After an hour of killing all the paper bad guys I folded up my targets and went back to my desk. Hetty was absent from her office. I walked out of the building and to the coffee wagon at the corner. I needed air and a cup of coffee that I didn't make. Carla didn't show up for work and I guessed that we would never see her again. I was still angry but could sort of see the reasoning for all they had done. My mother couldn't take us to Siberia and a gulag with her and my father; neither Amy nor I would have survived. Hetty abandoning us to the foster care system and orphanages seemed cruel but it accomplished keeping us out of the grips of the Comescus.

I had headed back to the mission when my phone rang. Kensi and Deeks had Chief Petty Officer Jones at the boatshed. "I'll be there in about twenty minutes." I stood by the gate drinking my coffee before climbing into my car.

Callen didn't pay any attention to the grey sedan across the street with a woman in it; it was Carla. She sat watching her son as he walked away from the mission and as he walked back. He was a good man, a man that his father would have been proud of, as she was. He had a wonderful wife and daughter, her grand-daughter, who would grow up and break hearts. He had good people that he worked with and who loved him as a brother. Those were the things he needed. He also had a mother, not her, she had neglected her son all of his life, Hetty was the better mother, better than she could ever be. She started the car. With tears in her eyes she watched G walk to his car. "Good Bye my son." She drove away as her son got into his car and drove towards the boatshed.


Carla retired the next day and moved back to Europe several weeks later. She travelled extensively for the next six months through the Balkans going back to places that Nikolai and she had visited. She ended up on a beach in Romania. While she sunbathed, a man walked up and shot her and left a tin soldier as a message to the Callen family. It was the same spot where Carmella had died forty years ago. Clara Callen Resnikov had come full circle.