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Harry pulled on the collar to his tux, only to have his hand swatted away from Hermione. "Don't." She scolded him for the up-tenth time. "You're going to make it loose."

"Does it supposed to cut off my air, or is it just me?" Harry grimaced and attempted to put his finger between the collar and his neck, but Hermione snatched his hand once again.

"Just like old times, eh Moony?" Sirius asked, fixing his bow tie and grinning. "Ah, what is it with Potters and Red Heads?"

"Beats me, Padfoot 'ol pal." Lupin shrugged, but was grinning from ear to ear.

"Harry, I swear, if you touch your collar one more time…."

Harry felt sick, and the collar wasn't helping him. In a few moments he would be walking down the isle and into a life of marriage. Swallowing, he looked back at why he was standing there right now, and a smile came to his face.

Harry Potter: Substanance

Sequel (Harry potter Solid)

By: Satashi

Harry rolled over onto his back and stretched out on his bed. Almost instantly a female turned over onto her side and snaked her arms around him and brought her knee up between his legs. A small smile played on Harry's lips as he turned to look at a sleeping Ginny next to him. She had lost the weight from her pregnancy rather well and almost was back to her normal flat-stomached self. If it was one thing Harry had loved about her diet it was the fact that she was doing it quickly for him. It didn't matter to Harry one way or the other, actually. He thought she was pretty regardless.

By the position of the sun on the wall, Harry guessed it was about eight in the morning. Time to get up and make breakfast. Slowly he disentangled himself from his beautiful girlfriend and slide out of bed, stopping to cover her with the blankets that somehow had managed to get kicked to the end of the bed. On the way to the door, Harry made another stop and looked into the crib on Ginny's side of the bed. His daughter lay asleep peacefully.

He couldn't help but smile. Somehow her hair had came our brown and she had the clearest green eyes that he had ever seen. "Good morning Ashley." He greeted her, still smiling. Still after an entire year of being a father he could not help but smile with pride every time he even thought of her. He knew he could spend all day just watching her, but he made himself leave the room, glancing over at Ginny one last time before heading out.

His mind wondered just how long it would be before they left Ashley in the room he and Ron had painted for her. Its walls were painted to look like the outdoors on a bright sunny day. Animals were scattered around the room as well as cute fluffy clouds people. Knowing Ginny, however, Ashley would probably stay in their room until she was sixteen. She had absolutely refused to even consider letting her baby sleep in a room by herself. At least she was a quiet baby.

Harry smirked as he turned on his coffee maker. Sirius had told him what a hell spawn he had been. Apparently he had waken his mother at least twice a night demanding to be changed or food. Harry had thanked his lucky stars that his daughter had not done that.

The house they lived in was just the right size, in his opinion. It had a living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and two bedrooms. Even though it was a muggle house, Ginny had fallen in love with it the moment she walked in. Not that it bothered Harry. He rather liked it himself. Plus, it was only a few miles from the Burrow. Ron stopped by every Sunday.

The coffee's smell made Harry inhale deeply. It had taken Ginny a little getting used-to to the muggle appliances that Harry had insisted on buying, but now that she had learned how to use them, she caught herself wondering how she lived without light bulbs or some other random thing.

Of course Harry hadn't really noticed. Candlelight was just as good for him, but with a baby, he found candle's to be suddenly dangerous. With a small chuckle, he poured himself a cup of Foldgers and took a long sip of it. "It really is the best part of waking up." He told himself as he walked over to the refrigerator and rooted through it.

Ginny had pitched a fit when he started cooking at first. She wanted to be the ideal mother and wife. Well, she wasn't a wife yet, but Harry had plans on changing that soon. He had refused to ask Ginny to marry him because of the baby. 'It simply isn't right' he had told Hermione when she asked. 'I told you before, I'll ask her when I think I should.'

Harry opened the drawer next to the refrigerator and reached to the very end of it, pulling out a small black box and popping it open. The ring he and Hermione picked out shined brightly back at him, bringing a smile to his face. Yeah, today was the day all right. He had it planned out to the smallest detail. Hermione was going to take Ashley for the night and Ginny would go to the Burrow to help her mother prepare for a wizarding party she would be hosting at her house. Ron would drop by and help Harry set up here.

A small noise from his bedroom made Harry snap shut the ring case and thrust his hand back into the drawer and close it as fast as he could. A moment later he heard Ginny coo at her daughter. Harry smiled to himself and started to make breakfast. His girlfriend made her appearance a minute later, walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing his back once before resting her chin on his shoulder and peeking over.

"What'cha doing?" She asked with a yawn. It had been a sort of tradition over the months they spent living together. Harry would always wake up before her and make her breakfast. Every morning Ginny would come up to him with a hug and a kiss to the base of his neck and ask what he was doing. And every morning Harry would give a different answer.

"Just thought I'd make some eggs while pondering the meaning of life." Was today's answer. Ginny smiled and kissed his shoulder before letting him go and hopping on the counter-top to watch him cook. She let her feet swing a little as she watched him with interest. Still after all this time it was still fun for her to watch him use muggle methods in daily life. Even if it was his upbringing, she still liked that he was an oddball in the wizarding world.

Harry gave his lover a glance every now and then while cooking. She had long since started wearing his clothing. At first it was a simple old shirt he didn't wear anymore that she claimed. Soon after it was his boxers ("But they are comfortable!"), and then it stated being his normal clothing. Today she was wearing one of his dress shirts. It was solid white and button up. Ginny, however, left a few of the top buttons undone, giving him quite a bit of eye candy. Also her sleeves were rolled up several times as to not hang past her hands. At least it went to her knees. That kept Harry in check.

"Ginny," He began, getting a 'hmmmmmmm?' from her. "If you don't want a burnt breakfast, I suggest you button some of them."

Ginny looked down at her nightgown and smiled. "Aww, Is Harry-warry getting turned on?" She tugged on the shirt playfully, pulling it down a bit.


"Hehe, okay okay." She hopped down with a satisfied smile on her face and buttoned one of them up. "Better now, Hon?"

"No, but at least now I can cook." He gave her a smile and a wink, to which she responded with a quick kiss to his cheek. Even though they had started living together, they had still been a little shy about their new relationship at first. It had gotten smoother over time, though. Despite the way they shamelessly flirted with each other, it was still true they had only made love no more than three times.

A physical relationship was still new to the both of them and each time they experimented with each other's bodies, they found that they liked it more and more- only slowing things down as to savor the newness of it all. It was still fun to tease each other, however, and Harry found his hand instinctively popping her lightly on her butt while she passed, getting a squeak.

He loved her so much.


"Bye bye, Ashley darling!" Ginny cooed to her daughter in Hermione's arms. "Mommy will see you tomorrow, okay?" She looked up at Hermione. "You have everything you need?"







A sigh. "Yes."

"You know our number, right?"

"For goodness sakes, Ginny, She's going to be not ten miles away!" Hermione finally gave in. "I've known your phone number for months now, and even, just even if I forgot it, I could use the fireplace."

Ginny was unfazed. "You know the difference between a hungry cry and an 'I need to be changed' cry, don't you?"

"Ginny, honey." Harry put his hands on her shoulders. "Hermione knows. It's okay. Come on now, you'll see her tomorrow."


"Ginny." Harry stated in a tone that she shouldn't argue with. "Ashley is fine." He bent to kiss his daughter goodbye and smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, Princess."

"Awwww, that's so sweet!"

Harry seemed to ignored Hermione's remark. "Now, Ashley, you be a good girl and take care of Hermione okay? Don't let her stay up too late, and--"

"Very funny Harry." Hermione sniffed.

"Bye Bye Ashley!" Ginny called over her shoulder as Harry lead her away from Hermione's house. "Mommy'll miss you! Be good! I love you!"

"Ginny, she'll be just fine." Harry sighed. His poor daughter was probably never even going to see a boy until she was already married to one with the way Ginny was treating her.

"You think she will remember how to make his formula?" Ginny suddenly squeaked, trying to turn around, but Harry held a firm grip on her by her shoulder.

"Geeze, that girl…" Hermione was bouncing Ashley lightly to get her to go to sleep.

"You figure after the fiftieth time you take her for a night she would get over it." Ron mused, shaking his head.

"Well, that's Ginny for you." Hermione smiled down at Ashley. "Hey there Pumpkin, you a happy girl today?"

Ashley giggled.


"Hey, Ginny, Harry!" Mrs.Weasley hugged them both. "How are you two doing today?"

"Just fine." Ginny smiled up at her mother.

"I'm a littler nervous." Harry admitted, not thinking. Molly knew of his plan and was all too happy to help him with it.

"Nervous?" Ginny asked, looking over at him. "Whatever for?"

Harry visibly flinched. "Um, er, well, that is…"

"He's worried about Hermione taking Ashley, that's all." Ron suddenly interrupted.

"Ron?" Ginny blinked. "Wasn't you with Hermione?"

Now it was Ron's turn to flinch. "Er, well…"

"Come on now, Ginny, we have a lot to do." Molly ushered her confused daughter into another room.

"Smooth one, Ron." Harry hissed at his friend quietly. "You almost blew it."

"Like you saying you was nervous helped any!" Ron hissed back.

They glared at each other for a little bit before breaking into grins. "Shall we get on with it then? We have a few hours."

"Shouldn't be too hard."

"Well then, let's do it to it."

Ron groaned. "If you ever rhyme again, I'll kill you."


Ginny was tired. She had worked all day with her mum and was beginning to droop. The Burrow was looking better than it ever had. Every table was shining, the floors were all spotless, and every nick and corner dusted. 'All I want to do now is curl up in bed and sleep…' She thought to herself, sitting down and yawning.


"Yes Dear?" Molly replied, straightening a decoration.

"I'm going home, Mum. I'm way tired."

Molly's eyes widened a second. "Oh no, dear, you got to help me… help me…" She turned to face Ginny, but saw Ron waving to her from outside the window. "Well, nevermind, I can do it, you just run along home now."

Ginny sighed. Her mum had been acting weird all day long it seemed. First of all, why on earth would she want to hold a type of celebration at the Burrow anyway? Oh well, it didn't matter anymore. Ginny stood and weakly made her way to the fireplace. "I'm going home by flu, mum." She told her mother, who smiled happily. It would have been a problem if she flew home on her broom.

"Bye." Ginny said, getting some powder. "Angel's Nest!" And with a poof she was gone.


Ginny's eyes went wide when she saw her house. There had to be at least a thousand candles lit. From each shelf, table, counter, everything had a candle. It was already dark outside, so the candlelight illuminated the room in a steady flickering light.

Her mind reeled. 'Why?' she thought, taking it all in. 'It's not our anniversary for another week. Did Harry remember the date wrong?' She looked around at the candles and then noticed a trail of roses leading from the fireplace down the hall. Her face shined with the brightest smile she had ever blessed the world with. It didn't matter whatever the reason was now, she was loving it.

Ginny plucked the flowers from the floor as she followed the trail, happy that each one was a rosebud and already had all the thorns trimmed neatly from it. Obviously Harry had taken a lot of time to set all of this up. The door to her room was open and she walked through it slowly. There were candles in this room as well, lighting it perfectly.

There was a vase for the roses by their bed already. Ginny smiled and placed them in the vase, moving them a little to look the best. It was then that she noticed a medium sized teddy bear sitting on the bed with one last rose and a card. Ginny lifted the rose gently and placed it with the others, noticing the bed had petals on it as well.

Her eyes were almost in tears of happiness now. She had to blink them back when trying to read the card.


Turn around and look down.

It was simple enough, but her breath caught in her throat. Slowly, very slowly, she turned to face the opposite way and moved her eyes down. Harry was kneeling before her, holding a black velvet box that was already opened, showing the prettiest ring Ginny had ever seen. "Ginny…" Harry began, looking up into her eyes. "Will you marry me?"

Ginny lost her voice. Slowly, with a shaking hand, she touched the ring that Harry was showing her and opened her mouth to speak. When no words came out she tried again, only letting out a happy sound that sounded like a sob and a laugh. When that attempt failed she resorted to nodding fervently and smiling.

Harry's face lit up with excitement and he placed the ring on her finger. Ginny's face looked like it was about to break while the huge smile played upon it. "How could I say no to someone like you?" She finally managed out; pulling him up and hugging him like her life depended on it. "You don't know how long I've waited for this!" The couple stayed there for the longest time, simply hugging each other.


"Harry? Harry! Oy, mate, where you at?" Ron's hand waved in front of Harry's face, brining him back from his gaze into the past. When his eyes lit back up with life, Ron sighed. "There you are. I can understand you being freaked out by all of this, but still, you gotta keep your head on your shoulders my friend."

"Yeah." Harry fiddled with his collar some more, glad Hermione was no longer around to tell him not to. "How much longer?"

"You and me go out after the flower girl and ring bearer, and then all of the bridesmaids with guys." He pointed to all of his brothers behind them. "You know the drill, we've gone over it ten thousand times."

"Once more." Harry choked out, getting more and more nervous by the second.

"Geeze mate." Ron shook his head. "We start out when they start the chorus to that god awful song Ginny is in love with. After we are all out there, it switches to the bride's music. My little sister comes out, you two stand there while that guys says all the stuff no one listens to and then you do the ring thing and swap spit, It's easy mate!"

Harry swallowed. "Remind me to tell you that when you get married to Lavender."

"Will do, let's go."

"Already!?" Harry was starting to sweat.

"Yes, move!" Ron shoved him to the door and fell into step beside him.

Harry's eyes went around the room. Sirius was already standing up front at the altar. Almost all of his professors had came as well, including Snape amazingly. Dumbledor was the one who was going to wed them and he was smiling at Harry while he walked up the isle.

'I'm gonna pass out, I'm gonna pass out.' Harry's mind threatened, but he still managed to make it to his designated place and stand there. His collar was bugging him again and he moved his hand slightly to fix it, but Lupin caught his eye from the first row. His old professor smiled at him and purposely fixed his own collar just to spite him. Harry gave hi ma small smirk for his troubles. The bridal music started then, and everyone's attention turned to the back of the room where Ginny was starting to walk.

Harry's world stopped. His mouth opened just a little bit and his breathing went slower. She was beautiful. That's all there was to it. He gown was so precise, so perfect. Her hair was up in a type of French bun, letting a few wisp of her fire hair tease her face. Even her freckles seemed to look even better now. His gaze was fixed on her as she walked purposely toward him, smiling brightly.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" Dumbledor asked when Ginny reached him.

"I, her father, give her." Mr.Weasley took Harry's hand and placed it in Ginny's. "Take care of her, Harry."

Harry nodded at him sharply, showing his determination. He would make her the happiest bride on the planet.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"

Ron was right. Harry seemed lost in Ginny while Dumbledor spoke. 'She's so pretty…' His mind told him. 'I was never much for being a sap, but damn she looks good.'

"The ring, Harry?" Dumbledor asked.

Harry shook his head lightly, tearing his eyes from Ginny and getting a few chuckles from random people in the church. "Yeah." He looked at Ron, who gave it to him.

"Do you, Harry Potter, take Virginia Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

Dumbledor nodded "Then repeat after me…. With this ring, I thee wed…"

"With this ring…. I thee wed…" Harry slowly started sliding it onto her finger.

"I promise to love you faithfully."

Harry met her eyes. "I promise to love you faithfully…" Dumbledor's words became distant as he looked into her eyes. "In sickness and in health, 'til death do I part."

Ginny beamed at him.

"Do you, Virginia Weasley, take Harry Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"And do you have a ring that symbolizes that love?"

Ginny looked at Hermione, who gave her the other ring. "Yes."

"Then repeat after me. With this ring…"

Ginny put it over Harry's finger. "With this ring…. I thee wed." Images of all the times they spent together ran through her mind. "I promise to love you faithfully…" Seeing him had always brightened her day. "In sickness…and in health." He was always there. He always would be, she knew it. " Till death do us part."

The ring was completely on his finger now and both took the moment to gaze at their new life partner.

"I now pronounce you man and wife…. You may kiss the bride."

But Ginny beat him to it, throwing her arms around his neck and planting the biggest snog on him that she ever has. When they parted, Harry had that goofy grin on his face that always seemed to make it there after a kiss.

"I now present to you…" Dumbledor moved his hands to the side as if showing them off. "Mr. and Mrs. Weasley!"

"Harry Weasley…" Ron mused but clapped anyway, smiling at his new in-law. "God that sounds weird."


Harry smiled at his wife, sitting her down onto her feet after carrying her all the way from their door to their bedroom. Ginny giggled and kissed him. "I can't believe you took my name." She whispered up at him, kissing the boy again.

"And I can't believe how many history books our wedding is going to go into." He gave her a slow lingering kiss. "You have single handedly upset the very basis of "Harry Potter" by saying two simple words."

Ginny grinned. "Guess I've been a bad girl." She hugged him tightly.

"Yeah, but you're my bad girl now." He kissed her ear and held the hug.

Slowly Ginny pulled back and gazed up into his eyes. Very gently, she pulled his head down to meet her lips and kissed him as softly as she could. "I love you." She finally spoke. Her voice was a whisper, as if she was afraid speaking loudly would wake her from a dream.

"And I love you as well." Harry replied, kissing her again. His hand slowly undid the small zipper on the back of her dress and watched it slowly slide down her frame. It was almost a crime to remove such a pretty dress, but what it hid under it was even prettier.

Ginny stepped out of the dress and hugged him, molding her body against his and pulled down his head for another kiss, slowly taking off his blazer. The buttons on his shirt gave her a little trouble, but she soon found that she could work them.

Now rid of his shirt, Harry picked up his wife and laid her down on the bed gently, kissing her nose. She was so beautiful. Blushing and smiling at him with eyes so wide no one could mistake the emotion running through them.

It was pure love.

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