Now to Then

Who said goodbye then?

"I can't..I can't pay fo the bill and my mother will be angry at me for getting hurt then try to get me to come to live with her." She told him as He knelt down and picked her up. "Why are you doing this, damnnit!! You don't care!! You don't even know me!!" She cried out and punched his chest.

".I already talked to your mother. I'm paying for the bill and she's angry at you though she considered that you loved living by yourself anyway. I'm doing this because you got hurt from me and its my duty to restore you to good health as the person who inflicted this pain on you." He told her with his voice clear and sharp.

"You Don't Care." She told him simply. "And you don't know me."

"Well, why don't you let me?" His reply confused her.

"'re.." 'familiar.' she wanted to say but instead she chose, "a stranger."


Tala sighed running a thin hand through her maroon hair as she sat in the back of the gym class, incapcitated once more. Celine had come back from the hospital way less talkative than usual and stared into space more than often healthy for one person. She caught a jabbing finger of Angel's and twisted it making Mr. Dinct look over towards her and Angel. The teacher sighed shaking his brown head.

"Well, Tala.Where are you going to go to college?" Tala's round eyes stared at Angel's blue ones. They widened at his tone of voice being so..unusually like his mocking one. Angel, who had noticed her staring, blushed a small pink and averted his gaze from her eyes to the floor suddenly finding it very interesting.

"I..I might go to Nede Cross University..or Arlia State. Whichever one has more of a specialty for writing." She told him in a manner that seemed unlike her so much. It was soft and gentle.He'd expect that from Eleanor more than Tala. He smiled a bit surprised that Tala was into writing. Was it that he never really noticed her besides being a mocking tool?

"Wow.are you good?" She smiled at him. The smile made him feel warmer inside and out as he blushed. Her smile was like a true woman's smile, the kind that you get from someone that cared fro you. He blushed even more at that thought.

"I supposedly am. That's why all the teachers seem to read mine and yours, isn't it?" she asked him. Her green eyes sparkled wildly as she let her smile spread across her face along with a small blush due to talking about such a sensative subject for her. "What about you?"

"I'm going to Herlie or Lacour University to become a writer on the sciences.or maybe Arlia or Nede a writer on Science Fiction."

"Why science fiction?" She asked him, her head tilting to the side showing her curiousity. Her maroon hair got into her face as she pulled it back with one slender hand.

"Because I've always been interested in the future and science." He told her simply. He smiled and looked back over to the teacher and got up to play soccer. Tala sighed. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Angel had opened himself up to her and she had done the same to him..even though they were enemies..Maybe she still had a chance with him after all.


Ashton Anchors smiled to himself. Today, he would ask her out!! Today would be his day!! He grinned and started walking to her locker. He held a note in hand that he planned to give to her. Slipping it casually in her locker, he stalked away. Precis surely would know it was him, wouldn't she?


Leon sighed rubbing his marine hair with one smooth child-like hand as Precis bounded angrily after him. Provoking her was the best fun he always had. He walked over to his locker and stared at it for a moment. Opening it, Bobot rushed out to its owner. He hated sharing a locker with the other genuis in the school but it was all said and she literally had to share his locker. Putting his science book he found a note on pink paper. Did someone send him a love note? He shoved that thought away as he opened it and read it. It read:

I have loved you from far away,

And faraway I do not want to stay.

Your hair is so sweet, and careless,

Your eyes mischievous and devious.

I wish to be yours forever.

Now please answer,

Will you go out with me or never?

Sincerely Your secret Admirer.

Leon blinked, blushing wildly. Who in the nine..? He looked over the pink piece of paper and found his answer. A barrel was drawn on it. He didn't know Ashton swung that way!! He'd have to confont Ashton about it. Embarressed as he was he sighed and slipped the note into his lab coat pocket.


Cirrus ran to her class!! She couldn't believe how she could have gotten lost in the bathroom for the second time this week!! Well, she could but she hadn't believed she was that bad!!! She turned one of the corners to her class, supposedly, as she suddenly rammed into someone, falling down hard on her butt.

"HEY!! Why don't ya watch where ya goin' pal!!" she yelled to whomever had the hint to run into her. Looking up, she saw it was Gyoro from Chorus!! SHE WAS SAVED. He looked up at her, his blue hair swaying slightly from looking upwards.

"I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to yell and be a meanie like that, Gyoro!!" She told him as she got up and held out her hand to help him up. He smiled and shook his head slightly. He'd only known Cirrus for about two weeks now and had learned most of her faults already.

"It's okay, Cirrus. I was sent to look for you." He told her in a crisp voice of rich honeysuckle taste. Cirrus smiled, her teeth showing with whiteness from brushing, and her scars stretching a little.

"Thanks. But I don't think I want to go to class for today." She told him, her downcast grey eyes being shadowed by her lengthy silver hair. Gyoro looked surprised at this. Cirrus was the only one who found school to be interesting and always wanted to stay. (She said she'd always be afraid of the outside world since she'd get lost too easily.) His widened eyes showed his surprise as the girl looked up. "I'm sick."

He smiled despite the situation and bent down on one knee, his back turned to her. "Get on, I'll take you home, okay?" (Not a bright idea, but okay..) She nodded numbly. His charm swept her face into an even redder flush as she got onto his back, piggy-backed style.


"Your welcome.Now let me see the map with the directions to your house."


Celine groaned once more. She stared hard as she listened to her anime shows. Her father had sent her something. This was a first in about six to seven years. She wouldn't open it no matter what. He wasn't dead or else her mother would call her about it. The silver-haired teenager groaned inwardly as Dias came in.

Ever since the incident where she had her ribs broken, two weeks ago, Dias acted almost as if he was her caretaker, her mother even!! He had her keys copied and they almost basically acted as if they lived together, except for the fact that he had told Rena that he'd bought a small apartment and had a nasty roommate she wouldn't want to meet.

"What's for dinner?" She called out to him, still sitting on the couch, staring at the brown huge cardboard box from Osaka. She reread the address as she sighed and gave up. Entering into the kitchen, she smirked at the sight. Dias had his long hair tied back with a kerchief, and a feminine apron aorund his body. He looked soooo cute!! She thought as he looked up to see her.

"Chicken skewers for me and whatever you want to order for take out. I've got to go grocery shopping tomorrow. How are your ribs doing?" He asked. His smooth voice was rich with milk and velvet while Celine contemplated on her food choice thinking of Chinese.

"My ribs? The usual.I think I put them in the oven to be roasted today, but that's about it." She told him sarcastically as he got the message. Walking over to her, he lifted up her shirt to see her broken ribs. Blushing like crazy, Celine smothered a screech of surprise. His hands were like ice as he touched her bruises, only to the point where she grimaced in pain, then he would move onto a different rib.

"They're getting better. " He told her as her put the shirt down and smiled, beginning to bake soemthing.

"What are you making?"

"A cake."

"For who?"


"That's nice.I'm calling Ryuu Aoi's all right?"

"Just don't forget the donuts and chicken skewers!!" He told her as she took her cordless phone and sat down on the couch staring once more at the box. Pressing speed-dial, unconciously, she put the phone up to her ear.

"Hello!! Dis' Aisian Restaunt, Ryuu Aoi!! We do delivary and China, Koren, Japan, and Thai foo', I am Li Chan, no related to Jackie Chan. How may I help you?" Celine smiled at Li Chan's voice. Her accent was horribly atrocious but a lot of people bought it.

"Hey Li Chan. I'd like a deliviary to the usual. Two packs of Chicken Skewers, two cups of Miso soup, fried noodles, chow mei lein, and lastly chinese donuts!!"

"OH!! Donut girl is out of foo' again?"

"Yes.Please just hurry up and deliver my food Li."

"All right!! Li chan shall make it happen. It will be $15.67."

"Okay, Bye." Clicking the phone off, Celine returned her attention to the box. Sighing, she ruffled a hand through her fine silver hair, and decided. Getting up she entered the kitchen, grabbed a nice sharp knife and started cutting the top pieces of tape. Soon the box was open and she laid the knife on the table. Looking into it, she picked up the first thing that was seen. An envelope. Opening the envelope, a letter tumbled out into her lap.

"Wha?!-" she read the letter, the written words on it making her shiver. Her heart beat fast as she noticed it was not a one page letter but about a 40 paged one. Dropping it on the floor, Celine got up and got her coat. "Dias, I'm going somewhere. Pay the Ryuu Aoi's $15.67." She told him as she closed the door running to her destination.

"Okay." He told the air of where she ahd been earlier. What was that about? Looking onto the floor of the couch he found the letter and read it amused. It read:

Dear Cecilianae,

I am sorry that I have not talked to you or had any contact with you for the last six years. I know it was hard for you to let go of Osaka when you went back but I hope you have not forgotten your Japanese heritage. I am going to die very soon and I would like to see your sweet face one more time. Will you return here just for a small visit. I would understand if you didn't want to. Here is everything that you have ever not gotten when you left. It includes birthday presents, letters and lastly my sword and staff. I want to pass these to you before I go.

Love, Yuri Jules

He stare hard at the small letter that was in front of many other ones. If this man was truly a Jules, then maybe.maybe he'd sent one of Dias's own letters to Serene. Looking through some of them, he caught sight of one. It read in translation of Japanese:


I am writing you from the Hospital. I hate them. They smell like medicine and death. Something bad happened and the doctors won't tell me where Cecillia and my parents are. They're so tightlipped right now. I've got to go to bed write on this later.

.My parents, Cecillia and two other people died.I can't remember how..I can barely remember anything from the week before and after this accident happened. I think I cried, I probably did.I want to be strong enough to not depend on others but myself for everything.It probably was my fault that they did die!! Serene-chan when will you return? I want to see you and play around with you like before. I think I'm going to become a sword master..yeah a swordmaster..

I'm moving into Aunt Chihiro's apartment. She and Uncle Haku are going to take care of me until I want to leave. Well, I guess I'll be a swordmaster next time we see each other..I hope that you'd have grown as beautiful as I imagine..



He stopped reading all together. So she was Serene-chan..This was definitly a new development. He placed the letter back onto the floor as he heard their doorbell ring. Opening it with wallet in hand, he saw Rena standing there with Claude and Precis, the annoying girl from the science lab.

"Yes?" He grunted to them as put up the money and stared at them waiting for their explanation. He had told Rena almost a million times, literally, to not ever come to his apartment because of his roommate. He didn't have the balls to say it was Celine since the day he moved in with an unwilling Celine.

"We just came over to say hi and asks where's your roommate?"

"He's not here but at work. "

"Oh.We were wondering if you wanted to come out and eat at Shorty's with us. Tala, Chisato, Noel and Bowman are going to be there meeting us. " Dias shook his long hair. It wasn't until then that he noticed that he was wearing one of Celine's favorite aprons (the one with the fairy on it) and a kerchief in his hair. "You look sooo cute, Dias!!" Rena smiled as he blushed brightly.

"Well, I'm baking right now and I can't. My roommate should be here any minute." He smirked as he caught sight of Li Chan. The woman walked over and up the stairs to the small group. "Konnichiwa Li-san." He gave her the money as she gave him the food.

"Konnichiwa, Dias-san. Where's donut girl? I want to talk to her about a few recipes she can try." Rena blinked along with Precis. The junior glared at her as he dsicreetly motioned for her not to speak of Celine.

"Donut girl isn't here. He had to go to work early on. He should be coming back soon for dinner. " Rena and Claude however were not fooled. Li Chan nodded her goodbye takign the money and leaving. Precis smiled widely as she left. The teenager suddenly clung onto Claude's arm, causing Rena to growl and say goodbye to her cousin as they went. Claude sighed and nodded goodbye wryly as he tried to get away from Precis at least.

"Celine..You'll have to be here soon."


Celine ran away from her apartment, from her mother's house, from her town to the small lake that she had always come to remind herself of the waters overseas and to calm herself down when she was nearly wasted with rage. Her father wanted to see her...yet..he hadn't seen her for six years!! You just don't get up and ask someone who hasn't forgiven you to come and see you on your deathbed!!

She rushed into the waters. How long had she been gone? It was nearing midnight as she could tell, in the shivering water. Her ruby eyes shining as she waded deeper into the water. Her wet jean shorts clung to her prone form as she felt the hurt of her ribs against the lapping ripples.

Celine just couldn't think as she went deeper still to the sandbank that was near the middle. The waves crested small ripples onto her. The coldness seeping through as tears flowed down her face. She wasn't going to cry. Getting in the middle, she stood there for a few minutes. 'What am I going to do?! I can't go back there!! Why is this happening now?!?!? I shouldn't..I should!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!!??' She sobbed softly, her heart crashign against her ribcage. Her emotions that were pelt up, emptying from that fateful day she had left her home. The hate of her father raining andf coursing through her veins to her tears as she cried out a hurtful cry filled with pain of a dying animal. Then a pair of arms encircled her as if to make sure she was all right. Caring strong limbs that were like a sheild as she turned around and faced who it was. Her sheild was Dias. Blinking, she stared with tear-stained cheeks. A blush eliciting from her cheeks. Her stomach twisting into knots and butterflies swarming around in there, making her nausous.

"Don't cry, Serene-chan. Its going ot be all right. " He whispered to her as the wet girl wrapped her paled arms on his chest, her heart heaving with the pain, thrusting through her darkness and hope. Peircing the bult up anger as she let hereself go and for once..just once she'd let anyone see her cry.

"Serene-chan..." Her name, even if it was that of her japanese one, was nice to hear from someone close. She just shook with anger and hatred flowing out of her heart, flowing out of her as she sobbed quietly her cries muffled as she buried her face in his shirt. Calmly and instinctively, Dias stroked her fine feathery silver hair and held her close with his arms and put his head ontop of hers.

Right now, he had to be there for her.


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