The Skip Beat! Dictionary, a Skip Beat! fan fiction

Pairing: Tsuruga Ren/Hizuri Kuon and Kyoko
Rating: T for safety
Genre: Romance

Summary: Ren and Kyoko's love story chronicled through dictionary entries.
Disclaimer: As of writing, I am the owner of four Skip Beat! fanfictions, including the one below.


abyss (a·byss /əˈbis/ noun) - a deep or seemingly bottomless pit or chasm

"I love only you," he whispered.

It was just acting, she knew. Just a line, she told herself.

But still, she found herself standing at the edge of the precipice.

The bottom looks bleak, and yet, she could not help herself from falling.


[1] Inspired by that CainxSetsu scene during the Dark Breath arc.
[2] Word meaning and pronunciation credit to my friend, Google.
[3] This story is meant to be a drabble fic, and is not told chronologically.