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(This is a crossover, and following events of my other fan-fiction, 'Truth')

(Couple of Days ago)

Dylan Weir, a predator attack specialist was on her way to a quaint little town called Mystic Falls which resides in the U.S. state Virginia. She didn't like having to travel on car but it certainly satisfies her because she is traveling alone. The mission was to get information about strange creatures that Evan Cross picked up from that town, and it was like no other animal he ever saw. Apparently, he says they have human heartbeats, which may conclude that those 'animals' may be mammals.

Arriving late on a Monday, she first takes a quick scan of the town. It was just a calm town with lots of history, but she couldn't see anything wrong with it. They have human heartbeats! That quote rang into Dylan's head as she heads for a bar called 'The Grill'. Maybe she wasn't looking hard enough. What was she supposed to look for? She shrugged as she sat down on the bar table. A girl with her friends stared at Dylan, which made Dylan feel uneasy. Was it my style of clothes? Dylan's eyebrows drew closer as the girl approaches her.

"Um, I'm sorry, but who are you?", said the girl. The girl looked so confused and puzzled, Dylan's head scratched as she looked at the girl. She maybe 18 or so, and had straight brunette hair.

"Dylan. Dylan Weir. Just visiting, you know.", Dylan answers with best posture. She didn't want to make the situation more awkward than it seems, so she went on and drank her tequila. "Sorry to ask but, do you know any…you know…strange events around here?"

The girl's eyes widened a bit before answering. "Um…"

"Please tell the truth.", Dylan adds to the question.

"Well…There was one attack. She had two pin-sized wounds on her neck, parallel to each other. That's all I know.", she says with a stammering tone. The girl might have been telling a half-false and half-fact but Dylan couldn't tell by her tone. She writes the event down at her notepad, then leaves the girls. It was a strange yet good encounter, as Dylan falls asleep in her jeep.

(Couple of Days later)

The girl Dylan had met the other day turned out to be Elena Gilbert. She laid on her bed, kicking her legs as she writes in her diary. Her aunt, Jenna comes in through the door, with cookies in her hand.

"Oh hey Dylan…", Elena trails off as she mistook Jenna for Dylan.

"Who?", said the quirky aunt. It had been 2 weeks now since Jenna's latest 'big' news. Now as a vampire, she must adapt to the crazy features of being one or else she'd be dead by now. Ever since The Sacrifice had failed, it rang on Jenna's head as the event would've taken her life. She was still dead, but not in a manner of staying deep in the Earth.

"Long Story.", Elena finally said back. She wanted to meet up with Dylan again, but she didn't know if Dylan had left or not. She had to keep Dylan a secret from Jenna, but since they both look identical and have the same style of clothes, there's also a Klaus and many others roaming around town. She felt stressed already for having to train 2 troubled family members, and now with the addition of Jenna's possible doppelgänger visiting the 'Most Dangerous' Town in the world, she couldn't help but sigh and crash to her bed.

When Jenna takes her leave in the room, she gets up her phone and dials Dylan's number she picked form the other day. It took a few rings before she answered.

"Dylan Weir, predator attack specialist. May I help you?", Dylan greets on the phone.

"Predator Attack Specialist?", Elena answers back.

"Oh, hey Elena.", Dylan realizes her. "What's the juice?"

"You still here?", Elena asks the woman.

"Yeah, like I said. It was going to be a long investigation, remember?", Dylan explained to her. Elena had forgotten their conversations on text. She somehow likes calling better, as she loved the sounds of human voices now that vampires and werewolves are her problems.

"Well, can we meet at The Grill? I just want to talk to you, in person.", Elena said to her in a more serious tone.

Dylan grunts a bit. "Why not your house?"

"It's a bit…well I just can't tell you right now.", Elena holds back a bit of truth.

"Are you serious? I'm coming over, wether you like it or not.", Dylan says before ending the call. Elena sighs as now she has created a whole new problem. Since Jenna doesn't do much on weekends but stay at the house, what can Elena do to bug-spray her out of the house? Since she hadn't come up with good excuses lately (seen with Dylan Weir), she didn't take chances of screwing again. Throwing her phone in her bed in a poor manner, she crashes down on her bed, alerting Jenna.

Dylan arrives at The Gilbert house as she steps out of her jeep. It was a nice 2-story high house, although not really her taste. It was a bit classy and vintage, but had a more classical tone. Ringing the doorbell, an immediate response granted her permission to step on the house. Elena Gilbert had answered the door, who she was relieved at. Dylan slumps herself on the couch, watching some TV News.

"Hey can we go somewhere else?", said the anxious Elena.

"Why do you look so anxious or something?", Dylan says back.

Jenna steps downstairs to find a strange woman with the same blonde curls and hazel eyes eyes at her. As she approaches to the two girls, she could see a shocking resemblance.

"What the hell…"

Dylan's eyes widened and turned to look at the aunt right behind her. They both looked exactly the same, their jaws dropping.

"Because of that.", Elena finally spat out.

"Why didn't you tell me about her?", both girls said to the teenager.

Elena makes face-palm before crashing down the couch to explain. "Dylan, meet Jenna. Jenna, meet Dylan."

"Does she know?"

"About what?"

Elena stammers. "Hey! One at a time. Geez, it's already stressing when you have another doppelgänger from another century."


"Elena, can you get to the point?"

Both of the girls were on the same sync as each other, like twins. "Alright, first thing is Dylan. About your investigation, you should probably cut it short…"

"Why?", she cuts in.

"…Because there are vampires around here!", Jenna blows out the truth. Dylan's right eyebrow raises at the sound of that. Jenna however felt quite refreshened that the questions had stopped. Since being a vampire recently, she had been getting a lot of hallucinations where she almost killed herself…5 times.

"You're joking."

"Yeah, but I've got proof right-"

"Jenna stop!", Elena interrupts the girls. "Dylan, vampires do exist. Also werewolves. So, I suggest-"

"I'm not leaving till I get proof, Elena. That's how it is in reality.", Dylan told her.

"Give me some blood bags."


"They're upstairs Jenna.", Elena told her aunt.

"What, why blood bags?", said the confused blonde. Before she asked that, Jenna already vanished. Dylan scanned around the room but no, her look-alike was gone. But in seconds, Jenna arrives behind her, startling the human. Jenna starts sipping on a blood bags, which almost cause Dylan to puke.

"I'm a vampire, Dylan. There, I said it.", said a sarcastic Jenna. Elena sighs again as Dylan takes a gun and points at it at her. "Don't even try."

"Dylan, vampires can't-"

Dylan fires two shots at Jenna, which doesn't flinch the vampire. Unfortunately, the blood bag spilled in the course of the events, which pissed off the blonde vampire.

"How the hell…"

"Yea, I told you.", Jenna said back at her.

"Jenna, did you turn it off?", Elena asked the vampire.



"STOP!", all eyes were now on Elena. She sighed back and cleared out the blood of the spilled bag. Jenna looks on her arms to find the gunshot wounds gone. Dylan notices this, scanning it with her camera.

"Is that enough proof?", Jenna says.

Dylan shakes her head alerting Jenna a 'No' to her. Dylan looks to see her boots were covered in blood. "Crap."

"You can stay at our house for now. Take my parent's room. They're dead.", Elena says to Dylan. She gives off a worried expression before heading upstairs, leaving Jenna and Elena to themselves.

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