuris, they refused to stop, so the only thing to do left was to send all the yukkuris out of our world and to one where they can live in peace.

I have always been neutral towards the subject of yukkuri abuse, but I was forced to comply with a dangerous man who used acts of terrorism to allow abusers to do what they like in peace, as for a long time, there have been disputes between abusers and people who fight for the welfare of yukkuris. When I saw that all this yukkuri issue was making things worse and worse, I finally decided that it was for the best that yukkuris do not exist in our world. Perhaps it really is time for these creatures to finally retire from being toys for abusers.

It's been five months since then, and the world leaders were trying their best to make the world adapt to a life without yukkuris. Some people were able to adapt to this change, but some are still unable to adapt. I read news about people going into such a great depression that they died from it, and there were even reports of suicide due to being unable to cope with a life without yukkuris.

Seeing all this made me think if I really did the right thing… Was it really a good idea to remove yukkuris from our world for eternity? Or should I continue to do my best to make people adapt to this new life?











Chapter 1
Welcome to New, Easy World of Yukkuris

Smash Mansion would've been more crowded than usual if it weren't for the fact that not everyone was there at the moment.

Lucina came back to Smash Mansion about two months after she went back home, this time with her "mother" Reflet. They were taking a break from work, and the former wanted to come back to this place, as she had grew attached to it. According to Reflet, Robin and Chrom had more work to do than them, so they were unable to come.

Rosalina paid the Smashers a visit to the mansion for the first time, and as she was currently living on the Bionis, it was no surprise that Shulk would know about her wanting to pay the Smashers a visit. He tagged along as well, as he wanted to travel to other places. This was the first time he went outside his own island. Fiora tagged along, since she was his girlfriend.

Rosalina, Peach, and Zelda were seated on chairs placed underneath a parasol at the lawn, chatting with each other happily while eating snacks. Around them, some other Smashers, children and adult, were playing croquet.

"I'm sorry if we came at the wrong time and made this place a bit crowded," Rosalina said to the other two women.

"It's all right," Peach told her. "We have a big house, so it won't get crowded so easily."

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here until you go back?" Zelda asked Rosalina.

"It's all right," Rosalina told her. "We already found a hotel in this town."

"We're more than happy to be your tour guide here in Eagleland, so call us whenever you need us!" Peach told her.

"We will!" said Rosalina with a smile.

"This isn't golf! You're not supposed to send it flying into the air!" someone shouted. The three turned to see Luigi pointing at Charizard. "This isn't a game about who hits the ball the highest into the sky, but send it rolling through hoops! I thought we explained the rules to you already!"

"Give him a break-a," Mario told Luigi. "He's not-a human, so he probably can't-a undastand things so easily."

"Forget about that," said Game & Watch. "How about someone go and get the ball? It flew over the fence."

Charizard went over to the front gate, where he saw Olimar and Alph standing out there, and the former was holding the ball in his hands. "Hello!" he said to Charizard. "I assume that you are looking for this ball and that the hammer you're holding isn't… for guard duty?"

When the others saw that Olimar had come, some of them immediately went to greet him. "Olimar! Nice of you to drop by!" Fox said to him.

"Hope I'm not disturbing you people," the Hocotatian said to him.

"You're not at all," Fox told him. "You're always welcome!"

"Before that, let me introduce to you a colleague of mine," Olimar said while pointing at Alph. "His name is Alph."

"Nice to meet you! My colleague Olimar told me a lot about you people!" Alph said while shaking hands with some of the Smashers.

"Nice to meet-a you too!" Mario said to him. "Snake mentioned meeting you at da Bioneez."

"Regarding why I'm here… You see, I told him about the time when we went to the world of yukkuris, and after telling him about what yukkuris are, he became interested and really wants to see them for himself," Olimar told the Smashers. "I'm wondering if it is possible for you to take us there."

"You'll have to ask Master Hand about that, and we haven't heard from him in a while, and the last time we checked, the Final Destination isn't floating above our mansion," said Fox as he looked into the air with one hand over his eyes, and he noticed something rectangular in shape high above the mansion. "Okay, it's back again. Wasn't there a while ago…"

"Is it just me, or is its shape different this time around?" asked Luigi. "And I think it seems to be coming down."

Everyone watched as the Final Destination came closer and closer to the ground until it was floating a few centimeters above the mansion, and its shape was indeed different. Rather than being round and having a purple edge, it was now rectangle and mostly blue in color.

There was a flash of light coming from the center of the giant, floating platform, and Master Hand materialized out of it. "Hello, everyone! Surprised to see this remodeled Final Destination?"

"Remodeled?" some of the Smashers said curiously.

Master Hand floated down to them and said, "Yeah, we spent this past month remodeling it. It's pretty old, so it's about time we give it a new look. How do you like it?"

"I feel like it looks smaller than before…" said Link. "Probably has to do with the shape…"

"Well, that's sort of true, but the inside is still the same," said Master Hand. "This new design allows it to move faster than before, which is a plus! I'm sure you'll get used to it eventually!"

Crazy Hand showed up next to him all of a sudden and said, "My design got rejected… Master Hand said it was too scary… What do you think?" He showed them a poster of his design for the Final Destination, which was also rectangular in shape, but its bottom consisted of crystal stalactites and rocky tendrils."

"What's with da bottom…?" asked Mario. "Looks creepy…"

"Which was why I rejected it," said Master Hand. "A Final Destination like that makes it looks like a supervillain's hideout, and I don't want people to get the wrong impression."

"You're here at the perfect time!" Fox said to Master Hand. "Olimar here has a request."

Master Hand turned to Olimar and said, "Hello there again! How may I help you?"

"I told the Smashers about how I want my colleague of mine to see yukkuris," Olimar told him. "He is a plant biologist, and ever since I told him about yukkuris and how they have something of a plant-like behavior, he became highly interested in them and really wants to see them with his own eyes."

"Yukkuris, eh? Those bun-like creatures, right?" asked Master Hand.

"Yes, I really want to see them with my own eyes!" said Alph. "Being a plant biologist, it's fascinating to learn about creatures that are both animal-like and plant-like. Not saying that I've never seen other creatures like that elsewhere, mind you…"

"Well, since I'm not busy and the dimensional portal is still usable, I guess I'll send you on an educational trip to the yukkuri world, then," said Master Hand.

Link, Zelda, Fox, Olimar, Alph, Shulk, Fiora, Lucina, Reflet, Mario, and Luigi were taken onto the Final Destination after Master Hand agreed to take them there to see the yukkuris. They were all inside the floating platform, which had a fourth dimension space that allowed for the inside to look more spacious than it was from the outside.

"Living buns with different kinds of fillings? Sounds very strange… Can't wait to see them with my own eyes!" said Shulk.

"Never thought that such creatures would exist!" said Fiora.

"Reminder that they don't exist in this world," Link told her.

"Are yukkuris cute?" Lucina asked Zelda.

Zelda nodded in response. "I think they're very cute, especially the children. They're really adorable when they rub themselves against you to show their affection towards you! Makes you want to pick them up and rub your face on them!" Hearing this made Lucina excited about seeing yukkuris.

"Here we are," said Master Hand, looking at a large machine with a ring in front of it. "I'm sure it's still working properly." He went over to the control panel and pressed some buttons on it. "Okay, it's still working properly, and the coordinates leading to that world is still stored in here. I can activate it whenever I want to. And take this, by the way." He opened a drawer located on the control panel and took out a cylinder-shaped device with a button in the form a rainbow-colored Smash Bros. emblem at the top of it. "If you want to come back, just press this, and I will open up the portal again."

He threw it to Mario, who caught it and put into his pocket, and then pressed another button on the control panel to make a glowing blue portal appear within the ring.

"That's all?" asked Shulk. "We can go to other dimensions just like this?"

"Trust me; machines used for dimensional traveling are a lot simpler than you think," said Reflet. "I've seen it used quite often back at my work… Oops, forget I said that…"

"Yeah, yeah… I'm already aware that the government and the military are into dimensional hopping…" Master Hand said in his head after hearing what she said. He then said, "You guys ready to go?"

Mario turned to the others and asked, "Are you ready? Let's-a go eef you are!" They all nodded to show that they were ready, and then they all stepped through the portal.


"Huh? Did I hear a splash just now? Probably just my imagination…" said Master Hand before closing the portal. "And now to watch my favorite sitcom, Talk to the Hand!"

"You guys all right?" Fox asked Mario and Luigi, both of whom had fallen into a lake. The portal opened up in front of a lake, and the plumbers fell into it. The others saw them falling into the water in time, so they stopped right in front of the edge.

"Yeah… Not like we can't swim…" said Luigi after spitting out water.

"Is mister taking it easy?" asked someone. Luigi turned to see a human head-like creature with blond hair floating in his direction on a black "boat."

"Yeah, I'm taking it easy… I would've taken it easier if I'm not in water…" replied Luigi.

"Then take it easy on the land instead!" said the creature before floating over to dry land. It hopped onto the grass and then used its hair braid to pick up the boat, which turned out to be a witch's hat, and put it onto its head before hopping away.

"Most of the others looked at the creatures with wide open eyes, and Shulk said, "Is that a yukkuri?"

"Sure is, and look behind you!" said Fox. Everyone turned around and could see several human head-like creatures all over the place.

"Wow! So those are yukkuris!" said Alph in amazement. "They look… strange…"

"I think they look cute!" said Lucina with sparkling eyes.

"See? I told you they're cute!" Zelda said to her.

Mario and Luigi got out of the water and tried wringing their clothes dry. "I wonda eef there eez anyone here willing to lend uz new clothes or help-a dry uz them…" said Mario.

The Smashers walked through the place, which turned out to be a park. As said earlier, there were several yukkuris all over the place. Some of them appeared to be wild and were either doing their own stuff or playing with people, while some appeared to be pets that happily played with their owners or followed them around.

"Is it just me, or are there more yukkuris than the last time we came here?" asked Link.

"Yukkuris reproduce fast, so I'm sure that the population increased in a short amount of time," said Olimar.

"Hope that isn't a burden to them…" said the Hylian.

They saw a vendor selling some kind of yukkuri food, as people were seen buying from him and throwing them to a group of yukkuris that gathered together at where the foods were to eat them. "Let's-a go and feed yukkuris? What do you say?" suggested Mario.

"Good idea!" said Zelda. "This is the best way to get close to them!"

"Wow! I want to!" said Lucina with enthusiasm.

"Wait a minute… How are we going to buy things here without their currency?" asked Fiora.

"The portal Master Hand created automatically converts currency into the one used in the world you go to," Fox told her. "Just look at your wallet if you don't believe me." Some of them took out their wallets and looked at their moneys to find that he was telling the truth.

They went over to the vendor to buy some yukkuri food, which looked like small yellow pellets. Zelda scattered some onto the ground near some yukkuris, and they immediately rushed over to eat them. One of them, a reimu, looked at Zelda with a happy face and said, "Thank you for mister sweet-sweets! Take it easy, mister!"

"You're welcome!" the Hylian replied with a smile.

"Just so you know," Mario told the others. "Yukkuriz refer to people using da term 'mista,' regardless of genda."

"Okay… I was just going to ask that…" said Shulk.

Lucina threw some pellets onto the ground and then bent down close to the yukkuris that gathered there to eat. "I want to touch them!" she said in her head while slowly moving her hand towards an alice from behind. The alice suddenly turned around to look at her, surprising her. It then smiled and went over to her hand and rubbed itself against it, surprising her even more and making her nervous. "Oh my god! It's rubbing itself against me! What do I do?! What do I do?!"

"Aw! You're so cute!" said Fiora, who was holding a koreimu in her hand, and the latter was telling her to take it easy in a slurred tone.

Seeing her picking up one made Lucina want to do the same, but she was scared to do so. Just then, several koyukkuris, mostly alices, gathered around her and told her to take it easy over and over.

"Don't be afraid to touch them! They've grown attached to you!" Zelda told her. "Relax and lower your hand to them! Just know that child yukkuris have delicate skins that break easily, but it's all right as long as you are careful."

"They break?!" asked Lucina in shock.

"That's what Link told me, but I haven't seen such things myself, so I wouldn't know…" said the Hylian.

Nearby, Alph and Olimar were looking a reimu inside a thick, hollow tree, and it had a stalk with four koyukkuris hanging down from it. "That is a pregnant yukkuri," Olimar told the former.

"Is that really a vine growing out from its forehead?" asked Alph.

"Yes. I told you that yukkuris are like a combination of plants and animals before," Olimar said to him.

"I still find it hard to believe… I must touch it to confirm that it really is a vine!" said Alph as he slowly moved his hand towards the stalk.

"Don't touch reimu's unborn babies! They cannot take it easy!" the reimu said to him all of a sudden.

Alph pulled back his hand in surprise, and Olimar said, "Better do as it says… You know how things are with pregnant females. Yukkuris are no different."

"You're right… I could've hurt the babies… My curiosity got the best of me…" said Alph.

Lucina was breathing heavily as several yukkuris gathered around her, telling her to take it easy and rubbing against her. She had a koalice in her hand, which was exclaiming that it was like flying in the sky.

"Are you enjoying your time?" Zelda asked her.

"Ye… Yes…!" replied Lucina while trembling nonstop. "They're… They're so cute!"

"Idj like flying in the sky!" said the koalice in her hand. "Alij can really chake id eajy!"

"I'm… I'm glad you're enjoying it!" Lucina said to it.

"Mister ij very nice! Alice do rub-rub with you!" said the koalice as it rubbed its face against her thumb.

Just then, several koyukkuris said to her while jumping up and down that they would like to fly in the sky as well. She lowered her other hand to them, and immediately, they tried to get onto it, but there was only enough space for three. She raised her hand to the same level as the other one, and the koyukkuris looked around happily while exclaiming that it was like flying in the sky.

"So cute… So cute… So cute…! I can't… I can't handle this cuteness!" Lucina said in her head as her heart rate increased more and more. Lucina then fell backwards and passed out on the ground, and everyone, including the yukkuris, was shocked.

"Lucina! What happened?!" asked Zelda.

"Lucina has a huge weakness to cute things, so much that if she gets exposed to such a large amount of cuteness, she passes out…" explained Reflet.

"What…? I've never heard of such a thing before…" said Shulk.

"Should we call the doctor?" asked Rosalina.

"It's all right," said Reflet. "She'll get back up after a while, but we should take her to a shaded place and, if possible, put a wet towel over her head."

"Yeah, I recommend-a that," agreed Mario. The Mario Bros. then picked her up by the shoulders and feet and took her to a gazebo to put her there.

One person saw her and asked, "Is she all right?"

"Just passed out… It would be nice if we can get a wet towel or even a pack of ice…" said Zelda.

"Pack of ice… Oh yeah, I saw a few cirnos around here not too long ago!" said the man.

"Cirno?" said Reflet curiously.

The man turned to a nearby tree and saw a small group of cirno frolicking underneath it with a few daiyousei. "Ah! There they are! Cirnos are filled with ice-cream, and their coldness makes good ice packs! I'll get one for you!" He went over to those yukkuris and spoke with them a bit, and then he picked up one of the cirno and brought it back to the gazebo. The other yukkuris followed him there. "Here it is!"

"Um… Thanks…" said Reflet as she took the cirno from him.

"Eye'm da strongest!" said the cirno in a prideful manner.

"Okay… Please help my daughter," said Reflet before placing it onto Lucina's forehead. "Wow… It really does feel cold!"

"Strongest! Strongest! Strongest!" said the other cirnos as they came jumping into the gazebo.

While waiting for Lucina to wake up, the others sat down at the gazebo and chatted with each other. "You said these things used to be abused back in their world of origin?" asked Shulk while looking at the cirno and daiyousei playing around.

"Yeah, and abusing them eez a very popular and common activity," said Mario.

"Why would anyone want to abuse these cute, little things?" asked Fiora.

"Some of them are justified, like the yukkuris broke into houses and destroyed things, insulted other people, or are pests in general," said Luigi. "Some, however, abuse them in order to vent their anger or simply because they think it's fun. They like to see them scream and cry in agony and beg for their lives…"

"That's terrible…" said Rosalina.

"Yukkuris are also food back there," added Fox. "They are eaten or cooked alive, because dead yukkuris become rotten and inedible. The only way for them to taste good is to eat them alive or if they are killed during the cooking process."

"And by eating them alive, I mean biting away chunks of them while they scream in agony for help… It's a pretty terrifying sight if you ask me…" said Luigi.

"I'd imagine kitchens to be filled with screams and crying, then…" said Shulk.

"Restaurants that serve yukkuri dishes are a thing there, so I'm sure that really is the case…" said the plumber.

Suddenly, they heard someone saying foul things, so they turned to see a man carrying a net on his shoulder. Inside the net was a relatively fat reimu. "Let go of the great deibu, you s***ty mister!" it angrily said while trying to break free from the net, but to no avail. "How dare you lay a hand on the great deibu?! I will make you suffer the consequences, you s***y human!"

They saw the man putting the ill-tempered yukkuri into a truck that was labeled 'Yukkuri Pound," and then he got into the driver's seat and drove off. "What happened?" asked Fiora.

"From the label on the truck, it's probably something like a dog pound…" said Fox. "Ill-tempered and foul-mouthed yukkuris exist, and those kinds like to bully and even kill other yukkuris for fun or to steal their food or shelters. They also insult people and demand food from them."

"Those kinds of yukkuriz are common targetz of abuze back in dat world," said Mario.

"If it's yukkuris like that, I can understand why they got abused…" said Shulk.

"For the most part, the people there don't discriminate when it comes to abusing…" said Luigi. "Even the nicest yukkuris get abused for no reason…"

"Hey look! It's Yukari!" said Olimar, pointing at something all of a sudden. "No wait… That's just a bodied yukkuri in her likeness…" The others looked at who he was pointing at and saw a short, blonde girl wearing a purple dress and holding a parasol.

"That's my first time seeing a bodied yukari! Looks like Yukari herself if she was younger!" said Link.

"Are you telling me that that is a yukkuri?" asked Alph.

"Yes, that's a bodied yukkuri, a subspecies of yukkuri that has a body," replied Olimar. "They look a lot like little children, but you can tell from the size and shape of their heads they're not."

"Man, yukkuris sure are weird…" commented Shulk.

"Excuse me…" said a voice. They turned to see a young woman looking at them. "Are you by any chance… the people who are responsible for bringing yukkuris to this world?"

"Yes, we are," replied Mario. "How do you know us?"

"So you are? Wow! I didn't expect to see you people here!" said the woman in excitement. "There is a sign with a picture of you people in our city to let us know that you are the ones who introduced yukkuris to this world."

"Really?" asked Fox.

"Yes," said the woman. "The mayor put it there in order to honor you people."

"Sounds neat! I hope we can see it!" said Luigi. "Where can we find it?"

The woman gave them the direction to that place, and then they decided to go there. It was about this time that Lucina woke up as well. "What happened?" she asked.

"Oh, you're up!" said Reflet. "You passed out from being unable to handle the large amount of cuteness."

"Like before, right…? Sorry about this…" she said while touching her forehead.

"Eye'm da strongest!" said the cirno that served as her ice pack earlier. It was now bouncing up and down next to her.

"So… want to go and see the picture put up in honor of us?" asked Link.

"I have a feeling I know what picture it is…" said Fox.

The Smashers were heading out of the park, and as they were doing so, a limousine came down the street. The person in there noticed the Smashers and so told the driver to stop. The limousine parked itself next to the sidewalk, and then a man with a large bushy beard stepped out of the vehicle. "Hello there!" he cheerfully said to the Smashers.

Seeing that person, Fox, Mario, Luigi, and Link were surprised. "It's the president!" said the former.

A bespectacled man with a large amount of facial fair walked into a dark room that was filled with torn apart yukkuri dolls and drawings of yukkuris that are either torn into pieces or pinned to the wall using knives. At the back of the room, a man was seen sitting against the wall, curled up in a fetal position.

The man who entered the room said to him, "I see that life must have been terrible ever since yukkuris disappeared from our world, right? These five months must have been a torture to you, not being able to abuse any yukkuris. You do not have to worry about that any longer, because I'm bringing you good news, one that will make you overjoyed."