The Thorns of Secrets Chapter 1; Luring in the cold

It was cold. It was that kind of weather that made you desperately yearn for summer again. The wind had a chill to it and even the streets were frozen. And at this hour mixed with this weather nobody would even think of going on the streets, well nobody except Regina. But then she had a purpose for being put there in the cold streets of the city. She pulled up her scarf even further over her face, so now only her eyes were left uncovered. Her raven locks danced in the wind around her as she kept her target in sight.

Regina Mills had been walking the streets for hours now, she had started when it was still light outside and she could still feel her fingers and toes. Now all that was lighting the streets were gloomy streetlights that tended to flicker once in a while. Her fingers and toes had long gone numb in the first two hours that she had been out facing this horrid weather. Her gloves and her boots (that were fur coated on the inside) didn't help with keep her warm like they were supposed to.

She knew it hadn't been wise of her to go out now. That it could probably wait. Well, that it at least could wait until the next day when the weather forecast had been at least a tad bit better than this. But she was the sort of person that didn't really have the patience for those kind of things. She didn't have patience to wait. She wished she could just do this and get it all over with, it was a routine job for her after all. And that maybe after this she could finally do one of those undercover jobs that paid much better money and let her finally stay somewhere for more than three months at a times.

So here she was, in front of the building where her target was sitting happily chatting the night away, having no clue as what was still in store for him. Now Regina just needed to move at the right time and she was in for the kill. She stared through the window again and saw him moving. That was new, he hadn't moved a muscle since the two hours she had been standing there outside of the window. But he was moving towards a group of people he shouldn't. No. What the hell did he think he was doing? He should be sitting there until ten – that would be the moment she would casually stroll inside – and then come with her, then when out of sight she could kill him and be done with it. He should not, under any circumstances, go to that group of people, it would ruin her entire plan! because then there were witnesses of her taking him away. that would blow her cover, God dammit!

Now these hours of waiting and carefully shadowing her target would have been for nothing. Her almost completely freezing, would have been for nothing. Her mind was reeling and a string of curses were rolling off of her tongue, silently of course, even in her anger she still knew how to be deadly silent. Being deadly silent was something she had gotten beaten into her as a child, it was not something she was that likely to forget, even if she already was 24, and even if she already was out from under her mother's thumb, she still remembered it rather vividly.

She let out a deep irritated sigh, which immediately froze the second it as out of her mouth, causing small puffs of frozen air to leave her mouth. She knew she couldn't finish her mission now. She had to go back to the place where she was sleeping (she couldn't call it a home, since it really was just a chamber with a mattress and a little kitchen thing that was just sufficient enough for her to cook on. That was what she always got on missions like these. A simple place where she could eat and sleep.) and call it a night.

When she arrived at her place, she looked around if she was being followed be someone – hazard of the job, you always had a chance someone was following you – and when she saw that she was the only living soul around she open the door and slipped inside.

The thing she didn't see was that there actually was a living soul, just a few feet away from her. Watching her intently. Though it didn't pose a threat, it was still something to look out for, you could never be sure after all.

Regina slipped out of her boots and shrugged off her coat. The scarf was something she left on, if it was for comfort or for warmth it didn't matter, she liked it. She sat down on her mattress in her room and started on the beginning of her new plan. She already knew the man's routines, so it wouldn't be that difficult. And if she really wanted she could always pose as one of the prostitutes he always hired on Thursday evenings. But that was something she would only use as her final option, when nothing else would be able to work anymore, she really didn't want to pose as prostitute, it made her highly uncomfortable. She still had three weeks to finish this job. Enough time to figure something out, as long as he was killed before the elections started, at least that was what her boss said.

After about an hour of thinking of a new plan and coming absolutely no where her stomach made it very clear to her that she had skipped her dinner by letting out a loud growl. She stood up, made her way to the kitchen and heated up some noodles in the microwave. Her clock now read ten fifty-five and she made plans in her mind to go to sleep at twelve at the latest. She needed to be fit tomorrow and the days to come if she wanted to pull this off. And this was something she really needed to pull off if she wanted to get higher up.

She was pulled out of her train of thoughts when the microwave beeped. She took out the noodles and slowly sat back down on her mattress. With her food in one hand and all the written notes and photographs at her feet she started to think of a plan again.

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