Sorry that it's been forever since I last updated. I totally forgot about my stories until just recently. I just finished one of my Pokémon fanfics which is titled "The Time Has Come". That's an Amourshipping (Ash and Serena) story. So the idea that I just thought of for this chapter is that all of Sun and Nagasumi's enemies see the attention the couple is getting when they describe the details of how they actually met and everything that happened to them afterwards. If you didn't see the second to last episode of the series, (episode 25), watch it before reading this chapter because there will be spoilers.

At the school during lunch

Everyone has finished their meals and now almost everyone is gathered around Sun and Nagasumi.

Class Rep asks, "So did you guys really meet because Sun was being harassed?"

A male classmate questions Nagasumi, "How did you know she was in trouble?"

Sun and Nagasumi didn't see the point in lying about their actual meeting now that everyone knows Sun's secret. Nagasumi was a little embarrassed but knew he'd be much better off telling the truth. Sun looked at Nagasumi and saw the worried expression on his face. She put her hand on Nagasumi's shoulder which helped to relax him.

Nagasumi took a deep breath and confessed, "We were lying about how we met."

Sun added, "Please don't be mad there's a good reason as to why we lied."

Mawari has her arms crossed as she questions skeptically, "What reason is that?"

Sun takes a deep breath and explains, "Well, you all know about me being a mermaid, although I'm actually supposed to keep that a secret. One day I saw Nagasumi drowning so I rescued him. Since no one's supposed to know my true identity my family was going to kill Nagasumi and his parents so they couldn't reveal our secret. I couldn't let that happen to Nagasumi and his family, so I offered myself as sacrifice for their safety. My mom brought up the fact that no one would have to die if Nagasumi married me."

Everyone started panicking because they thought that since they all knew Sun's secret, they would all have to die.

Sun got their attention and informed them, "Everything's alright; none of you are going to be killed for knowing my secret."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the school bell rang.

Nagasumi informed everyone, "Sun and I can explain more later after school. My parents already know about yesterday so I'll inform them about today so that way they know that you may come over to hear more."

Nearby Chimp, Kai, Lunar, Mr. Seto, and Maki are all watching in fits of rage. Mr. Seto and Maki because they hate Nagasumi with every fiber of their being because of how much they believe he is stealing Sun away from her father, Lunar is jealous of all the attention Sun has been getting due the fact that she's both a mermaid and a pop star, and in her mind is much prettier than Sun, Kai was jealous of Nagasumi because he loves Sun, and Chimp… well he didn't really have a reason to be jealous or angry, but Kai, in Chimp's eyes, was his master, and if his master was displeased, so was he.

After school at Nagasumi's

Everyone from school was super curious about Sun and Nagasumi's relationship so they all asked questions about events that happened after they met.

Mawari asks, "Have you ever had any serious fights?"

Nagasumi nods and responds, "Yeah, and it was my entire fault because I said something really stupid."

Class rep questions, "What happened?"

Nagasumi takes a deep breath and explains, "One Sunday morning I was watching cartoons and Sun comes over to me and told me I had forgotten to turn my socks inside out, something that she always told me to do, and she also told me I had tissue in my pants which I had forgotten to remove. I wasn't really listening because I was too busy watching my cartoons, so Sun turned off the TV, but I turned it back on and began looking for my show again, and as I was channel chasing I found out that Lunar was being interviewed. My parents and I were going crazy about it, and I said seeing Lunar was love at first sight which made Sun mad. She asked if that's why I wasn't paying attention to her and I responded in the most boneheaded way possible, 'Well at first I only agreed to marry you because the situation called for it.' Hearing this made Sun feel really upset."

A male classmate asks, "What did you do, Sun?"

Sun explains, "Well, ya see, my family and I got a party invitation from a merman named Yoshio. My mom told me I didn't have to go, but I wanted to go in order to try and forget the fight Nagasumi and I had. I'm sure you've all noticed the ring I'm wearing. This ring was a gift from Nagasumi when we went to a carnival for our first date this summer back in Seto. I was trying to decide what to wear for the party when I came across the ring amongst my other jewelry. I love this ring a lot, but I didn't want to wear the ring because of the fight. When my family and I arrived at the party, we noticed we were the only ones there. Yoshio came out and started taking pictures of him and I together while commenting on my looks, which of course pushed my dad over the edge. Before my dad could attack Yoshio everyone smelled gas, and my mom told me to run. The next thing I know, I collapsed and wanted Nagasumi to come and save me."

Mawari comments, "I remember seeing Nagasumi looking really upset and lost without Sun."

Nagasumi nods and responds, "I sure was. I knew I had to do whatever it took to get her back."

Just then Maki and Lunar enter the room. They had been listening to the story from the kitchen, enraged at all the attention their enemies were receiving. Lunar sits down next to Nagasumi and Maki sits on Sun's shoulder.

Maki commented, "Since I go wherever Sun goes, I of course went to the party, but unfortunately, that means I was also held prisoner."

Lunar continued the story, "So with the help of Kai, Chimp, and ourselves, our man servant here was able to rescue Sun. Now I know a lot of you might be confused as to what role we played in saving Sun but let us explain. Kai got all of us to our destination using his submarine, and we all got ambushed upon arrival. Before we continue on with the story, we have something we believe you should see."

Mawari questions Lunar, "By 'we' you mean yourself, right?"

Lunar nods and responds, "Of course we do. However Sun and man servant, that's how we refer to Nagasumi, have to stay here."

Sun asks Lunar, "Why do Nagasumi and I have to stay home?"

Lunar explains, "We want to go to the beach to show everyone something, and since man servant here can't swim, it's best for you to stay home."

Nagasumi was suspicious of what was going on, but decided not to speak up because he knew if he had Lunar would be extremely pissed.

Sun comments, "Well, I hope you have a good time. Nagasumi and I can have some time all to ourselves."

Lunar nods and replies, "Be back shortly."

Half an hour later

Nagasumi and Sun are cuddling together while Nagasumi caresses Sun's hair. They are just about to kiss when they are interrupted by everyone arriving.

Sun sees the massive crowd huddled around Lunar and walks over to them and questions, "Ready to hear the rest of the story of how Nagasumi rescued me?"

Mawari comments, "No thanks. Maybe some other time."

Class Rep exclaims, "I can't believewe have two mermaids as classmates!"

Lunar laughs and responds, "We're not just a mermaid, we're also a pop superstar."

Everyone is in awe over Lunar and completely ignore Sun and Nagasumi who are very confused over what is going on.

Maki watches this and thinks to herself, "Sure I feel bad for Sun, but that damn sea louse doesn't deserve any attention whatsoever."

Looks like Lunar came up with a good plan to draw attention away from Sun and Nagasumi. What will Sun and Nagasumi do in response?