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Ginny stumbled out of her room slowly; head bent down and arms crossed over her stomach. She was vaguely aware of passing her mother in the hallway, but did not acknowledge her, nor her questions of if she was okay. Molly followed her daughter to the bathroom and patted her back as she was sick yet again.

Harry Potter: Substanance



Ron watched his sister eat with wide eyes. Already she had put down several pancakes and sausages, but now she was on her third helping of eggs as well as her tenth cup of orange juice.

Her eating slowed lightly, as she was aware of all of her brother's eyes on her. "… What…?" She swallowed and looked at them.

"Ginny… We have food, you know." Bill said, mouth slightly open. Charlie nodded next to him.

"Yeah…" He agreed. "Slow down, you may make yourself sick."

"She was, again." Mrs. Weasley informed them. "Like clockwork, every morning."

Ginny flushed. " Is it because I'm eating so much…?"

"Must be." Ron affirmed. "You're so tiny, it can't be healthy to eat all that food…"

Ginny wined. "But I'm still hungry!"

"That's enough." Fred stood, taking her plate. "You're eating so much all of a sudden and it's making you sick. You're on a diet until you feel better."

"No!" She stood and snatched a piece of toast off her plate and bit into it defyingly.

"Maybe she's storing up for when Harry gets here, she won't have to eat much in front of him!" George sing songed this and all the boys eyed her suspiciously.

"Oh grow up!" She stuffed the rest of the toast into her mouth and stormed up to her room.


The Burrow greeted Harry's eyes warmly. He was welcomed by his best friend and Hermione (who had just gotten there herself). Hugs and handshakes were passed out freely before Ron helped Harry carry his trunk to his room. Hermione chatted non-stop about how in a few weeks she would be starting her job as a teacher at Hogwarts while walking behind the two boys. Ron laughed as Harry broke the news to her that he was going to be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but almost cursed when Hermione glomped Harry, causing him to drop the trunk and make Ron fall down.

"Won't even need a DADA teacher now that You-know-who is gone." Ron muttered, picking up the trunk again.

"Oh hush," Hermione scolded him. "Harry only beat him two month ago. There are still some bad people out there."

"Yeah, like you." Harry grinned, referring to Ron. "I heard about you and Lavender!"

His friend flushed. "Oh shut up Harry! At least I have a girlfriend!"

"That was cold, mate." Harry retorted, but smiled anyway. At least now they could sit down his trunk in front of Ron's bed. "You have a job yet, Ron?"

"I think I'll hang out a bit before searching." He replied sitting on his bed to the right of Hermione. "Maybe after Ginny gets out of her last year."


Hermione closed the door to Ginny's room and smiled at her friend. "Hey Ginny." She sang, walking over to her bed and sitting by her. Instantly she sobered up and gave her a worried look. "Are you okay?"

Ginny took a shaky breath. "Hermione… I, well… Need to ask you something…"

"Yes, sure, what is it? This about Harry?"

She blushed. "Well, yeah…"

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll notice you this summer! In fact, I-"

"No, it's something else."


"Hermione…. I think… I think I'm pregnant."

"…WHAT!?" Ginny winced, but her friend continued. "Who? How? When!?"

The red head found her nails very interesting then and continued to look at them while speaking softly. "… Harry…"

"You slept with him!?" Hermione cried out. "Was he any good? Wait- that's not the point- Ginny, when?!"

"Remember… When he just defeated Voldemort.. and, and we were all partying and everything?

Hermione thought back.


"No, no more beer…" Harry stammered, already drunk beyond belief. "Hey, I like this song, I wanna dance!" With that, Harry got on the table in the common room –filled with people- and started dancing. The girls instantly jumped at this and surrounded him on all sides chanting ("Har-ry! Har-ry! Har-ry!")

"Take it off!" One girl cried, getting squeals.

Harry danced to the music and took off his shirt, swinging it above his head and doing a pelvic thrust.


"Yes, why?" Hermione asked slowly, blushing. She had been the one to get the strip tease to begin.

"Well, after that, we kind of…."

"But, Ginny, you two were drunk and--"

"not me."

"…Say that again?"

"Hermione, I, I want to be sure before we go any more. Can you help me?"

Hermione slowly nodded. This had to be embarrassing for the poor girl. "Yeah… I know of a way we can check. It' a muggle method, but it's really efficient and privet."

She sniffed, still looking at her hands. "I'll do anything…"


Harry leaned over to Ron at the diner table the next day at lunch. Ginny was stuffing her face like there was no tomorrow. Quite frankly, it scared Harry to see the little girl eat so much. "Ron…" He began, trying not to look at her too hard. "I thought Ginny was sick, how's she putting all that away?"

Ron shrugged, ignoring it. "Been like that a bit. Morning sickness, I guess." He smirked and leaned over to Harry. "Maybe she got knocked up!"

Harry snorted, clamping a hand over his mouth at his joke. Ginny? HA! That was a good one.


"Is it ready yet!?" Ginny cried, shaking. Hermione and her were in Ginny's room. It was almost ten that night now and Ginny had been pacing around her room for a bit before sitting down.

"One more minute." She told her soothingly, putting her arms around the poor girl and giving her a hug.

"I… I don't want to know anymore." She suddenly stood. "In, in fact, just forget everything, it's okay, really, I--"

"Ginny!" Hermione grabbed her shoulders and calmed down, speaking soothingly to her. "You have to know."

She sniffed. "Yes… Yes… is it done?"

Hermione went over to the dresser and looked at the clock. "Yes."


Hermione took a breath and looked. "It's positive… You're pregnant Ginny."

~*A week later*~

"What's this about anyway?" Harry asked, lying on Ginny's bed with his hands clasped behind his head and looking at Hermione pace. "You and Ginny have been acting weird ever since I got here. What's going on?"

Hermione only continued to pace, not stopping until Ginny finally came into the room. She was pale and visibly shaking with nervousness. Hermione gave her a supportive look, which was gratefully taken.


Ginny sat next to Harry and took a breath, but it caught and tears immediately began to flow. "I'm so sorry!" She choked out through the sobs. "Harry, I, I--"

He blinked. What did he do? Quickly he ran over everything he had done in the past week or so and realized there was nothing to upset her. So why was she crying? Wait, and apologizing? He ran another mental scan and realized she hasn't done anything to him. With this confirmed, he asked the famous male question: "Huh?"

Ginny steadied herself by taking several deep breaths. "Harry…?"


"I'm pregnant." Harry blinked, and let her continue. "With your child."

It took him all of three seconds to break out laughing. He stood and walked to the window. "Good one, Gin!" He looked behind her curtain. "Where's Fred and George?" He grinned and looked under her bed. "They recording this somehow?" Hermione took a breath when she saw Ginny's devastated face, but Harry went on without even noticing. " I bet they have a camera in the wall, huh?" He started to look around at the little nooks in Ginny's room.

"Harry…" She said, fighting back tears. "I'm serious."

"Uh huh." He agreed easily, too easily. "Yeah, I think I'd remember making love to you, Ginny."

Hermione blushed. Harry had said 'making love' , not 'shagging' or simply 'fucking'. That meant something in itself. But wait a minuet, how could he act so cold about this? "Harry?" She demanded, suddenly angry. "What are you on about?"

"Me?" He asked with a grin, still looking for the twins to jump out and laugh. "What about you? Ginny and me never did anything, she can't have my child. Honestly, you should think these things out before trying to get me with a joke. I'm a little disappointed."

Hermione's mouth dropped open. How dare he? In one smooth motion she crossed the room and slapped him as hard as she could. "Harry Potter, how cold can you be!?" she hissed.

Harry felt his head jerk to the side and the sting linger. He knew he would have a mark for a while. "Wha…?" He stammered, bringing a hand to his cheek. "H...Hermione, you slapped me…. That hurt, you know."

"I'm bloody glad it did!" she shouted directly to his face.

"Hermione…" Ginny's voice was hardly audible.

"You should be ashamed!" Hermione continued, ignoring her name being said a second time. "In all my life, I have never-" Her name again. "EVER seen a boy be so… so… Heartless!"


She turned to face Ginny. "What?"

He face was flowing tears. "I knew he wouldn't know…"

Hermione's face changed. "You're not telling me something, are you?"

Harry stepped next to her, obviously upset at all of this. "What the bloody hell is going on here!?"

"Harry." Ginny was trying her best to speak around her tears. "Remember when you beat Voldemort?"


"And we had a party?"


"And you got drunk?"

"Yeahhh" He was getting annoyed.

"And you woke up naked in the girl's dorm?"

"yea--" He froze. How did she know? No body was there when he woke up. Now that he thought about it, it was Ron who had found him, laughing at how he stripped in front of everyone that night. "What a second. I passed out after drinking so much and stripping. "

Hermione's face went scarlet at the memory.

Ginny took a deep breath. "You woke up in my bed."

'Yeah, it probably was hers.' Harry thought. "So?"

"Harry." She told him calmly, trying her best to say it simply. "We had sex that night."

"Even if we did," He began, looking at her. "I was too drunk to remember anything, and Ginny, you are so petite that you would get drunk off just seeing a beer. There is no way you could remember."

"I remember." She said, looking at her hands and speaking so softly that both the people in the room had to strain to hear her. "Because I didn't drink anything."

Harry's world stopped. Suddenly a flash came to him. A girl without a shirt was kissing him. He was pushed lightly onto a bed and his neck was being kissed.

"Harry," Ginny continued. "I slept with you. In my bed. I'm pregnant."

Now he was simply stunned. "wait a second… You… you slept with me, knowing I was drunk…" She nodded just a little. "And you didn't drink anything?" again a slight nod. "You.. you… used me!?"

"Harry, I couldn't help it!" Ginny was crying in earnest now. "I couldn't stop myself, I , I"

Harry shook his head, emotions running wild. "You bloody used me!" He was screaming now. "I trusted you! Ginny! Now, now I'm going to be a father!?"

"Harry, I-"

"No!" He threw his hand out in an infuriated manner. "Don't speak to me!" He turned. "Don't ever speak to me again! You ruined my life!"

And with that he ran to the door, pulling it open to reveal almost all of the Weasley family. Without even caring they eavesdropped, he ran through them and downstairs to the door when he promptly ran out and into the late afternoon sun.


"I couldn't help it." Ginny sobbed on Hermione's shoulder as her brothers came into the room. "I tried! I really did! But, but, if just for one night, I wanted to feel like he loved me!"

Hermione shushed her gently, smoothing out her hair and looking around the room. She was pale as well. Obviously everyone had heard.

"I'll go look for him." Ron said after a second. "He needs a friend right now."

"No, I'll go." Hermione stopped him. "He needs someone who isn't Ginny's sister." She gave him an apologetic look. "Your sister needs you now."

Ron nodded. She knew what was best. "Take care of him." He said as she passed. "I'd like to have a sane brother-in-law when this is settled."

"Of course."


Hermione found him sitting under a tree an hour later. One knee was bent and his other leg was in front of him. His arms hung around his knee lightly and his chin was rested on the cap of the knee. Harry's eyes were distant and it was evident he had been crying.

"Hey." Hermione greeted him softly, sitting next to him. "Can I ask if you're okay?"

Harry's lip twitched in a humorless smirk. "Can I knock you up after getting you drunk?"

Hermione took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Sounds fun, but I'm afraid I'll break your back in the process." Her joke seemed to work as Harry's eyes lit for the briefest of moments at the thought of it. "And Ginny would kill me." She saw his face fall at the mention of her name. "Harry-"

"She used me." He said simply, as if it wasn't real. "I trusted her with all my secrets and everything…"

"She couldn't help it." Hermione brought her knees up and imitated his position, but with both legs up. "She loves you so much, it was tearing her apart in side."

"Is that how it is?" His voice was still distant.

"Yeah… She loves you so much, Harry. Did you pause a moment to think of what she was going through?"

His eyes widened. "Bloody hell." His head drooped. "All I was thinking about was how she treated me, I didn't even think how she would feel about it all…"

Hermione squeezed his hand again. "Harry, she made a mistake. True, a very, very big one, but still." She turned his head to meet his eyes. "She caved in to her heart. She was so desperate for love, she couldn't stop herself."

Harry lay down, resting his head in her lap, allowing her to stroke his head and finger comb his hair. "Really?"

"Yeah." She whispered to him gently. "Ginny loves you so very much. I know you love her too."

"… Yeah."

" Did you ever make a mistake in your life you wish you could undo?" She didn't pause to let him answer, knowing full well that he did. "Well, it's the same with her." She smiled down at him like the older sister that she acted out so much. "Would you want the person you made the mistake to to never forgive you for it?" Harry shook his head slightly. "Then you will have to forgive her then, won't you?"

"But… Yeah, but…"

"She changed your life with her mistake didn't she?" He nodded up at her. "Well then, Harry, what are you going to do? Ask the girl that you are in love with to stay with you? Be there for your son or daughter? Leave?"

"I'm not going anywhere." He demanded up at her fiercely before blushing and retreating his eyes to avoid contact with hers.

"You're scared to be a father, aren't you?"

"I'm so young."

"You'll do fine."

"I don't know how."

"I'll help you too."

"Two moms, lucky kid."

"Sirius will be there for you."

"He's free now…"

"He will be so proud of you."

"I'm proud too."

"Even if it happened like this?"

"Ginny's so pretty."

"You are so in love with her."

"Its like she is glowing."

They both paused their rambling for a moment. Hermione broke their silence a few minutes later. "I think deep down you don't have too many regrets."

"I just wish…" he looked up at her. "I just wish I could of, I mean, we would of…"

"Had sex when sober?" She asked him, eyes sparkling with laugher. "Poor Harry, you got some and can't even remember it."

"You're not helping." But he still smiled up at her.

"I bet you sucked in bed too!"

"Hermione!" He sat up and made a swipe at her, but she dodged and hopped up, turning and skipping back a step.

"Come and get me then, Harry Potter!"

"Oh I will all right!" He stood as well and chased after her. "And after I'm done killing you, I have a very shy girl I got to talk to!"

"More like seduce!"


'He's back to normal.' She grinned and laughed as they ran back to the burrow. 'God I'm glad to be his friend. Having a brother is so great.'


Ron greeted Harry with a worried look when he and Hermione finally walked through he door. Harry gave him a small smile before asking him where Ginny was. After being in formed that she was in her room, he gave a nod of thanks and started up the stairs, leaving Hermione to try and explain some things.


knock knock.

"Who is it?" Ginny's voice didn't sound too happy.

"Harry Potter."

"… come in…"

Harry opened the door and stepped in slowly. Ginny looked up for a brief moment before glancing back down at her hands. It was obvious how hard she had been crying.

"I came to ask you something." He stated in a flat voice.

"What?" Her voice caught and her big eyes were full of fear.

Harry sat down in front of her and lifted her chin so she had to meet his eyes. "Something very important."

Her eyes threatened to spill with new tears at any given moment. "yes?" She squeaked out.

"What are you going to name our child?" Her eyes instantly went wide. "I mean," Harry continued, letting a smile hit his lips. "I like the name Ashley for a girl, don't you?"

Ginny choked on an amazed laugh and her eyes spilt tears as she hugged him tightly.

Harry hugged her back, smoothing out her hair. "I forgive you, Ginny." He whispered gently into her ear, making her cry harder, now with happiness and sorrow and pleasure, and several other emotions all at once. Harry continued to talk into her ear. "And you can be sure I'll be here for you. Always." Her grip on him got tighter. "I won't ask you to marry me because of a baby." He said after a moment, pulling back and reaching behind him to pick up something he sat down behind him when he first came in. "But…" Harry held out a single red rose in front of him. "Virginia Weasley… Would you be my girlfriend?"

Ginny was in hysterics. She beamed at him with every happy emotion a human being could feel, once again flinging her arms around him. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

"Just one would have been enough." He teased ,letting her stay on him as long as necessary. When she finally let go, he put his hand on her still flat stomach. "Two months?"

She nodded, blushing and smiling like a schoolgirl. "Yeah."

"Wow. Seven more to go before we're parents." Harry noticed Ginny was about to say something, probably an apology, but he cut her off. "I just wish that we were both sober when it happened."

"r-really?" she was scarlet now, and could tell.

"Yeah…" He leaned forward, resting his forehead on hers. "So I could remember the taste of your lips."

"Smooth talker." She giggled and felt her tension easing away. She would be fine with him there by her side.

Harry smirked. "No, you're the one who seduced me." He saw her eyes beam at him. "Was I any good?"

"Harry!" But she laughed and nodded. "Other than the fact that you wasn't a very good kisser and kinda missed your first few tries!"

Now it was Harry's turn to blush. "I was drunk, so sue me!"

"Oh shut up and kiss me." She pulled him to her and met his lips eagerly.


Everyone looked at the pair come down the stairs holding hands. It seemed as if all of the Weasleys, minus Ginny, were already in the living room.

"Everyone, we have an announcement." Harry stated, putting his arm around Ginny's waist.

"Guys, Mum, Dad," Ginny began, smiling insanely now that she had someone with her that would help her. " I'm-"

"We're" Harry corrected pointedly.

She smiled even brighter. "We're…" She continued, using his word. " going to have a baby!"

To Harry's surprise, Ron was the first one on his feet clapping and cheering. He hugged them both, followed quickly by Hermione, who was also happy. Before they knew what was going on, Harry found himself being patted on the back and hugged from every direction.

"when's the wedding?" Molly asked after a while.

"We're not getting married right now." Harry spoke up, determined. "I'm going to stay by Ginny's side the entire time… But I'm going to ask her to marry me when I feel the time is right." He nodded at Ginny and smiled. "I'm going to marry the girl I love for the right reasons. Love." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and turned to avoid anyone's look.

"awwww…. He's so romantic!" Hermione gushed, hugging Ginny again. "you better keep this one!"

Laughter rang up and Harry once again found himself being patted on the back.

"One thing, though." Harry said during a pause. "When I do get married…. I'd like the name Weasley, if Ginny would give it to me that is."

Ginny glomped him and laughed happily. "You know it!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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