Ok, i really know I should be working on my other story right now, but I am in some serious need of a break from that one right now. I don't even feel like writing because that one has become such a chore at the moment. So I am taking a break, writing what should end up being something a bit more light-hearted and fun, with a bit of sexy dangerous. Hope you all enjoy it while I do some serious recharging.

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Chapter 1

The mistake had haunted her for an untold amount of years. Something she often tried to push into the back of her mind, something to forget. No matter how hard she tried the mistake of that one night followed her, always pushing its way to the surface of her mind. At first she dreaded the choice she had made in the throes of passion when every nerve ending was firing simultaneously and nothing but instinct took over. She was a demon after all; she was used to following her every whim and desire with no real consequence. But even to those that were damned for all time and encouraged to partake in every sin imaginable, there would always be consequences to binding with an angel.

Clary was dressed to kill, and who knows, maybe a little killing would take the edge off. Her short red dressed hugged every curve, stopping just below the cheeks of her ass, there was clearly no room for underwear. She wore her hair up and twisted around the crown of her head, small red tendrils falling around her face in an elegant but unkempt way, it made her look wild. Humans easily fell for a look like this, but she was forbidden to seduce her victims, another constant reminder of the mistake she had made all those years ago.

Last she had seen her angel was over a century ago, she had just been released from purgatory after failing miserably the century before in corrupting innocent souls. In truth since she had become debeo she had made for a terrible demon. She had done such a terrible job that her position had been revoked and then when that had not yielded better results she was dragged into purgatory to be tortured and administer torture for 99 years. She had emerged back into the world with a new position, clearly she had failed twice before and the infernal would not allow her to fail for a third time. Now her specialty was revenge and vengeance, sometimes dipping into murder.

Jace had found her the same day she had emerged back into the Earth, like he had been waiting there for her for all those years. His heavenly glow and sickening light blinded her from the near decade she had spend in shadows surrounded by all the things that went bump in the night. She cowered away from him, away from his holy light as if it would burn her, though they had found out many times, in many different ways, his light did not harm her as it would to other demons because he was her joined pair. Never before had an angel and a demon become debeo, and after them a new law had come into place forbidding such unions. It seemed to be the only thing in the history of the world both angel and demons agreed on.

Clary could never join with anyone else as a debeo is forever and sacred, and for someone whose life is eternal, a wrong choice is something that Clary fully understood the ramifications of. Jace had looked the same as he had the last time she had seen him, golden skin and golden eyes with matching golden hair. He looked almost as if his entire body had been coated in the precious metal aside from the large white wings that would sprout from his back if he summoned them and the small white garb that covered his lower half. He was a watcher, one that watched over the human race but did not directly mingle with humans and therefore rarely needed mundane clothing. She could still hear their last conversation ringing in her ears.

"Welcome back Clary." There was a smirk to his face, one she once loved and made her insides turn in circles upon seeing. Now she just struggled to bite back the bile in her throat that threatened to erupt at his presence.

"What did they put you on prisoner release, or did you just get lonely over the past century?" She snarled back as she finished clawing her way through the muddy dirt. Demons always entered the realm of men as they had their first time, clawing their way up from the depths of hell through the nearer portals.

Jace extended a hand to assist her up into the world but she merely swatted it away as she pushed against the ground and hauled herself up. She had been covered in mud and debris, likely having a leaf or two stuck in her matted hair. Jace had no idea what a struggle it was to enter this world; he has wings to travel back and forth from the heavenly body. Clary stood as tall as she could muster, still dwarfed in size beside the benevolent angel. She tried to brush off her arms knowing she would need nothing less than a hot shower to truly get the filth away from her skin and there was no shower throughout enough to wipe clean the tarnish of her soul.

"I am still a watcher." Jace said with a frown, angels had always been utterly literal people and Clary once found it amusing but right now it was just plain irritating.

"I didn't know that watchers were responsible for the safe entering of demons now." Clary said, still trying to brush off dirt she knew would not come free, mostly because she couldn't bear to look him in the eyes.

"I am your debeo, I have been awaiting your return since you were sent away." His voice was so sincere and lacking any hint of teasing. He was exactly what he was made to be, an angel. Demons were never meant to mingle with the likes of them and Clary could see that now more clearly than ever.

"We may be debeo but you and I both know we were never meant to mingle. It was a mistake, it always was and that will never change. I am sorry you will never be able to merge with another or take another as your pair." Clary said finally giving in and just saying what both of them really truly needed to understand.

Jace frowned again and Clary's heart did another summersault knowing that she was causing him pain. She really did make for a terrible demon. "I have missed merging but I yearn only to merge with you."

"We could merge now if that would ease your discomfort." Jace said extending his arm for a second time. Clary considered taking it, to have him wrap his arms around her once more, making her feel loved and worthy if only for the short time in which they were together. But Clary also knew the pain of being ripped from his light and cast back into the darkness where she was no longer fully welcomed.

"Go now from my sight blessed one. Do not return until you are called for." Clary said sharply, with her sight set on the floor. She knew Jace would obey her command as there was no human soul in danger from her, which was the only variable that could override her command.

Clary had lifted her head slowly and Jace was gone, the surrounding area seemed darker and colder without his presence, exactly how her heart felt every time they merged and then departed. Clary had not seen her angel since that day, and pushed down his memory with everything she had and focused on her new position. This was her last chance, if she failed again she would be locked in a cell until judgment and she knew her fate, her existence would be snuffed out as if she had never even been.

For the past century Clary had dug her heels in and tried to tarnish as many souls as she was given. Her change to revenge and vengeance had been a good one, she mostly worked with women scoured and even earned a bit of a reputation for it. Other demons still laughed at her, the fact that she was now limited from some of her powers as light had seeped into her soul from being with him. Clary cursed as she had nearly said his name, even if only in her mind it would still alert him like a prayer. She briefly wondered after so many years if he would still come if she called.

Clary's mark was a young woman who had been cheated on. She was an insecure, mostly plain woman and being cheated on was the last straw that had broke her resolve. Cora often fantasized about shooting her ex, stabbing him, running him over with her car, anything to get rid of the feeling of not being quite enough. Clary specialized in these types of women, their anger burned away reason and logic, and it took very little for her to sway them into giving into their dark nature. Maybe she was successful because she preyed on easy targets, but whatever the reason Clary reveled in making sure her leaders were happy.

Clary was dressed to kill, knowing that to this heartbroken woman she would be everything that the woman was not. There were other ways Clary could use her body other than to seduce. The woman was bent over a bar, a mostly clear glass of liquid in front of her and a phone in her hand. Clary could hear her thoughts as they were wicked.

Why isn't anyone coming over to talk to me? I guess that ass hole was right. No one wants me, no one ever will. He told me he would love me forever. I guess forever doesn't last as long to him as it does to me. He really would look good as a hood ornament on my car. Piece of shit car would look great with his piece of shit face all over it.

Her thoughts made Clary smile; she was as easy as any other mark Clary had ever seen. This last mark would ensure her close monitoring would be ended. It had been harder at first for her to make the minimum quota but as each decade passed, Clary got better and better at her job. This last mark would fulfill her minimum for the year and the scorned would be off her back and move on to other more recent demons that had grown soft and lazy.

This woman was a mess, from her attire to her attitude, there was nothing about her that suggested she was worthy of being redeemed. Other demons didn't worry about such things, but since joining with an angel, Clary found it difficult to turn saints into sinners. This woman was just a hare's breath away from turning dark without any help, Clary had no problem providing that push.

"You look like you are having a hard day." Clary said with a smile as she sat down in the chair directly next to the woman, signaling the bartender to get her a drink of her own. She merely motioned at the other woman's drink and ordered the same, it didn't really matter what would be set in front of her, drinking was not the mission for the evening.

"Yeah? What would you know about it?" The woman said taking a long look up and down Clary, her eyes narrowing as they went. This woman was a bitch that Clary could clearly see. The guy probably had fucked other women because he couldn't stand hearing her nag anymore. Clary shrugged internally, it was better for her in the long run. The bartender set down Clary's drink and she took a deep swig, it burned going down and tasted terrible. Clary couldn't hide her grimace, whatever it was, it was cheap.

"You look like you just had a man screw you over for the last time." Clary said with a single eyebrow rose, before she took another sip of the terrible liquid.

The woman's eyes widened marginally and then lowered into tiny slits. "Yeah I'm sure you're well acquainted with being the other woman on her back while the wife is away."

Clary had heard it all before and really none of it shocked her anymore. She needed to get this woman to trust her, or at least to envy her. "Actually I wasn't good enough for my man, he always told me how much he loved me and that I was it for him for all eternity, but when push came to shove I guess he needed something more."

The woman's eyes never widened more than tiny slits, the woman clearly wasn't buying what Clary was saying. Clary had to step up her game. "After he left me a sniveling mess it took me a while to realize that there wasn't anything wrong with me, it was him that had been bringing me down all along. Because of him I was failing at my job, lost all my friends, and looked every bit the train wreck I felt inside. It was his fault my life went to shit and the only way for me to get back on track what to give him the type of pain he had given me." Clary tried to truly smile but found her words hit a harder part within her own heart, the words she had chosen to use were some of her thoughts when her skin was being peeled back from her bones during her time in purgatory.

"What was his name?" The woman said, her eyes still silted. Clary wasn't expecting that question and she fumbled for a response. She needed to think of something soon or else this woman would chalk her up as a liar and this should have been easy mark would be irrevocably screwed up.

"Ah, asshole, was his name, or at least the only one I call him by." Clary tried her best to recover but it was weak and she knew it. She felt the woman pulling away from her and quickly, her thoughts of vengeance being replaced by suspicion.

"Right." The woman said with a raised eyebrow before she turned and signaled to the bartender for her tab.

Clary was losing, and she couldn't bear the thought of being sent back into hell, this time with no chance of release. "Jace." She blurted, hoping that after all these years he really had stopped listening.

The woman turned around in her chair, this time with a smile. She looked expectantly as if she was waiting for more.

"I realized how much better I was without him and I took a knife and stabbed him through the heart and I have never felt better." Clary said in a rush hoping to all things evil that she could just push the woman enough and then get the hell out of here before all shit hit the fan. Clary felt her nerves twisting around, it had been so long since she had uttered his name, and she couldn't decide if she was more worried or excited at the idea of seeing him again.

Clary could hear the woman's thoughts turning more sinister. Just a little bit more and she would be home free and all her worries would be over. The woman's eyes were wide and staring at Clary like she had grown two heads. "There was something so liberating about the look in his eyes as he watched me pull the dagger…" Clary stopped as the woman's eyes widened even further and her jaw dropped, her gaze was no longer on Clary but rather behind her.

"Shit." Clary said, closing her eyes knowing, feeling, exactly what was going on. She downed the remaining fluid in her drink before slowly turning around. It was strange to see him in human attire, even his skin looked more of a bronzed tone than golden but his hair and eyes were still the same. He wore a business suit, one hand tucked into his pants pocket, the other rested on the back of Clary's chair. He smirked looking straight at Clary like all of this was the most amusing thing he had ever witnessed.

"So I am the root of all your problems, Clary?" It had been so long since she had last heard his voice, she had forgotten just how heavenly it was. His voice alone could do very wicked things to her and Clary struggled between her feeling of being caught and sudden arousal at his proximity. It had been too long since she had merged.

"Men are the root of many problems." Clary tried to remain casual; it wouldn't help her if her mark caught on to what was happening.

Jace looked over to the bitch of a woman that Clary had been working on and their eyes met and focused on each other. "Go home and sleep off the alcohol. Tomorrow you will stay in, nursing the hangover and thinking about your life. You will decide you are better off without him and aim to improve yourself. On Sunday you will go to church and find your faith." Jace said with such intensity the woman stood without a word and headed straight for the door as if she was being mind controlled.

Clary's anxiety and excitement quickly turned to anger as her mark walked through the doors. "What the fuck Jace?" She said throwing her hands up into the air.

"Not only was that my last of the year, but she was already pulled to the dark side. She probably would have gone over without my help. An easy mark and you just waltz in here and send her to fucking church." Clary didn't even care that she was making a scene.

"I missed you too." He said with a smile that made her clench her thighs together. She really had missed him. But there was no way she was going to cave and let him ruin her life a second time.

"Why are you even here?" She huffed.

"You called for me, so here I am." He said proudly and simply.

"I did not fucking call for you. I was telling a story in which you happened to be a part of. That is all."

"Was it a story about us merging?" He said with a raised eyebrow, clearly he was teasing her. For an angel he certainly liked to talk about many sinful things.

"You know, you would make a far better demon than you would an angel." Clary said, not being able to keep the images of his head between her thighs from running through her mind. She knew he would be able to see what she was thinking if she did not ward herself from him. She tried to peer into his mind and then quickly stopped as she saw a memory that made her cheeks flush red. Yup. He had clearly seen what she was thinking.

"I don't know. I sure was able to coax the Lord's name from you several times. You could have been part of the heavenly choir with the way you screamed." Jace said and Clary didn't even need to peer into his mind to know what he was thinking about.

"So, yeah, back to what I was saying. I wasn't really calling for you. It was great catching up, but you have things to do and I now have a new soul to corrupt so I will be going." Clary said, backing away as she did it.

"Wait." Jace said, pushing forward and closing the gap she had left. "It has been a long time, familiar one." He brought a hand up to cup her cheek, fingers brushing against some of the tendrils that hung low.

Clary closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, finding it soothing and warm like the brush of a child's blanket. "We can't." She breathed.

"We can and we have. Many times debeo. You are the only one I may merge with, and I the only for you. The heavens and below may not enjoy it, but it is law above the law. It cannot be undone, though I would never wish it to be. I miss you familiar one. After all these long years, let me warm your bed tonight, or every night if you would allow me." Jace whispered in her ear, it was for her ears only and his words caressed her as if his fingers ran over her skin with each syllable.

"One night." Was all she could reply, after so many years, all she really wanted was just this one night.