Winter Vigil chapter 2

Alongside his resurrected master, Ghost marched out among the loyal Black Brothers. The direwolf cast his crimson eyes up onto those who staged a coup against Jon.

Two of them pitifully cried out that Jon should have died and the injustice of Jon's resurrection. "Neither was killing your Lord Commander."

The glare in Ollie's eyes was a blend or grief and rage. Neither of those things would save him from the hangman's noose.

Finally, there was the head of the coup. The first man to betray Jon.

Ser Alliser Thorne.

There was no begging for mercy nor even a plea for forgiveness. He had no shame or regret of betraying Jon, let alone killing him. His last words were meant to stick in Jon's head but all it did was show just how traitorous he always was.

"I will rest after I die. You will keep on fighting."

Ghost growled at Thorne. He had not forgotten the countless times he ordered him to be chained in the stables or the time he threatened to have him cooked in a stew.

"You all have been found guilty of treason and the murder of the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Apart from Ollie, the rest of you have disgraced the Night's Watch, the realm and yourselves. May the Gods have mercy on your souls." Jon sad, drawing Longclaw from his sheath and cut the suspension rope, thus executing a group hanging of his killers.

With Longclaw back in the sheath and Ghost at his side, Jon made quick work in shedding his cloak. "What will happen now?" Edd asked.

"That is no longer my concern, Edd." Jon said as he handed Edd his cloak.

"I'm no longer a man of the Night's Watch nor am I Lord Commander. My watch has ended."

Of all who could have asked, Jon did not expect to hear Tormund Giantsbane ask the unspoken question.

"Did the Red Woman really pull you from beyond death? Was that fiery bitch right all along?"

Jon downed a hearty gulp of ale in silent contemplation. Meanwhile, Ghost gave a growl of annoyance at the mention of Melissandre.

"I saw them put my lifeless body on the table. As close I was to it, I felt far away. I heard Thorne try to talk Seaworth into surrendering to their coup. I heard you and the Wildlings defending me and those who tried to bring me back. Melissandre did one thing that helped me."

"What did she do?"

"She somehow made it possible for me to return back into my body, though it did not happen at once."

"How could you have been there among them?" Tormund asked before realization struck him.

He looked at Ghost and said, "Never thought I'd see another Warg in my lifetime."

Ghost padded over to Jon and stared up at him. Jon held him close. "This does not change what is still to come."

"We will deal with it when it comes. For now, be glad you're alive. Many who die don't get the privilege of coming back."

A/n: I had originally thought of this as a one shot story. Then I thought of this. If I continue with this story, it won't be word for word as the show. Time will tell what happens next.