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Amethyst fought the urge to fidget with her shirt as they walked up the stairs to the Temple. It was easy to lose herself in the moment at the party, surrounded by thumping bass and strobing lights. It was easy to be bold and place Pearl's hand on her body. It was easy to push her tongue into the taller Gem's mouth. It was easy to take what had once been hers. But now, in the calm and stillness of night, she was starting to feel...uncertain.

What's the matter with me, she thought. I know I want this. So why...

"Would you mind if we used my room?"

Amethyst looked up, startled out of her thoughts. "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. I know my room is too messy for you."

Pearl blushed. "I don't mind all that much. It's just...I would like to be in my room for what I plan to do." She closed her eyes, feeling the tug in her gem that always occured when she opened her room. As the door opened, she turned, taking both of Amethyst's hands in her own. "Are you ready?"

Amethyst swallowed nervously, pushing her uneasiness aside. I'm fine, she told herself. I want this. She nodded. "I'm ready for whatever you throw at me."

Pearl smirked. "That's the spirit." She walked backwards, not breaking eye contact with Amethyst as they stood on the water floor of her room. "Brace yourself."

Amethyst tilted her head. Brace herself for what?

There was darkness followed by a rush of cold, a cold that pierced deep into your being. It was the type of cold that forced you to believe that you had never felt heat, and that you never would again. Amethyst would have screamed if it didn't feel as though her jaw was frozen shut. She clenched her eyes closed, wishing for the peace of unconsciousness. She was so cold, so cold, so-.


There was a warmth flowing through her body, thawing her. It started at her lips, then spread through the rest of her body, pooling in the pit of her stomach. The warmth turned into a scorching heat and with an unneeded gasp, Amethyst opened her eyes. She looked up at Pearl, clinging to her slim hips. "W-whoa..."

Pearl looked sad. "Has it really been so long since I've invited you into my room? You used to be familiar with the feeling of jumping from one pool to the next..."

Amethyst felt a shudder pass through her body, the last few wisps of cold fading away. "D-don't worry, P. I'll get used to it again."

Pearl's expression brightened. "Yes, I plan for you to be in here much more often." Her eyelids drooped, pining Amethyst with a heated gaze.

Amethyst felt warm again, but this time it was slightly uncomfortable. She coughed. "So, uh, dance?"

Pearl smiled. "Right." She waved a hand and a chair rose from the floor. "Sit down."

Amethyst did as she was told, swinging her legs when her feet didn't touch the ground. Chairs are never short enough for me... She groaned when she saw Pearl pull her spear from her gem. "I thought this was a dance, not a sparring match."

Pearl smirked. "There are many uses for a weapon." The shaft extended until it was about eight feet. Pearl struck the down, wedging the blade firmly into the floor. Once she was sure that the pole could hold her weight, she faced Amethyst. "I hope you enjoy this." She grasped the pole, first with one hand, then with two, then back to one. This had seemed like a good idea at the party, but now that she was here and Amethyst was watching her with eager eyes, she was starting to have doubts. What if I make a fool of myself?

"Hey, P?"

Pearl glanced at Amethyst, a light blue blush tinging her cheeks. "Yes?"

Amethyst smiled reassuringly. "You'll do great."

Pearl smiled back. She took a deep breath, then started her dance.

Amethyst was positively amazed. Whenever Pearl danced it was always delicate, proper and classical. What she was doing now was still all of those things, but there was an undercurrent of pure sex. It was in every turn of the hips that were hugged by her sinful shorts. It was in her slender legs that were wrapped so securely around the pole. It was in her mouth every time she blew a coy kiss or licked her slightly swollen lips. But most of all, it was in her eyes. Her light blue seemed to have darkened to near indigo. No matter how she twisted and swung, her eyes always found Amethyst's again. Her gaze pierced the purple Gem to her core, trapping her in a spell of desire. By the time the older Gem finished her erotic routine in a split, Amethyst was ready to take her, bad feelings be damned.

Pearl rose, slowly walking towards the chair, her slim hips swaying tantalizingly. She sat on Amethyst's lap, straddling her. She leaned forward, bringing her mouth to the purple Gem's ear. "Did you like it," she whispered.

Amethyst found her hands automatically coming to rest on Pearl's waist. She nodded, her throat suddenly dry.

Pearl chuckled. "I'm glad. I think you'll like what comes next even more."

"Another dance," Amethyst croaked.

Pearl nodded. She leaned back, her hooded eyes once again making contact. "But I'll need a partner for this one." She brought her mouth forward, hovering a scant few centimeters away from Amethyst's. "Would you like to dance with me?"

Amethyst froze. Did she want to have sex with Pearl? What am I thinking, she berated herself. Of course I do!

Just as Pearl was beginning to lose her confidence, Amethyst surged forward, connecting their lips in a forceful kiss. She clutched Pearl's hips desperately, sweeping her tongue insidde of the taller Gem's mouth. She felt more than heard the moan that Pearl released, and it caused a pleasant shudder to pass through her. That was so hot. This is so hot. This is good.

She felt Pearl start to rock against her quickly, and she found herself wondering how long it had been for Pearl. Amethyst indulged herself in trysts with humans a few times a year, but she knew for a fact that Pearl would never do that. Garnet was usually content with being her own relationship, so it was completely plausible that she hadn't slept with Pearl either. So that meant that Pearl had gone without pleasure for over a decade.

She deserves this, Amethyst convinced herself. C'mon, don't be a punk. Just do it!

She slowly ran her hand underneath Pearl's tank top, marveling at the feel of smooth, cool skin. She simply caressed the slender Gem's stomach, moving her hand slowly back and forth. Pearl's movements in her lap became more frantic, and her kisses were becoming sloppy and desperate.

Before Amethyst could motivate herself to mover her hands any higher or lower, Pearl pulled away. Her chest was heaving with unnecessary breaths, a dark blush staining her face. She waved her hand and a bed appeared beside their chair. She picked Amethyst up, her hands cupping the smaller Gem's generous ass. She carried her over to the bed and laid her down gently. She ran her mouth and tongue over a purple neck, just the way Pearl remembered she liked it. When she felt and heard a moan rumble from that throat she decided that she would only allow herself one more minute of foreplay. I need Amethyst now.

Amethyst squirmed on the bed, trying to enjoy the sensations that Pearl was giving her. But for some reason, what was going on just didn't feel...right. It wasn't wrong, nothing they did could ever be wrong. But something was missing. She found herself second guessing everything that she did, and criticizing everything that Pearl did. She was lapping at her neck in a way that would have driven her wild once upon a time, but not so much now. Now she much preferred that her ass be shown attention, but Pearl didn't know that.

Amethyst had a realization.

Pearl didn't know her. And sshe didn't know Pearl. Whether they wanted to admit it or not, they had changed during their years apart. The things that they knew weren't true anymore; at least not all of them. Amethyst had fucked strangers before, but Pearl was no ordinary stranger. She was someone that she had once known. Someone that she wanted to know again. But this wasn't the way she wanted to relearn everything that she loved so much about the taller Gem. "Pearl?"

Pearl, oblivious, continued to suck her neck. She tugged at Amethyst's shorts, too distracted to bother wit the button.

"Pearl," Amethyst said more firmly.

Pearl chuckled, picking her head up to husk in her ear. "It usually takes a little more than foreplay to get you to say my name. Have you gone soft on me, Amethyst?"

"Pearl, seriously." She sat up, pressing her hands against Pearl's shoulders. "I think...I wanna stop."

"Stop?" Pearl's look of confusion turned to one of heartbreak. Tears came to her eyes without her permission. She looked down. "I see."

Amethyst placed a tender finger underneath her chin, raising Pearl's gaze to meet her own. "No, I don't think you do." She took a deep breath. "Listen, P, it's not like I don't want to do this with you, because I do. I totally do! I've missed having sex with you. I dream about it at least once a week."

Pearl gave a watery chuckle. "Then why do you want to stop?"

Amethyst shrugged. "Because, it's like...it's been a long time, y'know? I feel like I don't know you as well as I used to." She scooted back until she was against the headboard. When Pearl moved to sit next to her she rested her head against the taller Gem's arm. "I used to know what you were thinkin' before you even thought it. Now I have no idea what's goin' on in the big bird brain o' yours." She blushed and looked away. "I wanna do this with you, honest. But...I wanna kinow you first. You understand?" When there was no answer Amethyst looked up to find Pearl staring at her, silent but constant tears running down her face. Amethyst reached towards her. "No, shit, wait! Pearl, don't cry. We can have sex, okay? I'm sorry, it was a stupid, just like all my other ideas. Look, we can do it." Amethyst grabbed the bottom of her shirt, but before she could pull it off Pearl grabbed her hands.

"You're right," she said in a broken whisper. "We're strangers. Oh, Amethyst." She placed Amethyst's hands on her waist, then wrapped her own arms around the smaller Gem's torso. "I am so sorry. I did this. I created this rift between us."

"Aw, c'mon, it's not all your falut. I haven't been easy to deal with either." She clutched Pearl close to her. "I'm sorry, too."

They stayed in each other's arms in silence for a few minutes until pearl, tears dried, spoke. "How do we fix this?"

Amethyst through for a moment. "Go back to basics."

Pearl looked down at her. "Basics?"

Amethyst slid down on the bed, settling in under the covers. "Hold me while I sleep? You used to do that a lot."

A soft smile came to Pearl's face, her gaze warming with memory. "I did, didn't I? Alright." She slid down behind Amethyst, curling around her small body. She slung one arm around her waist, laying it on top of Amethyst's, then brought her other hand up to take her hat off so that she could stroke the mane of wild hair.

As Amethyst felt herself drifitng off into the state of stasis that was her version of sleep, she managed to fight it long enough to say something. "I want...to know all of you...again..."

Pearl smiled fondly. She laid a lingering kiss on Amethyst's cheek and whispered, "You will."

"...then...I'll fuck you 'til you can't 'member your name."

"...go to sleep, Amethyst."