Hokage Haiku

Hokage Haiku

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Author's Note: I don't think you need me to tell you who each haiku is being spoken by... ;o) Haiku, BTW, is a three-line poem consisting of 17 syllables. The pattern is 5-7-5.


Monkeys surround me.

I tell them, but they don't care.

Who needs these bakas?

I protect Hime;

It is my ninja duty.

Isn't duty great?!

I am da strongest.

Handsome, witty, charming too.

When will she cave in?

Don't call me ugly,

Or I will bash in your head.

See the pretty stars.

'Recca-kun,' I call.

He promptly appears for me.

What a good ninja!

So what if I'm small?

If something happens to her,

I will beat you up.

I sent them through time,

So I now live forever.

I am sick of rice.

I love all my dolls,

But Kondo is a real pain.

I need a new friend.

She doesn't love me,

But she still keeps me around.

I annoy Domon.