An AU Story, that's all I'm giving you.

No spoilers! Just a plain summary at the top, nothing special.

Main Character - Jenna (ofc)

Takes place during late Season 2

• Revealed •

It was dark. Of course it was, that's what all her dreams look like. But this was different. She could see Elena, surrounded in a ring of fire. Jenna was paralyzed in fear, she was just staring at her niece. Elena weeped tears, as Jenna saw the scared look of her. Her head was down, she was kneeling at something. She soon founded Stefan, laying on floor, his body looked dead. But it could be, seeing she saw a wooden stake driven near his chest. Jenna's look feared at the sight, she couldn't feel anything now. But then, it all disappeared.

Jenna gasped awake to find herself it was a dream. It was too obvious, but she couldn't get over the fact it looked so real. Elena's tears, Stefan's dead expression, it all looked…so frightening. A knock could be heard on her bedroom door, startling her. She didn't want to open it, but groaned and shuffled to the door. Alaric appears to her, like a charming prince.

"Jenna? Uh, are you okay?", he finally said to her.

Jenna blushed at the sound of his voice, brightening her mood. "Yea, I'm okay. What brings you here early?" Alaric chuckles at her. Jenna didn't know what he was looking at. Was it her hair? She scans her bedroom behind her before taking her sights back to Alaric. "What?", finally having the guts to blurt out.

"Well, it's actually 12 in the morning. Unless, that's early for you.", he replied to her. Jenna stomped to clock near her bed. It was 12:04 noon. She stared at the clock again, this time her vision was a bit blurry. Shit, did I really wake up that late?

Alaric giggled one more time before kissing Jenna's head then leaving. She closed the door again, realizing she had embarrassed the crap out of herself. She went on a baby tantrum before settling down, grabbing a morning robe and going downstairs. She finds Elena getting a cup of coffee and Jeremy reading a textbook. Odd enough, Jenna was surprised he would read such a thing. Reaching for a box of Cheerios, she does a 'leap of faith' to grab hold of the cereal. It was like reaching a milestone, only except it was a box of cereal. Stefan was there at the scene as well, reading a book called, "Vampires: How to Kill."

Sure enough, Jenna was intrigued at the sight, creeping up to him to read a couple of paragraphs. Stefan notices this, leaving the book flat on the table, then looking up at Jenna. "It's actually fascinating, Jenna. There's these things that kill such a creature. Although it does take skill, it says. Wanna read a couple of chapters?", he said to her.

"It's fine, actually. Just a bit curious at why you could have read such a book.", Jenna said, partially lying to him. She just wanted to figure out why her dream depicted Stefan lying dead next to Elena in a ring of fire. Could this book connect to that? No, it couldn't. Vampires didn't exist, at least that's all that Jenna knew. It was only a story, but her curiosity got the better of her. She read a couple chapters before sinking in to the action. It was so interesting. The writer definitely spent a lot of hours on this book. Especially since it was surreal. Taking up long hours, she finally got distracted by Elena's voice.

"Jenna? I'm leaving soon, is that okay?", Jenna snapped back to reality. Elena's voice softened her, she was glad her niece was okay. Although her nightmare wasn't so real, she denied Elena's question.

"Elena, may I only request for you to stay? Just want to now what's up since you haven't made conversations with me for a long time.", said the 30 year-old. It was true. For the past year, Elena hadn't been in the house for a while, she was just there to sleep and eat. Usually, Elena would stay in the cozy home for long hours, but ever since Stefan laid a single look towards Elena, she had changed very much. To studying alone to busy as hell. Elena's tone to Jenna also changed. It sounded that lies are just coming out of Elena's mouth. It concerned Jenna, as she too was like that as well. Was she getting influenced by Stefan or what?

"That's fine, Jenna. I'm just busy having time with friends and Stefan, he really is a nice dude.", Elena said, only to having it sound more truthful. Jenna was finally getting to Elena. It brightened her day seeing now Elena would be staying for the night. Elena went upstairs as soon as the conversation died off, and Jenna bothered herself to read more of Stefan's book.

BAM! That was the sound Jenna and Elena heard hours later. Jenna went to investigate the scene as Elena followed. There, they saw Stefan and Damon against a window, lying unconscious. Jenna scans their surroundings to find who seems to look like Elena. Katherine. Elena dashed to the brothers as Jenna stood there stunned.

"What in the name of damn did you do now?", Elena said to her look-alike.

"Nothing much.", was all Katherine could say. "Oh hey, I see your little aunt is with you." Her eyes were trained onto Jenna. She had been confused the whole time and she knew it had been connected to Elena's routines.

"Okay, so what the hell is going here? Elena?", Jenna shots her eyes at Elena. She quickly spotted her because of her look, innocent and young. Elena turned to see Jenna looking serious at her.

"Do you want to tell, Elena? Or maybe I can just show and don't tell…", Katherine says, staring at the frightened 30 year-old.

"You won't Katherine. You won't.", Elena simply said before running into her. Both doppelgängers fought, which Katherine easily won, smacking Elena's face with her super strength. Jenna quickly reacted by pulling Elena from Katherine's grip. Elena wasn't unconscious, but she looked terrible. Her nose bled, and cheeks were red. Jenna pulled out a handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed it on the bloody spots. Fortunately, Katherine's cravings wasn't high enough to get the handkerchief, although the sight of Jenna and Elena hungered the bulgarian vampire. "I'm sorry, Jenna.", she finally spat out.

"Aww, family moments.", said the sarcastic Katherine.

"What the hell?", Jenna said in an aggressive tone. "How could you possibly draw blood out from a smack?"

"Oh, Jenna. If only Elena told you the truth. But here's the story. Remember the time you accidentally 'walked into a knife'? That was all me. It's called compulsion. It's a power which lets you have the ability to make people what you want them to do.", Katherine explained.

"And I'm supposed to believe that?", Jenna responded.

"I know better than that, Jenna. Here's the thing: Vampires exist. All those myths like werewolves and witches, REAL. And I'll prove it to you.", Katherine continued. "But, I think someone else could prove it to you." Her eyes refocused to the Salvatore brothers. Stefan was the first to wake, then Damon. Jenna couldn't believe it. There were glass shards pierced to their chest, they shouldn't have made it alive. Damon quickly reacted and pulled out the shard with brute force, leading to more cuts on his hand which healed at a fast rate. Jenna blinked her eyes multiple times. It was all real. Damon and Stefan, they're blood-hungry people who were with Elena the whole time. Jenna had a sense of fear as she squeezed Elena tighter than ever before. Stefan quickly realized this, his chest was still in pain.

"Damon don't.", Elena's voice was no louder than a whisper. Damon was about to compel Jenna to forget, but Elena had protected her from that. "She had just taken vervain."

"Elena.", Jenna finally whispered out. "Why didn't you?"

"I'll explain everything, I'm sorry. I just…didn't have the guts to say it to you. I failed you.", Elena admitted. Stefan looked at Elena's expression, saddened by her look.

"Stefan, you take them both-"

"No! I'll walk Elena home. I don't want to speak or do anything with both of you, NOW!", Jenna said in a more aggressive tone. The brothers stepped back as Jenna aided Elena back to the Gilbert home. Then it was just Katherine and the Salvatores.

"Oh well, secrets can't be kept forever.", Katherine breaks the silence around her.

"Why didn't you tell me?", was the first thing Jenna shouted after she slammed the door shut. A rush of guilt was eroding Elena down, although she can't help it but blame herself. Jenna sighed as she shuts the window blinds, and everything that could possibly get the Salvatore brothers in the house.

"That's useless, Jenna. Vampires have super strength.", Elena informed.

"Oh do they? Now we have a damn problem here.", Jenna backed at Elena. "Look, I'm sorry. I'm so not ready for all of this."

"I'm sorry, again Jenna. I just didn't know if you could handle such a thing.", Elena finally admitted to her.

"Your mom used to tell me stories about vampires and all other beings. Can you dive in to more?", Jenna asked in a formal state. Elena could tell she needed info, now. She can't just stand there, knowing the world as we know has supernatural beings that could kill you in seconds and drain your blood out. Elena took one deep breath before telling everything she's been through. Also revealing many deaths caused by vampires, Jenna smuggled on a glass of wine. She wanted to get drunk, but her old habits pushed her not to.

"So, no garlic or holy water? Hah, like vampires would be weak to such shit.", Jenna's expression was sarcastic, that goes along with her quirky attitude. It lightened Elena's day, seeing how Jenna wasn't afraid of the facts she just threw at her. "But still, I'm scared Elena. You've been hanging out with the Salvatores for almost a year now. Isn't vampire cravings forcing them to, you know…", she paused for a moment looking for an appropriate term. "Drink that red liquid in us all?", she finally said.

"Relax, Jenna. They've been 17 or 18 for like over 150 years.", Elena said. Jenna spits out the wine after that statement, grabbing a towel to follow that.

"Well, a century? That's so unnatural.", she points out. But then again, there are vampires that lived longer, says in Stefan's book. They say the first Vampire was actually an Immortal, called Silas. He drank from an elixir his lover wanted to drink with him in the wedding, but instead he stole it and drank it along with his true lover, Amara. The author must have a connection with the supernatural world. She then remembered the book cover saying that it was written by someone named Esther Mikaelson. If she was still alive, Jenna would have barraged a ton of questions at the author. While rethinking about the book, Elena was explaining the brothers' whereabouts, which caused Jenna to snap back to reality. Of course she didn't want to talk into the supernatural world that much, but it was for her own safety. To keep them safe, which Jenna has been failing for the past year, she had to dive into facts and history. Speaking of history, Jenna thought about Alaric. Does he know the existence of vampires? She decides to wait until he says something, as she didn't want to break their relationship so soon.

"What's Jer doing? Also Caroline and Bonnie?", Jenna asked to Elena.

Elena paused for a moment when Jenna said that. Had she dove in too deep? Jenna felt guilt again, which is something she hated in life. "Caroline is a recent vampire and Bonnie's a witch.", Elena said bravely.

"So, there are also witches? Wow, I have a lot to catch up on.", Jenna points out. They spent the night conversing more about the life of a supernatural being till midnight. Jenna thinks about all the information she had received today. She felt somewhat excited. She felt a need of importance, now that knows. Still, the world out there is a mystery to her. And not too long, she stepped in the middle of chaos.