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Somehow, Skye made it to the last checkpoint before Ward. How she had caught up and gotten ahead, Jemma didn't know, but she was glad that Skye had managed to make it.

"See, Skye's got this all under control." Trip smiled, giving Jemma an I-told-you-so smile. Jemma made the mistake of believing him. Suddenly, an immense blue beam shot into the sky, brighter and more powerful than any of the flares that had gone up throughout the task. It nearly blinded her, which was why it took a moment for her to see Skye in the grass a few meters away from the bottom of the bleachers. The band immediately picked up the song that was meant for the celebration after the task, meant to celebrate the winner, but it was interrupted by a scream of agony, one that made Jemma feel like she was splitting in two. Her eyes readjusted to the darkness after the sudden flash of light and saw that Skye was not standing there with the cup, but coiled against herself in the grass, covered in blood and fresh wounds.

"Skye!" Jemma screamed. She nearly pushed Fitz off the bleachers in her mad dash for the edge, where she jumped and stumbled a few steps on the ground before sprinting towards her girlfriend and dropping to her knees next to her.

"Oh, god..." Jemma cried. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to wrap Skye in her arms and hold her, but she couldn't see the end of the injuries and she was positive that touching her would make her pain even worse.

"Can you hear me? Skye?" She grabbed the sides of her girlfriend's face and forced her to make eye contact. The medical witches and wizards from the infirmary that were on hand rushed to them, finally getting over the same shock Jemma was feeling. Skye had won, she was supposed to be fine, what had happened? Just from a quick glance, Jemma could gather that Skye was severely injured, her upper body was nearly torn apart.

"It's ok, you're ok, you're going to get help." She whispered comfortingly, keeping Skye's hair out of her face and off of her injuries as the professionals took a look. She was so bloody and shredded that not even they knew where to start.

The pain was so intense Skye couldn't think straight. Everything hurt. Everywhere hurt. Her body was shaking from the shock but somehow Jemma's hands on her cheek made the brunette remember to take deep breaths. She needed to control her breathing. She wanted the help. Soon they would work some magic, use some potion, and these wounds would close up and go away. She really wanted the help. She was here. She had finished. She was safe.

But everyone else wasn't. Skye's eyes went wide as she looked at the panic on Jemma's face. That was because she was splinched, not for the reason she should be. Her mouth opened to say something but nothing came out. She started to panic too. The brunette started to shake her head back and forth, quickly, and she began to struggle against the medical help. They shouldn't be here. Jemma shouldn't be here.

The brunette's splinched arm stretched painfully out and pushed the first nurse aside, hard. She had meant to. They didn't understand. They thought she was panicking, and she was, but they thought it was from the shock. Her eyes darted up to the moon, slowly revealing itself from behind more clouds. She knew what happened. Skye's eyes quickly fell back onto Jemma. She was getting frustrated. Her voice wouldn't work, whenever she opened her mouth nothing came out and the nurses wouldn't let her shake them off.

Skye was struggling, and Jemma assumed it was because of the pain and the panic of her injuries and whatever had happened in the woods. It didn't matter why, though, all that mattered was that she stopped.

"Shhh, it's ok." Jemma told her, starting to panic herself when Skye pushed away one of the nurses trying to help her. "Skye, look at me." She said firmly, holding onto her head a little tighter. Skye's eyes were looking around wildly, and they focused on the full moon above them. "They're trying to help you. They're going to help you. I'm here, you'll be alright." She said sternly, trying to make Skye believe it. If she couldn't get the girl to calm down, she would remain in pain and the nurses would probably have to use force or somehow sedate her with a spell. She didn't want it to have to come to that.

Everything was the opposite of okay. Skye knew everything was going to get worse if they didn't get away from her. It was clear the nurses weren't going to let her go, but she needed to get away somehow if everyone else wasn't going to leave. Skye couldn't help but to look at Jemma. She was trying to help. The smaller girl was so determined, but so afraid. She needed to be. The brunette was starting to cry. Her wounds hurt and she could feel what was left of her blood start to boil. Nothing was going right. No one was getting it. It made the injured girl even more frustrated.

Skye jerked her shredded arm out of medical witch's grasp and latched her hand onto Jemma's wrist, pulling one of her hands off her face. It had to work this time. She had to make her pay attention. The brunette opened her mouth to talk one more time when a loud crack resounded from her body, making her double over and drop her hands to the ground, grasping the grass and the dirt. She gasped and groaned, thrusting her hand out to stop Jemma from grabbing her again. Skye willed her voice to work, and for just the second she needed it, it did.

"Go away."

The bones in her out held arm cracked, her fingers stretching out as the nails grew out into long pointed claws. Skye shot her hand back down to the ground, digging into the earth. The splinching was nothing compared to this. It felt like her entire body was breaking down, stretching while her bones broke and reformed themselves back up into a different shape. The brunette shrieked loudly and hid her face as she stayed doubled over, the ridge of her spine popping up, ripping through what remained of the Hogwarts cloak before thin, tawny fur began to sprout up over it.

It was too much. She couldn't take it. The pain as her body rebuilt itself was too great. Her deformed hands flew to her shoulders and began to rip at the skin and cloth that remained, wanting to get it off. As skin came off, fur grew in. If they hadn't been worried before, they definitely would be now.

Jemma yelped when Skye gripped her wrist, she was stronger than usual. Much, much stronger. She could feel the bruise already beginning to form when Skye released her and the awful crack that somehow came from Skye's body made Jemma wince. It was a terrible awful sound that was very similar to a bone breaking. She was hurt when Skye told her to go away and prevented her from helping, but she knew this wasn't her girlfriend, it was the pain and whatever was going on that was dictating her words. She instantly ran several scenarios through her head and it all made sense when Skye's body started to turn into a recognizable shape. She hadn't just been splinched, she'd been bitten by a werewolf, and now she was turning into one herself.

Skye's screams weren't the only ones that Jemma heard, the entire audience was now chaotically fleeing the scene once it was obvious what was happening to the Hogwarts Champion. Even the nurses were running away, and Jemma was furious at them for it. They were supposed to help, that was their duty, and now they were running and leaving Skye to fend for herself. But what should Jemma do? She watched helplessly as Skye transformed into a monster and she couldn't bring herself to run even as she was staring into the beast's deep, cold, golden-yellow eyes. This was still Skye, somehow, this creature was still her girlfriend. At the same time, she wasn't though. This Skye looked at her with hunger, but not the same kind.

It took Jemma much longer than it should have to feel fear, long enough to make her wonder if she had any sense of self preservation whatsoever. She only felt the urge to run once Skye took a step towards her, but by then it was too late to make any sort of escape.

Skye was gone, and as the werewolf stood her full height, it was clear that only the beast now remained. Its eyes didn't know where to focus, darting about looking after this group of running people, over to others, and then on to more still as people fled the scene. Her ears twitched, shifting with every sound, her nose taking in the smells. She was getting her bearings.

Its first cautionary step was towards Jemma, wobbly for a moment on her new hind legs. Her forearms were flexing, her lengthened fingers stretching, testing. And then suddenly it all snapped into place. Something in her clicked and the wolf's head snapped down to look at the Ravenclaw. It was quick. Her mouth stretched open and like the one from before, an ear shattering roar ripped from her throat where words couldn't. A long lanky arm pulled back and lashed out at the fleshy morsel before her, knocking Jemma down onto the ground.

It dropped down to all fours, her front hand like paws grabbing at Jemma's leg and abruptly dragging her closer with a sudden jerk. The werewolf loomed over her before opening its mouth again and pulling back to launch a strike and claim its meal.

The roar was enough to scare her, but it wasn't until she was knocked to the ground that Jemma let out a scream. Skye was gone, and in her place was a monster that was perfectly willing- more than happy to, in fact- tear her to pieces, like the one in the woods had done to Skye. It grabbed at her leg and as Jemma was dragged closer, panic rose in her chest as she stared helplessly at the jaws full of sharp teeth that would probably be on her in an instant. It was over, this was it. Jemma knew it. She was going to die right here, and if she somehow managed to survive the night, she and Skye would both be cursed for the rest of their lives.

Jemma's shoulder ached where she had collided with the ground and as the beast above her prepared to lunge at her, she threw her arms over her face and yelled Skye's name. She wished that somehow Skye heard her and pulled through, but she knew it was impossible without preparation beforehand. She'd read enough about werewolves to know that their human minds were gone during the full moon, and they only remembered all that they'd done the morning after. A thought suddenly breached her mind, she thought about Skye waking up tomorrow and remembering killing her. She hoped her death was quick, for her own sake and so that Skye wouldn't have to know she'd eaten her girlfriend alive.

Just when Jemma was sure it was over, she was ready for it to be over, a yell on her right caught her attention.

"Tramortire!" Headmaster Coulson shouted, pointing his wand at the wolf version of Skye. Instead of a set of jaws, Jemma felt an entire body topple down on her. It was much too large to move and she found herself nearly suffocating before Coulson used another spell and levitated Skye off to the side.

"Miss Simmons, were you bitten?" He asked in concern, grabbing Jemma by the forearm and lifting her to her feet, searching for blood or any sort of puncture wound.

"I- I... I'm fine." She stuttered, not able to take her eyes of the furry creature that was Skye. The spell Coulson had used had only knocked her unconscious, and she would probably be contained until morning.

"You should proceed back to your dormitory. You will be alerted when all of this is over, I give you my word." The headmaster promised her, passing her off to another professor that would be escorting her back to the Ravenclaw tower. Jemma just nodded wordlessly, letting Professor May lead her by the arm, though she never took her eyes off of Skye. Had she not been specific enough when she hoped Skye would survive? She almost felt cheated, like life had just found a loophole to give her what she had asked for but still not have it be what she wanted. Skye had survived the task, she'd even won the Triwizard Tournament, but it had been at a cost.

Skye had woken in a cold sweat from a terrible nightmare. When the fog in her eyes finally cleared, she found herself staring up at a familiar ceiling. The medical wing of the castle. Suddenly the pain in her body came flooding back like a tidal wave and she cried out, arching off the bed, only to find herself pressed down. They had strapped her to the bed. The realization made her stop her movements and control herself. The brunette's arm was wrapped up tight in bandages, going up her shoulder, over her chest, and around her neck. The splinching had mostly healed, but the werewolf wounds were harder to take care of.

Skye felt the memories hit her like a bus. She had been attacked by a werewolf. She had teleported back to the finish and Jemma had tried to help her. The last thing she remembered was standing over her girlfriend. She remembered Jemma's scream, the look of terror on her face. She was looking at her. Skye gasped and began to struggle against the restraints.

"Jemma?! Jemma?!"

Skye was getting desperate. She couldn't move and she was only reopening the unhealed wounds as she thrashed around on the bed. They had needed to restrain her. She had transformed into a werewolf, a monster. She remembered with wide eyes as she felt herself knock Jemma down again. Her throat hurt from the vibrations of the roar and having strained it trying to warn her girlfriend to get away. She had wanted to kill her. Oh god.

Had she? Had she killed Jemma? She couldn't remember, and that's what scared her the most. Skye knew she wouldn't be able to live with herself if the last thing Jemma had ever seen was her girlfriend turning into a gangly wolf monster and having her for dinner. Suddenly she was even more desperate and she started to thrash against the bed again, the straps straining with the effort.

"Jemma?! Where is Jemma?! Let me up!" One of the straps snapped and Skye didn't even stop to be surprised at her own strength. The bandages on her shoulder started to bleed through as her commotion was reopening her wounds. More silver dust would need to be applied to them to close them up.

Finally hearing the ruckus, a series of nurses were rushing into the room. "She's awake! Send for the Headmaster!"

They were rushing over to her, trying to calm her down, but Skye would not listen or cooperate with them.

"I need to see Jemma! Where is she?!"

"Miss Johnson! You need to calm down." Headmaster Coulson's voice suddenly boomed over the chaos as he appeared in the room. His yell had silenced the nurses and had done a relatively good job of stilling the new werewolf on the cot. "If you would be still I will allow the nurses to remove your restraints." He said calmly. Slowly, he walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down on the one next to it.
It was all nearly impossible to comprehend, really. He was glad everyone made it out of the Triwizard Tournament alive this time, but it had been a long time since Hogwarts had had a werewolf as a student and Coulson was going to have to inform and reinforce new protocols.
"I hope you understand what happened last night. You were bitten by a werewolf, and now you have become one yourself." Coulson began, unaware of Skye's current fear. He nodded to the nurses and they quickly removed the straps that held Skye down. "This is going to happen to you every month for the rest of your life, and the only way to stop yourself from hurting anyone else is to take a prepared potion in advance. As it is almost the end of the school year, we will be sending this information home with you. I'm sure your mother will be able to brew it." What Coulson meant by hurting anyone else was any person other than herself, but he hadn't realized how unaware Skye was about whether or not her girlfriend was alive.

The Slytherin girl stayed calm only long enough for the nurses to remove her straps. The only reason Skye wasn't springing up from the bed and running now was because she was horrified by his words. That she was a werewolf was a given. She had concluded that much on her own last night in her haze before she had changed. She had been bitten, even though she got away. Skye was capable of putting two and two together. What she wasn't ready for was the news. I can't hurt anyone else...else means I already have, Skye tensed, gritting her teeth together. She turned back to the Headmaster, suddenly out of energy. Skye didn't think she would be able to get up now if she tried. Guilt was weighing her down, and it gripped at her heart in a vice grip, causing her to start to shake.

"I can deal with potions. What I can't deal with is sitting here. I need to see Jemma!" She was holding her breath, hoping that the answer he was going to give her wasn't the one she was expecting.

Coulson knew that Skye wasn't going to listen to anything until her girlfriend was present, so he sighed and gave in. He hadn't been allowing any visitors and he hadn't planned on letting Skye see anyone until he could talk to her, but clearly he needed make Jemma Simmons an exception.
"Please, someone, go find Miss Simmons and bring her here." Coulson asked no one in particular. One of the nurses nodded and bustled out of the room.

Skye let out the breath she had been holding and the Headmaster would see her body relax. Her shoulders slumped over and the brunette sat back patiently against the bed, a relieved smile on her face. It didn't last very long though. Wouldn't Jemma have already been here if she had wanted to see her? Fear started to sink back in as she thought again about what had happened. She had attacked Jemma, no doubt about it. Skye would be amazed if the smaller girl ever wanted to see her again. She had tried to kill her. That wasn't the sort of thing you just forgave, even if she hadn't been in control of herself. She didn't think for a second that maybe Jemma hadn't been allowed to see her. Her mind went to the next worst possible situation, that being she had scared Jemma away. Literally.

"So...I didn't hurt anyone?" Skye asked tentatively. She didn't remember everything that had happened so she didn't know what she had done.

"No, though you came close, and you probably would have had I not intervened." Coulson wasn't going to lie to Skye, the Slytherin had actually almost killed a person, a person that was very important to her. Hopefully the incident would be enough to convince her to never forget about needing the potion.

With no warning whatsoever, the infirmary doors burst open as Jemma made an appearance. She'd waited long enough to see her girlfriend and nothing was going to slow her down now that she had permission. She was still holding a decent stack of books about werewolves in one arm, she hadn't bothered to put them down as soon as she received news that Skye was asking for her.

"Skye, thank god." Jemma rushed towards her with a sigh of relief and a smile on her face. She looked much better than Jemma had expected. The last time she'd seen Skye she was torn apart and all her bones were breaking, but now it seemed that the wounds were being healed. She noticed Skye's eyes flick down to her books, and she blushed.

"I brought them to, you know, get informed. Is it too soon?" She grimaced and placed the books on the side table. Eagerly, Jemma sat down on the edge of Skye's cot and gently grabbed for her hands, careful both because Skye's arms might still be in pain and because one of her own wrist was still a deep shade of purple from Skye's grip on it the previous night. She didn't blame her, though, none of it was her fault. If Skye hadn't grabbed her so roughly, she probably wouldn't have known what was going on.

"I'll leave you two alone for a few minutes. I'll be back to discuss things later." Coulson got up to leave and instructed the nurses to leave them in peace as well, he knew nothing would calm Skye down like Jemma could.

Skye couldn't have cared less about the books. She was just relieved to see that Jemma was safe and sound and in one piece and not pieces like she had been imagining since she woke up. The second Coulson was gone, her first impulse was to lunge for Jemma and wrap her tightly into her arms...but she never made it past the thought. Her eyes caught sight of Jemma's wrist and Skye frowned. Obviously she had not gotten away completely unscathed.

Still, the Ravenclaw had come to her with a smile on her face, and an arm full of books, which meant she had spent at least some amount of time studying up on her new condition. Skye could hardly believe her girlfriend even wanted to be in the same room as her, let alone sit next to her on the bed.

Finally, her mind settled and she ignored any pain remaining in her limbs and she grabbed Jemma tightly and wrapped her arms around her, snuggling her face into the girl's shoulder and beginning to cry. Her voice wasn't working again, but now it was for different reasons. Her body shook with her sobs as she clutched tighter to the smaller girl. She had thought Jemma was dead. She had thought she had killed her, but here she was, in her arms and putting up with the big mess she had caused.

Jemma was initially surprised by the hug, she'd expected her weird book habits would upset Skye. She quickly came back to her senses, ignoring the shock and clinging to her girlfriend, rubbing small circles into her back where there were no bandages, hoping to calm her.

"It's ok. See, I told you everything was going to be alright." She said quietly, kissing the side of Skye's head and letting the taller girl hold onto her. She was willing to let Skye do whatever she wanted as long as it made her comfortable and eased her pain. "I'm hardly ever wrong." She smiled and continued to let Skye cry. She knew from experience that the girl just needed to let all of her emotions out, it would make her feel better in the long run.

Jemma wasn't even very worried about the whole werewolf thing. From what she'd read, with a good potions master, the whole situation was very manageable. Having both herself and Jiaying, Jemma was positive Skye would be fine.

"Shhh, you're alright." Jemma squeezed Skye a little tighter as her sobs died down into occasional whimpers and sniffles and her body stopped jumping with every gasped breath.

Once she had calmed down, Skye sat in silence for a few minutes, just holding Jemma while she tried to think of something to say. She didn't have any words and all her brain could come up with were short snippets. Finally she gave up, and when the brunette pulled away her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"Guess you'll need a dog whistle or something now..." Her face was flat for a moment before she cracked half a grin, shaking her head at how stupid she must sound. She looked over at the stack of books and sighed. Jemma had already been busy at work, learning everything she could to help with Skye's new condition, even after everything that had happened. Skye didn't understand how she could be so lucky.

"I'm sorry...I tried...I should have just shot the stupid yellow flares like you wanted," Skye shook her head and sighed, finally letting go of her girlfriend, all but her hand, which she now clung to with the same desperation as before. "Then none of this would have happened...when I woke up and didn't see you, after remembering everything," the Champion cut short again and stared down at their hands. She wasn't sure she could look Jemma in the eye.

"You did good, Skye, and I couldn't be prouder." Jemma insisted, bringing Skye's hands up to her lips and kissing them lightly. She laughed at her girlfriend's terrible joke, it made her feel better to know Skye was still herself.

"You're ok, I'm ok, this all turned out alright. The Triwizard Tournament is over, it's done. There's no more worrying, no more fearing for your life." Jemma pointed out. This whole nightmare of a year was over and she was grateful they'd both made it to the end. "You even won. You could get that new broom with the money you just earned, you could do anything." She pointed out. "Plus, you now have eternal glory." She mocked Headmaster Coulson's words from the announcement speech so many months ago.

Skye scoffed at that. It was almost laughable. Glory wasn't the only thing she was going to have for eternity now. Her curse was forever. "And a monthly reminder to go with it," Skye sighed, trying to smile for Jemma. It would take some getting used to, that was for sure. What would her mother say? Jemma was being wonderfully tolerant but she wasn't so sure about Jiaying. Skye was fairly certain that this would be one conversation she would like to avoid, or at least not be present when her mother was informed.

"I don't feel like I won. Maybe that will come later," The brunette leaned back on the bed, grinning before she dragged her girlfriend down with her. "But the money, now that's something I can use. I'll probably just give it to mom to use for the house. You've seen it. It could use some sprucing up. Definitely a new fireplace. One that will actually allow warmth to reach my room."

"That sounds nice." Jemma laughed, remembering their winter break very fondly. She couldn't wait to get back to their freedom outside of school that came with summer. They hadn't decided whose house they were going to be staying at, but Skye's seemed like the best option due to recent...developments. There was plenty of room and Jiaying was there to make the potion and also teach Jemma to do the same for their months to come at school next year.

"It's going to be so weird, having all of this be over. Bobbi won't be here next year." Jemma smiled, knowing that alone would make her girlfriend happy.

"Doubt she'd want to mess with me now anyway," Skye grinned to herself and rolled her eyes, snuggling up against the smaller girl, "I'm a mother fucking werewolf." The brunette laughed hard for the first time in a long time. It was ridiculous really. Of course everything had gone wrong along the way, and even though the tournament was over...there was still so much left to do. She had gone in on this because of a stupid dare and now here she was, laying in a medical cot a Triwizard Champion, albeit a little worse for wear. Skye sighed when she finally calmed down and her eyes darted back over to all of the books Jemma had brought.

Skye pushed herself up on her elbow, taking her eyes from the books and down to Jemma with a smile. They were in for a long summer.

"So, nerd...now what?"